Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 095

Before we get into the prompt, I just want to let everyone know about the new WD Poetic Form Challenge. This time around, we’re covering the lune. Click here to check out the guidelines.


For this week’s prompt, write a confined spaces poem. Someone or something could be confined in a space against their will. Or someone or something could be confined in a space on purpose (for instance, a vampire closing itself in a coffin every morning). Or you could take this prompt in a whole different direction.

Here’s my attempt:


Consider the moon as its light reflects 
off her hair. Consider her smile as she
never doubts the beat of your heart. Expect
fantasy, but accept reality.
In the end, you’re the one filled with doubt that
never ends. She considers your large feet
even as you feel there’s nowhere to stand.
Don’t fret. Find a bench. Offer her a seat. 
Slide your arm across the top without once
putting a hand on her. Look in her eyes
and remember how you ended up here.
Consider the moon and her smile, you dunce.
Even as her face is framed by fireflies
she just wants your kiss, your words in her ears.


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182 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 095

  1. Sara Gwen

    so self-contained

          what med need i take
          to wake without your last word
          still stuck in my throat?

          you meant it to say something
          that meant something to you
          that meant nothing over here.

          it’s not as though
          i should have to regret
          you having to say it.

          what is it with you
          leaving on a hacking cough
          that won’t so easily go away?

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  9. de jackson

    Late to the party. Been Acoustic De for over a week, on vacation. Just landed at our little Tahoe beach condo rental today, and back with internet connection. Caught the prompt Wednesday and tried to post this from my phone, but failed. Here goes.

    If You Can’t Take the Heat, Use Fewer Jalapeños

    (a shadorma)

    Take equal
    parts lover and friend
    breathe deep, strong
    press close, long
    until once fractured heart stirs.
    Keeps: always. Serves: two.

  10. Corinne

    It is not your action or lack thereof,
    puzzling though it may all be.
    It is the grip of my own expectations
    and the stories my mind manufactures
    to fill in the vacuum
    that confine me. I shoo them off
    like a mosquito, pesky and persistent,
    lifeblood sucking. That chasm
    between your words and actions
    is simply space, what sucks me in is fretting about it.
    No more. I am through with ancient doubts and hungers,
    and ravenous for the liberation of joy.

  11. Iain D. Kemp

    Oh my..over I am very late!!!!


    I love to write
    a non-stop stream,
    an endless tumult,
    pouring down and
    and on
    and leading somewhere
    we hope
    we pray
    but know not still
    as mind triggers
    and fingers
    trigger keys typing
    faster and faster
    and never quite expressing
    the thoughts that flow so fast
    from the cortex
    to the synapses
    to the electronics
    leaving us all breathless
    and waiting screaming
    begging for a pause in the stream
    that goes on
    and down
    confining spaces
    to the bare essential


  12. Michelle Hed

    My Closet, My Brain

    I often wish
    my brain was
    like my closet.

    Twice a year
    I switch my
    give away
    what is
    no longer needed,
    open my treasure
    box of mementoes,
    find a missing shoe or purse.

    If only
    I could
    open my brain
    and pull out
    my old memories,
    throw out the
    memories no
    longer needed
    or wanted,
    and twice a year
    review them
    so I never forget.

    If only
    my brain
    was like
    my closet.

  13. sheila harris

    i’m very very late to this post!
    but better late than never? is that the saying…?

    Kimiko Martinez…i love your account of the Adam/Eve story…yes,he never does take his lumps.
    LBC I think your lune exquisite..

  14. sheila harris

    On the Beach

    Under an expansive purple sky
    The last throes of a settling sun
    as He reclines
    and paints gaudy streaks that runs down
    to the sea
    The changing canvass now one sheet
    of blackening sky and sea

    Alone now Alone
    The beach empty

    From the point the amber artificial glow
    a past life well known
    Sounds of music and artificial nightlife
    drowned in the bold explosion
    as surf marches forward
    Ocean water lapping at bare feet
    and in the motion of retreat
    the Invitation
    To loosen
    To divest the Ties
    To drop the Shackles
    of That Which Confines
    And Let Go

    Let Go

    Unable to decide
    Allowed the tide
    aided by She who walks in silver

    The decision made
    Legs plant solidly against the crushing embrace
    as salt water fills the space
    The tug of the rising water
    envelopes hips ,waist
    Surf spray refreshing to face
    A soothing hand calming anxieties
    and caresses breasts
    teasing , promising freedom
    found in cool fluid element

    The release quickly comes
    in just a few moments
    to a painfully predictable life
    realized a final surprise

  15. Kimiko Martinez

    Blah. The lines on ADAM got messed up. They’re both supposed to be lunes. It’s all I’ve written the past week, I think.


    Her husband shared the tasty
    fruit but wouldn’t
    share an ounce of blame

  16. Sara Gwen

    Bruce, thanks, will surely at least read there, since voracious reading is one of the guilty pleasures of a confirmed agoraphobe (like how I do read and enjoy and learn from every word written by others here).

    As for my recent obsession with learning the forms, that there’s a tribute to the friend who truly did have herself a penchant for formal verse, whereas I expect that’ll wash off me sooner or later and I’ll again sound like I did before. Anyway, thanks for reading and the nod, and the point over to The Barefoot Muse. Much appreciated.

  17. Bruce Niedt

    Sara, it’s easy to be prolific, but much harder to turn out a quality poem each time. Kudos to you and your consistent excellence. You seem to have a penchant for formal verse. May I suggest a good online journal my friend edits, called The Barefoot Muse – you might consider submitting your poetry there. Check it out.

  18. Sara Gwen

              Cupped moments before
                Wednesday’s prompt
                  I fill with coffee.


  19. Sara Gwen

              Keep your head up, help is coming. Soon
              we’ll get rescued. Here, stand up on your chair
              and breathe relaxed, like you see me doing,
              and keep your head up. Help is coming soon.
              It’s just a little rain, not rage and ruin,
              or if so, you get to take the last of our air,
              so keep your head up. Help is coming. Soon.
              We’ll get rescued. Here. stand up. On your chair.

  20. Walt Wojtanik


    Withdrawn and secluded,
    life eluded for the sake
    of your security.
    The is some purity
    in your isolation;
    a sedation that renders
    your senses encumbered
    as you lumber through
    the darkened reaches
    of your once fertile mind.
    You find that the only
    safe place is within,
    you grin, knowing
    the joke that is your life.
    And you remain hidden
    in your self made armor.
    It offers comfort and strength
    as long as you seek refuge there.

  21. Taylor Graham


    No one would live out here, she said, except
    in penance. Just look at that sign, she
    said, “Slug Gulch”! Placard for a trip down-
    stairs. Gravel turnout off pavement, giving up
    to dirt. A rutty steep jaw-cracking descent
    tunneled under manzanita with its blood-
    red bark. A shack no more than 23 square feet,
    I swear, frozen in winter, dusty-dog dry
    now, early July. 30 paces out behind, a pit
    full of rusty cans, broke Depression
    glass. Outhouse, 2-seater – the only way
    to splurge. That’s it, she said.
    You’ll live your outhouse life out here alone.
    Penance, she said, is for singles.

  22. Colette D

    PKP AKA 🙂 I like The Itch. No, your Itch, not my itch, ha ha!

    Amy ~ Nice Vortex. It feels nostalgic, with the irony of the seeming simplicity of such a difficult time. I don’t know when you were there, but were Muscle Beach and the rollerskating guitar player there? I used to love that place.

    Cara Holman ~ Hi from another math major! I like your "Fermat." He certainly did PROVE that one can never have too much extra paper around, haha.

    Sara Gwen ~ I’m likin’ what you’re writin’!

    Tim Snodgrass ~ is shyness in the brain? That’s my metal chain. Sometimes I can slip out of it but then it just grips tighter, like those "Chinese handcuffs."

    Walt ~ I KNEW someone would write about claustrophobia! And yes, there are always more stories to tell :>


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