Friday SPAM poetry prompt #914

SPAM prompt line: There are three occasions during the year when you can…


I never clicked on the e-mail that accompanied this line to see what you could do on those three occasions–or to find out what the occasions were. Considering the nature of most SPAM, I didn’t really want to know.


So it’s up to you to decide.  What are the three occasions–and what are you able or permitted to do? You can start with the occasions and make a list (holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, third Friday of every month–start with the obvious and then stretch out with your imagination, these don’t have to be the same type of occasion each time); or you can start with whatever it is you can do (kiss a stranger, cheat the government, do the Snoopy joy dance, call in to work sick without being sick–it’s totally wide open, make a long list). Or you can do the old “repeat the statement” approach, i.e., write “There are three occasions during the year when you can…” over and over, with a different finish each time.


Once you settle on the occasions and what you can do, carry on with your poem and see where it takes you.


Happy writing!



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