Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 019

One of my favorite prompts way back in April during the PAD Challenge was when I asked people to write a poem where they slip into the skin of someone or something else. With that prompt in mind, I think I’ve come up with another fun one that is somewhat similar.

For this week’s prompt, I want you to first come up with a title that is: “(Blank) is (Blank)”.

So, possible titles could be:

“Darth Vader is a sith lord”
“Santa Claus is real”
“Rocks are not scissors”
“Godzilla is a ballerina”

After you come up with a great “Blank is blank” title, write a poem that corresponds with that title.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“Your name is astronaut”

When you were born, the fishermen
released their fish back into the sea;
the politicians quit giving speeches;
the editors set down their red pens;
the lead singers dropped their mics;
pundits squabbled no more; critics
patted each other on their backs;
parents let their children stay up
late and watch television; children
listened to their parents; hawks
stopped hunting field mice; and
everyone gave each other high-fives
and sang songs of hope for a planet
where everyone can be different
without stepping on each others’ toes.

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86 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 019

  1. Monica Martin

    "Love is a Battlefield"

    Love is a battlefield
    according to Pat,
    and she’s right.
    We fall head over heels,
    are driven mad by lust,
    and have our hearts broken.
    When we come out of
    a relationship, we each
    have battle wounds
    and war stories.
    Love is a battlefield
    but it can be worth it
    when you find the right one.

  2. Connie

    At the risk of further stirring up the pot, I’m sorry Iain if I caused you any grief. I didn’t intend to. I didn’t mean for that last comment to say that I thought you were hateful and prejudiced, just that the poem sounded that way. I know you are not. My daughter says I misunderstood your poem about the whole “persona” thing. And she’s probably right. I don’t understand a lot of poetry, that’s why I keep mine simple. I wasn’t trying to quench anybody’s freedom of speech, just exercise my own to say that some things are better left unsaid. Anyway, I’ll stick to poetry now.

  3. Tyger

    Disagreement Is Healthy

    When A and B agree
    They look at me
    But if by chance
    their views don’t match
    at once they dance
    and try to catch
    each other’s eye
    They cuss and lie
    yet in the end
    they can’t pretend
    with what they say
    that B knows A
    and A knows B
    and neither one knows me

  4. Connie

    Iain is half the fun of the blog that’s why I told him how I felt about the “bile” line. I really didn’t expect him to apologize, but he did the gentlemanly thing and did. I agree with Linda that he made some good points and should keep the poem, just on the rewrite watch lines like the one about wishing people would choke to death on their own regurgitated bile. If he would have said that about any other group, there probably would have been a bigger row than there was. Sometimes the points of the verbal arrows are sharper than the point you’re trying to make with the poem. He’s making a point against hate and prejudice yet showed some of his own. I usually don’t say anything when I disagree with a poem because I want people to be able to express their opinions. So I hope what I said doesn’t keep people from expressing their views, just let us respect each other.

  5. Jolanta

    Sorry but I like lains poem… I think you did a great job in getting people thinking, isnt that what poetry is about? taking people out of their comfort zone and playing aorund there for awhile? I’m not sure, I just always thought poetry was personal and you had a choice to like it or hate it…?

  6. Carla Cherry

    My Poetry Is…

    sunlight breaking through a storm,
    the shade of a weeping willow,
    the rush of a waterfall,
    the crunch of freshly fallen snow;

    a pair of bedroom slippers,
    a night by the fire,
    and falling asleep under a feathery blanket
    at the end of day;

    a wink,
    a coy smile,
    a quick kiss,
    an embrace;

    an open book.

  7. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    White Cherry Blossoms are Spring

    Scents wafting through the morning air
    The sun slowly flooding the land
    Like warm honey
    Oozing into the day
    Petals like snow flakes
    Fluttering, caught in the breeze
    Settling like a butterfly
    On my closed lashes
    Smile only reflecting the sun
    As it warms my soul
    And melts away winter blues
    Into forgotten puddles
    At my feet

  8. Earl Parsons


    I have no problem apologizing, especially if I offended anyone. I am sorry, because there was no harm meant to anyone in this group. I would explain, however, that the descendent comment was aimed at radical Islamists, and not Muslims. The radicals are hateful, lost individuals who twist their religion in ways that make no sense at all. I was not negating any religion with that reference.

    I do believe wholeheartedly in freedom of religion. I would never put anyone down for believing the way they do as long as they don’t use their beliefs to harm others. Radical Islamists want all of the imbeciles, of which I’m one, dead unless we kneel down to their god. Freedom of religion is not on their agenda.

    As a Christian, I follow Christ’s orders to love everyone, regardless of what they believe. I also follow Christ’s orders to live a Christ-like life and spread the word to the lost and dying. Finally, I follow Christ’s orders to be unapologetically firm in my beliefs, knowing all the while that I will be hated for even bringing up the name of Jesus Christ.

    I also have strong political beliefs, as do most others in this group. Mine are based on a half century of watching what the government is doing, and digging for the truth. I’ve become a political junkie and I have a very good idea of what each party is up to. I don’t fall for the party lies, conspiracy theories, or rumors, no matter who spreads them. I am an informed voter, and proud of it.

    And now that everyone knows who I am and where I’m coming from, I will stick to writing poetry and one or two line comments.

    Again, I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

  9. Lorraine Hart

    autumn is red,
    that which is
    birth and death

    harvest done,
    did we sow
    love or fear?
    what did we
    whisper of
    love into our
    own waiting
    what fears
    in our minds?

    if we coloured
    with our lessons
    like the trees,
    understood and
    let go,
    we too could
    in the garden.

    The world is changing…and when I hear McCain say, "We have to catch-up to history," I think…whoa…I believe that’s the wrong way brother (unless you’d like to talk about the history of the Keating 5) personally, I’d like to talk about a different future…that includes everyone walking in Honour, Respect, Humility and Love.

    Iain, love you like a bro’ dewd…and honour you for the ease and grace with which you apologise…no "misspeaking" excuses. Clean and fresh-tasting.

    "Descendents of Ishmael the cursed
    Bastard son of Abram the unwilling"

    Earl, would like to hear an apology from you too…rather than just wiping the slate clean. Beliefs are one thing…negating others’ is another. We all go to the mountain top alone and without labels. "Love one another as I have loved you," is not conditional…and is the prime directive. I lost people I loved on that day…and not one of them would want to be used in this way. I say this with respect and no anger; you began the rant and it would go a long way in keeping this group supportive all-round to apologise also. Namaste.

    So glad the storm has passed and pals here are okay.

    Congrats Sharon! Enjoy that air under yo’ feet.

    Condolences Rod.

    "Old Is Stale Bread"….nice Terri.

  10. Earl Parsons

    Well, Y’all, that was fun. And we get to do it all over again on Wednesday. So, clean the slate and do it up.

    Iain – Sometimes we just have to vent. That’s a perk of freedom, if you know what I mean, and it’s not tolerated in many countries. Thank God for freedom.

  11. LKHarris-Kolp

    I just wanted to let you know that my family’s okay- no damage to our home, just our fence is down and lost some trees. It was a scary night, though. The kids will be out of school for weeks, so we’re leaving tomorrow to visit some friends near Dallas. Pete has to stay and work. Hopefully I’ll be here for the Wednesday prompt. Thanks for your prayers and concern.


  12. Linda

    Wrote this in 3 minutes flat. THis one is for you Iain!

    The Nutter

    Nutter got up on his soap box,
    and started to speak
    the words people wanted to hear,
    and they began to cheer.
    Then Nutter’s shell cracked
    and his words fell and were dirtied
    and flew like mud in the people faces
    and there began a few chases.
    Rather than end up as peanut butter
    Nutter up and surrendered.
    He got off the box, grabbed the soap
    and clean up his mess, ’cause he ain’t no dope.
    And Nutter still lives today,
    in this world of both PB and J,
    and though the two are quite opposite
    they are sandwiched together
    in all of life’s shi-!

    ha ha. Aah, Iain, do you know what a PBJ is? When I was teaching in England, most of my friends didn’t.

    Linda H.

  13. Linda

    I just checked in and saw all the fuss. Wo, mister, that is some wicked shi-. Although I think them are some very good parts in it. It starts out all "peace, love, and happiness" and then goes sour, stampeding in the opposite direction. I bet if you fiddled with it a bit, it would be a really good poem that would not offend but rather get people thinking.

    I do sorta like the line :You all had your chance nearly two hundred years ago but you blew it but the "as only a bunch of stroppy little foreign buggers could. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!" was a bit much, don’t you think. I realize the "reputation" of the US has suffered in the past few years (not only among foreigners but also citizens!) but you were just being a meanie there.

    I think the "had your chance and blew it line" might make people stop and think about what we were founded on in comparison to where we are today and ask themselves how far off we are from the original views and where to go from here. Of course, we can only do so much, it is up to the officials we elect and that is always a game of chance (in any government/any country). This world ain’t no Garden of Eden, after all.

    So, you’Ve got yourself into a little mess with this prompt, but, face it, you’ll live (unless the Repubs hunt you down 🙂
    Tomorrow is another day. So "put your hands up and nobody will get hurt". (We accept your surrender.)


    Oh,yeah, by the way, I’m Democrat. But I don’T want the Republicans to choke, I want them to change their views.

  14. Connie

    Iain, I’m all for being able to express different opinions, but there’s a difference between that and expressing hate. To me, the line “I hope to my God that at least two thirds of the Republican party will choke to death on their own regurgitated bile,” crossed the line. And, for me, that’s when it stops being fun. If that’s what the muse is whispering in your ear, that’s one nasty muse.

    Poetic Asides is a Blast

    Fun, creativity, discovery,
    joy, a mixed pot of views

    Prompts and ribbings
    encouragement and kindness

    Amazing work, support,
    hope, camaraderie, love

    What’s this? Hate and prejudice?
    Where’d the fun go?

  15. patti williams

    Iain – lunatic or not, that is still to be determined – I enjoy your poetry/opinions/perspective, especially the most recent 9/11 poem. If you can’t let your hair down in a poetry blog, where can you let it all hang out? Having a voice, words worth speaking, is what we artists are all about. Enjoyed every word. Keep writing my friend!

    Fellow poets – writing what the muse whispers in our ear is why are here. (I just made that rhyme!) And I’m proud to be a part of such beautiful diversity.

    Cheers …

  16. Earl Parsons

    Iain – Interesting rant. Just a couple of corrections:

    1) Both boys and girls are fighting radical Islam. My daughter has been over there twice, and she’s yet to fight for oil.

    2) Liberals don’t have the market cornered on sins…we all sin.

    3) There is only one God and one Way to get to Him.

    4) God not only talks about war, He wages it, too. And He has a perfect win record. Just check out the Old Testament.

    5) Republicans are people, too. And if you really loved everyone, you’d love us just as much.

    And finally, 6) If things that I write ruffle your feathers, or the feathers of anyone else, then my words just might be true. Either way, I believe what I believe and I write what I believe, and I do it out of love for all mankind and for my country. My God has commanded me to do just that.

    By the way, no offense taken. But, could you tell me one thing? What are buggers and nutters?

    And I’ll be looking for your Irish gag and your rant on the
    Poles in upcoming comments.

    You still owe me a game of 501 or Cricket.

  17. S.E. Ingraham

    Iain – you pretty much had me in your corner man right up until you kinda lost it near the end and got all crazed and vindictive sounding yourself. I don’t buy that you’re that much of a nutter; the first part made too much sense, IMO – nsaynne

  18. Iain D. Kemp

    IT wasn’t a challenge, just a piece of maddness… Spaekin’ o’ which… SOME people express personal & political views in their poetry but I usally don’t… BUT… This is, well, in topic and a bit of a rant… and a bit (only slightly, well not so much…) toungue in cheek… ENJOY (OR HATE)…


    9/11 or as the rest of the world say September 11Th
    was the worst terrorist atrocity in the world to date
    but not the first nor the last
    when you have lived with terrorism for over
    thirty years, when judges and politicians and
    journalists are gunned down in Cafes and when
    the people rise up and take to the streets of the Capital
    with banners and voices raised against those who would
    harm us then you know violence and can hold within you a
    hatred and yet a calm that what is wrong will be righted
    and that evil will be overcome. One thing is certain, it is
    the extremists that are wrong, that are evil… being a socialist
    or a liberal or believing in another God is not wrong, ‘tis not bad,
    ‘tis just the right to be different.
    One million people in the street chanting NO! cannot be wrong
    but 300,000 boys sent overseas to fight a war based on oil rights
    and religion backed they suppose by a nation who believe in freedom
    but want only their liberty…
    is this the way to placate YOUR lord god? Where in the constitution does it
    mention Christianity? It talks of God and freedom of worship, not which God you are free to honour.
    When YOU who consider that being a liberal is the same as being a sinner
    and that God is only on your side (tell me again when God talked about waging war?); when you can face, not your maker but your fellow man and admit that
    all this pain and suffering was brought upon you
    by your leaders and their greed and malice
    then I will accept your accolade as leaders of the free world
    and forget in your name all the suffering and sorrow of my people.
    One day your corruption will set free an electorate that will
    put in power a Black Female Muslim whose mother was a Jew
    and I hope to my God that at least two thirds of the Republican party will
    choke to death on their own regurgitated bile.
    You all had your chance nearly two hundred years ago but you blew it
    as only a bunch of stroppy little foreign buggers could.


  19. Rodney C. Walmer

    One more in memory of Sam.

    Life is too short

    I wonder if she knew
    the last time that she saw him
    would be their last together
    I wonder if it’s true
    that we are reborn
    so, that we live forever

    I can only imagine
    the pain, she felt
    when she saw him lying there
    I can’t begin
    to feel what rained
    down upon her at that time
    the horror that went through her mind

    Life is too short
    getting shorter all the time
    he just wasn’t the sort
    to deserve something so unkind

    That he left his family behind
    as he moved into a new life
    in and of its self is not how
    we were designed
    when the old go before the young
    that’s the way of things
    but when the young go before the old
    there is nothing but sadness that brings

    I wonder if she knew
    that he would no longer be there to hold
    that last time she saw him
    if she had what would she do
    her cup is filled to the brim
    with her own frailties
    I wonder, if she only knew. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 9/13/08 about my mother in law and the death of Sam Rubenstien. They
    were very very close.

  20. Heather

    Iain’s poetry puzzle, my attempt

    ______This__ is _____that___ and
    the very _idea of "this and that"___ is older than __dirt_____
    When __time____ is __gone__ eventually ___we_____
    are __battered__ and __shaken____ to the very core
    because__"Nay"_____ says you __to___
    Everest or __whatever___ is the new ___mecca._____
    I wish he,she,we,and it_____ would never _make monumental mistakes____ and that one day __judgment_____ will stop
    _marching______ like ants or ____crowds___
    on the way to __certain death______
    ____This___ is _____that___
    How sad is that?

    Anyone got better???? I’m a little queasy 🙂

  21. Linda

    I just read your comment on your favorites from this prompt and thought huh? I had to go back and check to see if one of the other Linda’s had posted something this time. I had just typed that poem in quickly without much thought and felt it was rubbish, not really worthy. This week’s prompt has so many good poems in it. But just your mentioning that you liked it gives me the incentive to do a few revisions on it and make it good. Thanks alot.

    Also glad to hear all the TX people are okay. My cousin lives out that way but I haven’t heard anything yet. I am under the assumption that no news is good news (based on how my family works).

    Iain, the fill in the blank poem looks like a doozie.


  22. Heather

    Hey everyone- My family made it through the storm alive. My mom had moderate damage to her house, my sister had no damage, and my grandmother’s house . . . we don’t know . . . but it doesn’t look good from news reports regarding her area. None of that matters, they are safe and we are all thrilled. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Cheers to all of you and happy Saturday 🙂

    Iain, that poem is WACK!!!!!!


  23. Iain D. Kemp

    Blank is Blank Poem Puzzle (for when you’re really bored)

    Some Days My Only Human Contact Is On Facebook…

    ________ is ________ and
    the very ____ is older than _______
    when ______ is ____ eventually ________
    are ____ and ______ to the very core
    because_______ says you _____
    Everest or _____ is the new ________
    I wish _____ would never _____
    and that one day _______ will stop
    _______ like ants or _______
    on the way to ________
    _______ is ________
    How sad is that?

    Blank words: blue, adventures, life, muscle, youth,
    today, empty, night, shotgun, famine, shepherds
    green, freedom, bloodshed, higher, justice, fear, death, taxes, dogs, help, (which anyone who does this desperately needs!!!!!)

    Iain (lazily)


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