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This is a place to post poems for the poetic form challenges mentioned in the Writer’s Digest magazines–not for active challenges. For instance, the February issue of Writer’s Digest focused on the prose poem. Please feel encouraged to include your attempts in the comments below.

Also, if you click on the Poetry Prompts tab to the right in the dropdown list, you’ll find the most recent poetry prompts and an actively engaged Poetic Asides community of poets. Please feel free to jump right in and start poeming with the rest of the gang there.

Poetic Asides hosts poem-a-day challenges in the months of April and November. The rest of the year, I provide a prompt once per week on Wednesdays. Plus, I’m usually sharing other poetry-related posts, including poetic forms, interviews with poets, and more.

Please share a poem or three in the comments below to get started. Then, wander around the Poetic Asides universe (using that dropdown on the right-side of this page).

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14 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge Hub

  1. JenniferAW

    “Rose Colored Glasses” (Quatern)

    I lost my rose colored glasses.
    They were last seen on the bedside
    table. Maybe, they are in the car.
    Not sure, but I need them to see.

    Life is not too pretty now because
    I lost my rose colored glasses.
    What was once bright blue is now gray.
    The green on the trees have turned brown.

    Things are just not the way they once
    were since the glasses I cherished
    I lost. My rose colored glasses
    had kaleidoscope lenses in

    which I viewed the world. My eyes
    are tired and weary of gazing
    into this bleak orbit. Being that
    I lost my rose colored glasses.

  2. minotaura

    “Chautauqua” (Quatern)

    And I lost my fear of winking
    At Chautauqua, ’76,
    Where the long-haired men trod softly
    Past emancipated beauties.

    The Sun was bald and unblinking
    And I lost my fear of winking,
    As Mother and I deja-vued
    Inexplicably on the grass.

    Art, the first tender eyes had panned,
    Stood, unashamed, on prairie land,
    And I lost my fear of winking
    During this culture club’s congress.

    I, from my jangled preschool choir,
    The ladies cheekily admired;
    Then I repaid tributes in kind
    And I lost my fear of winking!

  3. McGinger

    Here’s my response to July/August creative challenge: The Quatern

    In darkness once I swallowed death.
    Back when I was younger than life
    And the cold unchanged world was too
    Heavy hung low on my shoulders –

    A smother soft blanket too big
    In darkness. Once I swallowed death
    And it was light and quiet noise
    Silencing the loud emptiness.

    Several circles rounded off
    The edges of the you I had
    In darkness once. I swallowed death
    Quickly enough to allow for

    Slowly creeping regret and dark
    Moments of enlightenment that
    Made me question the reasons why
    In darkness once I swallowed death.

  4. minotaura

    I’m a little late to the party, but here is my tritina:

    Broccoli serves a pungent bloom,
    A yellow bolt from the blue;
    Archer’s rose gives it flight.

    Eagle, spying it from distant flight,
    Is reminded of the poppy bloom
    Of fresh quarry, running red to blue.

    We pallids up-turn to golden orb in blue
    As to cloud-some Spring Summer gives flight:
    It’s a Sun-soul migration under coronal bloom;

    A bloom of blue-veined birds’ white flight.

  5. Sean Johnson

    Song for Solomon (Quatern)

    Solomon, this song is for you.
    Courtesy of the music we
    make when our hearts rise and fall with
    the movement of our legs and lips.

    Your hands write symbols on my sheets,
    Solomon. This song is for you
    to perform with your master piece.
    I shall score your rhythm with my

    vocals, lick lyrics between your
    lines, strike the chords that make you sing,
    Solomon. This song is for you
    to dance to. Release your restraints.

    Gyrate as if you are drunk off
    of the wine of my vineyard.
    Reach your crescendo. Play me well,
    Solomon. This song is for you.

  6. CorinneTyris

    Creative Challenge: The Quatern

    Deus Ex Machina

    Great Zeus, we summon you tonight,
    As we recall a golden age,
    when epic tales of man were truth,
    and temples grazed among the stars.

    The masses weep your name in vein.
    Great Zeus, we summon you. Tonight
    the titans roam the earth once more.
    What say you now perched on your mount?

    Men take their lives in Athens Square,
    Beneath the holy rock you haunt,
    Great Zeus! We summon you tonight
    to rid the skies of scheming clouds.

    I hear you in their angry voice,
    Deep and rumbling rolls of thunder.
    The punishment must fit the crime!
    Great Zeus we summon you! Tonight.

  7. afg_paletta

    My Tritina:

    “Can’t Stop”

    I want to know how it ends,
    ‘tis the best and worst part of a story.
    I can’t put it down, the book.

    I think of nothing but the book.
    Even if the world ends,
    it would be part of the story.

    Eating is not part of the story.
    Bathroom? Not without the book.
    Late for work again, but it needs to end.

    The day starts with a story, then the book ends.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  8. RickDS

    In The Wind

    I’m just gliding around in the air.
    The wind is blowing everywhere,
    and every leaf the trees can spare
    are on a spinning journey where

    they land at home. I don’t care that
    I’m just gliding. Around in air
    is piece of cake, but to the moon
    a big concern for lack of air.

    I’m scheming now, what can I do?
    Perhaps big fan, but until then,
    I’m just gliding around. In air
    the leaf has good reason to rise,

    but so far I’m going nowhere
    except around and around and
    up and a down, I’m NASA’s prayer.
    I’m just gliding around in air.

  9. Sean Johnson

    My Tritina

    Staple Foods

    Meredith is boiling a Goliath pot of beans
    again. This time they are white like rice,
    not the usual pintos she cooks. “Staple

    foods,” she calls them. Rice, the other staple,
    that kept our family when we had no beans.
    Today, somehow, we have both beans and rice

    steaming up a room already as wet as the rice
    paddies of home. These meals serve as staples,
    pinning our American dreams to the reality of beans.

    It is always beans or rice. Why staple a grocery list here?

  10. blmarroy

    Here is my Tritina, from the challenge in the May/June issue.

    She quietly and softly turned the page
    while biting her lip and noticing her heart
    make the same sounds as a ticking clock.

    Someone had told her to listen to her beating heart
    as she tenaciously watched the clock
    and to write the number of beats per minute on a page.

    As she put her pen to the page
    she panicked at the feel of the missed beat of her heart
    and realized she could no longer hear the ticking of the clock.

    The clock had stopped, the page was empty, but her heart was still beating after all.

  11. bbboudreau

    I also could not find the correct spot to submit my tritina, as prompted in the May/June issue. Anyway, here’s mine.

    I really used to enjoy smoking
    Cigarettes, and I never considered quitting
    Because it was something I loved

    The gray and blue of curling smoke
    Creating amorphous billowy clouds of lovely
    Shapes. How could I think of quitting?

    I had not stopped to consider how quitting
    could become the surest sign of self-love
    That is why I no longer smoke

    Yul Brynner would loved to have quit smoking.

  12. kmarrufo

    Where are we supposed to post out haikus? The link in the Mar/Apr issue took me here….anyway, here’s a haiku from my 3 year old daughter. She told me this one day while we were swimming together: My life is hard // My life is a star // My life is what you love.

  13. Bruce Niedt

    Just wondering: would you consider a “place” to post forms that some of us may have “invented”? Or maybe you’ll have another contest like the one earlier this year? I’ve been having fun with one I created that I call the “pan-ku”.


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