Friday SPAM Poetry Prompt #727

SPAM prompt line: I’m writing to find love


Sorry I haven’t followed up on my promise to try these prompts myself–I’m a couple of poems behind. I’m going to try to catch up next week.


As for this week’s prompt: Are you writing to find love? (Romantic love? The adulation of readers?) Are you writing to find something else? Or does “finding” something not enter into your writing at all?


For the sake of this exercise, even if you’re pretending, say, “Yes, I am writing to find…” Then write a whole series of statements completing the sentence. Write the first thing that comes into your mind, whether it’s true or not, whether it makes sense or not.


I’m writing to find the truth.

I’m writing to find readers.

I’m writing to find my youth.

I’m writing to find Nemo.

I’m writing to find the solutions to all my problems.

I’m writing to find salvation.


Finish these statements for as long as it feels fresh and interesting. When you’re done, don’t read the list–put it away for a day or two. When you pull the list out, select the statement that intrigues you the most and use that as the inspiration for your poem.


(There are no rules here, of course. If you want to group several statements that seem to relate to create a poem, that’s fine. If you think your list makes a fine poem as is, or with some tinkering, that’s fine, too. And keep the remaining statements on that list for future brainstorming.)




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2 thoughts on “Friday SPAM Poetry Prompt #727

  1. Katie D.

    Hey Nancy! I just wanted to let you and Robert know that I’ve been loving the prompts! It’s good to have something to keep you writing, even when you don’t feel like you’ve got an idea. Thanks!

  2. Jim K.

    I decided to lark it
    and leave a throwaway,
    but it got too interesting to leave. Cool.

    Re-wrote the
    "I’m writing to find the truth." for a bit of class,
    but it conjoured a story!


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