April PAD Challenge: Day 26

Today’s prompt is to write a poem with the title of “I’m so over (_____).”  You get to choose what you’re “so over” with, and write a poem about it.  I’ll be looking forward to reading these. 

Here’s my poem for the day:

“I’m so over commuting to work.”

In getting up at 5:30 in the morning
to beat rush hour traffic. $3.59
for a gallon of gasoline is highway
robbery. For real. As in, I’m driving
on the highway, and my name is Robert.

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176 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 26

  1. Jay Sizemore

    I’m so over celebrity

    We are all responsible
    for creating this monster,
    for staring doe-eyed
    into the pixels and lights,
    stuffing our eyes
    with magazine covers,
    bold-faced headline gossips,
    shoving the scraps
    of others’ excessive lives
    down our throats
    so we don’t starve
    on our own irrelevance
    and normalcy.

    We’ve watched
    to turn our heads,
    fixated on every move
    every camera flash,
    a button depressed
    by the clamoring greed
    of this cumulative psyche,
    open mouths
    attention deficient
    and too numerous to feed,
    ravenous, waiting
    for the next sacrifice.

    A new form of cannibalism
    permeates the airwaves
    and this spider’s
    world wide web,
    devouring the innocent
    and the talented
    without tasting their blood,
    never satisfied
    until they’ve lost touch
    with their memories
    of quiet thought,
    shaving their skulls
    and selling their children
    while hiding faces
    from their dollar-sign parents
    behind huge sunglasses
    or umbrellas.

    We are all responsible.

  2. Linda Hofke

    I’m so Overanxious

    It’s my first week on the job
    And I’m almost scared to death.
    Working at the morgue
    Sure puts my nerves to the test.

    I know it’s not much of a poem but I’m playing catch up and that is all that came to me.

  3. LindaTK

    Day 26
    I’m So Over…….

    I’m So Overwhelmed

    If you think
    that things slow down
    when you get older
    let me set you straight
    It gets worse
    Maybe it’s my personality type
    Maybe it’s how I perceive things
    I have been peddle to the metal
    all my adult life
    Don’t know why
    Driven in many respects
    More time on my hands
    Not happening
    I fill every second
    Get myself exhausted
    Can’t keep up
    Add to that, ADD
    Good Grief
    Yes, I am older
    And things have not slowed down
    They have sped up
    I am so overwhelmed

  4. Hope Greene

    I’m so over
    tired after I acquired what I desired.
    I’m so over
    bearing while chairing the cheering.
    I’m so over
    wrought at the thought of a shot of hot sake.
    I’m so over
    confident in errant rodent parents.
    I’m so over
    whelmed with weathered elms.
    I’m so over
    stimulated with a simulated cupid, naked.
    I’m so over
    board with the whored gourd.
    I’m so over
    come with rectum edam phantom.
    I’m so over
    written—a pidgin quintan chicken.
    I’m so over-
    This prompt.

  5. Lorien

    I’m So Over…"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

    What is that crap, anyways?
    Bunch of half-full, hippie, self-help, sweetie-pie bull –
    And, if today IS the first day of the rest of my life,
    Where’s my lei?
    My aloha-wave?
    Where’s my ride?
    My private, luxury cave?
    What is this crap, anyways?

  6. Sarah

    I’m So Over Sleeping In
    On a normal day
    we get up at five
    and have Saturdays
    when we could sleep in
    but my son started working
    three twelve hour days
    and Saturday is one of those days
    so he gets up at four
    *#*# we should fix that front door!
    then I lie awake
    dreaming for sleep
    but alas it won’t come
    I sigh and go hmmmmmm…
    before getting up to
    an early start
    of the new day

  7. A.C. Leming

    First posted on day 29…

    I am so over getting hurt

    It started early, my relationship with pain.
    A broken collarbone sometime around birth
    then the sliced open foot, broken metacarpal
    and butterflied slice on my first thumb knuckle
    when taking my mini-hunting knife out to cut limbs
    for a craft project. But I wasn’t supposed to cut off my
    own. My stepgrandmother stole that gift from my father
    and gave it to one of her ‘real’ grandkids. I miss that knife.

    I broke the left arm in a tragic trampoline
    accident, an 18 mile flight from the nearest
    hospital. My mother heard the screams as I fled
    across the boardwalk to the house. I wore out the
    elbow on that cast scrambling across the monkeybars,
    unwilling to let a cast up to my armpit limit my summer
    fun. No one signed my cast except for family, and my Mom
    asked me later if my doctor had touched me. “Where?” I asked.

    I broke the last bone at 28, playing softball
    for the company team. I tried to beat the ball
    to second base. I rolled my foot across the base
    or baseman’s foot, an audible “crack” and I limped
    back to the dugout, to ID the man who had flashed me
    weeks before. The cute cop had watched my graceless
    tumble and offered to take me to the ER. In retrospct, I
    maybe I should have gone. This past weekend, with ten hours

    of karate training in Virginia with two other
    female black belts. I made it through with out
    injury until the last twenty minutes. The boards
    came out, and instructions to help brace her small
    frame against the force of the blows, my turn and I
    misjudge my distance – ulna hits first and the bruise
    immediately blossoms. Another break, this time elbow
    but the edge of the board hits bruise and it starts to swell,

    a goose-egg when we return to her house,
    to shower, pack and return home to cancel all my
    appointments and wait on the results of the x-ray machine.

  8. Carol A Stephen


    Go ahead, call her.
    Go ahead, go stay with her.

    Get your own place,
    even better!

    I thought I could share you,
    she gets the better deal.

    I have to put up
    with your bad moods and childishness

    She only sees you
    when you’re on best behaviour.

    At my age,
    I shouldn’t have to share a boyfriend.

    I am so over a party of three.

  9. Kate

    I’m Over It, Really!

    I’m so over being accident prone,
    run over by golden retrievers at the
    dog park. Aren’t dogs supposed to be
    graceful anyway, always aware where
    they’re going, not looking for any
    opportunity to break legs?

    I’m so over missing the last step
    at my friend’s house, not paying
    attention, thinking about the household
    ghost, or was it a poltergeist; don’t they
    throw stuff or push people down stairs?
    Twist ankles, flatten arches, rip open fingers
    on finishing nails in the doorframe?
    I’m glad to hear my friend has moved,
    you won’t catch me in that house.

    I’m so over wheelchairs for Christmas
    vacation, crutches on wet bricks,
    slippery ice, knee and ankle and arm
    braces, I’m so over out-of-shape
    couch potato, creaky kneed body.
    Goodbye clumsiness, Hello Grace.

  10. Carol Cone

    I AM SO OVER… by Carol Cone

    I am so over
    That green Mustang convertible
    It was a real muscle car
    Peppy, jazzy, cool
    Zero to sixty in five sweet seconds
    Found it in Hemmings Motor News
    Went out to Chicago to get it
    Drove it back in one short day

    It was my ego image
    Had it restored to mint condition
    New ragtop, bright chrome
    Red leather upholstery
    Women turned to watch me pass
    Wistful, yearning, reaching
    As I drove by, careless, suave
    Elbow on the window well
    Hair blowing in the wind.

    She lived in my girl’s big barn
    Weekends we took her out
    Found some long straight roads
    Where we let it out, all the way
    I was in Indy, at the track
    She said it mussed her hair

    When we split, she got the car
    I lived in the city, no garage
    It stayed in her barn,
    Where all the cats lived
    The house cats, the barn cats,
    Sometimes even the feral cats.
    (She was big on cats)

    They loved the ragtop
    Dug in their claws
    Kneaded and pulled and scratched
    Leaving nothing behind
    But dead string and thread
    And ragged holes.
    Christened by swallows
    Who lived overhead.

    Actually, now I am so over it
    That ego image Green Mustang
    It came, it stayed, it went, it died
    But someday, somewhere, some time
    There’ll be another one
    Faster, shinier, smoother
    Almost as cool, but not quite.

  11. Iris Deurmyer

    I am so over my ex-husband.
    All these years and I am finally ready
    To move on and marry
    Someone who appreciates me for me
    I do not compare them because
    There is no comparison.
    So different in temperment
    In looks, in kindness and patience
    I just am eternally thankful
    That he found me.
    Ahh, I am so over my ex!

  12. KP

    I Am So Over Paid!

    I am so over paid, wouldn’t you like to say?
    I come in late, having slept all day.
    Make it in around one,
    Check an email or two, then I’m almost done.
    Put some finishing touches on my presentation by 2,
    And head home early to take a nap.
    Leave the rest of my work to some entry-level sap.
    My boss calls me in the next morning.
    Uh oh, to give me a warning?
    No, of course not – to give me the good news.
    I’m getting a raise and a promotion and an office with a view.
    She thinks it would be a good idea if I took a vacation – and it must be paid.
    Oh man, how I’ve got it made.
    I am so so so over paid.

  13. Carol -Amherst, Mass

    Wow. I’m pretty far behind. Hope I’m not too late.

    I’m so Over……

    I’m so over
    working for
    a boss
    and dealing with

    I’m so over
    sitting in an office
    instead of doing
    what is
    important to me

    I’m so over being wooed
    by Johnny Depp
    he really needs
    let me be.

    I’m so over
    being inside
    and looking out
    the glass between
    the grass and me

    I’m so over….
    Being so over….
    tomorrow I’ll start
    my poetry

  14. Yoli


    I’m so over
    This fantasy
    This need to be
    Like that makes everything alright.
    Like ‘that’ is the way of life.

    I’m so over
    This daily grind
    This state of mind
    Like that makes you all grown up.
    Like ‘that’ is the map of life.

    I’m so over
    this aging thing
    This making ends meet
    Like that says it all.
    Like ‘that’ is life.

    ‘That’ is not.
    ‘That’ is mine.
    And I’m soooo over

  15. Paige

    I see that I am not the only one playing catch up from the weekend prompts


    Edge of reality
    Mad at the madness
    With it’s straightness
    Of jackets
    Holding me close
    Too close to let go
    Too far to hold onto
    The edge of reality

  16. Justin M. Howe

    I’m so over this apartment!

    It’s not my own.
    Might as well burn my paychecks
    I’d love to give the foul-mouthed
    neighbor a poke in the eye
    I’m trying to play with my kid, you-

    Deep breath
    It’s not so bad
    If something breaks, just call
    Wish they spoke English
    Wish they didn’t use material
    from the lowest bidder

    Deep breath
    Wish the neighbors didn’t
    throw their cigarette butts everywhere
    Deep breath
    I mean really, do we have to live in an ashtray?
    Deep, deep breath
    It really isn’t that bad-
    Someone parked in front of my garage again!

    I’m so over this apartment!

    -Justin M. Howe

  17. Sara Diane Doyle

    I’m So Over this Façade…

    The time has come to shed
    this three-piece suit,
    the high heals and hose,
    and the stuffy hairstyle.
    The time has come to display
    my red and blue leotard,
    my kick-ass red boots,
    and my gold crown.
    Yes, I am Wonder Woman…

  18. Bonnie

    I am so over modern food

    I am so over the drive thru
    "Heart attack on a bun"
    "Clog your arteries without the wait"
    I am so over seeing the profits of McDonalds getting bigger
    While the nations weight keeps going up.
    I am so over my food being pumped full of preservatives and chemicals.
    I don’t want to drink milk from cows that have been injected with growth hormones and fed a steady diet of antibiotics.
    I am so over trying to read a label and not being able to pronounce the ingredients.
    I am so over being sick and tired all the time.
    I am so over the fact that dog food companies must adhere to higher standards than does the food we feed our kids.

  19. Lin Neiswender

    I’m So Over You

    I can’t even imagine
    What I saw in you
    What delusion was I under
    That made me attracted to
    A worthless piece of chewing-gum-on-the-sole-of-my-shoe
    Like you
    I ask myself
    Was I that desperate
    That pathetic?


    But no more
    Not ever again
    Older and wiser, baybee
    OK with being alone rather than with
    Mr. Fill-in-the gap-right-now

    Praise God
    I am free

  20. Laural

    I’m so over standards
    We must keep the standards UP
    Do it this way or else
    The “or else” is always more fun
    More interesting
    More challenging
    Even if it’s getting fired.

  21. Tonya Root

    Playing catch up over four days so here is my late and brief entry. :-)

    “I’m So Over Dressed”

    I look like a peacock
    amongst crows.
    When he asked me
    to go out this evening
    I wish he would have
    told me we were going
    to a monster truck rally.

  22. Terri

    I’m so over guilt–
    that obese monkey on my back;
    It had me saying sorry for things I
    I didn’t know I’d done;
    Over compensating for mild misdemeanors;
    Lying order to not bruise delicate egos.

    Guilt is getting a "Dear John" letter from me today;
    Can you read, you fat simian?

  23. Robin Morris

    lyn, your comments on the greenier than thou movement hit the nail on the head. I get annoyed now when I see Priuses.

    Here’s my late entray:

    I’m so over trying
    to accomplish something

    to justify my existence and prove
    that my privileged education was not in vain.

    I can’t help it if I am now overqualified
    for any job that still exists in the United States.

    I’m not to blame if a good romance novel
    or hospital drama on television is more compelling

    than my own damned creative endeavors,
    the bed much more appealing than the desk

    I’m so over trying
    to stay awake for this life. Good night.

  24. IleanaCarmina

    I’m So Over You

    Love dissolves in the water of life sometimes
    No matter how solid it started out
    Once life really heats up, you learn
    Love’s boiling point
    There’s just not much you can do about it
    Excitement fades, like a weak signal
    Interrupted by storm clouds gathering
    Or a writer’s strike pausing the pen
    I can’t help how I feel or how you’ve changed
    All I can wish for is to move on and that you can, too
    After all, there are five hundred more channels
    Than there used to be
    And you have some really stiff competition
    For my love and devotion
    In a few months or when your DVD comes out
    Maybe we can try again

  25. TaunaLen

    I’m So Overdue.

    I feel like a library book
    Or a flight home for the holidays
    A vacation, a nap, coffee break

    Long overdue.

    I can’t seem to be on time
    Late to bed, late to rise
    No health, wealth or wisdom there.

    I’m tardy.

    And I’m not even like
    That dapper white rabbit
    With a very important engagement

    I’m sluggish.

    Behind schedule.
    And so over it.

    TLS, April 2008

  26. Monica Martin

    I’m so over these girls
    Who are deathly skinny,
    Who can be knocked over
    By a gentle breeze.

    I know that I’m skinny, too,
    but mine is genetics.
    It’s not to be beautiful,
    Or make someone else happy.

    I try to be healthy,
    But I won’t deny myself
    That last piece of cheesecake
    Just to live up
    To someone else’s standard of beauty.

  27. Darla Smith

    I’m So Over Being Controlled

    I’m so over being controlled,
    I’m taking my life back today.
    No more being told what to do,
    I won’t listen to what you say.

    I’m so over being controlled,
    I’m starting a whole new life.
    I’m sick of this sorry marriage,
    I don’t want to be your wife.

    I’m so over being controlled,
    now I’m telling you goodbye.
    I’m feeling no sadness at all,
    No, you will not see me cry.

  28. Chris Granholm Jr.

    "I’m so over identifying with Misery"

    I read the sad words and
    sad lives in literature and
    feeling as if this is how
    my life is destined to be.
    No more "We, The Living", Khalil
    Gibran and Gatsby for me.
    Konstantin Levin can go
    jump in a lake. I want
    the glass half-full in
    my life from now on.

  29. Lisa McMahan

    I’m Over Being Alivc

    I’ve seen so much in my forty years
    More than a woman should
    I’ve lived, I’ve loved
    I’ve hurt and been hurt
    I’ve lived through torture and pain
    Neglected, abused and alone
    I’ve lived through it all
    I’m stronger because I survived
    But now I’m just over being alive.

  30. Michelle Cooper

    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon

    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon
    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon
    I would eat it everyday
    I would eat it in my sleep
    I would eat it as I speak
    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon
    I would eat it without sharing
    I would eat it without caring
    I would even eat it while I staring
    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon
    I would eat it while I’m cute
    I would eat it until I puke
    I would eat it at the University of Duke
    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon
    I’m so over peanut butter and watermelon

    H. Michelle Cooper

  31. Christa R. Shelton


    I’ve called three times already
    The pleasant voice on the other end assures a quick turnaround
    but they lied
    then lied again
    two minutes
    turned into ten
    my patience turns very thin
    but what do you do?
    you need to get through
    you pray next time it will be different
    but know that it won’t
    I’m SO over
    being put on hold!

  32. Susan Reichert

    Yes You

    I’m so over you
    I can’t stay blue
    Must hurry along
    find another song
    it has to be fast
    or it won’t last
    don’t give me slow
    it won’t make me glow.
    Cannot compare
    and I won’t stare
    will walk away
    but ready to stay
    just need to hear
    without a jeer
    a wonderful song
    and I will sing along.

    April 26
    Day 26

  33. k weber

    I’m so overrated

    Please excuse my
    novelty; the witty
    wordplay wears
    thin quickly
    and I’ve learned
    that the excitement
    of expressive
    blue eyes
    has an expiration
    less than the life
    of bread

    I am cute
    when I whip
    up a clever
    retort or let loose
    with a parody
    song of myself
    but then I
    am wearing thin
    and you will want
    to put me back
    into my original

    Feel free
    to return
    me to sender:
    whichever miscreant
    mis-created me
    at the factory
    of broken
    girls can try
    and try
    to put me back
    in working
    order again

  34. ck

    I’m So Over My Age

    I’m so over worrying about my age,
    Which is hardly “age” anyway, right?
    I mean, body’s still in good shape,
    Still got curves, still got nice skin,
    Few wrinkles, — well, laugh lines.
    Hair still full, thick, long, brown,
    Even if the gray is creeping in, a
    Streak of white now framing the right
    Of my face. And evidently many women
    Want that streak of silver-white,
    Ask me how much it costs, where I “get it done.”
    No, it’s mine, and isn’t it lovely,
    And aren’t I still lovely at my age,
    I tell myself, which isn’t yet forty,
    and won’t I just ignore those tv shows
    that bombard me with fears about growing older,
    about aging, and fill my educated thoughts
    with crazy messages about cosmetic means of
    looking younger, being younger. No, I’ll put
    my contacts in, see myself with 20/20 vision rather
    than the soft focus of my 20/40 eyes, and try
    to get over my age. Heading to the salon now.
    Keeping the gray streak.

  35. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    I’m so over being improved!

    And yes it’s true what you say:
    I like the people who like me
    the way I am. You tell me
    I should lose the red hair,
    it looks like I’m trying too hard.
    I check with my hairdresser.
    "It’s OK to be eccentric,"
    she says, only slightly defensive.
    Good, I’ll keep it then.

    You think I should stop
    making poems. It’s not as if
    my poetry’s all that good,
    you kindly point out. And not
    as if it makes me happy. Well!
    Luckily there are those who like
    reading all these inferior
    verses I love to write. I don’t
    in any case know how to not.

    I need to get a new husband,
    the one I’ve got’s getting old.
    He never did suit me anyway,
    you say. Funny that all those friends
    who’ve known us over the long haul
    disagree. "You’re so united!"
    "You’re such a team!" Our lives
    are dull and empty, you insist.
    They: "You’re so engaged with life!"

    I ought to get rid of my books,
    take down all my pictures,
    sell my computer,
    replace my defective friends.
    My beliefs are all wrong
    and so are my dreams;
    my memories are outright lies.
    Well, I can see one change
    that’s overdue. Goodbye!

    © Rosemary Nissen-Wade 2008

  36. Judy Stewart

    poem for

    I’m so over….

    I’m so over….
    signs, signs, political signs
    everywhere a political sign,
    trashing our road sides,
    blocking the view of oncoming traffic
    signs with only names
    not what they are running for
    using up trees for their political needs

    why oh why do they think more is better?
    when we don’t even know what they are running for
    why oh why if they think they need alot
    tell us something to get excited about!

    signs signs everywhere political signs
    trashing up the road side when we say littering is bad
    pick up all of those signs
    and make our roadside clean again!

    I don’t know about anyone else or where you live but number of the signs for the candidates around here are crazy!

  37. Corinne

    Lyn, I loved yours.

    Earl, that’s very cool.

    I realized I got my musical terms mixed up and my poem should read the Glimmer Twins, not the Lizard Twins (it’s The Lizard King).

    Sheryl, my poems are that way sometimes too. Sometimes I start with an end point and work back to get to it, too.

    I googled on Sean Bell, finally. Hadn’t heard much about that here in Vancouver. Ghastly.

  38. Gratia Karmes

    Yup, that’s me. Over and over again.

    I’m so over
    bearing sometimes so they tell me
    but is it true?
    It’s just that I’m over
    hearing people say that I’m going over
    board again.

    She will just steam roll so over
    You that’s what they say.

    But hey.

    I’m nice. I give plenty of time
    For you to move over. So…over
    you go, ok?

    Being understated
    Is so overrated.

    You know I’d so rather over
    do than leave a stone just sitting there
    so unoverturned.

  39. Tiffany B

    I’m so over Spring

    I’m so far over Spring, I’m coming out the other side.
    It’s just a prepubescent Summer anyway.
    Prettier in Michigan by far, or even Washington DC
    or Japan, all of them with beautiful cherry blossoms reminding you what Spring really is.
    Iowa weather gets me all confused. Beautiful sun shining
    but wind that will knock you on your ass
    and knock up your sister.
    Torrential downpour, twin rainbows,
    then hail that causes car dealerships to close.
    The farmers need the land to survive and the floods
    don’t care; they just wash it away.
    Give me an Iowa summer and pork chops on a stick,
    corn carnivals, walking tacos, these things I can understand. The meat packing plant and their, ahem, specific
    stench, creeping around the city.
    Grocery stores in two languages with open air veggie markets
    whole food stores in Ames with their doors propped open
    parades featuring Queens of all kinds, Queens of Pork or Corn. The Cattleman’s Barn at the State Fair.
    I can make sense of this.
    But "spring"- closed campus in March because of Weather?
    Wearing my winter coat in April?
    Humid orange haze lingering over the city?
    Sky turning an ominous green
    that lets you know the wind is getting together
    to form a funnel cloud convention
    and they’re meeting in your town.
    I’m so over Spring- give me a season I can understand.

  40. Diane

    Thanks Cheryl, you made my day. I love your poem too. I’m going to show it to my three girls, I know they’ll love it!
    Earl, I’ve appreciated your poems this month, and Iain, love your take on PC. Now if I can just get the rest read….

  41. Shana

    I’m so over …

    The tip of my tongue being burned
    Dentists & the noise their drills make
    Postal mail
    Most of my strongest connections being e-connections
    Stubbing my toe
    Buying vegetables I don’t manage to eat
    My close relationship with my scale
    My cat missing the catbox, maybe on purpose
    Chain restaurants I could eat at anywhere
    Not being touched
    Not getting enough sleep
    Not having stops at the end of my dishwasher sliders so the rack falls on the floor
    Reality TV
    Splenda (it was a sweet affair while it lasted)
    Hairdressers not cutting my hair short enough
    Parking in Boston
    The fear of my 15-year-old cat dying
    Not having a table in my home to eat at for 17 months and counting
    Not being indestructible
    Starbucks’ weird sizes
    WiFi not being everywhere and free
    Delicious foods being unhealthy
    Needing to sleep
    Bad cell connections
    Icy a/c in the summer
    Milk & white chocolate
    Being awake any longer

  42. Earl Parsons

    Sorry about being late. I had to take a trip.

    I’m so over hiding my beliefs

    I’m so over hiding my beliefs
    Hiding my opinions
    And what I’ve been taught that’s right
    Taught by people smarter than me
    People with more experience
    More scars from learning
    And more wisdom

    I’m so over being politically correct
    And worrying about other’s feelings
    Just because they want justification
    Or acceptance
    Or approval
    For the bad choices they’ve made

    I’m so over keeping quiet
    About the things that are taking
    America down the wrong path
    Straight into hell
    Where Satan is gloating
    About victory after victory

    I’m so over hiding Jesus Christ
    My Lord and Messiah
    The Savior of the world
    The Son of the only true God
    Who gave his life
    For all mankind
    Good or bad
    Right or wrong
    And rose on the third day
    That we may have eternal life
    If only we believe

    I will no longer be silent
    I will stand firm against sin
    I will stand up for my Savior
    And I will tell the world
    About salvation
    And eternal life
    Through Jesus Christ

    He did
    And it’s about time I did, too

  43. Sheryl Kay Oder

    Cheryl, thank you for your comment on my poem. I figure I know better than to say I am so over anything. The last line just seemed to come to me. I don’t always know where my poems are going until the end. Is anyone else that way?

  44. JL Smither

    I’m so over frat boys

    They strut like pheasants
    with over-gelled haircuts, pastel polo shirts,
    seersucker shorts, and loafers.
    They spill beer on my shorts and laugh and leer
    I should quit this job.
    They play frisbee in the park with tiny bottles of Jameson and shout at the joggers
    I should stop exercising here.
    They cruise in their SUVs with top 40 hip hop music blaring
    I should get out of this town.
    I can remember being attracted to them once,
    but I’m so over frat boys.

  45. Judy Roney

    I’m so over dealing with people
    who are bad tempered and cranky.

    Salespeople who act like I’m
    ruining their day by purchasing
    my notebooks and pens.

    I’m so over going to a hairstylist
    who doesn’t smile or thank me for
    my tip.

    I’m so over dealing with business
    people who are unprofessional
    and unfriendly.

    I’m going to take my business
    to the people who make me smile.

  46. lyn

    I’m so over the greed of green
    resulting from the fad of eco-movement
    even though we cling to the belief one person can save the world
    the sacrifices of us granola-heads who once made people jeer
    are now a fashion statement
    the promise of the good life once was two affordable cars in every garage
    now it’s a hybrid SUV and a designer solar panel
    while using up the corn supply for biodiesel instead of food
    though fashionable to go green and cut the surface waste
    the granola heads are still the butt of jokes
    because we’d rather focus on reuse, recycle, reduce
    than spend valuable capital on momentary trends

  47. Cheryl Wray

    Hey everyone! Just popping on to play catch-up with Friday, Saturday, and today’s prompts!!

    Sheryl K–loved your take on the challenge. And Diane, I love yours! I take it as a personal challenge each day to get rid of negativity and instead to experience joy!

    Here’s my attempt. It’s really long and rambling and doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it makes me happy nonetheless.

    "I am so over…"

    I am so over excuses,
    and the blame game,
    and the it’s-not-my-faults.

    I am so over Paris,
    and Britney,
    and Lindsey.

    I am so over anger,
    and negativity,
    and not-noticing-the-blessings-in-my-life.

    I am so over
    so many things
    (Grey’s Anatomy and size-2 models also come to mind),
    but I won’t continue to
    with this overly long list.

    Just suffice it to say that I’m
    taking responsibility for my life,
    teaching my daughters about real role models,
    smiling instead of harping on what-should’ve-been,
    and eating a big gooey brownie
    while watching "Lost" on Thursday nights.

  48. Diane


    I am so over being negative when things don’t go my way.
    As much as I am able, I refuse to allow trouble,
    disappointments, unfulfilled expectations,
    and unfulfilled desire keep me
    from being alive to what is
    good, beautiful, joyful,
    and fulfilling
    in each and

  49. Kateri Woody

    I’m So Over You

    and the way you sneer at me,
    break my teeth with your fist so easily;
    I’m just over you
    and the way you sneak up on me,
    bringing nothing but pain every time we meet.

  50. Susan M. Bell

    “I’m so over it.”

    I sat sipping my coffee, listening while trying not
    to appear like I was listening. Their conversation
    carried across the room. Any who wanted to could
    listen in. But we were the only customers that night,
    the young couple with their cups of steaming java,
    their loud voices that carried through the air. And me,
    across the room, typing away on my laptop, my cup
    of iced latte leaving cold rings on the table in front

    of me. “Doesn’t sound like you’re over it,” the man
    said, his voice just slightly softer than hers. She shook
    her head, grabbed her cup and splashed the still hot coffee
    in his face. His skin turned pink as the liquid dripped
    down onto his starched white shirt, his burgundy tie.
    “Now, I am so very over it.” She left, he picked up
    a napkin and began to wipe off his face and shirt. I
    continued to type trying not to appear as if I’d heard.

  51. Sarah

    Ugh, this is not very good. Oh well. At least I wrote something. I have a feeling poetry is too sentimental for Ginny anyway.

    Ginny Weasley–I’m So Over Harry Potter

    He’s so smug with his bottle-green eyes
    and his scar and his wand.
    I’ve never seen someone get away
    with breaking the rules so much,
    not even my brothers.
    I can’t speak when he’s near.
    I gape, utter inartictulate vowel sounds,
    and the only option left is to flee.
    He doesn’t notice, doesn’t look past
    my school uniform and red braids
    to see me. Me, his one true love.
    Not that silly Cho, and definitely not Hermione.
    But, I mean, seriously, Voldemort can have him.
    Everyone thinks he’s so special,
    the Boy Who Lived. Please.
    I am so over him.

  52. Jane Penland Hoover

    I am so over hyped
    That the day
    Often begins before
    I’m even up.
    Phones ringing, door chimes
    Reminding me it’s well past
    Time to delete those
    Advertisements on the Internet
    Remove the
    Posters from the creosoted poles
    Cable concentrated extensions
    High over
    Designated distances distributing
    Exhaustion now
    This frosted woman pursuing
    Solitude and selfish disassociation

    Jane Penland Hoover
    April 27, 2008

  53. Ang

    Love You

    I’m so over "love you"
    What does it mean?
    The words tacked on
    The end of a conversation
    Like "so long"
    You come to sleep
    Occasionally to eat
    If it’s convenient
    You laugh at me
    More often than with me
    You come around when you need something
    You’ll have coffee with me
    When it doesn’t interfere
    With your cigarette break
    I’m so over those words
    Just show me
    Show me
    "Love you"

  54. Sally DiUlus

    April PAD Challenge Day 26, Poetic Asides “I’m so over…” poem

    PAD #26 posted on April 27, 2008

    Spilt Milk©
    April 27, 2008

    I’m so over
    Washing the floor
    In a row
    First to clean it
    Regular Saturday morning chore
    Then as soon as it is clean
    The next person (could be me)
    To pour milk,
    KNOCKS over the glass
    And Milk puddles in pools
    Sprays and rolls in ripples
    ACROSS the shiny new floor
    Yes, I’m so over Spilt Milk.
    Sally DiUlus sdiulus@cefe.org
    ** ** ** **
    Here are days for #6, #7, #9 poems. They did not get posted, so I am posting them here. Apparently, they were bounced back in the original post.
    April PAD Challenge Day 6, Poetic Asides “Record the details of your day” poem for April 6, 2008
    PAD #6 posted on April 27, 2008
    (When you read this poem, try to pronounce each syllable – it’s more fun to read it that way!)

    "A Little Ecuadorian (awkwardarian) Cooking"
    April 6, 2008, posted April 7, 2008

    Buenos dias
    Como estas?
    La Pluma en el mano
    El cuaderno en la mesa
    Mi espanol es bueno
    The dos ninas say.

    A new recipe I’m learning
    Ecuadorian, en la Cocina; hoy not tonight.
    Por el Almuerzo,
    "Menestra" en el menu.
    Did I get that right?

    Un taza de lemtejas
    Sumo agua to the pan
    and I’m escribe-ing notes
    Rapidly, as fast as I can!

    Que es este?
    I ask pointing to otro pan.
    One nina she replies,
    "Broculi y papa"
    Papa is potato — Not my dad, I am GLAD.

    Add los espices,
    Who has heard of these?
    I have to smell them just to see
    Any recognition and
    if my brain will talk to me.
    Ahh, Comina simular to Cumin
    Add un poquito sal
    Una Cuchara grande de ajo
    Que es este? I’m told.

    One nina is my echo, one is the Cook –
    Who creates these fabby recipes con/out an Ecuadorian book!
    Salsa china de soya – Oh yea
    Adding soysauce y achiote.

    Achiote is red peppers.
    Red peppers – no not green
    pero no es rojo Pepper
    No es caliente; I think I’m going to scream!
    Sazanada – what the heck is this?
    I smell it just to check
    Can’t place it – OH MY GOSH!
    This lunch may be a train wreck.

    …And both girls giggle
    When I take a bow and say
    Gracias for ensenar-ing me
    I learned how to cook one new thing today!
    Sally DiUlus sdiulus@cefe.org

    ** ** **
    APRIL PAD Challenge Day 7, Poetic Asides “Ramble” poem
    Day 7 Challenge – April 7, 2008, reposted April 27, 2008
    PAD #7
    “Falling Into Azure Azul”
    April 7, 2008

    I’m on a skinny path
    climbing…. UP
    a STEEP hill


    W I D E enough for me

    InCHiNg aLoNg
    like a caterpillar on a leaf on a tree

    Tonight I dream
    I’m dancing

    will eye catch




    falling into beauty…falling into melody…falling
    into sunshine…falling into azure azul…

    ~refresh me!
    Sally DiULus sdiulus@cefe.org

    ** ** **
    APRIL PAD Challenge Day 9, Poetic Asides “pick a word (any word) and write a poem about it or using it” poem

    For Prompt April 9, 2008, posted April 10, 2008
    PAD #9

    April 9, 2008

    At night the dark blue blue sky
    Emerges, like my Granny’s blackberry pies.

    Soft light blue of a Robin Bird egg
    Same as the blue-bellied lizard leg.

    Water blue, similar color as Lake Tuolumne
    Are Raven’s eyes violet-blue, looking at me.

    Blue waking color of morning light
    Is the color bursting dawn breaking bright!

    Blue bonnet on my Granny’s post
    Is the same white blue as her ghost.

    Snowy mountains call to icy blue
    Betwixt friends, sad color for me, and you?

    Blue at its best, brilliant and bold
    Like Morning Glory’s journey, my story unfolds.
    Sally DiUlus, sdiulus@cefe.org

  55. Dee IKJ

    Winter 4-26-08

    October pumpkins covered with snow by the gate
    November turkey will wait, snow makes us late

    December a white Christmas makes us smile
    January another year, shovel a mile

    February the month for lovers
    Winter still hovers

    March winds do blow
    Cold and grey why doesn’t winter go

    April tulips, spring what will it bring
    Winter snow, stops the birds that sing


  56. Shelley W.

    I’m so over getting dressed
    I found the freedom of the naked form the other night
    stumbling around drunk in just my bra,
    then just my pyjama pants
    Clutching the edge of the sink as gravity pulled me down
    and seeing my smooth skin in the mirror
    beneath my ravage of a face
    And since then I just can’t be bothered
    to fully clothe myself
    I relish the air on my bare body,
    the glide of the duvet against my legs
    and hips and torso and arms
    And I’m so over getting dressed
    because I find it superfluous to go through these motions
    of undoing what I do, day after day
    when if I just stay naked,
    the sun can love my body
    better than any man ever did

  57. Maureen

    Prompt: ‘I’m so over’ poem.


    I’m so over dieting
    been doing it since I was 12:
    low carbohydrate
    low calorie
    high protein
    high carbohydrate
    mayo diet
    pritiken diet
    fit for life diet
    liver cleansing diet
    milk shake diet
    meal in a biscuit diet
    special cups of tea diet
    soup diet
    the dreaded cabbage diet
    weight loss pills
    appetite suppressants
    (can’t sleep from all the pseudoephidrine)
    fibre fillers
    Weight Watchers
    Easy Slim
    I lose weight
    put it on
    lose it again
    put on more
    can’t lose as much this time
    and put on more again
    and so on …
    And it all costs me a fortune.
    I’m sure I’d be slimmer and wealthier now
    if I’d never started dieting in the first place.

    © Maureen Sexton

  58. Shirley T.

    Out of the Real World

    There will be no more, any more.
    No more 4 A.M. dealines for the
    morning edition, 7 A.M. for the afternoon.
    No more sense assaulting questions
    of the grieving or traumatized,
    immortalizing politican’s lies,
    or probing into private lives.
    No more listening to courtroom
    testimony shredded by slick attorneys
    in slick suits serving the "rights"
    of their slick sick clients, adding
    insult to injury by demoralizing victim witnesses.
    No more office politics or shrugging off
    Sarcasm laced comments subbing
    for praise of a front page by-line they
    think should have been theirs by divine right.
    No more up close and personal views
    of disasters, fires, accidents;
    or crazed killers offering interviews
    one- on- one in the psychiatric block.
    No more dead bodies. No more dead minds.
    No more warped and jaded anythings.
    I am so over the real world.
    I give over pretense for pleasant pretending.
    Birdsong springs, butterfly summers,
    working in new gardens in the sun,
    Thoughts free to roam my mind in
    discovery, undammed by deadline;
    I live in my own free world,
    Planned and planted to my specs;
    Green musings,
    Edgings of flowering creation,
    Making the border line to the real world
    End at Wal-Mart.

    Shirley T.

  59. Barbara Ehrentreu

    Linda Brown, thank you for the great comment. I read your poems and loved the one about the waitress. My daughter was a waitress and she came home with stories like that. I have loved everyone’s poems today and I think this was a great catharsis for everyone. I know I felt better.:)

  60. Marcus Smith

    "I’m so over…"

    I’m so over
    standing those things
    you do to me "aren’t intentional"

    I’m so over
    mining my own happiness
    by being with you

    I’m so over
    wear with your scent
    especially the ones in blue

    I’m so over

  61. Corinne

    I’m so over feeling like I should be over my Thing for Mick Jagger

    I’m so over feeling like I should
    be over
    my Thing for Mick Jagger, just because
    I am 46, and crushes are passe, for young women.

    I’m not, and I ain’t gonna be. Nothing
    has changed since 1979, when I first caught the buzz,
    off his charisma, energy and inihibition,
    how could a girl not wonder what it would be like
    to be in his hands?

    He’s sex incarnate, unapologetically raw, so
    in his body, my mojo knows
    a good thing when she sees it, so
    there. To myself, and my Thing
    that I should be over my Thing
    of the half of the Lizard Twins who
    turns me to liquid.

  62. Bill Kirk

    I’m So Over Bush And His Cronies
    By Bill Kirk

    Some things just come easy
    And writing this is one.
    Finally only nine more months
    Are left ‘til George is done.

    Thought it might be sooner—
    When his first term was through.
    ‘Cause half the country was asleep,
    He took two terms. Who knew?

    Remember in November,
    To throw the bums all out.
    Vote early and vote often,
    For a Democratic route.

    I’m so over ‘W’
    And all his cronies, too.
    In January of ‘09
    We will tell them, “Shoo!”

  63. Khara House

    “I’m so over relaxing my hair.”

    I woke up this morning
    with my hair tangled in knots.
    Tight, spiraling, natural locks that I can call my own—
    no burning lye and splitting ends,
    just me and a soft cotton pillow
    clinging to, caressing my
    beloved, my short-cut natural knots.

  64. S.E. Ingraham

    I am so over being good

    I am so over being the responsible one
    The one who always does the right thing
    The driver by designation, the one who goes along to get along
    I am so done with smiling politely and always agreeing
    So tired of being the good daughter, the one relied upon
    How did this happen anyhow?
    Am I missing some vital good-time Charlene gene or something?
    Well, I’ll just have to grow one in a Petri dish
    Or put in for a transplant or whatever, or, as my youngest
    is always saying, “grow a pair”
    He doesn’t mean grow a pair of “stick up for yourself” genes but a pair of testicles will probably work just as well
    I want to be the one who –
    Sleeps in, is late for work
    Gets caught speeding and talks her way out of a ticket
    Sleeps around with, well, with whomever
    Forgets to pick up the kids
    Scratch that –
    I would never be able to forget to pick up my kids
    See? Hopeless
    Maybe not, if I work at it
    At least I can teach my kids to be a little less –
    well, a little less good
    A little less perfect or responsible
    I want them to learn to take chances, a few risks even
    Live a little, I want to tell them
    Colour outside the lines
    Think outside the box
    Oh my God, what am I doing? They’re just kids
    How irresponsible is that?
    Wait a minute – I am so over…

    After reading all the great poems for this prompt I felt like I should do something more profound but I’m so over…sorry, couldn’t resist.

  65. Karen


    I’m so over self-absorbed society

    I want water with lemon please
    I got a Dooney and Bourke at Macy’s
    I told the boss I would come in this weekend
    The kids won’t mind if I miss their soccer game
    Besides I need to be sure I get a bonus
    To help out with our $1500 mortgage payment
    I can’t give to the orphans in Africa this month
    this year
    well maybe 20 bucks
    if you don’t keep sending me these letters
    because it’s my money
    it’s my life
    it’s my family
    it’s my choice
    I don’t feel like staying married
    I don’t want to raise kids any more
    it’s too hard
    she’s younger and prettier than my wife
    I couldn’t help myself
    the company has plenty of money
    I deserve it
    They’re not paying me what I’m worth anyhow
    I feel like drinking
    Nobody will get hurt
    The kids will get over the divorce
    I need a face lift/nose job/tummy tuck
    to feel better about myself
    The I’s have it.

  66. Carla Cherry

    Hi Elizabeth, M.J. Mills, and Joe,

    Thanks for the compliments. I definitely want to develop this poem about Sean Bell. Great work everybody!

  67. VS Bryant

    4/26/08 –

    I’m So Over This

    I’m so over the way life is
    I’m so over the way things have turned out
    I’m so over the way pain is an everyday thing
    I’m so over the way people just can’t stop the hate
    I’m so over the way the lesser man is looked down upon
    I’m so over the way everyone frowns
    I’m so over our children being pushed aside
    I’m so over all the violence
    I’m so over listening to Mother Earth cry.


  68. Sheryl Kay Oder

    Except for the sentiment of the line of the poem, much of this is fiction. Sir Cat is real, though. I could not think enough antidotes in my life to flesh out the poem.

    I am so Over…

    I am so over
    saying I am so over.

    I was so over policemen
    until I met Bradford.

    I was so over traveling
    until the trip to Israel.

    I was so over healthy eating
    until my weight made me cry.

    I was so over pets
    until Sir Cat walked into the house.

    I was so over writing poetry
    until the April challenge.

    As Mother used to say,
    “Never say you will never kiss a cat.”

    I am so over kissing cats.

  69. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    I’m so over having to be someone I’m not

    To conform with
    Societies thoughts
    A face
    That I put on
    To please
    Those around me
    Gaining approval
    Of those passing by.
    But inside
    I want to jump into puddles
    Wearing no shoes
    And wetting suits
    I want to sing
    Out loud in the street
    I want to wear fairy wings
    And long socks
    I want to have green hair,
    Black nails and
    Glitter on my face
    I want to say my piece
    I want to laugh raucausly
    In a library
    I want to swim naked
    In a river
    I want to dance in a church
    I want to run through water features
    In the parks
    Squealing with joy
    As the drops find my skin
    I want to teach my students
    How to play an instrument
    And start a rock band
    And gel their hair
    And sing and dance with them
    And be free together
    I want to walk in the rain
    With my eyes up and closed
    Without an umbrella or coat
    I want to show my love
    In everyway possible
    And let the whole world know
    That I am me.
    Jolanta Laurinaitis
    And not a face in a crowd

  70. Liza

    I’m So Over My Boyfriend Angst

    I’m so over the time
    he broke up with me on Christmas.
    Yes, it is an important day,
    but I forgave him long ago.

    I’m so over the time
    he gave me a clothes rack
    one Valentines Day.
    At least he was thinking of me.

    Those we’re times long ago.
    Now, I haven’t heard from him.
    I think I need to get over him,
    so my heart can learn a lesson.

    I need to say this,
    so I can forgive my heart.
    I’m so over the boy
    that I thought was a man.

  71. Carol Brian

    I’m So Over Worrying About What People Think of Me

    Spending all day cleaning before my
    mom/in-laws/critique group comes.
    Sometimes they never even use the
    bathroom—a thirty-minute investment!
    And have they once even checked out
    the spotless state of my toaster crumb tray?

    All those days/weeks/months I spent
    incorporating the parent teacher organization
    and applying for non-profit status.
    (Talk about your non-profit status!)

    Keeping my mouth shut because
    heaven knows what they would think
    if I told them what I really thought.
    (Lie and well in Central Oregon.)

    Being on time to meetings I don’t want to attend.
    Wearing clothes/shoes/personas that don’t fit.
    Volunteering when I don’t have time/energy/desire.

    If I could have back all the time
    I squandered trying to impress,
    I’d live to be one-hundred-and-thirty.

    From now on my “Yea” will be “Yeah!”
    and my “Nay” will be “No way!”

    There’s only one more thing to say,
    “I sure hope they like my poem.”

    Carol Brian

  72. mjdills

    I am so over the: been there, done that.
    I bought the t-shirt, I wrote the book.
    You know, I’ve been around the block
    Come on baby, you’ve got the look.

    You go, girl friend.
    What’s not to like?
    Chill out, dude!
    I mean….syke!

    It’s a win-win situation,
    At the end of the day;
    As long as you can downsize it,
    And stay on the same page.

    My guru will bring to the table.
    And I’ll be wearing my bling.
    Stay the course, get out of the box.
    It’s a Wake Up Call, it’s EMPOWERING.

    Prioritize The Bottom Line.
    You’ve heard the Word on the Street.
    Level the Playing Field.
    With an Exit Strategy.

    We welcome your feedback,
    Please visit our FAQ page.
    It’s state of the art.
    It’s all the rage.

    I’m so over In the Wake Of
    Don’t tell me: Back in the Day
    I guess I must have Misspoke
    Another modern cliché.

  73. Matthew Abel

    I Am So Over Oklahoma

    Hills of polystyrene
    across the windswept plain
    float on muddied water
    that doesn’t belong there.
    Cowboys walk everywhere
    or drive in their trucks
    always sucking fuel
    burning wood

  74. Beth Browne

    I’m So Over This Menopause Crap

    My mother said it was a relief –
    no more fussing with bloody tampons,
    no more PMS.
    I cried.

    I’m not even forty-five –
    I’m too young to be losing my fertility
    drying up and getting fat and irritable.
    Ok, so I’m already irritable.
    But what if I want to have more children –
    never mind that I’m not yet completely divorced,
    there might still be another man,
    one young enough to want more kids.
    What if?

    But, really, what I am so over with now
    is the uncertainty, not knowing when
    old Aunt Flo is coming, if at all.
    Is this just a PMS bloat, or the beginning
    of the end?

    It’s bad enough being solidly
    middle-aged, but now I have to give up
    this icon of womanhood, endure
    the inevitable shutting down of the female equipment.
    Does that mean sex too?
    And this morning my best friend called
    to tell me she’s pregnant.
    And I cried.

  75. AlaskanRC


    I’m so over…
    playing by the rules.
    I was always told to be
    nice, respect my elders.
    Do not question
    and don’t even dare think
    of disobeying any rule.

    This I did even when those
    elders did things that no one should.
    “Set a good example." Ever heard of the saying,
    I wanted to scream.

    Today it’s all over. I’m tired of what
    I’ve become…all because
    I played by the rules.
    I was shy and hard pressed
    to keep my faith and hope.
    I used to be walked on and never
    given the chance to speak.

    No longer will I allow this to be
    because I’m so over playing by the rules.
    I will stand up for what I believe in
    If I don’t that would compromise my
    integrity and the values I live in spite
    Of the examples I’ve seen.

    I am confident,
    strong and determined
    no thanks to playing by the rules
    It’s no wonder I choose to leave
    that damn rule book behind.

  76. Callan Bignoli-Zale

    Poking That Thing Into My Head

    I’m so over
    trying to write this poem
    as I lay here
    ridiculously intoxicated
    at my best friend’s house
    listening to
    the person on my left
    drunk dial some guy
    from Annondale-on-Hudson
    and feeling the incessant
    ribcage pokes from
    the person on my right…

    Someone just said,
    "I hate how it feels!"
    I can only imagine
    what "it" refers to.
    This isn’t a poem.
    John’s telling me to
    Google "mixing my meats."
    I like the sound
    of the word ‘chorizo.’
    Fuck. When you hear
    "I’m gonna get snipered!"
    you know nothing
    is really going
    all that well…

    …and here’s where
    I should attempt
    to make some kind of
    deep connection between
    the first stanza
    and the second stanza
    but I don’t think
    I’m in any condition
    to legitimately do that
    so I’ll just fall asleep
    while listening to people
    say bizarre shit like,
    "We’re like molesting her butt"
    and "OK, we’re going to
    stick these in your nose"
    and oh my God
    you should see
    my boyfriend’s face

  77. SaraV

    Perfect (or not)

    I’m so over Being perfect
    A perfect Hostess,Cook, Wife, Mother
    Daughter, Lawyer, Sister, Gardener,
    I won’t do it any more
    The more that I try to be it
    The more that I am sure
    I’m good but I’m not perfect
    Perfect is a bore
    Its become a standard
    That I now reject
    It’s a goal that no one,
    No one has ever met
    So I’m going with good enough
    And what makes me happiest
    Perfect makes me miserable
    And I just won’t play that game
    So if Perfect comes calling
    Don’t mention my name

  78. halfmoon_mollie

    I’m so over the noise…

    I try to sleep
    but it shakes the bed
    and not it’s not just
    in my head
    I pace the room
    I shake my fist
    I swear someone wil
    pay for this

    but wait…a break
    the noise has stopped

    jump into bed
    and snuggle down
    arrange the folds
    of my nightgown
    and hope I fall
    asleep real fast
    I know this quiet
    will not last

    I am SO over loud noises

  79. Kimberly K

    I am so over it.
    I pack, I think.
    I am over the excuses
    I am over the lies
    I am over YOU.

    I have places to go
    things to do.
    Never again will I
    bide my time
    swim upstream.

    Grow or die.
    It is true for business.
    It is true plants.
    It is true for me.

    I am so over it.
    I am outta here.
    See ya later.

  80. Lyn Sedwick

    I’m so over cooking

    I never was much good
    At it, and my heart was never
    In it–somehow, recipes just
    Seemed like opportunities to
    Figure out how many exotic
    Ingredients I didn’t have but
    Might be able to leave out and still
    Come up with something edible.
    Now, I had to try when my kids
    Were growing up, but honestly,
    They hated what I knew how to cook–
    Chilli, Johnny Marzetti (my
    Mom’s idea of what to do with ground
    Beef, macaroni and cheese), even
    Beef Stroganoff, my showcase dish,
    Which was loved by my son, but only
    When I deleted the onions, and mush-
    Rooms–my gosh there was almost nothing
    Left after that. But sometimes I surprised them,
    I did, like when I learned how to make a decent
    Chicken Marsala, and fairly good popovers,
    A continuing crowd favorite. Still, I have
    To say, the thing I always made the best,
    And was most happy to make, was
    A reservation.

    Lyn Sedwick

  81. Renee Goularte

    I am reposting this poem because for some reason there was no line break where there was supposed to be and even though the title of the poem says I’m so overweight I guess what I really am is over anal because I just couldn’t leave it.

    I’m so overweight

    according to the charts
    at the doctor’s office and Weight Watchers,
    although I’ve read that Marilyn Monroe
    wore a size 14.
    Just like me.
    I can’t help but wonder,
    if I put on one of those girly dresses
    the kind with a tight waist and a full skirt,
    and then stood on top of an air vent,
    if my picture could become famous.

  82. Renee Goularte

    I’m so overweight

    according to the charts
    at the doctor’s office and Weight Watchers, although I’ve read that Marilyn Monroe
    wore a size 14.
    Just like me.
    I can’t help but wonder,
    if I put on one of those girly dresses
    the kind with a tight waist and a full skirt,
    and then stood on top of an air vent,
    if my picture could become famous.

  83. Linda

    Putting Out

    I’m so over second guessing
    whether I am a *real* writer,
    putting my words, my passion,
    my heart into some agent’s
    one-page, one-bite lookover
    and denied a success
    dictated by whimsy,
    a bottom-line driven market,
    and cranky over-caffeinated
    assistants aspiring for Friday night
    noodles and hot sake.

    But words I catharse,
    and must, so screw *success*:
    I am a writer.

    This is really horrible and written on a cocktail napkin at a bar in Boston after a full day at a writing conference and lots of stuff to ponder and three glasses of wine(!). Despite the despairing tone, however, the conference is very good and the feedback on the Great American Novel (not!) encouraging. But, oh… the market is so damn bleak. Peace, Linda

  84. Omavi Ndoto

    "I’m so over gin"

    You were my best friend and many times
    My only friend
    Late Friday nights all alone and by myself
    You kept me company
    And made me smile
    Made me laugh at things
    That I wouldn’t normally even find funny
    If someone paid me to laugh
    To gave me courage to make that call
    To that girl I meant yesterday at the mall

    But then things change
    And you became a demanding witch
    Expecting me to give you all my attention
    Expecting me to only be with you
    Making me say stupid things
    Making me act stupid acts
    Making me puke on the carpet
    Now I won’t get that deposit back

    Because of you even my breathe started to stink
    And some malodorous secretions
    Even made my beloved cats
    Turn their noses up at me
    I thought we were cool
    I thought we were best of friends
    And then you just left me dry
    When the money came to the end

    But that’s all in the past
    And I’ve finally allowed myself to let you go
    Excised you like a demon
    Kicked you out of the door
    Happiness once again is in my life
    And my new friend rum
    Told me that she would never treat me like that

  85. Deb Hill

    April 26 day 26

    I’m so over the . . .
    Promise that says you will when you don’t
    the promise of tomorrow that never comes
    and the promise of life until death do us part,
    parting happens and some die, but not always
    from death , some die while living.
    Beware the Promise!

  86. Debra Elliott

    First, let me say I always enjoy reading Iain’s poetry…
    All poems today were great of course. I will miss this blog and the wonderful new friends I have made when it ends. You can always catch me on my website….

  87. Linda Brown

    A day late again. Here are both of mine.

    World’s Worst Waitress

    Yep, that was me!
    What pleasure can I draw after all these years?
    Only that some of the people whom
    I abused probably deserved it.
    After all, even the worlds
    worst waitress doesn’t deserve abuse herself.
    She does the best she can.
    Can’t help it if she has two left feet
    and is right brained.
    Some people are so mean:
    the drunk who tried
    to impress his date by being furious
    at me because our hotel house phone
    was on the wall. He kept demanding
    that I bring a phone to his table.
    An impossibility since no cord in
    the world is that long!
    If a trophy were given me,
    it would have to be a Bloody Mary
    in honor of the one I spilled down
    the front of a customer.
    I Am So Over

    Criticism. First husband
    Found nothing right in
    Anything I did. I
    Finally had to break
    All the dishes to
    Shut him up. Second husband
    Complained about my actions
    All the time. What I
    Said. What I did. What I wore.
    Finally had to divorce him.
    Third husband was easy.
    I fed him arsenic.

  88. Nancy

    Do you teach English? I will never, never give up trying to get some of them to love poetry, some at least to like it, and all to tolerate. Happy National Poetry Month!

  89. Lorraine Hart

    wistful thinking

    Ah sweet saltiness
    of women and
    a five o’ clock
    martini warm
    musk of a man and
    big dogs who
    lean into
    tightened thighs
    Och highlands of
    heather and
    equatorial moonlight
    elders and bairns
    not meant for
    this being
    I’m so over
    saying goodbye
    what more but to
    love you and
    keep on singing
    I’ll see you in
    my dreams

  90. Sara McNulty

    Congrats to all! Wonderful poems today, especially lian–love the Ex-Pat and PC.

    I am so over being in
    my 50’s, that I’m closer
    to 60. I have done it,
    Mom, finally reached that
    satiation point where I
    like myself better than I
    like you. I am so over
    trying to guess what will
    make you happy
    make you laugh
    make you proud
    make you extend a compliment
    my way that you don’t snatch back.

    I am so over you finding fault
    with everything I do or say,
    that I now live my life my way.

  91. Kim

    Iain, loved it!
    I can’t speak for the other ‘special interest groups’ represented in your poem, but, with one side of my family being *very* jewish (yiddish, even) I find what you wrote much more refreshing than offensive.

  92. Laurie Kolp

    I’m So Overstuffed

    I’m so overstuffed,
    I don’t know what to do.
    Last night they took my guts out,
    and filled me up with goo.

    Then they buttered up and cooked me,
    and made me feel so hot,
    I got to feeling warm and crisp;
    am I really here or not?

    Now I’m on a platter,
    unable to move an inch,
    wishing, ruing, full of wonder;
    how did I get in this pinch?

    There’s people all around me,
    bowing their heads to pray.
    And all they keep talking about,
    is something called Thanksgiving Day!

  93. Essa Bostone

    Finally caught up, at least for now. I LOVED all the political stuff…and lots of the funny ones as well. Good writing folks. Four more days! I’ve never had a better time with my writing.

    Prompt April 26 2008

    I’m so over
    The need to please
    The wish to be noticed
    Desire to be liked

    I’m so over
    Waiting for recognition
    Thinking without optimism
    Feeling despair

    I’m so over
    Caring what he thinks
    Wondering what she thinks
    Thinking what they think

    I’m so over
    Courting disaster
    Fear of success

  94. Iain D. Kemp

    "Little" Richard Makepeace from Macon, Georgia is black, jewish & homosexual. Unbelievably he chose to make his life harder by playing rock’n’roll. This is dedicated to the innovator, the inspirater, the creator of Rock and Roll. The said Little Richard.

    P.C. ( isn’t that a computer?)

    I am so over PC
    It’s like California took over
    The whole world
    (in its lunch hour!)
    Like the neighbour
    On Greg & Thingy
    You know the fag-hag
    He gets to say
    Queer and Homo
    And Queen
    And I don’t know what
    Else but I have to say
    Gay which used to mean
    Happy and Samuel L. Jackson
    Sonofabitch, where does he get off?
    Cos he can say Nigger 1347
    Times in one movie and I can never
    Ever call him that, hell just not saying
    “ the movie actor, you know the one
    Who was in Pulp Fiction with that old dancing poof”
    Instead of the black guy who worked with Travolta
    Will probably get me arrested on charges of being a laptop
    Sorry, I mean not PC.
    I am so, so over how the guy in the corner with the
    Red tie is no longer Korean but racially profiled by his
    Sartorial failings. Like that tie goes with that shirt!
    And that Ali G! “ Is it cos I is Black?”
    No, its cos you is Jewish & is behaving like an asshole.
    ‘Cept you is doin’ it on TV, so it’s OK.
    But I write it down and I’m bein’ offensive,
    So I said to the Man, “ What? Is it cos I is a poet?”

    And the Man said NO! “ Its cos you is mad and has lost the plot.
    Now be a good little nutter, and come with me….

    If you have been offended by this or know someone who might be then you probably need to get out more. ( Which will have suffice in lieu of an apology).

  95. Iain D. Kemp

    Satia, i get you totally. I loved your piece as it is but personally I leave 6 months before revision. There are pieces I’ve written this month & hated but others liked and some that next day I kinda liked. For me you have to be able read it without memory, like its not yours, then you can judge it. There are things I’ve written (even this month) that I would never change & yet people look blank… This art, this alchemy of words is always too subjective…. But what do I know, I write offensive notes to some poor sap called Moosehead & call it poetry!

  96. Nancy

    I’m So Over Myself

    “Curtis is a picture of understated elegance. In Hollywood, where middle-aged actresses are expected to resort to extreme measures to look younger, her short, naturally silver hair is subversive. By local standards Jamie Lee is letting her freak flag fly.”—AARP Magazine

    When Caroline Kennedy made the cover
    Of a certain publication with a narrow marketing segment,
    Neil Diamond confessed that she was his “Sweet Caroline,”
    Had been all along.

    I know it’s so cliché to claim
    That fifty’s the new forty; and now
    That Brokaw has shifted his focus
    From the Greatest Generation to
    The Boomers—that’s us—
    It’s hard to overlook the Gen X-ers
    And Y-ers breathing down own necks.

    I’m not ready to let myself go,
    To give it up; but I find laugh lines
    Sexier than Botox. I don’t’ need
    A silicone lift to feel perkier.
    And like Jamie Lee, I let my freak flag fly.

    When I quit taking myself so seriously,
    I like myself best of all. From now on,
    I’m going more than gray.

  97. Iain D. Kemp

    RRDebra, this a re-write of an oldie inre your comment

    The Pen is mightier…

    Supporting the ideology
    of a war on terror
    is tough
    it seems.
    But taking a country
    by the gun
    is hardly
    the stuff
    of dreams.

    The original was about Ireland, but any war will do! Thanks for the reminder.

  98. Bonnie MacAllister

    A Temple to What?

    I’m so over this evaluation,
    Breaking down in ones and fives.
    My palates are dry
    From dispelling your truth.
    Last night I creaked out
    Somewhat ambiguous.
    The fees are in hand,
    My place reserved,
    I’ve mastered your arts,
    Invoke, convoke, choke,
    Provoke me with your guile.

  99. Alfred J Bruey

    I’m So Over Listening to Someone say "I’m So Over someone." (#26)

    There are lots of cliches
    and one of the most overused
    is when you say
    "I’m so over him" or
    "I’m so over her" because
    it’s certain that
    when you say that,
    you’ll never be
    over "him" or "her."

  100. Sue Bench

    I am so over…

    I am so over living in that box!
    Spending my life pleasing others,
    And neglecting my own self.

    Now I do what I want to do.
    My real feelings and desires
    are valid, at last.

    And the ironic thing is –
    it isn’t selfish.
    Now that I take care of myself,
    I have much more to give
    to the ones I love.

  101. Iain D. Kemp

    Elizabth, I am ‘umble. so very, very ‘umble.

    Debra, You’ve jargoned me out again! Plse explain..

    I’m so over over over dressing…

    I over dressed and no one
    guessed that it was me at all
    Rabbit skin vests were de riguer
    but I went au natural

    I didn’t know the form or style
    to dress up fine and dandy
    just once or twice a while
    so I tipped up in the nude (and randy)

    Its twelve inches long but I
    don’t use it as a rule
    measured carefully, why?
    It’s pefect for a fool

    I’m so over being coy
    a poet to pretend
    I’m just a loonie boy
    who gibbers to the end

    I’ll dress as Captain Marvel
    or come as Superman
    but unless you can unravel
    You won’t guess who I am

    I’m the guest the Toad
    Don’t wanna entertain
    I’m the dwarf of old
    Who sold his Pizza brain.

    Apologies to Bill!

  102. satia

    Not that this is the first time I’ve felt this way but I definitely want to come back to this one and play with it some more. I’ve had this experience with some of the previous prompts as well so I guess I’ll be revising poetry for months after only one month of writing. :)

    Over Myself

    I’m so damn over myself—
    This mirage of self-sabotage
    This passive aggressive procrastination
    As explanation of why I didn’t do today
    What I should’ve done yesterday
    And my never ending to-do list
    Exponentially exposing my inabilities
    Increasing the instability I feel.

    My emotional walls are so tall
    God tiptoes along the top
    But I have no boundaries
    And the bricks are glass so
    Any passer by can spy
    Me dancing naked to nothing
    But the singing inside.

    I’m so very over myself—
    Selfish self-aggrandization
    Fantasizing about how fantastic I am
    Writing about myself like I’m all that
    Flinging words of wisdom as if
    My advice were a sacrifice
    My pretensions, pretending my words matter
    And weigh more than the mother love
    That first put my hand to pen to paper
    Puppet to her lead, pauper to her knowledge
    Pirating her wisdom, and pawning poems
    To anyone with neither ears nor heart.

    I am so over and over-tired of being
    Too much and not enough
    Too thick
    Too short
    Too old
    Too educated
    Too frustrated
    Too angry
    Too angry
    Too damn angry and
    At the same damn time
    Of trying to balance who I am
    With who I am becoming
    Trying to find some satisfaction
    Dancing on the pin head with
    Invisible angels.

  103. Joannie Stangeland

    I Am So Over Dinner

    On Sunday night, it might
    be an extravagance, an event
    prepared with attention
    and the seven flavors of love,
    but Monday I’m back to slinging hash,
    fixing chicken or pork chops,
    harried after a day of work
    and a long bus ride,
    the stop at the store,
    heavy bags to carry home,
    persnickity palates to please,
    no meat for one, avoid avocados,
    olives, and eggs for another,
    a third prefers no broccoli.
    The knife slides through an onion.
    The oil heats. A sizzling begins.
    The cops make an arrest
    or the doctor makes
    a diagnosis. I made
    a mistake, but the show must go on
    until I can set a plate
    in front of each critical eye,
    sit myself down
    with a glass of wine,
    eat quickly because I do,
    while the pans wait to be washed.
    This could be a ritual,
    but it lost its mysticism
    back in the last century.
    Instead let’s eat salads.
    Let’s just eat cake
    or take-out. I’ve got
    a drawer full of menus.

  104. Barbara Ehrentreu

    Everyone, great poems today. Justin, don’t give up poetry. I don’t think it’s something you can give up. I find it’s in my very being and at times there is nothing else to do but write a poem. I’ve always only written when inspired, so doing it to a prompt has been an experience. Thanks Robert.

    I’m so over

    thinking of you first
    as if my life weren’t as important.
    I’m so over catering to you
    as if you were the star
    in this house
    outshining all the others
    your needs always coming first
    your desires and whims;
    stopping everything
    while you tell me yet
    another unnecessary fact
    watching you as you sleep
    listening for the breathing
    my heart skipping a beat
    at a sudden movement

    I’m so over the pain
    you cause with
    your unnecessary barbs
    at my yet unfilled career goals
    I am attempting
    to scale this wall,
    but you are not
    there to catch me
    waiting to give me
    the boost I need
    as I slide a few feet down

    I’m so over
    your churlish mannerisms
    your undermining
    my very existence
    my triumphs as secondary
    my hopes as trivial
    I’m so over
    being your nurse
    when you take care
    of yourself like a king
    ignoring my presence
    and demanding
    I clean up your debris
    I’m so over wasting my joy
    as if I were not worthy
    to revel in simple
    pleasures that are not paid
    I’m so over worrying about
    you and your health when
    you argue each time I remind
    you of a necessary act.
    It’s been a year and a half
    of stress and worry
    of watching and hoping
    and you have survived
    coming through
    like your hero John Wayne
    and it is time
    to be the man you were.

    I am so over the nightmare
    of your heart attack
    and the unsteadiness
    of your bypass and beyond
    when your mind hovered
    between this world and
    a world of your own making.
    I am so over pretending
    you are an invalid
    and being your slave
    when I receive in payment
    your vitriol and hatred
    and I want to return
    to before
    to the reason we continue
    together to the look
    in your eyes
    I would follow anywhere.

  105. Elizabeth Keggi

    Rod – I am so very over winter as well. We had tornado weather yesterday (that’s nice, normal summer weather!), and Monday we’re supposed to have snow. Thank goodness the daffodils seem oblivious to all the temperature extremes. And the birds are out there doing their thing. Amazing.

  106. Frank Gual

    I’m so over not being perfect. Mother wanted perfect children, I am not.Of this she reminds me,perfect you are not.But I was a good boy, perfect I was not.And now I am a good son, perfect I am not. Just let me be, I say, because perfect I will never be.

  107. Maria Jacketti

    I’m So Over Weight

    It isn’t winter anymore.
    Now I study life’s twist and tango
    with hummingbirds, butterflies,
    bouffant bees: wee alchemists,
    muscular pardoxes.
    A season for this and a season for that:
    I turn the adipose luxury
    of a winterized bear
    into the yoga of the solar carpet
    that stretches out, showing me
    the rest of my life:
    and I crave this lightness more
    than chocolate.

    Maria Jacketti

  108. Bill Toad

    I’m so over
    dressed, my word!
    I thought R.S.V.P.

    {Hope this doesn’t pop up twice. I didn’t see it post the first time, so this is the second attempt.)

  109. Joe

    Apple of My Eye

    I’m so over you.
    We’re like
    two p’s
    in an I-ppod.

    Just not meant
    to be together.

    (I was just thinkin’ off the top of my head…and it hurts. Guess I’m not over my flu yet:))

  110. John H Maloney

    I’m so over nightmares

    That’s it, I’m out.
    I’ve had enough,
    I can’t take anymore.
    I quit this bout,
    you’ve called my bluff.
    I’m walking out the door.
    This mess right here,
    inside my head
    is more than I can take.
    The stress and fear
    when I’m in bed.
    I’d rather stay awake.

  111. Rebecca

    I am so over teenagers

    You look at me with jaded eyes
    "Do we have to read more poetry?"
    The whine is killing me.


    Poetry today, and poetry tomorrow.
    We will read it, it write it, comment on it.
    Alliteration animates all the asinine
    verbiage the rappers throw at you.
    Why can’t you just try to enjoy a little
    Dickinson or William Carlos Williams?

    Your hormonally fired synapses
    produce the most flagrant abuses
    of language. But I accept the
    beating if only you will listen
    to the Beats or at least The Beatles.

    But alas, you are in that most
    narcissistic of ages and places.
    Perhaps I am asking too much and
    should just accept the occasional
    gift: "That was hyperbole!"

  112. patti williams

    The Cycle

    I’m so over the cycle.
    You’re beautiful.
    I love you.
    You’re great.
    What did you say to me?
    What do think you’re doing?
    That’s it, we’re over!
    I’m out!
    You’re on your own!
    Honey, I’m sorry, please let me stay.
    It never happened.
    You’re beautiful.
    I love you.
    You’re great.

  113. Bruce Niedt

    I Am So Over the Hill

    I am so over the hill, I remember my first car,
    an AMC Gremlin, a little beige gnome
    with the bitten-off tail that cost me three grand, new.
    It got thirty miles per gallon, impressive even
    by today’s standards.

    I am so over the hill, I remember the days before air bags,
    when you could still get a steering wheel in the sternum
    or a trip through the windshield with a sudden impact.
    I remember when a built-in 8-track player
    was a cool option.

    I am so over the hill
    I remember filling my gas tank on less than ten bucks,
    and that was after the first big “oil crisis”.
    But hey, today someone has to foot the bill
    for those big-oil CEOs’ salaries, and someone has to pay
    for that “war or terror”.

    Now, I drive a semi-green hybrid SUV
    that still costs me forty bucks or more to fill.
    But I try to be economical,
    especially when I get to coast, once I get
    over the hill.

  114. Anahbird

    I’m so over that cute smile

    I’m so over that cute smile
    And the way he always says
    The cutest silliest wittiest things
    And I am so over how he inspires
    The best in my writing
    And when I am around him
    I feel like writing
    And I am so over
    All of the times
    He blew me off
    And promised me things
    Only to “forget”
    Or really forget
    And break his promises
    Or perhaps it was all just
    Casual conversation to him
    The whole time
    So I am so over
    His soulful poet act
    But it still warms my heart
    Just to see his smile.

  115. Rodney C. Walmer

    Over Winter

    It came to us with cold days
    and even colder nights
    Though it had it’s own ways
    with even better delights
    But, then came the snow
    stopping traffic
    Nothing would go
    stepping in places specific
    or cold soaked feet you would get
    It’s moving on now
    for another year
    winter is taking a bow
    to warmer weather, skies clear
    Spring is in the air
    which means enjoying a barbecue
    light jackets
    new things to do
    Like that’ it’s
    time to say goodbye
    to winter
    and hey there, Hi
    to spring
    only one thing
    I am so over Winter
    I’d welcome anything. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 4/26/08 Prompt #26 “I’m So Over”

  116. Joe

    The Blame Game

    Wish I could come down
    from my high.
    You put me on
    this pedestal,
    demand more of me
    every single day,
    Then bitterly try
    And knock me down.

    It’s not my fault,
    you created this mess.
    Maybe got a little
    too comfortable, too spoiled
    for your own good.
    You don’t own me.

    Show a little more
    respect, and maybe
    I’ll stick around longer.
    Stop wasting a good thing.
    I’m sick of reading the
    fuel headlines,
    saying how I’m so overpriced.
    “Supply and demand, baby”.

  117. Elizabeth K. Keggi

    Iain, I am quite flattered. Keep your mitts off your cats, now, and I promise leave my beloved Samsara alone. Seriously, Iain, I am flattered because I think your poems are terrific.

  118. Elizabeth K. Keggi


    I’m so over the rainbow—
    Splitting skies, leaves asunder,
    Can you say it with me?
    zoom zoom zoom
    Dusty rooftops exude a scent of
    lollipops and peeling oranges
    zoom zoom zoom
    Candy sky, but the black keeps coming
    blowing holes in my cover.
    The sky explodes and I realize
    the tiny little people below
    are cap guns misfiring, sending
    globules aloft like cupcakes
    on fire. Say it with me!
    Plunge yourself into the sky with me,
    let the glitter fall where it may.

    Elizabeth K. Keggi

  119. Iain D. Kemp

    Really enjoying todays poems so far. I could sit and do this one all day… don’t worry, I won’t! Just leave you all with a note from my old frien Ringo and a short lament.

    Dear Moosehead,

    I am so over your sister
    working strip joints. I would
    never have married her if I’d
    known she was a slut. Still, it
    gives me more time with your
    Mom. Also am so over The DH
    so I’m switching to the Mets.
    Pick me up at 7 or I’ll seeya
    in heaven.

    p.s. Bring your cousin.

    Yours over the top

    Ringo the Howler


    Druid’s Lament

    I am so over
    Liberals and promiscuity.
    With the age of consent
    At just 13, can’t remember
    The last time we even had
    A Virgin to sacrifice.

  120. Teri Coyne

    Over It

    Now that you have the all clear
    signs from the doctors
    and the scars from the surgeries
    are starting to fade
    it feels like the cancer
    is finally over

    That day when you told me
    you didn’t want to talk about it
    I cried in your shower
    my hand over my mouth
    so you wouldn’t hear

    Maybe I wasn’t there
    as much as you needed
    but I was there more
    than anyone else
    except your parents
    who care for you still
    as their little girl
    you can’t let go of

    I had such hope
    for the journey the cancer
    would grant you
    the way you would see me
    as a friend who gives more
    than she gets

    what you see
    is more of yourself
    your hair, your teeth, your tan
    your nails

    I would take it all back
    for you
    and then for me
    as I would rather not
    have gone through it
    to realize
    I am over it

  121. Margaret Fieland

    I’m So Over Aspects of Loving You

    I’m so over vacuuming three times
    a day and still finding dog hair
    all over the sofa. I’m so over
    having you chew my favorite

    pair of loafers just because
    I went to the beach with Jim
    and left you behind. I’m so over
    carrying 40 lb bags of kibble,

    then wrenching my back when
    I pour it into the barrel. I’m
    so over broiling a sirloin
    to medium rare perfection

    and then having you grab it and
    eat it all. I’m so over having you
    dislocate my shoulder every time
    you see a squirrel.

    It’s just that I’m a sucker for
    big grown eyes and a furry head
    on my lap. Just the head, mind.
    Hey, you’re knocking me over…

  122. Iain D. Kemp

    To Kerri.

    Cats, Poetry & Death #2

    I am so over
    Cats, Poetry and Death
    I want to write about
    Dogs, Prose and Life
    I want to write about butterflies
    Pygmies, Giraffes, Eskimos
    Sorry, that’s Inuits, innit?
    I want to write about
    Politics and social inequality
    And bullets and fear and the little
    Multi-coloured bits they put
    On ice-cream and hundreds and
    Thousands of things that matter
    But every time I get stuck,
    Amusingly museless,
    I end up writing about
    Cats, Poetry or Death
    (Or sometimes all three!)

  123. Joe

    Over and out

    I’m so over the hill
    My watch refuses to work
    For me.
    Everytime I look at it,
    I swear I see
    “Time’s up, buddy”.

    I’m so overmedicated,
    Elvis would be proud
    Of me.
    We’d sit in the music room
    At Graceland
    Popping pills and
    Buttons off our shirts.

    I’m so over the top
    with my poetry,
    One day I hope to learn
    how to write it

  124. Iain D. Kemp

    I am so over ex-pats…

    I am so over the ex-pat
    Whining, whinging
    Moaning, groaning
    Going on and on

    “Their” country has gone
    To the dogs, it’s ruined
    By government
    By foreigners
    By smoking bans
    By taxes
    By yoofs in hoodies
    And everybody wants
    To leave…

    But they already have!
    They got up, got out
    Went away, went abroad
    Moved on, moved to
    The sun and sea and sangria
    So why can’t they just
    Shut up!

    It’s not their problem
    They don’t live there
    Anymore, wouldn’t go
    Go back, not if you paid
    Them their weight
    In gold or diamonds
    Or both

    So please just stop!
    Just shut the hell up!

    And I am so over ex-pats
    Whining, whinging
    Moaning, groaning
    Going on and on

    Because the stupid Spanish
    Can’t speak English
    And how the place is
    Full of immigrants
    Robbing, stealing
    Murdering Rumanian
    Bastards and have you seen
    How much a beer is now?
    “I bet they have special prices
    For foreigners”

    For crying out loud
    I am so over your
    Bullshit, if you
    Don’t like it here
    Why don’t you just
    Go home?
    Oh! That’s right
    You don’t like it there

  125. Justin Evans

    I’m So Over Writing Poetry

    It’s finally happened. Last night
    I wrote my last for real poem. As soon
    as I’d finished it I knew
    there was nothing left to do
    but lay down and sleep the sleep
    of the dead, my life’s work finished.

    I can’t explain how I knew that last
    small metaphor, the one about my dog
    was it, but after I caught my glance
    drifting between dog and poem,
    then back to dog, that was it. It was over.

    Waking this morning I saw the sun,
    knew I had freed myself from the chain
    of line, half line, line breaks, and ego.
    This is my declaration of independence,
    my barbaric yawp, my final death rattle
    before I sputter and give up the ghost.

    Poetry I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.
    Poetry three dollars and seventy-four cents April 26, 2008.
    I can’t stand my own mind.

    Now that I’ve given you up, I’ll go buy
    some tan Dockers and loafers, get a job
    selling ad space in men’s magazines, plan
    for retirement and two week vacations.
    Now, go away. I’m finished with all of it.

  126. Rodney C. Walmer

    Thank you Debra and Kim, if you are interested there are Ron Paul chat groups on IRC, in the server Efnet or Freenode, they are called #RonPaul, you are always welcome to join. We are not giving up on Ron Paul just yet. :-)


  127. Michelle H.

    “I’m so over snow.”

    It’s rained the last two days
    Now everything is green
    But then the temperature drops
    Surprise! Wake up! Just stop.

    The snow is falling
    The wind is blowing
    The green has gone away
    Please melt soon I pray.

    Spring is a fickle lady
    You never know how she’ll blow
    With my sweater and my tea
    I’m so over snow!

    April 26, 2008
    © Michelle H.

  128. Marcos Cabrera

    I’m so over caring

    I’m so caring thought we are near the end.
    For almost two years I took care of them
    and it is time for me to go away
    they are growing and want things in their way
    sending my environment into hell.
    I have to go where peace for me may dwell
    taking my bags and never to look back,
    moving from my brain the bothering clack
    that so often is hammering my head.

    I’m so over caring of my grandkids
    that my personal life is at a brink.

    I wanted to do it but things have changed
    and it’s obvious that they are tired of me
    I don’t belong any more as I see
    since the mother’s back things are not the same.
    Nothing is left for me but a farewell
    driving down to the lower forty eight
    like I always have done, like yesterday
    in somewhere else looking for a new dell.
    I need to go somewhere, I need a friend.

  129. Rox

    I’m So Over Sharing The Words

    Almost daily the pen
    Sails across seas of paper
    Or fingers dance first slow
    Then percussion across the keyboard,
    A lifetime library full of observations
    Silently screaming testament
    To what’s inside,

    Smeared emotion and language
    Never good enough, too raw,
    Unconventional, unstructured,
    Anyone couldn’t have said better,
    Still compelled to keep going;
    Loving all the words anyway

    Electronically illuminated
    I see shining up at me:
    “Poem-a-day in April”.

    The dragon of fear rose up
    To rend and incinerate
    The idea of sharing
    All that dreck
    And joy
    With total strangers;
    The challenge here was more
    Than writing every day.

    I battle the beast now day by day
    Knowing the date
    Of it’s timely defeat.

  130. Connie

    I’m So Over Overeating

    I’m so over stuffing my face
    And waking up feeling
    Like I swallowed a dog
    The size of a cocker spaniel

    I’m so over people asking me
    When my baby’s due
    (Well, at least they think I’m
    Young enough to have a baby!)

    I’m so over my pants slipping
    Below my belly
    And the fear of children
    Wondering if I’m Mrs. Clause

    I’m so over having so many
    Different sizes in my closet
    That I’m tempted to steal
    Divider numbers from Wal-Mart

    I’m so over carrying around
    The extra weight equivalent
    To a small child
    On not-so-small child

    I’m so over making excuses
    For sitting around like a slug
    In the evenings watching TV
    And getting precious little done

    I’m so over overeating!
    And under exercising
    And, Robert and PAD people,
    My name is Connie

  131. Rodney C. Walmer

    Debra, this political race is not about politics, it’s about gender and culture. The real candidate was purposely ignored and slandered, and misrepresented by the main stream media. He should have won hands down, and anyone took the time to see what he was about, has agreed with me on that. His name is Ron Paul.

    Just my Humble Opinion.


  132. Rodney C. Walmer

    I am posting the original version, if it’s inappropriate, just delete it Robert.

    Just over it (alternate)

    We’re overcharged at the pump
    over filled at the local dump
    We over eat
    so, we overly plump

    I’m underpaid
    hardly ever laid
    less often hoorayed
    always feel displayed
    I just want to be myself
    I am so over,
    trying to live like anyone else. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 4/26/08 Alternate version. Personally, I feel both versions stink. I write better, when I am not feeling ill.

  133. Debra Elliott

    Here’s mine for today… It’s political, no offense intended, but I’m so tired of the political RAT RACE….

    Over Nothing

    I’m so over the presidential race,
    who’s telling the truth,
    who’s two face…

    I’m so over the Obama, Clinton
    who’s the best ,
    who’s like the rest…

    I’m so over the mud slinging,
    who’s it going to be,
    who’s going to agree…

    I’m so over the politics,
    who’s my next president,
    who’s going to be
    the White House resident…

    I don’t really care anymore,
    who’s got the most,
    who’s going to boast…

    It’s all
    over nothing,
    I’m so over it…
    I don’t give a sh*t

  134. Rodney C. Walmer

    Just over it

    We’re overcharged at the pump
    over filled at the local dump
    We over eat
    so, we overly plump

    I’m underpaid, overcharged
    like everyone else
    just trying to live large
    while being myself
    I’m so over trying
    to be like anyone else. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 4/26/08 Sorry for the terrible entry, not feeling well today, a bit under the
    weather. Will try for a better entry later. Rod. I had an alternate version, but the content might be
    unacceptable due to one line that might be considered inappropriate.

  135. Kim

    I’m So Over Puppy-Dog Eyes

    Yes, I’ll get your breakfast, and let you outside.
    Good morning to you too; do you know how early it is?
    No, I don’t care that your long black tail is waving, begging me to play.
    I’ve got other things to do
    More important than you.
    When I first brought you home, a ball of black fluff
    I could hold in my arms, Your big brown eyes enchanted me,
    But now the kitchen’s full of dirty dishes and I’ve got such a busy day . . .
    "But look," your eyes say, "how the sun shines!"
    But nothing, I reply. I haven’t got the time.

    And yet . . .

    All right.

    Puppy-dog eyes still get to me anyway.

  136. Heather

    I’m So Over Sammy the Snake

    We’ve been looking for the rascal
    Three whole days
    I can assure you
    Sleep has not been the same

    My husband wants to know where
    I think he went
    I say
    “He’s probably waiting in the bed”

  137. Carla Cherry

    The Awakening
    (for Sean Bell)

    Hold up, gotta reload

    1 body
    and no justice.

    I don’t yet know
    how I will fight
    I’m so over
    being polite.

  138. LBC

    "I’m so over eating"

    The scout that lives
    around the corner
    the cookies,
    that timeless
    just when the weather
    is warm enough
    for summer ensembles,
    testing my will to
    the tummy bulge
    that has been a fashion statement
    all winter.
    Chocolate thin mints
    broke my will,
    so did lemon creams
    and those peanut butter somethings.
    After that momentary weakness,
    the boxes are empty
    and I am so over eating.

  139. Jeanette J McAdoo


    Instead of sitting around with nothing to do,
    I go out to parties weddings and with friends.
    I’m tired of sitting around feeling blue,
    From now on the blues and bordem are at ends.