April PAD Challenge: Day 6

All right, folks! After today, we’ll be 20% of the way through this challenge! And you’re all kicking some major booty, because I think y’all posted as many poems through the first 5 days as we did in all of April last year. Great job, and let’s keep at it!

For today’s poem, I want you to write a poem about something missing. It can be about an actual physical object or something you just can’t put your finger on (like “love” or “the spirit of Christmas” or something).

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“The Photographer”

She introduces herself and gathers
the whole party up before and after
the ceremony. She wears a nylon
sleeveless, patterned shirt and black
leggings with a little lace near her
ankles. Her dark brown hair is highlighted
blond and she straightens her back
as one pair after the other walks
down the aisle. Her fingers are covered
in rings, but she isn’t married. Instead,
she chews gum and holds her camera
close to her face, ready to brighten
the church with her flash. She doesn’t
smile or tear up, her face serious and
clinical. It’s not until she’s saying
goodbye to the woman in her white
dress that she allows herself to smile.


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1,046 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 6

  1. Linda H.

    No time to read all the posts, just skimmed through.

    Elizabeth Claman and Barbara Ehrentreu, thanks so much for the "thumbs up" for My Daughter’s Trip Home. That one just seemed to pour out of me, even though it is based on a friend’s experience and not my own.

    Salvatore Buttaci, Nancy Posey, Gratia Karmes, Stephanie Ibbekea, and Sally Valentine—I like your poems for today.

  2. JL Smither

    Still Missing

    I scanned the bookshelf, looking
    but not looking,
    for something in particular.
    Found myself down in the S’s:
    used copies of Franny and Zoey
    and something by Sedarias, then a skip
    to Lord of the Rings. My eye,
    lost in another time, backtracked,
    and I thought
    "they must not have it today,"
    until I remembered that I
    hadn’t published it yet.

  3. LindaTK

    Day 6:
    Something Missing (Free Verse)

    Where did I leave my glasses?
    Where did I put my car keys?
    Where is my wallet?
    Where is that book?
    Where are those photos?
    Where are my passwords?
    I have also apparently lost my mind!
    It would seem that these objects can be
    found someplace nearby.
    With one exception…

  4. Claudia Marie Clemente

    ******************************(revision, with title)***********


    My home has been misplaced

    exactly where I left it.


  5. Amanda Caldwell


    Today it was toothpicks, and my nail brush.
    Tomorrow it will be the cat’s food ball (again)
    and, always, scissors
    (even though we have six pairs).
    And coasters —
    didn’t we buy eight?
    How can only three be found?
    The wipes we bought at Costco,
    so there should be umpteen packs,
    and instead we’re down to two.

    Where do they all go,
    spirited away into the
    graveyard of clutter and chaos?
    How do we track them down,
    or do without,
    like unpaired black socks,
    when I got tired of waiting
    for a match.

  6. K.E. Ogden

    K.E. Ogden
    April 6, 2009
    Prompt: Something Missing


    The tops of the lampshades
    are dusty and grimy. I want to
    wipe each Ficus leaf–rip away
    the broken and half-chewed branches.
    Above my head an iron angel rusts,
    her starry wand pointing at
    the air conditioner. When my lover
    breathes, his nose whistles. It is empty,
    this heart. I often think of my father
    lathering shaving cream, then running
    a razor along his throat. It makes me
    hungry, this sorrow. It makes me think
    there is nothing to do except turn the
    lights on, all of them, until the house
    burns bright in the blackest darkness.

  7. Kimmy Van Kooten

    "Oh, If Only Granny Good Witch Were Here For The Fun"

    Oh, If only Granny Good Witch were here for the fun,
    for her daughter had daughters and her daughters had sons
    Her sons, some have wives and some wives have sons,
    then some sons and daughters have no daughters or sons!

    Now Wait… Is this right?
    Does Anyone Know??? Did he marry her or
    did she marry him?… help!…
    Where is Mic… Jef… Ste… Pete… Chri… Krimm!
    How did this start? Where did it begin?

    The heel of the shoe broke, so the long story goes
    All in the backyard of Uncle Abel’s and Aunt Jo’s
    March 6th, was set for the start, with a promise to flourish ‘till death do we part
    The honeymoon blessed them with an October girl,
    Michele Patricia, "Mickdoozie" with curl
    Dad blames mom on those cold February scenes,
    for the next few October’s brought
    Cathy and "Jethrine"
    Now who chased who dad,
    when the "Stieff Count" was born?
    Who caught the Bull and who blew the horn?

    Now imagine this, dydie dunkin’ dad, in full force,
    finger pinches nose all par for the course!
    Do you think they cried when the next rabbits died?
    Oh no, They were happy as larks,
    ‘cause those dead hares brought
    "PeteMo", "Ipso", and "Kimberly Clark"

    Shoot down the stork…
    No, no, don’t let it fall!
    Here comes "Drew-drew-Bug" and then Paul
    (We call him Chubby)

    Now our house was too small,
    overcrowded but gay,
    so we packed up our stuff
    and moved to P.A.
    The corn in the field, the horse in the stall,
    the children all nestled, yes, even Paul…

    But much to our surprise, yes, all of a sudden,
    mom got the itch, she got it real loud!
    Next thing we knew, it was like…
    feed "Miss America" and change "Black Cloud"

    Now, mom didn’t know, that itch she done delved,
    was just a mere case of pregnancy,
    Product: "Hummelbird" #12

    Good Witch spoke out, "Now enough, is enough!"
    "Gee Gee" was so cute when she came in the buff!
    The next one…She came from heaven,
    Patty was born to us at eleven!

    Thirteen children, we all did make,
    trips to the store and trips to the bank,
    Food was a must at $300.00 a week,
    some off to college and some off to seek…

    But, something was missing
    what should we do???
    Don’t call the roll…
    Don’t let it start…

    Not ‘til you hear the footsteps of our "Amy-Tart"…
    The Van Kooten’s are reuniting
    and this is the list:

    Mickey, Jeffrey, Stephen, Peter, and Chris,
    Kim and Patricia, Drew and then Paul,
    Amy, Tara, Cara, Little John, and Georgie, That’s all!
    We’ll never forget Cathy, Tamara, and you,
    Granny Good Witch and Pop-Pop too!
    Well, here you’ve got it!
    The scoop on the run…

    If only Granny Good Witch
    were here for the fun!

  8. Ivy Merwine

    I miss him.
    I spend my days breathing in and out.
    My heart beats.
    My body moves through the motions of daily routines.
    Everything looks to be in perfect order on the outside.
    Bright smiles will hide the emptiness I feel.
    Words can hide the pain I’m in.
    I have a hole in my life that is empty.
    No matter what material I use, I can’t fill it up.
    I miss him.

  9. Kathryn Hessler


    “It’s missing,” she cried, as she ran around inside.

    “I’ve lost my keys, I’m dead,” a young teenager said,
    As he looked around the flat, late to school and all that.

    “And I have lost my head” his mother also exaggerated.

    Her son took a deep breath, said, “Well, it’s not death,”
    As he looked at his mother, then they breathed together.

    His mom his keys saw, and he accepted them with a “ta.”

    But before he left, he said, “Why so bereft?”
    And in ten minutes they sat, truly talked and all that.

    Then they exchanged a hug; new morning seeds they had dug.

  10. Stacey Cornwell

    The Dragon in my House

    There used to be a Dragon
    Who lived inside my house
    He stayed down in the basement
    And rarely came above

    He filled my house with smoke
    And left burn marks everywhere
    The only thing he’d drink
    Was a hot and steaming brew

    He was wise beyond his years
    Far older than myself
    He always told me tales
    Of stories that he knew

    There used to be a Dragon
    Who lived inside my house
    But now he’s gone you see
    For I can’t find him anywhere

  11. Lytton Bell

    Something Was Missing

    Something was missing when he opened his briefcase
    when he sat in the meeting
    when he drew a pie chart on the white board
    when he plugged his Bluetooth into his car charger
    and began the long commute home
    it gnawed at him, that feeling
    but he couldn’t put his finger on it

    Something was missing when she windexed the mirrors
    when she cut the children’s grilled cheese sandwiches into quarters
    when she opened the back door and called for the dog
    It all felt empty. It felt all wrong

    Something was missing while the children waited for the school bus
    while the politicians debated and defeated the latest bill
    while the actress endorsed a product
    while the pills rustled in their prescription bottles
    and the air grew warmer, and you could almost feel a stifled scream
    ping like the tiny chip that cracks open a sheet of glass

    Something was missing while the villagers starved
    Something was missing while the dissidents loaded their guns
    Something was missing as the astronauts ascended
    leaving behind them a trail fire

    It had been gone for so long that no one knew
    what to call it anymore
    But they couldn’t live without it
    That much they understood
    as they closed their eyes

  12. Kathryn Hessler

    Oops, looks like I posted this in the spot not for the object poem, so previous posting is in the wrong place 🙂

    Wanting to clarify…..


  13. Kathryn Hessler

    A green bouncing frog soap-dispenser

    It somehow became a “he” and got called Frohicky.
    A pale green, not a lime-green, a warmer color,
    Two bugging-out eyes, white with black circles pointed right.

    He bounces because his head is made that way,
    You touch it and it jiggles, it’s wider than his body.

    Then, a bit bigger, taller than his head in length,
    His body has that same color with the same circular
    Green dots around, sizes varying, but none too large.

    The dots are also on his side-feet, sticking out like
    Grasshopper legs, or frog-legs.

    Little green feet are in front, sitting on a dark-green
    Plastic, shape of a lily pad.

    Smiling like he is, at his left, is a bee whose antenna
    Are a bit the worse for wear—for my playing with them,
    Sitting in the middle of a pink plastic flower.

    To his left, a dragonfly—four purple wings, blue body,
    Yellow eyes, set on a spring so it can bounce too.

    He was a present—a fun one—I keep and enjoy in the now,
    Regular reminder of the friend who gave him to me, and a bit of a
    Toy to play with and to smile about, with Frohicky-ness mixed in.

    He also can dispense lotion, though I replaced his dispenser
    With a green push-top one from one of my friend’s store-bought
    Soap dispensers because the other one got clogged up.

    A potential for clutter or “more stuff,” not really necessary,
    But appreciated for multiple reasons, Frohicky sits on my side-table,
    A green bouncing frog soap-dispenser.

  14. Laurel Kallen


    My rag doll with yellow yarn for hair– stolen
    along with my sister’s and returned after
    our mother posted a sign offering a
    reward that couldn’t have been
    much. The rings my mother wore as a girl and then entrusted to
    me – the first, amethyst, lost when I still lived with my
    parents, the second, jade, taken when my studio apartment in Noe Valley was
    looted after a fire. I didn’t know where to go and some friends took me
    in. David, director of the Antediluvian Theater Company, opened the bathroom
    door as I stepped out of the tub.

    Laurel Kallen

  15. Beatriz Fernandez

    Dark Matter

    We can’t see it
    but we know it’s there
    hiding in the curves
    of galactic haloes
    made up of
    exotic particles

    holding the universe
    together invisibly
    but it must exist

    its mysterious
    felt everywhere,
    a signpost of
    our ignorance,
    our terra incognita
    that must be mapped out

    Like the bottom
    of an iceberg,
    we know
    sometimes what
    we can’t see
    is what matters most.

  16. CLJohns

    I am waiting for that feeling
    That says there’s something missing
    Tiny footsteps on the carpet
    Tiny faces ripe for kissing
    Squeals of laughter, twinkling eyes
    Whisps of breath that smell so sweet
    Won’t everyone be so happy
    When I finally admit defeat?

  17. Sonia L. Russell

    Where did you go? (SECOND POSTING)
    By Sonia L. Russell

    Where did you go?
    You were here just a moment ago
    I know because I felt you
    Warm and comfortable
    Consoling and empathetic

    Where are you now?
    You can’t possibly be too far
    I need you more than ever
    I long for you to cup my face
    You embrace me with softness

    I can hear you calling
    You are imploring me to come back
    I know I hesitated for a second
    Have to go to work to keep you
    You so love satin and silk

    Okay, so I was about to go
    But I can’t leave knowing you are missing
    Did I hurt you when I tossed you?
    I was asleep I did not know
    And now I want to hold you tight

    Stop playing and come to me
    I will stay with you just one more minute
    I will allow you to seduce me
    Bring me to complete submission
    My lover, my pillow

  18. lynn paden

    "time keeps passing by"

    just this morning
    as i was putting on my makeup
    you saw me, and knew what that meant

    you asked me to put your shirt on
    i did

    you asked me to put your socks on
    i did

    you asked me to put your shoes on
    i did

    and yet, i didn’t see it coming

    i walked toward the door
    and you stomp-ran behind me

    calling "mommy-mommy-mommy-mommy!"
    all in one word

    closing the door of the house
    is always the hardest thing to do

    but i have to work
    so you can pull on shirts
    so you can slip in socks
    so you can stomp in shoes

    and yet . .

    every time a baby cries
    i flinch, and think
    of all the times i’ve broken your heart
    because you can’t understand
    how hard the world can be

    and you know, baby,
    it breaks my heart, too
    how much i’m missing you

  19. Michael Roy


    The precious times once shared
    Fills our minds with joys and sorrows
    Joys we want to keep and sorrows we wish were lost
    Our minds don’t forget, relentless book keepers as time goes by

    Oh, the joyful times that we had
    We replay over and over as we reminisce
    Stories are told of these great moments
    Changing with each telling to stir the emotions once shared

    How I wish our minds can project like in a theater
    For the mind forgets not but our memory does
    To have a picture or video of the event
    But no, this is a moment missed
    For the story has been revised with no going back

  20. Bernadette McComish

    I Won’t Put Your Face on a Milk Carton

    You broke
    my ceramic bowl
    on purpose—
    left microscopic pieces
    on the hardwood floor. I still can’t walk
    barefoot in the kitchen. You smashed
    my jelly jar of pot and the dust bunnies were inseparable
    from the buds. You held a fist
    in my face and I didn’t
    flinch or cower. I wanted you
    to know I wasn’t afraid
    of what you’re capable of. Today
    you picked up your glasses, borrowed
    the car, and never came back.

  21. Carol Berger

    “December Storm”

    Today the sunlight is missing.

    It has been absent for days on end,
    but this day the winter weather also brings
    torrential rain and gale force winds
    that blow the rain sideways
    and pound it against the double-glass panes.

    They rattle and flex, yet do not break.
    I watch my reflection move with the windows,
    even as I remain still at my desk,
    staring out at a world gone dark grey.

    Soap suds of ocean foam,
    blown from the beach two blocks away,
    run down the windows,
    as if trying to wash them clean.

    One lone seagull attempting to fly against the wind
    hangs in the air, beating his wings furiously,
    but making no progress in the storm.

    I watch the trees swaying erratically,
    but continuing to stand,
    while two long strips of metal siding
    come loose from the house next door
    and flap around noisily on the ground outside.

    But the power stays on,
    and for all the fury of the elements,
    I am not afraid, here in my house,
    my fortress, my safe haven,
    where nothing is missing,
    and all is calm.

  22. Erin Sway

    Ghost school

    I wander through the halls
    Doors creak eerily
    Lockers clang shut like six-shooters in a draw
    The bell rings
    Teachers monotone voices bore holes in my eardrums
    “Now class, let’s begin”
    Period after period
    Handing out homework sheets
    Which flutter like tumbleweeds through the corridor
    It’s the same way day after day
    But no one questions
    Where are the children?

  23. Dr. Jeanne Hounshell


    ever hunting
    for keys
    that walk off
    by themselves.

    Not again
    the keys
    are missing
    not hanging
    where they belong.

    On the table?
    On the bed?
    In a pocket?

    not hanging
    where they belong.

    Half my life
    is spent
    missing keys.

    They won’t
    stay put.
    They have a
    mind of their own.

    Again and again
    missing keys
    to be hunted
    throughout the house.

    Why won’t
    they stay where
    they belong?
    Instead of forever
    being missing.

  24. David Cheezem

    The Afghan Wedding [Part 1]

    You’d miss
    the surveillance
    plane that passes
    to the gun-
    even if
    you knew
    to look past
    the falcon, past
    the clouds
    from the
    where the young-
    est brother
    of the bride
    is telling
    a booger-
    joke five
    times, 10
    times and
    the others
    are forced
    to listen.

  25. H. Marable


    Trimming his mustache a little too much
    on the left, right, left, right, left…
    felt like a march in the wrong direction,
    that led to no mustache at all.

    He barely recognized the stranger in the mirror.
    It would take him a while to get used to the new look,
    And he dreaded the comments, the stares he would get.
    Then when no one mentioned the new bare lip he felt…
    Relieved? No, ignored.

  26. Maureen Hurley

    What is Missing

    What is missing on this boomerang of a commute
    is the sun itself, gone missing it did, just like that,
    and we only have the small hands of rain to blame
    wringing the grief from clouds upon our heads
    and the land itself is grateful for renewal.

    Meanwhile in Antarctica, an ice shelf
    has worried itself away from the confines of shore.

  27. Caroline D


    Sunday night was cold.
    A sharp frost for his first night
    out in the ground.

    I keep looking into the sitting room
    where he slept his last days
    curled up on a towel on the carpet.

    Each time I come back to the house
    I’m fooled again by glimpses
    of brown.

    I make another cup of tea
    for solace, for consolation.
    Tell myself he was only a cat.

  28. Vaughn Stelzenmuller


    Eurosyntax Congo is
    a 1931 Trader Horn dream,
    this no-twilight land of where
    fence posts and leather mold grow daily.
    S’posed to be called b’wana.

    When people-of-color meant
    ‘way back then
    was a when that we thankfully
    don’t do any more.

  29. Gabrielle S.


    Disappeared on her birthday
    About this short, brown
    hair, eyes
    always bright,
    really quite
    well-behaved, smart
    girl, answers to

    Found in her place
    Slightly taller, brown
    hair, dull eyes,
    not a sight,
    really quite
    annoying, smart
    mouth, answers to

  30. Nike Binger Marshall


    At times
    it seems like I have nothing.
    Nothing in my hands,
    nothing to offer
    nothing to hold on to.
    Life is passing me by
    but, I only have myself to blame.
    I walk around
    looking up,
    head buried deep in the clouds
    never expecting God’s Glory
    to break the clouds.
    I was expecting the other shoe to drop
    because it always does,
    But I remember that the glass
    will not always be full.
    The empty half of the glass
    is occupied by hope.
    So I’ll sip on it
    like a cool drink of lemonade
    and wait for the clouds to break.

  31. Melanie

    The foot that fits this tiny sock
    The little hand that goes with this glove
    So many tiny smiles that almost mock
    Knowing I don’t have my own to love
    No tiny cries of hunger or pain
    Except mine at the loss
    – But that’s hardly the same

  32. Mandy Shorb

    Missing You

    Missing the sound of your voice calling my name,
    Missing the way I felt whenever I talked to you,
    Missing the way I would think of you and smile,
    Missing the way my heart felt whenever we talked,
    Missing the way dreams seemed so beautiful
    Just because I talked to you,
    Missing the love that we had,
    But you disappeared from my life,
    You vanished without a sight,
    And I was left trying to repair my heart,
    And it seems sometimes it feels a bit broken still,
    Tried to move on time,
    And time again,
    But now that I am free again,
    My heart wonders back to you,
    My soul wishes that you were never gone,
    Would I ever hear your voice again?
    It seemed likely not,
    But a part of my heart wonders,
    And a part of my heart wishes,
    To hear those words again,
    To feel those emotions once again,
    To feel,
    To feel again,
    I sit here in the darkness alone,
    Wishing I could hold you close to me,
    But that just seems to be just a far away dream,
    A dream that will never come true,
    But a part of me wishes,
    A part of me dreams,
    A part of me wonders what if,
    You were to come back into my life,
    Would you still feel the same?
    Would you still care the same?
    Would your love still be there?
    Here I sit in the darkness,
    Missing what I once had,
    Wishing with all my heart,
    To have you in my life,
    To have you in my heart,
    To have you forever,
    Just like the way it was before.

  33. Judie Land

    Prompt #6 – April 06/09

    Missing, Missed – Judie Land

    In the thunder of hands,
    in the cascade of laughter,
    in the glory of cheers,
    there is a little dark spot of silence
    in this crowded auditorium,
    a skipped heartbeat
    in an empty corner shadow.
    And when the encore swells,
    I applaud till my palms ache,
    and their uproar fills the space
    where my father’s pure two-fingered whistle
    should be reverberating
    off my son’s triumphant trombone.

  34. Jenny Doughty

    This is a second draft of one I posted earlier:

    Second draft


    There’s a hole in the tale:
    the cave mouth gaping,
    boulder rolled away,
    but no one there, no one at all,

    only the unwound linen,
    rough grey walls,
    the faintest scent of myrrh.
    They saw him in the garden,

    the women, or so they thought,
    or so they said, or someone
    said they said, later when tales
    were whispered and the man

    whose living words gave insight
    to the blind, gave food for thought
    to those who hungered, taught them
    mercy, became a kind of god

    forced into old prophecies
    rewritten, and the story
    embellished, embroidered, unlike
    the plain linens left in the cave.

  35. Laura Kayne


    Ghosts frequent every family party,
    Uninvited but not unwelcome,
    Glimpsed from the corner of an eye,
    Reflected in a distant window,
    In the glint of sunlight you shade your eyes from,
    Or in the smile of your cousin’s youngest child.

    The air is thicker around photo displays,
    Words spoken and unsaid,
    Memories dim with age,
    Fighting for space
    In the gaps between the living.

    At special birthdays, anniversaries,
    Weddings, engagements and births,
    Their pressure is an echo,
    So near you can almost hear them,
    Wishing that if you wished hard enough,
    They would be standing there,
    Would celebrate with you,
    Meet your new partner,
    Welcome their grandchild’s new baby,
    And surround you again in their love.

  36. janflora

    Your Loss

    The middle child asked about it again
    though so many months have passed since its loss.
    It’s strange how I almost forget sometimes
    though mine is still there to remind me.
    I wonder if you remember it’s lost
    or if it feels natural to you by now.
    I can’t help but think it may be easy
    for you to pretend it was never there
    when you are out with the guys and someone
    gives you a glance when she doesn’t see a ring.

  37. Mistryel (Mar) Walker

    This doorway

    where a shadow has strayed
    in this room, of possibility and collections of junk:
    jumbles of crayon, paint tubes, varnish, stain and taint
    shards of ceramic, spears of mirror, postcards once quaint
    and piles of torn paper, shreds of paint peeled from a tray
    (smooth, yet stretchy), bottle caps with a certain stain
    of rust, dollhouse chairs, a dollhead bust
    pictures torn from a ‘zine, a rectangle of canvas board,
    unpretentious and clean, the door stands open
    a story of caprice and shadow begins

  38. Dennis M. Parker

    She’s gone now
    after standing there for decades.
    not many people remember
    That fifty foot woman
    who use to stand just off Highway 90
    to the right,
    shortly after you entered town.
    “They” had her taken down
    because she was an “eye sore”
    or something like that.
    Our town leaders said
    that she violated some “code” or “ordinance”
    one of their making.
    Because of their decree
    she couldn’t be there anymore
    Even though graduating airmen
    had their pictures taken with her
    ever year
    Like some kind of rites of passage, but
    she became a code violation and was removed.
    She laid there on her side
    behind an abandoned Motel
    like a miniature of that Mexican mountain range
    Just across the Rio,
    but she’s been missing now for
    A long time
    Fading in memory.

  39. Tori Grant Welhouse


    Pass the potatoes.
    Try the cranberries.
    Crack the window, it’s hot.
    Sit already.
    Join hands.
    It’s a little late for that.
    Careful now.
    Watch you don’t choke.
    Let me get that.
    Thank you.
    I’m good.
    No, thanks.
    You look like my mother.
    My wife is no more.
    Your sister should be here.
    You forgot.
    Can I have the salt?
    Cry a gravyboat.

  40. Andrew Schuch

    Something Missing

    A jigsaw
    Without it’s last piece
    A fancy dinner
    Without candlelight
    A lone man
    At the table
    Looking across to see
    A desolate chair

    One glove and
    One cold hand
    Each without its mate

    A Christmas without snow
    A candle without a match
    Loneliness is the absence of warmth
    And something missing
    Can make things even colder

    A.J. Schuch

  41. Merddyn Aladar

    "Loss at 11"

    Abrupt, yet drawn out
    A disappearance
    I’d not notice it
    for nearly a decade
    And yet it was there

    Slipped from my grasp
    With the death of family
    It drew further away
    as my parents did too.
    Yet I thought I had it.

    Now I wish it was here
    For at least another year
    But I’ll never have it back
    And forever will I lack
    My childhood.

  42. J. Thomas Ross

    What Today’s Kids Are Missing
    by J. Thomas Ross

    Since ancient times
    adults have bemoaned
    what their children lack.

    Still today we say the same,
    how much our children miss
    that we had, looking back:

    Freedom to play in the street without fear,
    to dally all day with the kids on the block,
    to wander the neighborhood, safe and secure,
    to never need keys for houses weren’t locked.

    Yet youngsters today
    perceive no lack
    Indeed, they’re quite satisfied.

    They do not miss
    what they never had;
    they like video games played inside!


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