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Are Agents Just Looking for an Excuse to Reject Your Work?

Categories: Agents, Questions & Quandaries Blog Tags: agents, Brian Klems, rejection.

Q: Doesn’t it seem like agents are just looking for excuses to reject work? —Anonymous

A: Actually, the complete opposite is true. Agents don’t want to reject your work, they want to accept it and sell it to any publisher willing to take a chance—after all, that’s how they pay their rent. Agents may tell you that they reject work because the writer used poor grammar or didn’t follow submission guidelines or shares a name with a grade-school bully whom the agent has never forgiven (all of which make it sound like they are out to get you), but the dirty truth is this: Agents are willing to look past all of that ifyou have a story that’s worth selling. Grammar can be fixed; a bad story idea can’t.

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