Weekend WD Challenge: Write a text message, win free books

free to take the following prompt home or post a
response (500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring) in the Comments
section below. By posting, you’ll be automatically entered in a random swag book drawing that will take place Tuesday, with the winners announced Wednesday. If you’re having trouble
with the captcha code sticking, e-mail your piece an
d the prompt to me
at writersdigest@fwmedia.com, with “Promptly” in the subject line, and
I’ll make sure it gets up.
Happy weekend.

Write the text message that made her laugh, made him cry, and changed things permanently.

[Write simply the text message, or a story featuring it.]

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26 thoughts on “Weekend WD Challenge: Write a text message, win free books

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  4. Doreen

    When he opens this he will realize that my answer is only half written and he must show his true love by waiting for one more letter to be shown my entire answer! A woman must be sure!

  5. John Puterbaugh

    Mark, I just left writers room. Ur love scene with Tim is now 10 pages. Not much dialogue though so should be easy. Also, editor wants to use in trailer – Gabby

  6. Kathleen Wright

    A pole dancer convention? Seriously, a pole dancer convention? I write this to let you know that is NOT a first date choice which will precipitate further dates. And to make it clear, you will never, I repeat never, get through all these layers of clothes to MY drawers. That pole? I have a suggestion for where to place it.

  7. Ann Leveille

    Tom and Sarah, it’s time! She’s headed to the hospital now. Oh, and apparently she says forgot to tell you, the last ultrasound showed it wasn’t a boy. It’s two boys! Hm. Maybe we’ll have some talking to do yet. Anyway, meet us at the birthing center, and get ready to meet your son. (Sons?) See you soon! Maggie

  8. Dora Cogswell


    You must come quickly my love. Something wonderful has happened. You will never believe this, but we are to sail away to America on April 10th, which is only a month away! You must swear to tell no one what I’m about to tell you – Papa ‘s long lost Uncle Reggie died leaving him millions! Papa didn’t even know he had an uncle in America. Apparently Uncle Reggie had been disowned by Papa’s grandfather and he was never spoken of by the family ever again. They had no idea of what had happened to him, they all thought him dead. Imagine finding out you’ve been left a fortune. I for one am very happy and you know why dearest. But it’s here that you must act quickly. In order for Papa to receive any money, it’s stipulated in the will that we are to pay our respects to him – – by visiting his grave! Have you heard of anything more bizarre?

    You must come to declare your intentions for me as soon as possible. If you wait any longer, Mama and Papa will undeservedly call you a fortune hunter and I know you are not that! Dearest I can’t wait until we are man and wife. I will miss you while I’m away, but I shall think of the happiness that awaits us and of our wonderful life together. Our prayers have been answered!

    The best is that we will be traveling on the most luxurious and biggest ship in the world – yes the RMS Titanic. Uncle’s solicitors made sure we will be traveling in style.

  9. Janina

    I love you, but you’re a stain on my soul that is taking over my life. Sure, we had a few good years and yes, I learned a lot about myself from you, but I realize that we are the same person. We have the same interests, friends and mannerisms and it scares me. Can’t you see? We’re not ourselves anymore. We are fusionaries. I can’t go anywhere without other people asking me where you are. I guess I’m supposed to be your keeper, but I don’t want to be. Besides, I can’t take that kind of compromise. I am too individualistic. So, I must say goodbye because the truth is, if I say anything else, it’ll be too much.

  10. AR

    I’m sorry, BB, for making you believe that all I do is because of you. One of these days, maybe you’re going to figure out that my IQ is bigger than your arrogance. In the mean time, feel free to find a mirror and talk to the only person you’d ever cared about.


  11. TJ Dupree

    Taxing Text comes to mind when I could not reach my beau via voice due to his work in the field of construction. I proceeded to text him the following message: Dee (who is 11 years old) was in school chatting with a friend when the conversation turned serious regarding Moms and dating. Dee’s friend is not happy with her Mom’s boyfriend because she feels he does not talk to her Mom in a nice manner and he is constantly yelling at her little brother. Dee offered apologies for such a "jacked up" position to be in. Dee then proceeded to state that her mother’s boyfriend is very cool. "Although I have my Dad, I would be happy to call my Mom’s boyfriend my step-dad." The response via text was: "I am at a loss for words. I love you all so much…" TJ Dupree

  12. LynnMarie Millette

    Love, You told me I couldn’t bring anything new into the house until I cleaned out stuff first. When you get home please come see the new play room for our grand kids. It’s where your office use to be.

  13. Jason Earley

    Guess who I met at work today? Your wife AND your boyfriend Scott! Call me when you get a sec! In case you get me mixed up with the others….It’s Your Girlfriend, Mindy, JERK!

  14. Dare Gaither

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  15. Christian

    I truly am sorry that we do not see eye to eye. But, I am not silly for thinking that someday women will be able to vote and get to wear clothes that do not look like umbrella covers. I wish you all the best.

  16. Linda Robertson

    By Linda Robertson

    Her eyes were full of tears, but she couldn�t stop laughing, Buck, her brawny outdoor-type husband, had just come in through the back door covered in what appeared to be bird poop.
    �How did this happen?� Sheila asked. �You were only outside for a minute.�
    Buck�s eyes softened as he explained that the pigeons he was raising in a large coop on the shed roof had collapsed, sending birds flying erratically throughout the yard, and due to their stressful situation, began relieving themselves on what they perceived as a moving statue.
    Buck was mystified at Sheila�s behavior since she�d never accepted that the birds would make them any money. She considered it a false hope, and hours of Buck�s wasted time.
    He sat down on the porch without entering the house, butt on the threshold, legs outstretched on the patio. All of a sudden, Buck realized that most of his birds had perished in the fall, but there were about seven that had survived � and had pooped on him. Tears fell as he mourned for his little grey buddies; he cried like a child whose heart had been torn out of his body.
    Sheila noticed Buck�s rare emotion, and walked outside with a heavy towel. �C�mon, Bucky, let�s shower you off.� She turned on the garden hose and soaked him all the way to his knickers and socks. �Here, honey, wrap up in this towel and go take a real shower. Dinner will wait for you, but don�t take too long.�
    Buck looked at his wife of 48 years and realized that she was the important one in his life. She�d always been there, watching his back when times got tough, soothing him when life handed him sour pickles, and raising a beautiful family just for him.
    As he walked toward his wife, arms outstretched, a curtain of rain fell from his eyes, and he grabbed her so tightly, he cracked her back like a chiropractic adjustment.
    Nothing else was said, but a longingly sweet kiss swept between them and in their embrace, both laughter and tears joined their folly. The birds were essentially gone, but Buck and Sheila appreciated this special day of marital bliss, laughter shared, and tears comforted, in the only way two people in love can. A change of sadness and loss had been overcome with an unexpected kiss, remembered from a time long ago; one they hadn�t shared recently, and with this pleasure, a renewed love burgeoned forth from one heart to another.

  17. Kristine Webster

    I’m so sorry Roy, but I simply cannot see you any longer. You don’t *get* why gorilla and tortilla not sounding the same drives me crazy. Clearly we have nothing in common. Except the sex, but that’ll fade by the time you return. Good luck on your safari. Go get ’em Tiger.


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