Friday SPAM poetry prompt #706

SPAM prompt line: Big summer sale


Write fifteen statements that begin “Big summer sale.” (The number is arbitrary. If you can’t come up with 15 or want to keep going after 15, that’s fine.)  When you’re done, without reading what you’ve written, go through and delete “Big summer sale” from every line. Now take a look at what you have left and create a poem from that.


Happy writing…



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2 thoughts on “Friday SPAM poetry prompt #706

  1. sandy winnette

    These summer days in the south are hot.
    Ice cubes water down the drinks,
    squeeze me, one more lemon please.

    The county fair is here again.
    Home made lemon pies and blue ribbons bring lot’s of folk.

    Iced cold lemonade will be a big hit.
    Deep south secrets, will be sure to bring county fair winners out again with crafts and good things to eat.

    This Year might be the best we ever have.
    I do say that each year.

    The and contest rules read.
    The rules are, the pies for the contest must all be natural lemons in each and every pie.
    All deep south lemonaid must be hand squeezed and all natural.
    Deep south lemonade and lemon pie must be just right with taste.
    The aroma, the smell of the lemons and feel of tasting must tighten your jaw with a tart sweetness.

    Oh my, this year does have a winner. The best tasting cold lemonade and the smoothness of this southern lemon pie that puckers my taste buds has won our hearts.

    See the people gathering to hear the winners anounced and waiting to buy some of the southern cold lemonade and deep south lemon pies.

    I sit on the big porch swing, feeling a hot southern breeze,I enjoy a blue ribbon award winning piece of deep south southern lemon pie and sip on another cold glass of lemonade.


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