Poetic Form: The Blitz Poem

A few poets have asked me over the past year to write up something about the blitz poem, which I’d never tried or even heard of before. So I did a little research, and it actually looks pretty fun. It was created by Robert Keim and is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images.

Here are the rules:

  • Line 1 should be one short phrase or image (like “build a boat”)
  • Line 2 should be another short phrase or image using the same first word as the first word in Line 1 (something like “build a house”)
  • Lines 3 and 4 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 2 as their first words (so Line 3 might be “house for sale” and Line 4 might be “house for rent”)
  • Lines 5 and 6 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 4 as their first words, and so on until you’ve made it through 48 lines
  • Line 49 should be the last word of Line 48
  • Line 50 should be the last word of Line 47
  • The title of the poem should be three words long and follow this format: (first word of Line 3) (preposition or conjunction) (first word of line 47)
  • There should be no punctuation

There are a lot of rules, but it’s a pretty simple and fun poem to write once you get the hang of it.

Here’s my attempt:

“House of puddles”

Build a boat
Build a house
House for sale
House for rent
Rent to own
Rent a phone
Phone a friend
Phone home
Home alone
Home before bed
Bed and breakfast
Bed head
Head for cover
Head for the hills
Hills and valleys
Hills of gold
Gold rush
Gold for cash
Cash for gold
Cash that check
Check your messages
Check your back
Back in time
Back against the wall
Wall of noise
Wall fall down
Down with you
Down and out
Out and about
Out for the count
Count your blessings
Count the ways
Ways to live
Ways you smile
Smile and laugh
Smile like you mean it
It ain’t no thang
It is what it is
Is it not
Is this poetry
Poetry is music
Poetry is love
Love your poetry
Love the rain
Rain falls down
Rain makes puddles
Puddles are wet
Puddles of love


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34 thoughts on “Poetic Form: The Blitz Poem

  1. scottasaigon

    Gathering to bright

    Clouds are gathering
    Clouds full grey
    Gathering up hopes
    Gathering it all
    All in chaos
    All will fall
    Fall bleaching colour
    Fall sweeping clean
    Clean away summer
    Clean away dreams
    Dreams turn inward
    Dreams of hibernation
    Hibernation of spirit
    Hibernation of life
    Life draws breath
    Life will survive
    Survive the cold
    Survive the barren
    Barren the frost
    Barren the field
    Field of brown
    Field of angst
    Angst for the future
    Angst of regret
    Regret for inaction
    Regret opportunity lost
    Lost in thought
    Lost to hope
    Hope renews itself
    Hope springs anew
    Anew the warmth
    Anew the spark
    Spark of life
    Spark of growth
    Growth will endure
    Growth eternal
    Eternal cycle reborn
    Eternal hops springs
    Spring’s colour revived
    Spring’s new promise
    Promise me hope
    Promise me life
    Life asserts
    Life awakes
    Awakes the colour
    Awakes again bright
    Bright skies blue
    Bright new dreams

  2. Megan

    Churning to Stall

    Wheels turn
    Wheels churning
    Churning progress
    Churning ever faster
    Faster ever faster
    Faster to work
    Work churns
    Work to feed the engine
    Engine fuels progress
    Engine fuels the ratrace
    Ratrace makes more rats
    Ratrace spins pistons
    Pistons burn
    Pistons turn
    15 burn the rat wheel
    Burn the time card
    Wheels creak on
    Weels grind away
    away goes time
    Away goes peace
    peace never has a chance
    Peace always looses in the end
    chance is only a glimmer
    Chance is only momentary
    Glimmer of trust pales
    Glimmer of hope fade
    fade away loose all hope
    Fade out
    out goes the work place
    Out goes home life
    place of work comes first
    Home life comes second
    Second tick away
    Second by second life bleeds
    away to the work grind
    Away from writing
    grind away at boredom
    Grind away at 9 to 5
    Five oclock comes too late
    Five oclock never comes
    late always late
    Late late again
    Again the days progress
    Again the days endure
    progress goes nowhere
    Progress stalls
    Stall and lurk
    Stall and avoid

  3. Caren E. Salas

    Face the One

    Wash my hair
    Wash my face
    Face the future
    Face the west
    West is best
    Westward bound
    Bound by love
    Bound to fail
    Fail to perform
    Fail to show
    Show me yours
    Show and tell
    Tell me a secret
    Tell me your dreams
    Dreams are forever
    Dreams do come true
    True love
    True or false
    False teeth
    False witness
    Witness protection
    Witness the strength
    Strength of heart
    Strength in numbers
    Numbers to ten
    Numbers to count
    Count me in
    Count the stars
    Stars in the sky
    Stars in your eyes
    Eyes watching over
    Eyes in my head
    Head over heels
    Head on over
    Over the rainbow
    Over the moon
    Moon in the distance
    Moon shine
    Shine on me
    Shine like the sun
    Sun rising
    Sun set
    Set yourself down
    Set the table
    Table for two
    Table for one
    One shining star
    One little wish

    Caren E. Salas

  4. Sara McNulty

    Baby In A Circle

    Baby steps
    Baby grows
    Grows in height
    Grows to toddler
    Toddler walks
    Toddler is not bald
    Bald is not balled
    Bald is not bawled
    Bawled all night
    Bawled her eyes out
    Out of stories
    Out of patience
    Patience is learned
    Patience is difficult
    Difficult two year-olds
    Difficult to train
    Train your child
    Train schedule
    Schedule play dates
    Schedule homework time
    Time to study
    Time for pride
    Pride in child
    Pride in teenagers
    Teenagers are developing
    Teenagers need privacy
    Privacy is right
    Privacy is necessary
    Necessary clothing
    Necessary to you
    You are an adult
    You are a mother
    Mother, please
    Mother works hard
    Hard to raise children
    Hard to get older
    Older than you
    Older by the moment
    Moment of sadness
    Moment is brief
    Brief time passes
    Brief me on her condition
    Condition lacks hope
    Condition is serious
    Serious thoughts
    Serious needs
    Needs slow steps
    Needs like a baby

  5. Janet Willis

    Fun And Writing

    Join the group
    Join the fun
    Fun is writing
    Fun is sharing
    Sharing thoughts
    Sharing ideas
    Ideas on topics
    Ideas on poetry
    Poetry expresses
    Poetry conveys
    Conveys a story
    Conveys emotions
    Emotions make you cry
    Emotions make you laugh
    Laugh out loud
    Laugh with another
    Another day is here
    Another verse to write
    Write with pencil
    Write with pen
    Pen and paper
    Pen and ink
    Ink spots on carpet
    Ink well
    Well deserved
    Well done
    Done at last
    Done for the night
    Night time
    Night at the oasis
    Oasis in the desert
    Oasis musical group
    Group of people
    Group of words
    Words with meaning
    Words and sentences
    Sentences have structure
    Sentences are complete
    Complete your work
    Complete the challenge
    Challenge yourself
    Challenge the answer
    Answer the question
    Answer an email
    Email a friend
    Email poets
    Poets have imagination
    Poets have talent

  6. RJ Clarken

    Lie Beside Society

    Tell a tale
    Tell a lie
    Lie to me
    Lie very still
    Still alive
    Still waiting
    Waiting for Godot
    Waiting to exhale
    Exhale and inhale
    Exhale to elevate
    Elevate liver enzymes
    Elevate(or) music
    Music of the Night
    Music lyrics
    Lyrics to your favorite song
    Lyrics search
    Search people
    Search engines
    Engines of creation
    Engines for sale
    Sale of the week
    Sale by owner
    Owner financing
    Owner of a lonely heart
    Heart murmur
    Heart of darkness
    Darkness falls
    Darkness on the edge of town
    Town of fools
    Town of my childhood
    Childhood memories
    Childhood flames
    Flames of war
    Flames from a bonfire
    Bonfire party
    Bonfire of the Vanities
    Vanities – the musical
    Vanities skull bracelet
    Bracelet patterns
    Bracelet charms
    Charms lollipops
    Charms and chains
    Chains of dew
    Chains of honor
    Honor points
    Honor society
    Society of illustrators
    Society of scribes

  7. Sara McNulty

    Don’t Lose Sight

    Fog obscures sight
    Fog is imagination
    Imagination is vast
    Imagination allows possibilities
    Possibilities are everywhere
    Possibilities produce ideas
    Ideas penned are poetry
    Ideas flourish in verse
    Verse may rhyme
    Verse explores thoughts
    Thoughts accumulate
    Thoughts separate
    Separate your ideas
    Separate into categories
    Categories of poetry
    Categories of topics
    Topics can include nature
    Topics can be about relationships
    Relationships are complex
    Relationships might bring joy
    Joy does not last
    Joy is temporary
    Temporary sets limits
    Temporary makes memories
    Memories are for keeps
    Memories are stored
    Stored in stories
    Stored in past lives
    Lives can change
    lives can be long
    Long years to play back
    Long, like short for longing
    Longing produces sadness
    Long is uncomfortable
    Uncomfortable thoughts press
    Press that red rose
    Press you new clothes
    Clothes in trunks
    Clothes are costumes
    Costumes are personalties
    Costumes pretend
    Pretend you are talented
    Pretend you write perfect poems
    Poems are created
    Poems are sight
    Sight can prove obscure
    Sight slips behind fogginess

  8. Walt Wojtanik


    (A Macabre Primer)

    See Dick.
    See Jane.
    Jane can jump.
    Jane can run.
    Run, Jane, run.
    Run and jump.
    Jump, jump, jump.
    Jump over Spot.
    Spot can run.
    Spot can bark.
    Bark, bark, bark.
    Bark and bite.
    Bite Jane, Spot.
    Bite Dick too!
    Too much blood.
    Too much pain.
    Pain, pain, pain.
    Pain and blood.
    Blood on Jane’s dress.
    Blood on Dick.
    Dick is light-headed.
    Dick is not strong.
    Strong smell of blood.
    Strong smell of death.
    Death and blood.
    Death to Dick.
    Dick is sad.
    Dick and Jane.
    Jane runs for help.
    Jane can run.
    Run, Jane, Run.
    Run, run, run.
    Run and jump.
    Run and fall.
    Fall Jane, fall.
    Fall and see.
    See, see, see.
    See Death chase.
    Chase Spot, Death.
    Chase Jane, Death.
    Death can run.
    Death can fall.
    Fall, fall, fall.
    Fall and die.
    Die Death, Die.
    Die for spot.
    Spot chases Jane.
    Spot, Spot, Spot.

  9. RJ Clarken

    Friends in Indigo

    Love your enemies
    Love your friends
    Friends in need
    Friends for life
    Life is good
    Life is short
    Short skirts in
    Short a fuse
    Fuse has blown
    Fuse two threads
    Threads are long
    Threads of gold
    Gold is glittery
    Gold is the standard
    Standard deviation
    Standard sets goals
    Goals are set
    Goals are met
    Met for opera
    Met my love
    Love cures all
    Love my dog
    Dog barks at trucks
    Dog is my pet
    Pet peeves annoy
    Pet food store
    Store your goods
    Store up thoughts
    Thoughts are deep
    Thoughts lead to action
    Action takes place
    Action on the set
    Set your priorities
    Set things in motion
    Motion picture industry
    Motion on the ocean
    Ocean riptide
    Ocean of faces
    Faces full of fear
    Faces tell the story
    Story of a boy
    Story told in pictures
    Pictures of vacation
    Pictures of space
    Space is the final frontier
    Space is deep dark indigo
    Indigo tinted world
    Indigo violet

  10. Taylor Graham


    Listen for the jackdaw
    listen to dawn
    dawn breaks your heart
    dawn makes news
    news of the republic
    news outdated
    outdated or embryonic
    outdated ways of doing
    doing wrong
    doing the laundry
    laundry money
    laundry on the line
    line up in order
    line dance or square dance
    dance with me
    dance of stars above
    above it all
    above a blitzed city
    city in blackout
    city at twilight
    twilight in burka
    twilight of the will
    will and testament
    will we come again
    again forever
    again that bad habit
    habit to break
    habit of silence
    silence is golden
    silence of horses
    horses are wishes
    horses run free
    free and easy
    free to go
    go for it
    go a long way
    way path alley
    way to wander
    wander lust
    wander as I wonder
    wonder about tomorrow
    wonder at joy
    joy or sorrow
    joy of a sunbeam
    sunbeam through blinds
    sunbeam or shadow
    shadow shine
    shadow of earth

  11. Mary Kling

    Darn…posted too soon. The above blitz poem had errors. The corrected blitz poem is below. Sorry for double posting.

    Trail to End

    Walk the path
    Walk the trail
    trail with deer
    trail with trees
    trees with birds
    trees with squirrels
    squirrels scamper
    squirrels hide
    hide hickory nuts
    hide from hikers
    hikers alone
    hikers with children
    children run
    children play
    play with sticks
    play for a time
    time with self
    time with nature
    nature is beauty
    nature brings dreams
    dreams for today
    dreams for tomorrow
    tomorrow not yet
    tomorrow begets fall
    fall begets chill
    fall leaves change
    change to red
    change to orange
    orange of pumpkin
    orange turns brown
    brown leaves fall
    brown begets bare
    bare feet gone
    bare trees desolate
    desolate dreams
    desolate dark
    dark night
    dark winter
    winter hike
    winter white
    white sky
    white snow
    snow man
    snow storm
    storm is strong
    storm will end
    end of winter
    end of white

  12. Mary Kling

    Trail Through Storm

    Walk the path
    Walk the trail
    trail with deer
    trail with trees
    trees with birds
    trees with squirrels
    squirrels scamper
    squirrels hide
    hide hickory nuts
    hide from hikers
    hikers alone
    hikers with children
    children run
    children play
    play with sticks
    play for a time
    time with self
    time with nature
    nature is beauty
    nature brings dreams
    dreams for today
    dreams for tomorrow
    tomorrow not yet
    tomorrow begets fall
    fall begets chill
    fall leaves change
    change to red
    change to orange
    orange of pumpkin
    orange becomes brown
    brown leaves fall
    brown begets bare
    bare feet gone
    bare trees desolate
    desolate dreams
    desolate dark
    dark night
    dark winter
    winter hike
    winter white
    white sky
    white snow
    snow balls
    snow storm
    storm is strong
    storm will end
    storm will end
    end of white

  13. de jackson

    What a crazy, fun form! Thanks, Robert. Here’s my attempt:

    applause within falls

    hold me close
    hold your applause
    applause mean nothing
    applause fall through
    through the pain
    through the rain
    rain a frown
    rain it down
    down to my home
    down to my hand
    hand me a towel
    hand me a new heart
    heart to heart
    heart to head
    head somewhere new
    head in the clouds
    clouds my judgment
    clouds my silver lining
    lining a soul with ice under
    lining forgotten phrases
    phrases spent
    phrases rent
    rent in two
    rent this space
    space for rent
    space to breathe
    breathe in
    breathe out
    out you go
    out with the old
    old unfolds
    old dies
    dies cast
    dies last
    last place
    last wrong turn
    turn the tables
    turn the other cheek
    cheek with bruise
    cheek to choose
    choose your poison
    choose your path
    path to freedom
    path along the stream
    stream of conscious
    stream to falls
    falls down around her
    falls under his spells

  14. Salvatore Buttaci

    Mend and Endure

    It can soothe
    It can mend
    Mend a heart
    Mend the torn
    Torn in sorrow
    Torn in misery
    Misery cruel
    Misery dark
    Dark as night
    Dark without dawn
    Dawn of rebirth
    Dawn of new hope
    Hope pain will end
    Hope joy will come
    Come welcome true love
    Come sing its praises
    Praises in song
    Praises in dance
    Dance a quick step
    Dance a slow gliding
    Gliding from heartbreak
    Gliding through gardens
    Gardens of color
    gardens sweet smelling
    Smelling the flowers
    Smelling of new day
    Day to begin
    Day to say yes
    Yes to God’s blessings
    Yes to each breath
    Breath to speak kindness
    Breath without lies
    Lies about feelings
    Lies that we say
    Say instead truth
    Say without fear
    Fear cannot hurt you
    Fear falls away
    39 Away like bad dreams
    Away from our sight
    Sight’s not enough
    Sight’s only half there
    There’s more than the eye
    There’s more than to see
    See with your heart
    See if love can endure
    Endure for all time
    Endure beyond this


  15. Laurie Kolp

    Echoes from Without

    Silent dreams
    Silent echoes
    Echoes of sin
    Echoes within
    Within the secrets
    Within the rules
    Rules to make
    Rules to break
    Break speed
    Break dreams
    Dreams destroyed
    Dreams honored
    Honored victims
    Honored heroes
    Heroes in darkness
    Heroes in light
    Light in flight
    Light of hope
    Hope and scope
    Hope reborn
    Reborn promises
    Reborn city
    City sincere
    City of fear
    Fear then faith
    Fear souvenir
    Souvenir shops
    Souvenir junk
    Junk graffiti
    Junk throughout
    Throughout the subway
    Throughout my mind
    Mind over matter
    Mind behind
    Behind the scenes
    Behind New York
    New York City
    New York scene
    Scene on Broadway
    Scene of obscene
    Obscene peddlers
    Obscene gestures
    Gestures from drivers
    Gestures of kindness
    Kindness within
    Kindness without
    Without the realms
    Without doubt

  16. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Stop and pray

    Babies are us
    Babies don’t stop
    Stop and let our paths cross
    Stop parading yours
    Yours is a blessing
    Yours is a dream
    Dreams should come true
    Dreams are for folks like you
    You rule the world
    You and your little girl
    Girls are fun
    Girls if only one
    One trip missed by the stork
    One bird ends up in New York
    New York is one toll away
    New York better wait
    Wait for a sign
    Wait for a miracle
    Miracle baby
    Miracles work
    Work lies ahead
    Work that fulfills
    Fulfill my need
    Fulfill my wish
    Wish upon a star
    Wish away
    Away with sadness
    Away with tears
    Tears of joy
    Tears for a boy
    Boy adds to family tree
    Boy makes three
    Three is bedtime stories
    Three is tucking you in
    Inside my dreams
    In all my poems
    Poems written for you
    Poems for my child
    Children don’t come cheap
    Childless couple weeps
    Weeping is no shame
    Weeping in the rain
    Raining cats and dogs
    Rain for kids I hope
    Hope for the weatherman
    Hope he hears I pray
    Pray for scattered showers
    Pray for a baby

    (c) jh 8/18/10

  17. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Hi, still in LA, won’t be able to tackle this one for a while. Have seen Marie, Nikki, De, and Colette; meeting Ellyn Maybe, too. Maybe I’ll pitch an interview to her, Robert? She’s a real up and comer in the world of poetry.

    Please keep me in thoughts and prayers for journey home. Driving cross country was AMAZING. Everyone should be so privileged. But it’s been mostly work until today, when I saw Colette and friend and we sat out until I burned a bit, despite my sunscreen…

    Peace, Amy

  18. Walt Wojtanik


    Old Man River
    Old-Fashioned Love Song
    Song For You
    Song Sung Blue
    Blue Bayou
    Blue Moon
    Moon Over Miami
    Moon Dance
    Dance the Night Away
    Dance With Me
    Me and You and A Dog Named Boo
    Me and My Shadow
    Shadow Dancing
    Shadow of Your Smile
    Smile a Little Smile For Me
    Smile Like You Mean It
    It Takes More
    It Won’t Be Long
    Long, Long, Long
    Long and Winding Road
    Road Song
    Road House Blues
    Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    Rain on the Roof
    Raindrops are Falling on My Head
    Head Games
    Head Over Heart
    Heart on Fire
    Fire and Rain
    Fire and Ice
    Ice Cream Man
    Ice, Ice Baby
    Baby, I’m A Want You
    Baby Love
    Love Roller Coaster
    Love on the Rocks
    Rock me gently
    Rock and Roll All Night
    Night Fever
    Night and Day
    Daydream Believer
    Day Break
    Break it to Me Gently
    Break it Up
    Up, Up and Away
    Up on the Roof

  19. Kelly

    Hi all. My first time posting here. I notice everyone pastes their poem into the comments; is it not allowed to just post a link? Just wondering. Really enjoyed this prompt – thank you!

    Land of Crazy
    American dream
    American land
    Land of promise
    Land of pain
    Pain for gain
    Pain for pleasure
    Pleasure cruise
    Pleasure in things
    Things to wear
    Things to fill
    Fill the hole
    Fill the bag
    Bag the deal
    Bag of gold
    Gold on your fingers
    Gold in your safe
    Safe and sound
    Safe in your house
    House arrest
    House of lies
    Lies black
    Lies white
    White guilt
    White washed
    Washed brain
    Washed soul
    Soul for sale
    Soul lost
    Lost in a crowd
    Lost in freedom
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of pursuit
    Pursuit of cash
    Pursuit of trash
    Trash from China
    Trash on TV
    TV addicts
    TV culture
    Culture of excess
    Culture war
    War crimes
    War on drugs
    Drugs to sedate
    Drugs to control
    Control the masses
    Control the crazy
    Crazy asylum
    Crazy hope

  20. Sara McNulty

    Food and Love

    Rent a dream
    Rent a heart
    Heart will break
    Heart is fragile
    Fragile packages
    Fragile eggs
    Eggs crack
    Eggs boil
    Boil water
    Boil it in oil
    Oil is slick
    Oil can spoil
    Spoil my day
    Spoil me
    Me and you
    Me too
    Too much sadness
    Too many tears
    Tears fall
    Tears are salty
    Salty waters
    Salty food
    food for thought
    Food is cooked
    Cooked goose
    Cook al dente
    Al dente pasta
    Al dente green beans
    Green beans and almonds
    Green beans are skinny
    Skinny models
    Skinny dip
    Dip into savings
    Dip a chip
    Chip on your shoulder
    Ship on the plate
    Plate of food
    Plate is full
    Full of baloney
    Full of love
    Love a dog
    Love is happy
    Happy for you
    Happy to hear
    Hear the music
    Hear the ocean
    Ocean is blue
    Ocean is vast

  21. Roberta Burns

    Generation of Power
    Beat the clock
    Beat generation
    Generation of vipers
    Generation X
    X marks the spot
    Spot cleaning
    Spot, the dog
    Dog tired
    Dog day
    Day of Infamy
    Day time
    Time line
    Time travel
    Travel and tourism
    Travel writing
    Writing poetry
    Writing a novel
    Novel use of imagery
    Novel reading
    Reading lessons
    Reading books
    Books a room
    Room of one’s own
    Room to grow
    Grow tomatoes
    Grow and develop
    Develop real estate
    Develop my soul
    Soul train
    Soul search
    Search the web
    Search and rescue
    Rescue squad
    Rescue swimming
    Swimming pool
    Swimming lesson
    Lesson for life
    Lesson plan
    Plan a party
    Plan to do lunch
    Lunch time
    Lunch hour
    Hour of prayer
    Hour of power
    Power play
    Power house

  22. Andrew Kreider

    Love this form. Here’s my first effort. I must be in a bleak mood today!

    Heart and Head

    Have a seat
    Have a heart
    Heart of gold
    Heart beating slow
    Slow moving traffic
    Slow and smooth
    Smooth as butter
    Smooth talking shark
    Shark tooth necklace
    Shark fin soup
    Soup like fog
    Soup to nuts
    Nuts and bolts
    Nuts for you
    You undo me
    You make rainbows
    Rainbows falling fast
    Rainbows promising treasure
    Treasure hidden deep
    Treasure island rich
    Rich as royals
    Rich Turkish delight
    Delight my eyes
    Delight of lovers
    Lovers come together
    Lovers impassioned fight
    Fight over nothing
    Fight for life
    Life without meaning
    Life slowly ebbing
    Ebbing last tide
    Ebbing like evening
    Evening the surface
    Evening the odds
    Odds against winning
    Odds and socks
    Socks and slippers
    Socks left alone
    Alone without hope
    Alone at last
    Last chance saloon
    Last flight out
    Out of luck
    Out of mind
    Mind how you go
    Mind your head
    Head to bed
    Head home alone

  23. Phil Jurasinski

    Yikes, I found this form challenging. But it was fun to try to write in those constraints. I really tried hard to avoid cliches.

    Braces Across the Stars

    New glasses
    New braces
    Braces off my legs
    Braces off my back
    Back me in a corner
    Back me to a wall
    Wall me off from help
    Wall me from my friends
    Friends whisper to strangers
    Friends stare rudely
    Rudely call my name
    Rudely pull my hair
    Hair once bouncy frizzles
    Hair once shiny dulls
    Dulls like a pencil
    Dulls like a droning symphony
    Symphony of dissonant notes
    Symphony without a conductor
    Conductor get me off the train
    Conductor rewire my brain
    Brain like pudding
    Brain like a sponge
    Sponge soaking up the sea
    Sponge bathe this old man
    Man without life
    Man without wife
    Wife praises daughter
    Wife shakes finger as son
    Son buries self in books
    Son stuck in a box of glass
    Glass grows cloudy
    Glass grows clear
    Clear the table
    Clear the room
    Room full of stale air
    Room to grow
    Grow up rich
    Grow up fast
    Fast forty days
    Fast forty nights
    Nights cold
    Nights alone
    Alone at last
    Alone in the dark
    Dark no moon
    Dark no stars
    Stars streak sky
    Stars balls of flame

  24. Dan Collins

    In the moment after

    feed the hunger
    feed the dog
    dog him down
    dog days of summer
    summer of love
    summer break
    break bread
    break in the weather
    weather the storm
    weather, or not
    not what you think
    knot now, or ever
    ever my love
    everest snow
    snow picnic
    snowly we fall
    fall on your knees
    fall in leave
    leaves on the path
    leaves me shaken
    shaken like dreams
    shaken not stirred
    stirred up like ants
    stirring his speech
    speech impediment
    speech therapy
    therapy, psycho
    they’re happy than most
    most likely to succeed
    most of the time
    time after time
    time is a river
    river Styx
    river of tears
    tears of the crocodile
    tears of a clown
    clowning around
    clown suit
    suit up
    suit yourself
    yourself and you
    your self image
    image retention
    image problem
    problem arise
    problem child
    child of our love
    child unwanted

  25. Annie Welch

    Words are Wonderful

    Write one word
    write two words
    Words tell secrets
    words form lies
    Lies spread
    lies lock
    Lock down
    lock the door
    Door to nowhere
    door on the right
    Right to left
    right at the light
    Light the candles
    light the inscence
    Incense burns slow
    incense smells sweet
    Sweet cherrie of summer
    sweet surrender
    Surrender your arms
    surrender your women
    Women I love
    women dance naked
    Naked and exposed
    naked juice to drink
    Drink to your health
    drink to this moment
    Moment to think
    moment to care
    Care to share
    care for you
    You stand alone
    you are loved
    Loved by this pen
    loved once is enough
    Enough is enough
    enough of a good thing
    Thing to keep
    Thing person place
    Place of your own
    place to rest
    Rest your weary head
    rest in peace
    Peace in the middle east
    peace be with you
    You are my dad
    you are wonderful
    Wonderful and full of wonder
    wonderful birthday wishes
    Annie welch

  26. Walt Wojtanik


    Left or right,
    left behind.
    Behind the eight ball,
    behind the times.
    Time’s a wasting.
    Time on my hands.
    Hands across the water.
    Hands in the air.
    Air to breathe,
    Air guitars and
    guitar solos.
    Guitar string.
    String of pearls.
    String me along.
    Along the watchtower.
    Along the way.
    Way to go.
    Way off base.
    Base salary,
    Baseball game.
    Game of life,
    Game of chance.
    Chance encounter,
    chance meeting.
    Meeting of the minds.
    Meeting for dinner.
    Dinner dishes
    Dinner and a movie.
    Movie night.
    Movie theater.
    Theater lobby,
    theater in the round.
    Round, round, right round
    round about way.
    Way to go
    way back when.
    When will I learn?
    When is dinner served.
    Served a la carte,
    served on the side.
    Side by side
    Side of fries,
    fries and ketchup,
    fries in my eyes.
    Eyes only for you
    eyes on the prize
    prize package
    prize: large or small

  27. Joshua Merrell

    "Window to Stand"

    Crack the case
    Crack a window
    Window shoppers
    Window of opportunity
    Opportunity of a lifetime
    Opportunity’s passing
    Passing grade
    Passing fancy
    Fancy ketchup
    Fancy that
    That girl
    That’s right
    Right away
    Right ’round
    ‘Round here
    ‘Round about
    About time
    About face
    Face your fears
    Face the facts
    Facts and figures
    Facts of life
    Life of crime
    Life sentence
    Sentence structure
    Sentence to death
    Death sentence
    Death Rides A Horse
    Horse and cart
    Horse stable
    Stable condition
    Stable hand
    Hand it over
    Hand of God
    God’s wrath
    God Bless America
    America we stand
    America the Beautiful
    Beautiful bliss
    Beautiful game
    Game the system
    Game over
    Over the hill
    Over under
    Under arrest
    Stand for what’s right
    Stand and Deliver
    Deliver . . .
    Right . . .

  28. Walt Wojtanik


    All my time.
    All day long.
    Long ago; far away.
    Long hard Look.
    Look, don’t leap.
    Look for love.
    Love roller coaster.
    Love for life.
    Life to live.
    Life and liberty.
    Liberty is not free.
    Liberty or death.
    Death of a Salesman.
    Death takes a holiday.
    Holiday for two.
    Holiday seasons.
    Seasons of love.
    Seasons and reasons.
    Reasons to live.
    Reasons to give.
    Give me a moment.
    Give me a dollar.
    Dollar stores.
    Dollar and a dream.
    Dream of you.
    Dream of me.
    Me and my big mouth.
    Me and my shadow.
    Shadow puppets and
    shadow dancing.
    Dancing on the ceiling.
    Dancing in the dark.
    Dark eyes and mystery.
    Dark day; bright night.
    Night of the meek.
    Night for fun.
    Fun for all.
    Fun and fancy-free.
    Free pass.
    Free wheel.
    Wheel of fortune,
    wheel of fire.
    Fire in the hole.
    Fire in your heart.
    Hearts and flowers.
    Heart and soul.
    Soul train.
    Soul brothers.
    Brothers in arms.
    Brother love.


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