Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 116

For today’s prompt, write a last chance poem. For many (including myself), this may be your last chance to write a poem in 2010. So make it count!

Here’s my attempt:

“The last poem”

Every last snowball, last snowman,
last dance, last kiss, last glass of
water, last phone call, last chance
to buy that last greatest video
game ever released, last line of
poetry, it all comes before the next.


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77 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 116

  1. vivienne blake

    Someone, somewhere, suggested that it is impossible to write a serious limerick, so I picked a grave theme and tried to make it work in the limerick framework. What do you think?

    A Serious Limerick

    When the pace of life is too arduous
    and the pains of age are not kind to us
    indolence too strenuous
    and apathy too vigorous
    lie back, and wait for posthumous.

  2. Taylor Graham

    [muchas gracias, señora]

    Mexico City outskirts patrolled by
    highway-robber police who
    confiscated our vehicle-
    registration; sidewalk lockup of no-
    papers in a language exceeding
    the speed limit. Phone
    booth? Dead. Pay teléfonos
    never work. A crowd
    gathered – no one loves
    the police. Some lady offered her
    phone (“just up these
    stairs”). Matter of trust. She
    dialed, spoke swiftly
    Spanish. Her private line, my
    last chance.
    One human-being fluent
    in Human.

  3. Mike Bayles

    Last Notice

    This is the last time
    the last notice
    to change your ways
    or face your fate.
    Action plans must be filed,
    changes must take place,
    or without regret,
    you’ll be sent on your way.
    The weight of words weighs heavy
    of the threats of this warning,
    when left with no choice
    than to fake a smile
    to the supervisor
    and say, “Good Morning”.

  4. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    mi cocina
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    last chance
    to weigh in before
    the ritualistic painting
    of my kitchen begins
    in obligatory bold colors
    that whitewaters down
    my circulatory system
    to slosh onto these
    cabinets and walls.

    tonight i will
    release my inner frieda
    in the shadows of this
    oak and maple forest,
    a unibrow brush dipped in
    my mother’s aztec genes.

    tonight i rip up
    old linoleum so that
    i can dance on saltillo
    and talavera by first light.

    if you wanted traditionalist
    you should have married
    martha instead of this
    latina rooster
    circling the ring,
    eyeing sheetrock.

    last chance
    to weigh in before
    the ritualistic painting
    of my kitchen begins
    in obligatory bold colors
    that whitewaters down
    my circulatory system
    to slosh onto these
    cabinets and walls.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  5. Salvatore Buttaci


    “You can tempt me all you want, but I will
    not throw away my last chance for heaven.”
    Tempt, tempt, all you want. My chance for heaven
    I will not throw away. I want my chance
    for heaven. You will not throw me, but tempt
    me all you want. All want me for heaven,
    I want me for heaven, but you will not
    throw my chance away. Tempt me. All you want,
    but I will not throw my chance away. You
    can, you want, I will not. Not. Not. Heaven,
    my chance. You can tempt. Me, I will not throw
    Away my chance, my want. Heaven will not
    want you. Can my chance for heaven? You can’t.
    Not my chance. Not my heaven. Tempt away.


  6. Colette ;D

    ~ Maybes and Last Chances ~

    Don’t ever pass on raising your best glass;
    it may be your last chance!

    Go the extra mile to make a child smile;
    it may be your last chance!

    Plant a tree in your living room each year;
    it may be your last chance!

    Relax enough to relax with a friend;
    it may be your last chance!

    Never hang fire to have a cozy fire;
    it may be your last chance!

    Go far and above to visit one you love;
    it may be your last chance!

    Never miss a chance to rock out and dance–
    it may be your last chance!


    Supporting (and rare personal) ekphrastic photos available at

    or at my name below.



    All pics by and of Colette ;D
    of Christmas and my family.
    None of them were photoshopped,
    but quite a few were cropped.
    {Just thought I’d make that kinda clear
    before you thought them insincere.}

    Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!


  7. Judy Roney

    Last Chance

    This is your last chance to change your mind
    To hold me in esteem and do the right thing
    To go against the flow and set things right
    This is your last chance to live every cliché
    Ever written, now just do it!

  8. S.E.Ingraham

    Thank you so much – both Patricia and Pearl – this experience has tapped a well of emotions in me that I seem unable to stem just yet … your words mean more than I can articulate …

  9. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Dear Sharon … In death he now lives as never before, part of all, his own man, becoming one with part of the river flowing into the river and onto the sea where he is at rest and yet now alive and vibrant for you and through you to all … immortalized. He has embraced you and you have done him well. Sleep well in this New Year now sparkled with a grace you share.

  10. S.E.Ingraham

    How Could I Have Known

    Everyone said the memorial was lovely
    Your eulogy poignant and moving; it brought
    You alive in new ways and made us more

    Your people than they had expected us to be
    They didn’t actually say that but there was
    Such a change from when they came in

    Until after the service, I knew I’d found
    The key and relaxed – I was getting to know
    Who you were and in the knowing finding peace

    But with the peace came a friendship we hadn’t
    Counted on, your best friend brought his
    Heart to us, and he was so raw, so very raw

    I ache for him still and will for a long time
    There was something so unexpectedly vulnerable
    About this man who led me to one of your places

    A favourite haunt, so I could scatter your ashes
    In a place you loved; a creek that was fully frozen
    Except for this one spot where it lay open, and ran free

    For a few yards – it was perfect – how could I have
    Known that when I held the bag of your ashes
    In my arms, I would be so reluctant to put you down

    Put you down … irony of ironies – something I had
    Been so afraid of finding, that you were put down
    When, in fact, you had made a life, were quite a guy

    Was that why I clung to the last vestige of you
    As I sobbed out my sorrow at your death and my regret
    At not knowing you, finally kneeling to spill you down the creek

    Watching as you mixed with the water you so loved
    That would, as your friend told me, join the river
    Nearby and ultimately, take you to the sea
    The place we both knew, you could finally rest

  11. Chev Shire

    "turning taillights to 2010"

    chasing ghosts down the highway,
    we pass the remains of a Model T
    tethered to a flat-bed trailer,
    heading, we hope, for restoration.
    from the backseat, my daughter sings,
    "we belong together," and the road
    we travel moves into another year,
    seemingly the same as it was.

  12. Maureen Sexton

    last chance?

    now is the time to
    separate the clouds
    the shadows in my mind

    break away from the
    demons of the past

    breathe the light in

    let it shine on
    moments of beauty
    that illuminate my life

    let it bring power to
    my heart so it may
    beat to my rhythm

    let each cell radiate
    the sun’s warmth
    though my body

    let my own stars
    sparkle through the universe
    that is my soul

  13. Daniel Ari

    6 hours to new year’s PST. Happy New Year, everybody!

    Every regular day as I leave home,
    some faint tongue of fate whispers, “Accidents
    happen.” There’s my daughter in the window,
    waving goodbye, voice faint behind the panes.
    Is it life or my perception that slows?

    Somehow that moment crossing the flagstones
    fills with such longing and love and regret
    as though every tragic, comic, mundane,
    epic journey of the Mandelbrot set
    of life grows from each goodbye and hello.

    Still I go and come in a bittersweet
    ballet with many storylines wending
    where they may. A world blooms when the car starts,
    its fragrance accidentally undoing
    all other worlds for now, for today. Then

    the day transpires, and soon I’m returning
    home safely. (My wife asked for this ending.)


  14. Marian O'Brien Paul

    Last Times (31 December 2010)

    Last day of the year –
    day of my father’s birth
    day he didn’t quite make
    the December of his death.

    When I was young, some
    lines from a novel seared
    my mind: advice to recall
    times that will be the last.

    We often mark our firsts
    but forget to notice lasts
    because we don’t realize
    those times won’t return.

  15. Nancy J

    Wonderful Last Chance poems, everyone! I admit to being especially fond of Rinkly Rimes’ "podium" poem. Isn’t it odd that people think they can turn any word they like into a verb? Are there no rules left at all?

    I have enjoyed reading all the excellent peoms on PA Street this past year and wish every poet a very happy and creative New Year!

  16. Nancy J

    Last Chances

    Camouflaged by ordinary days, they arrive unannounced, mingle
    with the crowd, and slip away without a word. They go about in drab
    sparrow dress, when they are really birds of paradise.

    I have not identified even one. Setting aside my binoculars, notebook
    and camera, I abandon the watch and admit defeat. This is a game of
    needles and haystacks, the prizes too well hidden.

    In a better world such treasures would be tagged with motion sensors,
    car alarms, dye packs. Fluorescent orange reminders would appear
    magically at the top of my "To Do" list every morning.

    Road signs would alert me to more than historical markers and gas
    stations. I need to be warned – "Last chance for love and forgiveness –
    one mile" "Last chance to say goodbye – 1500 feet."

  17. Bruce Niedt

    Another take:

    The Ride

    Time straps you in,
    locks the bar across your lap.
    There’s no bailing out now.
    You’re in for the ride
    with all your fellow passengers.
    As you ascend the artificial hill,
    you carry excitement and a little fear.
    The tow chain clanks
    with the rhythm of a clock.
    At the summit, the whole year
    spreads before you
    like an undiscovered country.

    Here we go.

  18. Willy

    Close the door tight to last year.
    Don’t turn; stay out of its wake.
    No looking for one more time;
    not even for old times’ sake.

    Now’s the time to move forward;
    give thanks for what you’ve received.
    Shoulders back, chin up, smile on.
    Make the best of Fate’s reprieve.

    If you don’t leave it behind,
    the year ahead will be cursed
    at midnight, the last second
    of December thirty-first.


    Happy Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to all my friends on PA Street!!


  19. Bruce Niedt


    Before the timer clicks over all its numbers,
    before that legendary lighted ball drops
    in the square packed shoulder-to-shoulder
    with a cheering mob, before all the commentators
    finish droning about thirty dozen days
    of highs and lows – earthquakes and elections,
    championships and celebrity deaths –
    be sure all your business is settled.
    Check your coupons and warranties,
    deadlines and expiration dates,
    your promises and regrets, the resolution
    you forgot eleven months ago.
    Make sure you leave nothing behind.
    Clean up your mess, close your book,
    turn off the light and lock the door
    before you walk out into the fresh air
    of that new and unused year.

  20. Karen Bonner

    Amy – Thank you. That happened to me the night before my grandma died. I had the strangest feeling to wait for her to come home or go back over there (that was before everyone had cell phones).

    Leslee – I enjoyed your poem. In the past year two bookstores in my city closed their doors. It makes me kind of sad to think e-readers might be the demise of paper someday. Hopefully it won’t happen!

  21. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Last Chance to Mess It Up

    If two thousand ten has passed without
    A major mishap,
    Pratfall or mistake
    You have only few hours left
    For a huge mistake to make

    Still plenty of hours left
    To grab two thousand ten by the hair
    Turn her to face you and slap her face if so you dare
    Still hours left to shame, to blunder, to stumble and to fall
    Your last chance to besmirch the girl 2010 has not yet passed at all

    Of course there is your last chance still to leave things as they are
    To let sleeping dogs breathe peacefully, leave all unstirred in the jar
    The crystal jar of time that has drifted a year of sand
    Your choice to let all that was 2010 drift through the fingers of your hand

    Still hours left to take your last chance
    Of how you will reflect back on this year
    Past events beyond your grasp -these last chance hours glimmer dear
    Watch them, hold them, release them, bid them fond adieu
    Leave all that was two thousand ten as a new horizon rushes to meet you

    Wishing all release, remembrance, and reconciliation with 2010 and a Happy, healthy, peace-filled New 2011Year!


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