Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 149

For this week’s prompt, write a fortune cookie poem. This is a very brief poem that either forecasts the reader’s future or imparts some life advice (can be profound, mind scrambling, or funny). I once had a poem accepted for publication that was comprised of 12 imagined fortunes (click here to read).

Here’s my attempt:


It’s not the butterfly in your chest
that determines your future.


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202 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 149

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Vicious Circles
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I love you
    You love me.
    It’s just another one
    of those vicious circles.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Connie Peters

    Reality Bites

    The perfect one approaches
    Wild dreams are coming true,
    But for those at the next table,
    Unfortunately, not for you

    You’ll plod from day to day
    There’ll be good times, also bad
    Times you’ll be ecstatic
    And occasions, oh so, sad

    There’ll be rough years and smooth
    And age will take its tolls
    So forget the fortune cookies
    And enjoy the juicy egg rolls

  3. BettRubble

    Wednesday Prompt 149
    Write a fortune cookie poem.

    I feel so fortunate to have checked Wednesday’s prompt–finally! How can I choose a favorite, when your pieces are all inspired?

    Morning Prediction

    You will walk up a steep incline
    past where bison feed
    and if lucky, see a rabbit dart away yards from a wild turkey.


    Days will be steeped in sun,
    followed by squalls and storms,
    and afterward, the sun will return.

    No Luck

    You will not be lucky.
    You will choose what to believe
    and Whom to believe in
    and what to do.
    If you choose wisely, you will be blessed.

  4. leatherdykeuk

    A Fortune from the Happy House

    I look upon them with a grain of salt,
    these fortune cookie tokens.
    Nothing good can come of things
    that prey on superstition.

    Last night a challenge made to me
    to open the darned beast
    and read the works sequestered there
    in buttered biscuit feast.

    “Keep me and long life will be yours
    until a ripe old age.”
    It smacked to me of chain letters
    upon a printed page.

    For now I’m caught into the bind
    of fearing it be true
    and have to keep it evermore
    or pay the Reaper’s due.

  5. Sara McNulty

    More Cookies

    man who call you his treasure
    loves you for your money

    If you can’t see the forest for the trees,
    you are already in the forest

    You will meet a mysterious stranger;
    He will snatch your purse

    Woman who walk down street
    is not necessarily a streetwalker

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    is another neurotic universe

    The early bird
    is always alone

    There is no fortune
    in this cookie

    You will live a long life,
    but not on this planet

    Sometimes Sex on the Beach
    is not just a drink

    Let sleeping dogs lie;
    you do

  6. Jane Shlensky

    Six for Lunch

    A little sugared dough
    makes nice jacket
    for sweeter fortune.

    Don’t offer your hand
    to a growling dog or hissing cat.

    If hot air rises,
    why mountain air
    is cooler?

    Friends heal heart;
    poetry heals soul.

    5)(advice from my mother)

    Love is all there is;
    nothing else is important.

    Plenty ginger heats qi;
    plenty beer unbalances
    yin and yang.

  7. cstewart

    Lunch break at the Fortune Cookie Factory.

    The following are fortunes that were not finished due to lunch or snack time. The stuffing machines of the cookie factory do not stop for such dalliances.

    1. Cleveland is far away but…
    2. Walk the path of serene balance and you will…
    3. In the waking dream, you benefit by…
    4. There have been many wonderful answers, but yours is…
    5. Put off those things which challenge your…
    6. Engage with the tiger this week and you will…
    7. Draw down the crystal moon with your…
    8. Several decisions will cause you to take…
    9. For quick life changes, take a vacation to…
    10. Heretofore clothed in mystery, the great love of your life is now revealed as…
    11. Your incredible, innocuous behavior leads to…
    12. The accident you experience will cause…
    13. With luck and your new gun purchase, you have finally realized…
    14. Your constant and persistent mothers warning of …
    15. You make a comment to a friend that causes…
    16. You will find the grand happiness of your life in…
    17. Go to the fountain and drink deeply of the knowledge of…
    18. Your light at the end of the tunnel comes in the form of…
    19. Your years of desperation fall away as you…
    20. Now, even walking on water is not so hard if you…
    21. Oh wonderful child of fortune, put your tenuous faith in…
    22. Vast and immeasurable wealth awaits you in the field of…
    23. Great mind of promising scholar put aside childish things and write about…
    24. Guardians of world liberty, unite around the idea of…
    25. Your qualities are many, but your dynamic, sparkling best is….

    One we will never know due to the daily demands of the physical body.

  8. chilo

    Love the first two lines Dheepikaa!
    Is there a specific format toa fortune cookie?
    Here’s mine:

    Don’t let the sun dry up all your days.
    Your gift is a timeless void. Spend it.

  9. Dheepikaa

    Loved the poems here. Sorry about length, but mine below.

    Tomorrow will be a better day
    for you. You will imagine it will be
    because your hands are full
    with today. You will remember
    what I am telling you. About you
    going to have a bad hair day,
    a possible accident, pessimistic company,
    slight financial trouble, how blue colored
    checked shirt with beige pants will suit you,
    you must wear emerald
    till the end of the week, your spirits
    will be high due to work, low
    due to a close family member,
    a sibling helping you out and a colleague
    trusting you will boost your energy.
    I wish I could tell you,
    you will die now
    when the lorry hits your car
    while you are busy reading me.

  10. Nancy Posey

    It took me awhile to decide how to do this one:

    Dinner at Chinese Restaurant

    Table for Two
    His: Someone’s eyes are shining just for you.
    Hers: Beware of man whose mother strangles him with cords of love.

    Table for Four

    North: Those who leave and return in pairs share secrets.
    East: Keep your ears open and your mouth closed
    South: Fear not that whispers speak of you.
    West: Be care whom you trust. Few secrets stay between two.

    Table for Six

    one: A man who gambles with his own treasures will also risk yours
    two: (on back) Lucky numbers 9, 15,37, 48, 51, 37 Happy Joy Restaurant Inc.
    three: Don’t trust your fortune. You could be eating someone else’s cookie.
    four: Beware the friend who must heed nature’s call just before the check arrives.
    five: Never order seafood when you cannot smell the ocean.
    six: To swell with pride is deadly. To swell from calamari is life-threatening.

      1. Benjamin Thomas

        Yep, sounds like the truth. My gums are pretty sensitive so I hate going to the dentist. By the time my appointment is finished I’m pretty irritated or pissed to some degree or another. No offense to the spouse. I wish I could wail on a nice punching bag for about 5-10min then I’m good. Might be a good investment for dental offices?

  11. Domino

    Robert, I liked yours best. <3 On the other hand, I haven't read them all yet. I found it strangely difficult… I will be thinking on this prompt more and may add some later, too. ^_^

    To avoid a fall,
    leaf well enough alone.

    Keeping one’s head above water
    prevents one from seeing the fish.

    Feeding a stray cat
    often leads to kittens.

  12. cstewart

    Fortune Cookie Poem

    The first fortune said:
    “You will meet a petulant stranger
    who will give you unnecessary information”
    The second one said:
    “Crime does not pay except for those in
    power, then it’s their party”
    The third one said:
    “Organization is the key to completing
    your tasks”
    The fourth one said:
    “Many will be called, few will follow,
    fewer will know what they are doing”
    The fifth one said:
    “Leadership is knowing the path in your
    own heart”
    The sixth one said:
    “The peace you seek is already available to you”
    The seventh one said:
    “Stop moving and listen to the beating of your
    own heart”
    I decided to go with number seven and address
    the few, pertinent ones later.

  13. Michelle Hed

    This and That Fortunes (Take 2)

    You will become wealthy beyond measure.
    There is rain in the forecast.

    There is no place like home,
    because home is wherever you are.

    Better a stack of books on your chest,
    than an elephant. You have a chance
    of knocking the books off.

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    is a bunch of discarded dreams.

    Searching for wisdom? Seek a sapling,
    for they speak only the truth.

    You seek the answers to the universe…
    when you find them, give me a call.

    If the snow falls,
    the water will run.

    Wisdom comes with age
    but not always truth.


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