November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14

Good morning! I’m hitting the road this morning, so the prompt is super early.

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a warning poem. Offer some kind of caution or warning related to your theme. Like, maybe, watch out for bad traffic. (Did I mention my trip starts off with driving through Atlanta? O, geez!)

Here is my attempt for the day:

“Monster Alert System”

Warning! There is a giant gorilla
beating its chest and terrorizing
the southside of Manhattan.

Please use extreme caution when
in the vicinity of this giant beast.

Do not stand in its path or try
to distract its attention. It is
believed the monster will just
seek out the blond who traveled
over with the beast, and that
once she is found, the gorilla
will head for a skyscraper, where
we will have people in airplanes
shoot him down. In the process,
the blond will fall for her captor.


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70 thoughts on “November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 14

  1. Lynne

    Destiny Disturbed

    Danger danger the lily trumpets
    alarm for those in harm’s way
    the dandelion, the ladybug, the
    honeybee. Too late, the deed is
    done. I wonder if citizens of
    the world will hear and heed
    the distress signal in time.

  2. Kathy Kehrli

    XIV. You Make the Call

    Afterward, I questioned the decision.
    “If I ever have a heart attack,
    Just let me sit there and die.
    There’s no way I’m relinquishing
    Control to medical science.”

    “Dial 911.”
    It was his choice, not mine,
    And that’s when I became
    Him, not me.

    Be careful who you call for.
    Once EMS picks up,
    There’s no taking back the touch tones.
    They emerge the guardians
    Of your mortal destiny.

  3. Iris Deurmyer

    Scientists estimate that even a genius
    Uses only one tenth of one percent
    Of his potential brain ability.
    They also speculate that we are 95 percent blind to
    Color scheme patterns of nature
    And 98 percent deaf to sound patterns found there.
    Perhaps that’s why we treat the 70 percent of the earth surface
    Covered by its 5 oceans with such disregard as to purity.
    Since the oceans supply 97 percent of our water supply,
    We need to nurture and protect them,
    Quit using them as garbage dumps and renewable playgrounds

  4. kate


    on his
    new rip stick
    he tries to jump
    off the steps, ‘take care’
    I say, ‘I don’t want a
    trip to hospital,’
    meanwhile, little
    brother falls
    a bone

  5. lynn rose


    I let people’s moods affect mine.
    Good or Bad
    They way they treat me, can make me sad, mad, or smile
    from ear to ear.
    What does it matter, what people think or say or do.
    Don’t let moods of some affect you day to day.
    I do. I wish I didn’t, I would be a lot happier.

  6. Monica Martin

    "Don’t talk to that couple:
    They voted Republican.
    Watch out for them:
    They support gay marriage.
    The owner of that shop
    Is a disgraced veteran.
    You know what? It’s
    best just to stay
    on the other side
    of town."

  7. k weber


    the whirring
    of red
    and blue: lights,
    the flag and that
    of storm
    clouds clustering
    your head

    get your chin
    off the concrete;
    when you drag
    your weight
    of worry, the scuff
    is like the stubble
    you can’t seem
    to grow

  8. Terri Vega

    Day 14:

    Digitalis sly as the foxglove
    of its common name

    Modern medicine’s marvel
    It keeps the heart beating
    Giving life to those whose
    hearts have failed

    Touch it in the garden
    with unprotected hands
    and as the hot day persists and
    you wipe the sweat from your lip
    the fox
    stops your heart

  9. Jane penland hoover

    Shadows rest so easy in the heated afternoon
    linger long in the shelter of what’s over and beyond
    cool freshness falling into to lush of lawn

    Eyes habitually seek releif
    from the harshness of the sun
    and if you rest too long

    in the pleasant block of glare
    you may never share again
    the bright lit energy of the day

  10. Juanita Snyder

    (on a roll this evening – here’s my 2nd attempt as I’m yet undecided which one I like better. -spidey)

    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I live next door to a modern day Lilith,
    first wife of Adam (before the rib of Eve).
    Some say the Mother of Feminism was
    birthed alongside Adam from dust, but her
    refusal to wear his collar as less than his equal,
    led to her embittered fall from grace.

    She is a redhead beauty of volcanic spirit
    who kidnaps children then devours innocent
    flesh, trapping souls between feedings.
    Cunning and defiant, a Succubus
    skilled at stealing a man’s seed
    for her own private soldiering.

    She-Devil and huntress of men, Lilith
    draws & seduces both King and pauper
    circling the drain with cold calculation.
    Temptress of the Vampire arts,
    unafraid to pay the price of such learning
    with her own sacrificial spawn.

    Friend to Revenge, Lover of many –
    the Queen of Spades in a deck of cards,
    beware this Goddess of Storm & Chaos
    who walks without fear or avatar,
    across discord posing as glass splinters,
    the taste of blood sharp upon her lips.

    © 2008 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder (aka Spidey)

  11. Juanita Snyder

    (always the last to come to the table, but at least I’m here! –spidey)

    ugly child
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    beautiful girl
    in your pink cashmere sweater
    and brown suede boots,
    eyes so busy mesmerizing others
    that you miss the paper shackles
    slipping quietly
    around your ankles
    as I write this…
    those pouty chocolate-scented lips
    dipping words & libidos
    like cheddar in fondue
    at some greasy all night
    testosterone buffet,
    hoping it’ll somehow mask
    the ugliness of
    pushers & pimps
    roaming the back streets
    of your wounded heart,
    shoving and hustling
    yet another Seattle night
    for the lost child

  12. Vanessa O'Dwyer


    Can you heed that
    What you sow
    You soon shall reap?
    And what goes around
    Surely comes back?
    Or the law
    Of interaction –
    Where every action
    Has within it
    It’s equal and
    Opposite reaction?
    For these things
    Will come to pass
    Whether you believe
    In them or no.
    How do you suppose
    You should proceed
    When interacting
    With your fellow man
    If this is so?

    Vanessa O’Dwyer

  13. Van

    PSC, thanks. The final lines of my poem were ironic. I don’t really believe smart people shouldn’t have children, but that people who think they are smart enough to know what they’re in for should think twice. Being chicken is an excellent reason for not having children. However I have never for a second regretted having mine. I am grateful for the adventure, and I am grateful to them.

  14. PSC in CT

    Had time to read again to day, and just wanted to comment on some of my favorites (so far):

    Bruce – very cute! (I’ve experienced those symptoms!)

    Karen P – also very cute! (I can see the artist dashing for cover.)

    Peggy G – how very true! (Change required — and I’m ready!)

    Van – very interesting. (I have no children, but I don’t think it was from smart — more from chicken! 😉 )

    Heather – nice job! (We should all know women like her!)

    Judy R- so true. Even when the friends stay & the best of intentions are evident, you are still "on your own" when it comes to dealing with grief and the healing process.

    Kate – I’ve had those! (Even input a poem on the topic — over on the Writers Digest Poetry forum just recently.)

    Shann – very perceptive.

    Paul – so very sad.

    Thanks to you all for keeping this challenge interesting & exciting!

  15. Tyger

    The Future Is Young

    Don’t go to sleep now
    and think all the work is done
    with one inkspot on a ballot
    Do you think Barack is on vacation?
    Now you and I shall show him
    what we’re made of
    Can we keep the spirit alive?
    Can we give him the congress he needs?
    Support him in all the ugly actions
    he will have to take
    to unravel us from
    Bush disaster?
    Don’t go to sleep now
    The future is still young.

  16. Taylor Graham

    Thanks Bruce. I love your poem as much as I detest those drug ads on TV. You really touch a nerve. And I’m so glad to have found this group. I look forward to every day’s new prompt like my first cup of coffee in the morning.

  17. Ronda Eller

    Thank you for the compliment Meesh, I think it is one of my better ones in this daily challenge. 🙂 Everyone has been doing some great writing and I am enjoying my read through them all!


  18. PSC in CT

    Don’t Wait!

    Life is short and time does fly.
    You’ve heard those words before.
    And yet, it’s human nature to believe
    There’s always more.
    More life, more time, more talent,
    More goals we can pursue.
    We never really think about
    When payments will come due.

    If there are dreams you need to chase –
    If you have battles to be fought, then

    All our days are numbered
    And for some,
    The number’s smaller than you think.
    Don’t blink!

    If there are songs you need to sing,
    Or words you need to say –

    Don’t wait until the perfect time.
    To lose your chance would be a crime.
    Before you even know it –
    It’s too late.
    So, don’t – no matter what! –

    Everything in life comes with an expiration date,
    And you are no exception.
    Don’t wait!

  19. Mary K


    If you do not take the time to do
    what you want today there may be
    no opportunity tomorrow. If you live
    in the past, you won’t appreciate
    the present or you will not see
    the opportunities before your eyes.
    If you live in the future, you will be
    old before you know it and you
    will have accomplished nothing.
    If you lack time consider your
    priorities and readjust them. Know
    that you cannot escape the ravages
    of time, so be sure that you use time
    in a way that is valuable to you so when
    you reach old age you can look back
    with pleasure and satisfaction and know
    your life was well lived. Time the most
    valuable gift you can give yourself
    or someone else. Time is limited.
    There is no fountain of youth. You
    will not escape death. Meanwhile
    heed these words and live.


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