Mid-Week Prompt: Selling Out/Buying In

Hey writers,

Promptly and some of the other WD blogs had a bit of a blackout earlier, but it appears we’re back online (I write as I compose into a Word file, cringing while optimistically eying the “Post” button). Sorry for the radio silence!

Assuming all of our technical difficulties have shown mercy on us, if you’re interested in writing programs or life therein, we just launched a new blog, MFA Confidential, with Kate Monahan. Check it out—her post today shares some first-year lessons. And she’s also down with A.M. Homes.

Finally, a tip of the prompt hat to Mark James, whose “Tragically, Hero” piece is this week’s Notable Story Pick.

Here’s to hoping you have a glitch-free Wednesday,


PROMPT: Selling Out/Buying In
In 500 words or fewer, funny, sad or stirring:

You have done what you swore you would never do: You have written a book solely to pay the bills. Now, write the back-cover promo copy.

(From  the newest issue of Writer’s Digest magazine, which hits newsstands Sept. 15.)

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5 thoughts on “Mid-Week Prompt: Selling Out/Buying In

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