Two Cool Web Series!

Hey, everyone–

Not sure if you’ve seen these, but wanted to turn you on to two interesting web series…

1)  Stephen King’s N.  This is an adaptation of a short story coming out in Just After Sunset, a collection of Stephen King stories coming out this November.  The web series, written by Marc Guggenheim (creator of Eli Stone on ABC), is basically a “filmed” graphic novel… it’s illustrated with actors doing voice-over. 

N. tells the story of Charlie, a psychiatrist who receives a bizarre box from an old school friend.  In that box are notes from the friend’s brother Johnny, also a psychiatrist, who recently committed suicide after treating a mysterious patient known only as “N.”  The story follows Charlie as he explores the contents of the box… and learns the secret that drove Johnny to his death. 

Each episode is around a minute and a half… and they are addictive.  Watch one, you’ll definitely watch another.  This is a great example of how even with the simplest production values, well-crafted storytelling is utterly riveting. 

Also– the series premiered July 28 and has been posting a new episode every day until today… which is the finale.  All the episodes are now available HERE or you can check out the widget I put below…

2)  Gemini Division.  Produced by and starring the super-cute Rosario Dawson (who is also a self-professed comic book geek), Gemini Division follows an NYPD cop, Anna, as she tries to avenge the death of her fiance… and finds herself pulled into a sci-fi world of cyborgs and conspiracies.

There’s been a ton of buzz around this series because it’s got a ton of heavy-hitters involved, including Sony and NBC.  I’ll be honest… I don’t think it’s the best thing ever done on the Internet (I wish each episode was a bit shorter, and I wish the story integrated the “webbiness” of the web a bit more… interactivity, etc.), but it deserves kudos for being more ambitious and sophisticated than most web offerings out… and it’s a great example of how much you can do if you use your green screen creatively.

Anyway, check ’em out and lemme know what you think…

Stephen King’s N.

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One thought on “Two Cool Web Series!

  1. Tim Todd

    Thanks Chad. I have been following Gemini Division and am enjoying what we have so far. A new episode today, a new one tomorrow, and the interactive experience starts this Friday. Really looking forward to it. We will actually be able to join up with Gemini Division and help out Anna/Rosario. Next week also starts up the Monday-Thursday daily rollout. Each Friday will see a continuation of the ARG interaction experience.

    Too cool. Thanks also for pointing out "N", I will check it out.


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