WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Hay(na)ku Winner

I really enjoyed reading through the hay(na)ku entries. As a few of you mentioned, this short form can get quite addicting very fast. In fact, there were hundreds of hay(na)ku entered with several poets entering several poems.

Here are my 10 favorites (in order):

catching thermals
slow moving clouds

Cara Holman

knows me.
Does my husband?

Taylor Graham

like food,
must be digested.

Elizabeth Johnson

men know
they are fools.


falling down
white wedding dress

Michelle Hed

fires erupt.
Blame the bakers.

Nancy Posey

perfectly timed –
strike three call

Bruce Niedt

flutter by
in iridescent light.


waits, wanting.
Words wander home.

De Jackson

I, too,
am let go.



Congratulations to the Top 10 and Cara Holman in particular! Also, there were so many great hay(na)ku that didn’t make this list. Click here to read them all in the comments.

In addition to some great hay(na)ku, there were some wonderful hay(na)ku strings that produced longer form poems. Here are my two favorites:

Six-word Spoilers, by Bruce Niedt

Kane’s sled –
who’d have thought?

tells Luke:
“I’m your father.”

slashes folks
dressed as Mom.

finds ruined
Statue of Liberty.

Dr. Malcolm,
is a ghost.

night shocker –
Dil’s a man!

suspect – Verbal
is Keyser Soze.

Soylent Green?
Yuck! It’s people!

ARS POETICA, by Taylor Graham

obsession: every
day a poem.

oak tree,
hawk – a poem.

carry pen,
pencil, and words.

cracks through
concrete: a poem.


Thanks, everyone, for participating! I hope to have another challenge up within the week!


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22 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Hay(na)ku Winner

  1. Tracy Davidson

    Excellent top 10! Well done Cara.
    Like others have said, this challenge was very addictive. Can I request a Hay(na)ku day be included in the November chapbook challenge? Please Robert!

  2. cara.holman

    What a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Robert! What I love most about this form is not having to think about syllable counts at all. It makes a nice change from writing haiku. 🙂 And congrats to all who made the top 10, and all who tried their hand at this form! They were all very fun to read.

    1. Marie Elena

      Cara, you ROCK the short poem forms! You say, “What I love most about this form is not having to think about syllable counts at all.” It’s funny though, I count syllables when it isn’t needed! Then I have to catch myself and remember that I don’t have to.


  3. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Congratulations, everyone!!!!

    Cara, while I was typing away at work this morning, I seriously thought you were gonna win this thing, but with the “sneeze” hai(na)ku though, which is my favorite one of yours. I was half right. So happy for you! ^^


    1. cara.holman

      That’s so nice of you to say so, Jacqueline. I wrote the sneeze one the first time Robert introduced the form on the blog, and couldn’t resist reprising it. 😉

    1. cara.holman

      Thanks, Bruce. Congrats to you too! And I enjoyed reading your work in the latest issue of Four and Twenty! That was the first journal I ever had poetry published in, and I never miss reading a single issue. It was nice recognizing a familiar name.


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