Writer’s Digestion: Announcing the April 2018 Special Issue

The April 2018 special issue of Writer’s Digestion is here—a delectable helping of wit and wisdom to meet all your writing and nutrition needs.

Sample tasty morsels from iconic writers, plot out meal plans for NaNoWriMo, and dig into tips for making your readers’ stomachs growl with anticipation.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The official Literary Genre Food Pyramid: Find out if the genre you’re serving up represents mentally-stimulating veggies—or the decadent indulgence atop the pyramid.
  • Stephen King’s frozen favoritesLooking for a truly chilling dessert? The horror master shares his top picks for ice cream, gelato and more.
  • Helpful tips for crafting mouth-watering metaphors and similes: “From across the room I spotted a baked potato of a man with sour cream skin and shredded-cheese hair. He looked at me with eyes like pools of barbecue sauce, and butter-like, I melted.”
  • The WD Interview: TV’s top chefs share their recipes for writing success.
  • Food for thought: Discover the best snacks to boost your creative writing skills.
  • Feeling the burn of rejection? Learn how probiotics can soothe the agony.

… And so much more! Find your copy on hot dog stands today.

Happy April Fool’s Day from the WD team. 😉

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