Friday SPAM poetry prompt #713

SPAM prompt line: tired of being like that


This prompt is for a poem of self-examination. We all have habits, patterns, attitudes we want to change (or know we should change in the name of self-improvement). Write a poem of three stanzas, six lines per stanza, with the final line of each stanza using “tired of being like that” as the basis for a refrain. The first two stanzas describe the feelings, viewpoints, actions that you’re tired of; the third stanza hypothesizes what you could/should do about it all (but still closing with the “tired of being like that” refrain, with whatever spin you want to give it).


If you’re one of those poets who recoil from using “I” in a poem, write about yourself in the third person. And don’t limit your self-analysis to the typical negative personality traits (tired of being lazy, pessimistic, overindulgent, crabby, fat–oops, that’s my list). Maybe you’re a go-to kind of person and you’re sick of it. Maybe you try hard to look on the bright side in every situation and you’re sick of it. Maybe you’re a good little boy or girl who continually toes the line and does the “right thing,” always, and you’re sick of THAT. Tell the world how you’re fed up with being good (or at least that person you’re writing about is).


ALTERNATE PROMPT: If you’re uncomfortable with writing in a confessional mode, use the same approach to write about a family member, friend, co-worker, or someone you’ve observed while you’re out shopping, sitting in a coffee shop, or even watching TV.


EXPERIMENTS WHILE REVISING: Try a version where the “tired of being that way like that” line opens each stanza instead of closing it. Or remove the line entirely from the poem and see if you can make the poem stand on its own without it.




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