Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 092

Today is the final day to enter the WD Poetic Forms Challenge for writing a ghazal. (Read the poetic forms challenge guidelines here.)


For today’s prompt, write a poem that incorporates three things you can see from your computer. Use those three things however you wish. Maybe there’s a picture, a window and a desk lamp. Maybe a pen, a paper and a cell phone. Pick the items, then write a poem. (If you want, for fun, you can include what the three things you used are either before or after the poem.)

Here’s my attempt (using as my three things: a watch, several Wanted pictures of monsters drawn by the six-year-old named Reese, and a Greedo bobblehead):

“Tatooine, Then”

I spot him from across the bar. He’s
with his wookie. As usual, he has
that smug look on his face like he’s
about to escape another bad situation.

I check my watch. Not this time. I’m going
to collect him and Jabba’s reward solo.
Then, I’m finally going to leave this planet.
Maybe start a family and live somewhere

I don’t have to look over my shoulder
with every step. He stands up to leave
with his wookie, so I make my way over
to him and ask, “Going somewhere, Solo?”


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203 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 092

  1. Sara Gwen

    Sevenling (Ctrl Alt Delete)

       Ctrl Alt Delete, sacred keys to the task at hand,
       everything saved we care to keep, all ties let slip
       unburdened with regret: see you on the other side.

       Here’s to your god keeping it all from falling apart
       and here’s to your lover hanging on for dear life
       and here’s to the one you wished’d stayed to the end.

       Who’s next in line to have them their own last word?


  2. Juanita Snyder

    by juanita lewison-snyder

    opened awkwardly before me,
    it’s feet up in stirrups
    as if in a doctor’s office,
    awaiting insertion of pencil lead
    while a lamp clip-on,
    the color of winesap
    buzzes lazily somewhere behind me.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  3. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    My Headphones, Coffee Cup, and Dragonfly Mandala

    Whisk me away
    On the back of a
    His wings buzzing
    ‘Neath my thighs
    As sweet music plays
    Throughout my mind
    Tangling round my throat
    As the sunbeams rise
    I feel the cool breeze
    Ruffle my hair
    And I am at peace.

    I shake my head
    As the bell goes
    Break the stare of my
    Mystical friend
    Unwind the cord from my ears
    Sigh resolutely

    Glance briefly into
    My coffee cup of dregs
    And decide I need another
    Before I can start this day today.


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