An Interview With Novel Journey

Hey Everyone,

The good folks at Novel Journey were nice enough to interview me and share it with their readers. If you get a chance, stop on by:


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0 thoughts on “An Interview With Novel Journey

  1. :Donna

    Hey, Brian 🙂
    Great interview! I have to tell you that when I read your comment on "supposibly", my jaw dropped! I’m not sure if you said that was your biggest pet peeve because it’s misspelled or because you think it doesn’t exist. For YEARS, whenever I heard people using the word "supposably", I thought they were mispronouncing the word "supposedly" and it always gave me the impression of a lack of education or something to that effect. WELL…guess what? It’s a real word! I was totally SHOCKED to find this out! Honestly, I think it became a word because people mispronounced/misheard (?) the word "supposedly"! Anyway, I had to tell you that, ’cause, even though I know it’s a real word (, I still hate it and still have the same reaction! lol
    : Donna


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