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Your Story Prompts

Your Story 37 Winner: Anonymous

Prompt: After being pulled over for speeding, your character finds something important while looking for her registration in the glove compartment. Once again, you’ve made the Your Story competition a success. Thanks … Read more

Contest: You won't believe what came in the mail today…

Bring on the romance, horror, romantic horror, lit fiction, thrillers, sci-fi, uppers, downers, fantastical creatures (leprechauns?), cheating husbands, cowboys, cowgirls, astronauts, teachers, students and everything and anything in between—it’s time to once … Read more

What happened when the circus rolled into town? Tell us, and you might get published in WD

Horror stories. Literary fiction. Any and all permutations of “__-Lit.” Pastiches. Romances. Heroes. Villains. Leprechauns (it’s a phenomenon—there are always a few, no matter the prompt). It’s time once again to open … Read more

Chance to appear in Writer's Digest: Can you write an opening sentence for this photo prompt?

It’s that time again – time for Your Story. We’ve once more opened the doors for submissions to the lone fiction spot in Writer’s Digest magazine. This time around, we’ve got a … Read more

New Contest: Get your short story published in Writer's Digest magazine

It’s a bit hard to believe (the summer flew, right?) but it’s already time for another round of our Your Story contest, the free writing competition that could land you on Writer’s … Read more

Contest: Get your fiction published in Writer's Digest magazine

Once again, it’s time to bring out your jealous lovers, leprechauns, hard-boiled cops, vampires, construction workers and all protagonists in between—it’s time for our Your Story competition, a chance to appear in … Read more

Last call! Write the best story opening based on this prompt for a chance to be featured in Writer's Digest

What do you see in this photo? We’re going to be closing up shop on the Your Story special prompt contest Friday—if you haven’t submitted a story opening yet, we’d still love … Read more

New contest: Write the best story opening based on this prompt for a chance to be featured in Writer's Digest

From mystery to horror to literary fiction and everything in between, we publish a single fiction story in each issue of Writer’s Digest magazine: the winner of our Your Story prompt contest. … Read more

Promptfest 2010: The 100th prompt! Write your own prompt, win some magazines, and get your response featured in Writer’s Digest.

As I gorge myself on digital cake and shield the WD staff from popping digital corks, here it is—the 100th writing prompt. 

 Write your own writing prompt. 

 Give it a … Read more

Promptfest 2010: 50 More Writing Prompts from WD, bestseller Dianna Love, Steve Almond and others

Promptfest 2010 continues. Here, for the pleasure of your pen, are 50 more days of writing prompts. This bout features offerings from the likes of the WD magazine staff, and authors such … Read more

A chance to have your fiction published in Writer’s Digest magazine

Every month, the editors of WD head to a conference room and break out a hulking box. In it, we find thieves, murderers, brothers, lovers, leprechauns and everything in between—the usual (and … Read more

Get Your Short Fiction Published in WD

In Writer’s Digest magazine, we have only one spot for fiction—the Your Story contest. Readers write pieces in response to an open prompt in every issue, and after magazine staffers narrow down … Read more

The No. 1 Tip From Writer’s Digest Mag in 2009, Courtesy of Stephen King (And, Get Published in the Magazine)

Without further adieu, I give you my selection of the No. 1 Tip from WD in 2009:No. 1: Details, Plausibility and the Flipped Trike “An overturned tricycle in the gutter of an … Read more

The Secret to Surviving First Publication (Plus, Get Your Fiction in WD!)

There it sits: everything you’ve wanted, in one hub. Everything you’ve dreamed, in bouts of caffeinated madness. Important-looking editors bustle back and forth within, but you’re stuck on the outside of your … Read more

Promptly Special: Get Published in WD Magazine

Seven people board a small boat for a tour of the islands, but when the boat returns to the dock, only six people remain on board. —From The Writer’s Book of Matches … Read more