LOTS of Poet's Market updates…

Here are some changes to note in your copy of the 2008 edition of Poet’s Market:


1) The e-mail addy in the Pennsylvania Poetry Society Annual Contest

    listing should be changed from pps_contest_chair@hotmail.com (now

    inactive) to paperlesspoetsonline@hotmail.com.


2) “I’m sorry to say, my journal eye is no more,” writes editor Peter

    Schwartz. I’m adding eye to the “Closing Post 2008 Edition” list at the

    bottom here.


3) Lyric Poetry Review did not appear in the 2008 edition, but should have

    (another verification that went into an e-mail black hole). Submission

    guidelines are here. Additional update: Nathaniel Perry should now be

    listed as editor.


4) John Palattella, poetry editor for The Nation, writes:

Please note that as of 10 September, the guidelines for submitting poems to The Nation are as follows.

The Nation welcomes unsolicited poetry submissions. You may send up to three poems at a time, and no more than eight poems during a calendar year. Send poems by First-Class Mail, accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The Nation does not read simultaneous submissions, nor can it reply to or return poems sent by fax or e-mail or submitted without an SASE. Manuscripts may be mailed to:


John Palattella

Poetry Editor

The Nation

33 Irving Place

New York, NY 10003


The submission guidelines are posted on The Nation‘s website.

5) Yemassee has new contact information: E-mail:

    editor@yemasseejournal.org. Website: www.yemasseejournal.org.

    Contact: Darien Cavanaugh and Jonathan Maricle, co-editors.


6) The Concrete Wolf Chapbook Press Contest did not appear in the 2008

    edition; however, we were later notified that their contact information has

    changed to: Address: P.O. Box 788, Kirkland WA 98083. E-mail:

    concretewolf@yahoo.com. Website: http://concretewolf.com. Contact:

    Lana Hechtman Ayers, editor/publisher.


7) Although Southern California Review didn’t appear in the 2008 edition,

    Annlee Ellingson, editor-in-chief, notified us of lots of changes in contact

    information (note: also a change of title–formerly Southern California

    Anthology): Address: c/o Master of Professional Writing Program, 3501

    Trousdale Parkway, Mark Taper Hall, THH 355J, University of Southern

    California, Los Angeles CA 90089-0355. E-mail: scr@college.usc.edu.

    Website: www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/mpw/students/sca.php.


Special note: This post by Reb Livingston shows why small journals and presses and their editors are my heroes. Talk about dedication. Show your appreciation–buy a small press publication today! (Reb’s magazine and press are not listed in Poet’s Market; read her post–do NOT send her queries or manuscripts.)




More Poet’s Market updates are available here.


A list of closed literary journals is here.

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