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Questions & Quandaries Blog

Online editor Brian A. Klems has been writing for Writer’s Digest since 2003. He covers the most pressing grammatical, ethical, business and writing-related questions—and often does it with a bit of humor.

How Hollywood Handles Book Options

Q: I’m curious to know how a novel gets optioned for a movie. What’s the process and, as an author, what can one expect?—Marlon Sanders A: The first step in this process, … Read more

Looking To Get Paid

Q: I’ve been writing articles in one of the local papers here in our hometown, but I’ve never been paid for my work. The Editor/Publisher of the paper knows me personally. Do … Read more

Everyday Versus Every Day

Q: Sometimes I see “everyday” as one word and sometimes I see it as two (“every day”). Are both correct? Is there a difference? —Karen S. A: The English language is tricky … Read more

To Show or Not to Show Your Quotes

Hey Everyone, Many of you are already familiar with my “Questions & Quandaries” column in the print version of Writer’s Digest, but now I’m entering the blogosphere–that’s right, they’re crazy enough to … Read more

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