WD Poetic Form Challenge: Haiku

After completing the recent November PAD Chapbook Challenge, a poet let me know he was relieved there were no poetic form prompts during the challenge. Usually, that’s something I’ll do on a Two for Tuesday prompt day–to give poets an “out” if they don’t want to tackle a form. However, I’m about to make up for failing to have a poetic form prompt, because here is a poetic form challenge!

Here are the rules:

  • Write a haiku and post it in the comments below.
  • Enter as many times as you wish.
  • I’ll choose a winner (or a few winners) who will represent the haiku form in a future issue of Writer’s Digest.
  • Deadline is Monday (December 5, 2011) at noon–Atlanta, Georgia, time. So the clock is running–3 lines in 3 days.

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502 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: Haiku

  1. jane hoover

    sorry all – I didn’t get to read and post responses to all this amazing work – Our internet service went down after my third poem and only came back to late for more – enjoyed reading some tonight.

  2. cstewart


    The world awaits, the
    Arrival of sincerity.
    Counting hours to go.

    1 and 2

    Olympian greed, lust,
    The cause of the dilemma.
    We pay in simple need.


    In her diary,
    She wrote with perfumed
    Clarity, and pen.

  3. cstewart


    Solemn dawn denies,
    The crown of the jeweled day,
    Toward which she rides.


    A moment in time,
    Caresses her falling dress
    Shifting on her arm.

  4. Originality

    Just wondering – the forum says my last 2 posts were after 12N (though my last post was at 11:59:45 Georgia time)…is this a forum error, or just on my computer?

  5. Originality

    ‘Remember Summer’

    Remember summer
    When we lay in the wet grass
    Fingers intertwined

    Fingers intertwined
    We watched the sky in silence
    Our hearts beat as one

    Our hearts beat as one
    Revealing to me of love
    That would surpass Time

    But Time does not wait
    Leaving whispers in the wind
    With no second chance

    Remember those nights?
    Your eyes gazed into mine, then
    Kissed me till the moon?

    I loved you so, and
    I still love you, but summer
    Seems so long ago.

  6. Originality

    (changed the entry above so that the haiku rhymes, though please consider both!)

    When a heart shatters
    The pieces fall to the ground
    Like floating feathers

  7. Tracy Davidson

    Star Wars

    kid rescues princess
    learns to use a lightsaber
    loses his mentor

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Hoth, Yoda, Lando,
    and the devastating words:
    “I am your father”

    Return of the Jedi

    new Death Star, showdown
    between a father and son,
    too many Ewoks

  8. Conor

    I’ll give this a go:


    Whispers of sharp horns
    Boxed suns beam from high towers
    Cities breathe, alight


    A sky of arched rain
    Three rainbow guns of plastic
    The soaked children play


    Puzzle of stone slabs
    Tears fall in the mournful air
    Flower-topped coffin


    Speeding Silver Car
    Tongue and ears flap in the wind
    A dreaming dog smiles


    Ice glistens on stone
    Deer dance amidst tall white trees
    This English Winter


    Blue, denim, thin pants
    Acres of powdery snow
    My friend, don’t wear jeans


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