Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 143

For this week’s prompt, write a normal poem. I know some of you may be thinking that every poem is normal or that there’s no such thing as a normal poem. However, what I’m thinking about is a situation that may seem normal (even if only to the narrator of the poem or a character in the poem) or the longing to return to the normal way of doing something. There are a lot of interesting ways to attack something normal. I’m looking forward to what everyone creates.

Here’s my attempt:

“and this time, and this time”

and this time you pick up the ringing phone,
and this time you answer it, and this time
you speak quickly and quietly before
hanging up, and this time you call a cab,
and this time you don’t even pack a bag
before waiting beside the curb, and this
time you go to the airport, and this time
you buy a ticket, and this time you board
the plane, and this time you read an inflight
magazine about the city where you’ll
land, and this time he’s waiting with open
arms, and this time you won’t have to return.


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189 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 143

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    natural selection
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    she just wanted to feel normal again,
    remember what it felt like to walk amongst
    gulls and sandpipers and horse-necked clams,
    feel the salt air bandana hair across her forehead
    while saltwater tugs at the sand under her feet,
    feel the giant ball in the sky redden
    the back of her hands held over her eyes
    escaping the glare, the temptation to stare
    directly into the rays and perhaps spontaneously
    combust into flaming molecular confetti,
    instead of lying now in bed, watching one’s muscles
    break down, and cells sloughing off one by one
    until one day, the powers that be, decide to stop
    taking turns urinating in a petri dish and just
    let nature finally take it’s course.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. cstewart

    Day Sometime

    The traffic was moving –
    Early, buzzing engines, soft motors.

    It was six o’clock.
    The air was still cold,
    The bed was still warm,
    The light was still low,
    I could hear the ocean,
    Making itself known,
    To the shore.

  3. Michelle Hed


    We are all normal.
    For we all have abnormalities
    which make us unique,
    for we all have problems
    which we might not share.

    For we all suffer
    during life’s downs,
    for we all rejoice
    during life’s highs.

    For we all wish
    For a better world,
    For we all hope
    For a good life.

    For all our idiosyncrasies,
    and thoughts –
    We are all human.
    We are all normal.

  4. Dyson McIllwain

    It Is What It Is

    Somewhere to be heard,
    a chance for expression’s
    voice to come to life.
    It is absurd to think
    that a change of venue
    can render you silent.
    We have penned with paper,
    and posted to the cyber sycophants
    in their comfort zones.
    Stepping out causes one to shout.
    But resistance is futile.
    I smile; my wordplay stays
    where I lay it. It is what it is.
    They’ve closed the tent;
    all were voted off the island.
    They’ve changed the look and feel?
    Let us be real. At least
    we still have a place for poetry
    to prosper. It is what it is.
    And poets are grateful for that.

  5. DrPKP

    I do not like the new normal
    That is here to stay
    It does not feel normal
    Though clean crisp, some say
    I do not like the uninspired typeset
    I do not like the way replies one does get
    I do not like the bright page of white
    I do not like it no I do not
    I do not like it with Seuss or with sonnet
    or haikued what-not
    I do not like the corporate feel
    That from me a daily simple pleasure did steal

    Okay for now over and out
    Forgiven I hope for this indulgent frustrated shout

    1. Colette D

      I love your poem, Pearl, but I must be the opposite of most everyone else, and abnormal to boot, because I really like this new blog format. Well there is one drawback — it won’t let me be Colette ;D — but other than that it’s pretty spiffy. ;D

    1. De Jackson

      Here’s the sad part…I have no idea. Since I hadn’t logged in for awhile, apparently I had to start over…and when I re-registered, viola! There was my website photo. Mind you, I have no idea how to change it if I want to. Ha.

          1. Marie Elena

            Oops. Hee hee! THAT didn’t work. Now I know why Joseph explained it the hard way! 😉 Okay, so look below the comment box, and it will show you the HTML tags. The one that looks like this: is for italics. Bookend whatever words you want italicized with two of those, and it will italicize the words between them. Probably I’m just making it more confusing.

  6. De Jackson


    She looks in the mirror
    sees what’s left of her
    knows it’s wrong,
    this beast that has lopped off
    entire pieces of her
    stolen both breath and breast,
    turned routine into
    hazy scorched nightmare.

    She looks in the mirror
    sees his smile
    hears him say
    You’re beautiful,
    knows he’s right.

  7. Dyson McIllwain

    In and Out

    My routine is simple.
    Eyes open with the sun’s coming.
    Stretch and adjust, my focus
    becomes more aware. Duty
    pages and I raise in stages.
    My breaths are metered
    and precise; very nice
    to be living in normalcy.

  8. Marie Elena

    Goodness, gracious … “busy” has become “normal” for me of late. I long to read and read and read, but truly lack the time these days. Hoping for things to slow down and get the chance to drink in the awesomeness out here. Take care, all!

  9. AC Leming

    The New Normal

    When were we last normal?
    When did we stop trying to understand and begin our cold war?
    When did the scent of despair permeate our relationship?
    When did we roll over and expose our bellies?  Our throats?
    When did we give in to the numbing effects of mindless TV?  
    The anesthesia of scotch?  
    The futile escape of another body?
    Were we ever normal?
    Or is this the script most marriages follow?  
    The new normal?

  10. Michael Grove

    HAIKU (7) on Normal

    What is typical?
    There is nothing typical.
    Say that’s typical.

    Another surprise.
    Just when you least expect it.
    Keeps things exciting.

    Wake up every day.
    Find something to laugh about.
    It helps keep you young.

    Carry a big stick.
    Or perhaps just speak softly.
    Did Teddy know best?

    Just live for each day.
    Still try to plan your future.
    Seems like a conflict.

    Why so much trying?
    Doing seems so much better.
    Efforts and results.

    Sing a song a day.
    Sing more than one on Sunday.
    It helps bring you peace.

    By Michael Grove

  11. barbara_y

    Art Anatomy and Spring

    ever it was
    who decided man was logical
    never noticed the clocks wringing their hands
    bending backward over daylight savings time, becoming the norm

    whoever it was
    who decided time was orderly
    never noticed spring jolting out of winter,
    until the week it snows cherry blossoms one day, snow the next.

    whoever it was
    who decided a fig leaf was chaste
    never noticed how quickly its buds swell
    bursting with the urge to photosynthesize, and sprout fat seed-filled figs

  12. Colette D

    ~ Seeing ~

    I see you in my eyes,
    even when I close my eyes.
    Is that normal?

    I see a photo of you
    and zoom way too far in.
    Is that normal?

    I see me in your irises,
    but wish I were in your eyes.
    Is that normal?


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