What's Considered a "Clip"?

Q: Many times publishers indicate they want “published clips” along with a query letter. What exactly are they? —Diane H.

A: Published clips are any articles or stories that have been printed
in magazines or newspapers. So, if you wrote “How to Train Your
Husband-To-Be” and it was printed in the latest issue of Crazy Brides
magazine, you have a published clip.  

As for how to send it, it depends on the publisher’s guidelines. If the
publisher wants your query via snail mail, make photocopies of the
printed work and paperclip it to your query. If the publisher prefers
e-mail queries (like Writer’s Digest), scan your articles and attach
them in an e-mail. Better yet, if your article is posted on the
magazine or newspaper’s website, just link to it in your e-mail query.

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