Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 133

Good morning, everyone! I hope you’ve all been staying safe with tornadoes ripping through parts of the country. Here in Georgia, things have been rather quiet all week. When tragedy strikes, it always makes people reassess their priorities.

For this week’s prompt, write a priorities poem. It can be a serious reevaluation or a light-hearted statement on the silly things we put on a pedestal over others. I hope you can make poeming a priority this week.

Here’s my attempt:

“The ATL”

The land of sandals and hip hop,
lazy days and late mornings
mourning the warnings we didn’t take
serious enough. The geese hid
from the sun. Not every city releases
people in the evening; not every
person seeks the moon reflected
in puddles or stars erased from the night
by street lights, but I found myself
in all four seasons wandering
across asphalt and concrete,
searching for signs of life and finding
my heart grows in the dark
like teenagers hiding in a park
to keep a spark sparking. You’d be
surprised what bothers me. The geese
hiss at the sun, but we all hide
desire. Only the small ones are on fire.


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177 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 133

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Oregon Pioneer
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    It really didn’t matter that he’d already lost good horseflesh to the Comanche, his wife’s best cow to disease, his youngest to measles, or even his last nickel in a last minute, desperate whiskey-induced poker game. He was still going to Oregon come hell or high water, and nothing, absolutely unequivocally not a single dagnabit thing, was going to stand in the way of his getting there; not even the two days spent stuck under the back axle of the prairie schooner where he whiled away the hours thinking about rolling green hills and sharp river bends teeming with salmon before help came.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Henry Ward

    Congrats to Sam Neilson on his poem ‘Heading to Work’ Its positive
    bracing freshness stayed with me all day and I have read it several times.

  3. Sara McNulty

    Congratulations to Daniel Ari and all the other Bop winners.
    Welcome back, Bruce. You are the third person in one week to reveal the same medical news. Now that you know, you will fight to stay healthy.

  4. LBC

    spider webs connect curtain rods and ceiling fan
    dirty breakfast dishes sit in the sink
    dog hair drifts across the kitchen floor
    pushed into the corner by the breeze drifting
    through the open window
    the breeze whispering of beauty
    luring with a gentle fragrance of spring
    one glance out the window at
    morning sun diamond sparkled dew dropped grass
    and only one thing matters
    a dog walk on a glorious day
    all else can wait until I get back

  5. Sam Nielson

    Heading to Work

    The quiet storm in my aching head rolls
    In a mash, a swirl of soggy grey cells,
    Then waves of purple grape buds of lilac,
    Like sirens singing in the leafy green deep,
    They call, they beckon, with stubby fingers
    Waiting, soothing themselves for the morning’s
    Warm sun-rays to shoot bright over the east
    Mountains, under the heavy cloud-grey lid
    Before they open and express themselves
    In that white seductive scent just for me.

  6. Hugh V. Collins

    by Hugh V. Collins

    Sanity is slowly escaping me
    Helpless is the word that comes to mind
    Clueless I am on the path I travel
    Ignorance is certainly unkind

    Friends, they elude me
    Leave me to fend
    Where enemies amass
    And will die in the end

    In the midst of wind storms
    I cover my squinting eyes
    While temporarily unstable and blinded
    I am forced to realize

    I’m fighting a losing battle
    There is no way to win
    Maybe I am starting to pay back
    For the way I have been living

    I stand here in silence
    And try to listen for His voice
    I hear a feint calling
    That leaves me with no choice

    “I’ve been calling your name,
    And you ignore me as you please
    You seek comfort in places of despair
    And turn your back one me with ease.”

    I have been regretting
    The day I turned around
    I thought what I had was sacred
    I thought it was profound

    I begin to understand
    That only in you I will find true love
    A true friend that won’t leave me hanging
    And you have always been above.

    I say your name before I eat my meals
    But hardly when I awake
    I know you are there watching over me
    I knew you would be for old time sake.

    But while sanity is slowly escaping
    And helpless was the word that comes to mind
    I share my secrets with and you don’t judge me
    Loving me as I am your child

    The path that I trod
    Becomes clearer each day
    The mistakes I’ve made
    Are fading away

    The smiles on the faces
    Of sweet and dear friends
    Tells me one of two things
    They won’t be there in the end

    Truly, I have abandoned you
    Like I was when I was young
    I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you
    Just don’t stop putting your air in my lungs

    You’ve made me feel better in an instant
    Just by saying your name
    Filling my mind with thoughts of you
    And opening the page you claim.

  7. Willy

    PKP: Thanks for your tho’ts.
    Marie: Thanks for your blessing. Hugs from you always welcome.
    Counting blessings.
    Bruce: RE: diabetes. You’ve captured the very essence of "the Big D" in your words – what it is and how to manage/control/master it. You grok it. Stick with it Friend. (By-the-by, you nailed the diet and exercise thing, but add stress management to it; that’s a MUST.)

  8. Taylor Graham


    Every day he gave up daylight
    to go underground, mining the mother-
    lode of copper, and when that got scarce,
    tin. A job that paid a living
    by the god of gloom. John lived

    on poetry, scratched on hafts and
    rocks, scraps, whatever came to hand
    and mind. A hard-rock poet
    mines what he can, and must. And then,
    to leave that underworld

    and live as scripture-reader
    for the God of daylight, praising Him.
    John walks a paradise-garden
    of birds, learning their
    words, their mother-lode of song.

  9. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik


    Your absence has been noticed if you could not tell
    Good to have you back, in a new normal that shall have you well

    Diabetes can sound scary, annoying, or just a pain
    But diagnosis is terrific stealing the Reaper a potential gain

    So happy graduation to your son and congratulations to you too
    Digest your graduation from denial with all the knowledge to you due
    Enjoy the pleasure of healthy foods, in this new promised land of long years for you

    And while you are at this thinking and wondering what is for you to be
    Please get off that mental duff and grace us with another poem of priority

  10. Bruce Niedt

    I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks – a combination of a busy few weeks of major events (including son’s graduation) and a minor case of writer’s block. Also dealing with not-so-great medical news, as presented here:


    It’s not a very big number, six-point-five,
    but in the context of a blood test,
    it’s huge. It means I’ve crossed the border
    into another country, the Land of Diabetes.

    Suddenly, all priorities jockey for position;
    diet and exercise rise to the top.
    I have my marching orders, a regimen that says,
    Get off your fat ass, and stop scarfing
    anything down your throat.
    I don’t want to live in this country;
    I want to skip back over the border
    into the promised land of Normal.

    But I can’t slip through under cover of night,
    can’t snip a hole in a chain-link fence.
    Instead, I’ll have to walk or run a long way,
    and pack the right food for the trip.

  11. Colette ;D

    ~ Household Priorities ~

    The husband did the mopping.
    The wife said it was slick.
    The husband perspired.

    The husband paid the bills.
    The wife said it was a huge deposit.
    The husband felt well-endowed.

    The husband did the shopping.
    The wife said it was sexy.
    The husband felt inspired.

    The husband cooked dinner.
    The wife said it was HOT!
    The husband really lit up.

    Then the husband fell asleep with the light on.

  12. Willy

    Life’s priorities
    after tornadoes and rain
    food, shelter, clothing

    Great/appropriate prompt, Robert. Last night was another blinger! Power’s back and we’ve no losses. Luckier than many. Original piece on priorities changed with the wind – literally. W

  13. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Get it done

    Organize each closet, drawer and space
    Til all stands in perfect order…..
    Live amid a cheerful cluttered precious, memory jogging  jam
    Of things that shout I know, I know, I know, see just who I am
    Line your socks and undies too
    Like soldiers straight and pristine
    Throw your stuff into a basket as long as it is clean
    Plan your trips ahead of time with thought and care and pack
    See a photo, smell a remembered waft, run off, you will come back
    Read each book, each poetic line, every respected researched tome 
    React, respond, remember, integrate and create your own library of renown 
    Dress yourself appropriately, conduct yourself above reproach or scorn 
    Slide yourself into soft skin-pleasing swirls as close to how you were  then born
    Love decorously with patience, calm, understanding, expect nor give all yourself to the other one 
    Tumble madly, toss soul covers, cuddle, hold hands, suck and savor all given, taken, never done 
    Surrender childhood past- times consign them to the those behind you
    Take up the mantle of the world, of hunger, peace and see them through
    Know.  Finally there is no this or that, no way you must choose to be
    It is all this and more and more and more and infinitely more embracing life’s shifting priorities

  14. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    False Lists and Hubris

    Clean the house from stem to stern
    Organize your stuff so others learn
    The hours wasted in your day
    To fold the towels perfectly this way
    March through reams of papers read
    Keep the information in your head
    Do unto others and help them do the same
    Savor world offerings accept life as no game
    Yet do have fun and laugh on the callioped carousel led
    As you understand your created priorities will not outlast dead

  15. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik


    If you should fall into a place
    Where breath moves with symmetry of air
    And heart slows steady
    Glowing centered
    Where beauty gentles your eyes
    And all sharp edges round
    Where you live in every pore
    Opened to delights of every sense
    If you should fall into such a place
    Where living seems enough and
    Dying fearless
    Stay if you are there
    Return if you have left
    There is only yourself
    Blocking the door you now know
    Open flung
    Run through


  16. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Return to a lover

    Long ago in tight
    bodied bliss
    licked the length
    of muscled thigh
    to long passion tensed toes
    brushed with golden hair
    Up to eyes
    blazing blue fire
    in the soft turquoise air

    Years melted in distanced longing
    until this postponed later day

    Finally – flying
    held in soft parchment skin
    tongue tracing legs gone thin
    and tracked with geographic navy
    from thigh to curled arthritic toes
    stringed with white wild hair
    Up to eyes glowing pale cataract blue
    banked fire blazing
    in the soft turquoise air


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