Brian's Q&Q Three-Question Quiz

Happy Thanksgiving my Q&Q friends! I’m off this week getting a little rounder (I love pumpkin pie almost as much as I love my wife), so no new question answered. But for those itching for some knowledge—or even just a refresher—I offer up a challege:

Go to the search box about halfway down the left-hand column and type in “Query.” You should find a number of Q&Qs related to queries and the querying process. Then take my quiz below to make sure you “absorbed” as much information as I did pumpkin pie.

Brian’s Q&Q Three-Question Quiz:

1. The title of my ficticious memoir is The Brian A. Klems Diaries: (fill in the blank)?

2. Cold calling for an interview isn’t too different from what?

3. According to one of my posts, there are three ways queriers often mispell my name. Two will immediately warrant rejection while the other may not. What “misspelling” may not?

Feel free to post your guesses thoroughly-researched answers in my comments section. Or have some fun and post what you think I may have posted. I’ll give away one copy of the new Yearbook 2009 to one person who gets all the answers correct (selected at random) and one to the person with the most creative responses (voted on by me).

Have a great holiday week. Hold down the fort while I’m out.

Brian A. Klems is the online managing editor of Writer’s Digest magazine.

Have a question for me? Feel free to post it in the comments section below or e-mail me at with “Q&Q” in the subject line. Come back each Tuesday as I try to give you more insight into the writing life.

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0 thoughts on “Brian's Q&Q Three-Question Quiz

  1. Roger C. Parker

    Dear Brian:
    This is a spectacular engagement and promotional idea, i.e., way to direct blog readers to specific pages and then offer a quiz with prizes.

    I’m definitely going to direct people to this post from Published & Profitable.

    Best wishes–Roger

  2. Georgia

    Hi Brian,

    Actually, this is the first time I’ve read anything on Writer’s Digest online. I usually read the magazine, but I’m not totally familiar with you, I’m ashamed to say. However, I really enjoyed your Thanksgiving column and would like to take a shot at the questions. I’m probably off since it’s my first time, but here goes: 1) Superman; 2)a first date; and 3)Brain. How did I do? I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving as well, and I promise to keep up with your work online. Thanks! Georgia


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