Call for poets!

I’m always interested in discussing interview possibilities with poets who wish to be featured on my Poetic Asides blog, which gets a high amount of daily traffic that is always on the rise (thanks to my wonderful and loyal readers, of course, who are also poets). Here are the guidelines on how to contact me, whether you’re a poet or a publisher.


For Poets: Please send an email to with “Poetic Asides Interview: Author” in your subject line. The body of the message should include the following information: your full name, important publishing credits, anything else that is interesting about you, upcoming projects, links to blogs or Web sites, and whatever else you think might be of interest to me or the Poetic Asides readership (who are poets).


For Publishers: Please send an email to with “Poetic Asides Interview: Publisher” in your subject line. In the body of the message, please include the same information as for poets (mentioned above). Also, feel free to mail over promotional materials, such as recent or upcoming books, press releases, etc. to: Robert Lee Brewer, 5003 Woodiron Dr., Duluth GA 30097. I will review and contact if interested.


Also, for readers, if you have any special requests of poets or other characters related to poetry, please send those along to me to consider and/or to follow up on.



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3 thoughts on “Call for poets!

  1. Patricia Leonaitis

    I am a 76 y/o poet who loves Haiku poems. I published my first book of poem in late Jan. of this year. It is called "Horses are Stars". I am quite pleased that I could do this at my age. I would like to share my favorite Haiku–I wrote it.
    "The Albino"
    A horse of pure white
    Wild as a November storm
    Running with the wind.
    As you can see, it is a 5-7-5 Haiku. I hope you enjoy this from Grandma Pat.

  2. Jade G. Hampton

    My nails

    Bitten so often
    By teeth
    with nothing better to do
    Ripped down to my skin
    For the millionth time
    In a week
    I bleed
    And puss
    And still get bit
    If only I could leave my
    nail bed
    I’d quit.

  3. Faye Higgins

    Wondering from Your Side

    I hold you in my arms this morning.
    Trying to rock the seizures away.
    Looking down on your sweet face
    Tears rolling down my cheeks, I begin to pray.

    I pray for you to feel no pain.
    I pray that you are at rest.
    You hold your music and paci tight.
    Your hands around them are locked.

    You precious face so innocent and pure.
    Why do you have this pain?
    All the sunshine of life’s path
    Why do you have such rain?

    You are here to teach us the priorities.
    Life’s lessons we would have missed.
    You show us the way as we travel our journey
    And smile when we see you and know we have been kissed.

    No one could have taught me
    The lessons you taught with unconditional love.
    No one could have touch me.
    Only someone sent from above.

    You open your eyes and look at me.
    I guess to be sure I’m here.
    I’ll never leave you precious one.
    So you sleep without a fear.

    The angels protect you, sent from God.
    They walk with you each day.
    God will Keep your close at hand.
    And guide you as I pray.

    So sleep my precious angel boy.
    Sleep sound with heavenly dreams.
    Smile at the angels that you see.
    Your angels come in two’s-maybe even three’s.

    You have changed my life.
    You have touched my soul.
    And taught my heart a new song.
    The whole world needs to be told.

    I’ll always love you and be close at hand.
    I will thank God for the blessing of you.
    I wonder what you think of it all.
    As I pray, am I worthy too?

    ***I did this wrong and don’t know how or where to post, any help. thanks


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