WD Poetic Form Challenge: Lune

For the 3rd Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge, I’m seeking lunes. I’ll accept both Kelly and Collom lunes. Click here to learn more about the lune form.

As in previous challenges, the winner will be featured in a future issue of Writer’s Digest (the November/December issue to be precise).

The lune is a very simple form modeled after the haiku. For the Kelly lune, write a tercet with 5 syllables in the first line, 3 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables in the final line. For the Collom lune, it’s a tercet with 3 words in the first line, 5 words in the second line and 3 words in the final line.

Click here to read the general rules for the WD Poetic Form Challenge.

The deadline for the lune challenge is July 17, 2010. Or roughly three weeks for three lines.


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224 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: Lune

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  2. sheila harris

    i posted this at the right time on the wrong "page" and only discovered the error today…oops!

    Sunday, July 18, 2010 3:25:48 AM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00)

    My attempt at a Collom Lune..with MANY thanks! to our wunnerfull Amy Barlow Liberatore..Thanks ,sweetie, for the head’s up on the final line…:)..I did remove the "the"..

    "water bouquets"

    freshets of tulips
    spring up from pelted pavement
    ozone scent lingers

    fleur-de-lis to some
    these flowers will never last
    once rain passes

    sheila harris

  3. Deborah Hauser

    she is America
    fair-haired cheerleader waving red pom-poms
    at charging bulls


    he is America
    racing hot rod engine runs
    on noxious gas


    3 tier cake
    14 karat gold diamond tiara
    freely falling tears


    the economy collapses
    suburban hostages handcuffed to homes
    they can’t afford


    picket fence looms
    a prison wall too high
    to ever escape


    freshly shuttered windows
    shut out the daily news
    sky is falling


    lace curtains hide
    the burned meat loaf and
    the beaten wife


    armed and dangerous:
    evil stepfather angrily mowing lawn
    guzzles a six-pack


    the children cringe
    behind designer window shades, mute
    as jade walls


    they are America
    the perfect nuclear family detonates
    no fallout shelter


  4. Joyce Young

    Lune Challenge

    Kelly Lunes (2)

    Eternal flame burns
    D. C., my heart, yours

    Cloud cover summer
    Bay weather
    Every year we chill

    Collom Lunes (2)

    Work is burdensome
    Personalities clash; every day it is
    occupational politics 101

    Laundry levels us
    Lights, darks, pastels, soap, wash,
    read, spin, dry

    -Joyce E. Young

  5. Deborah Hauser

    claire de lune unmasked
    sad brown eyes
    under borrowed face


    common pickpocket
    the moon steals
    away with her light


    moonlight sets the stage
    curtain raised
    this is not my script


    what strange trio plays
    rusted keys
    beneath the terrace


  6. J R Turek

    Kelly Lunes (4)

    after a hot day
    evening walk
    Monarch tags along


    fresh journal, new pen
    time to write
    what more could you want

    how would we survive
    without them —
    Poland Spring bottles


    conserve, recycle
    stop! think twice
    before trashing Earth


  7. J R Turek

    Collom Lunes (4)

    power lines down
    can’t email, watch tv, read
    candles kindle romance


    a single fly
    pesters me throughout the house…
    seems like dozens


    aspire for greatness
    never let go of dreams
    Write on, Poet!


    golden retriever pup
    digging in the flower garden —
    yellow tennis ball!


  8. J R Turek

    Kelly Lunes (3)

    pink polished toenails
    summer rocks
    gold rings on tanned feet


    a beach chair out back
    your inspiration


    to be a poet
    you must write…
    and dream in bright words


  9. J R Turek

    Collom Lunes (3)

    For dinner tonight
    I’d like something different, please
    Signed, The Dog


    like playing piano
    practice by rehearsing every day
    poem a day


    lush evergreen bushes
    in need of summer trim
    the bunny’s haven

    ~ J R Turek

  10. Walt Wojtanik

    Foamy surf rises
    on the shore,
    only to retreat.

    It churns and charges,
    lunar lambada.

    Sea gulls and sand crabs,
    starfish shine,
    shimmer on the shore.

    Lovers stroll at night,
    moonlit trail,
    setting their hearts free.

  11. Carole Jaworski

    (This is not spacing the lines of the poems correctly. It is putting in two spaces between the first and second line of each poem. It also won’t let me add more space between each poem.)

    Collom Lune:


    Seventeen. Summer Night.
    First love of life. Unrequite.
    Seventy. Winter blight.

    Kelly Lune:


    Chill October dark,
    Lunar glow:
    Frost-on-pumpkin sky.

    Kelly Lune:


    Bees have disappeared.
    Nothing grows.
    Pesticides kill all.

    Carole Jaworski


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