Hay(na)ku: Counting up a new poetic form

Hay(na)ku is a very simple poetic form, and it’s also one of the newest. It was apparently created in 2003 by poet Eileen Tabios.

Hay(na)ku is a 3-line poem with one word in the first line, two words in the second, and three in the third. There are no restrictions beyond this.

A really basic example:

chase girls
on the playground.

There are already some variations of this new poetic form. For instance, a reverse hay(na)ku has lines of three, two, and one word(s) for lines one, two, and three respectively. Also, multiple hay(na)ku can be chained together to form longer poems.


Here are some links to other hay(na)ku sites:


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One thought on “Hay(na)ku: Counting up a new poetic form

  1. Vince Gotera

    Hi, Robert.

    Just for fun … yes, Eileen Tabios invented (no, birthed) the hay(na)ku. But I am its godfather; I named it. The name is a pun on "haiku" and the Filipino phrase "ay naku" which means something like "oh my gosh."

    Keep up the good work with the blog!



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