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'Worst Storyline Contest' Winners Announced

Categories: Contests.

The (third) “Worst Storyline Ever” Contest is
now closed and judged. Thank you to all who entered. Here are the winners!

“Worst Storyline Ever”



“When a pack of dingos refuse to eat her baby,
psychotic woman Helen Grinkel turns the tables by eating one of their
pups, sparking a dingo-human war which in turn destroys the entire
Australian EcoTourism market.”

     – Pete Aldin


“A group of elderly superheroes living in an old folks home decide to rekindle their crime-fighting careers by policing the hallways at night, but miscommunications due to slipping dentures, hearing aid malfunctions, and failing eyesight result in blunders that have them karate-chopping each other instead, allowing the villains to escape with the resident’s pre-packaged cafeteria meals.”

     – Linda Hofke 

“After losing her title at the International Envelope Sealing Championships, Pearl Tuck is determined to train her way back to the top, no matter how many popsicles and stamps she has to lick along the way, until a tragic incident with a frozen lamp post threatens her taste for victory.”

     – Steve Forti

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7 Responses to 'Worst Storyline Contest' Winners Announced

  1. Hilarious! Thanks for running this contest!

  2. Pete Aldin says:

    Hey, I can write crap. This I’m good at it. It’s gold I struggle with.

    Having said that, this is this ‘funnest’ thing I’ve been a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s worst storylines.

    And I’m definitely looking forward to Linda’s being made into a movie!

    Thanks Chuck for hosting this!

  3. Nick Saw says:


    I want to read these books.

  4. Melissa Eiselein says:

    Wonderful stuff! These folks definitely earned the win.
    I love silly cozy stories and, maybe I’m a little wacky, but I can totally see Linda’s premise of old folks policing a hallway as a major part of a mystery plot. I’d read it and I’m not even eligible for a senior discount yet!

  5. Kay says:

    Now I know which ideas to scrap.

  6. Thanks for a great contest, Chuck, and congratulations to the winners, with their devious and twisted brains. I’m going to start a journal just for ‘worst storylines," in the hope you’ll have another one of these soon!

    Thanks for your fun, informative, (and occasionally wacky) blog!

  7. Kristan says:

    Oh man! These are great. I have to say I think Steve’s is my fave line, although the dingo-human war is certainly a more compelling conflict. But it’s all in how it’s told, right?

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