April PAD Challenge: Day 26

Today’s prompt is to write a poem with the title of “I’m so over (_____).”  You get to choose what you’re “so over” with, and write a poem about it.  I’ll be looking forward to reading these. 

Here’s my poem for the day:

“I’m so over commuting to work.”

In getting up at 5:30 in the morning
to beat rush hour traffic. $3.59
for a gallon of gasoline is highway
robbery. For real. As in, I’m driving
on the highway, and my name is Robert.

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176 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 26

  1. Jay Sizemore

    I’m so over celebrity

    We are all responsible
    for creating this monster,
    for staring doe-eyed
    into the pixels and lights,
    stuffing our eyes
    with magazine covers,
    bold-faced headline gossips,
    shoving the scraps
    of others’ excessive lives
    down our throats
    so we don’t starve
    on our own irrelevance
    and normalcy.

    We’ve watched
    to turn our heads,
    fixated on every move
    every camera flash,
    a button depressed
    by the clamoring greed
    of this cumulative psyche,
    open mouths
    attention deficient
    and too numerous to feed,
    ravenous, waiting
    for the next sacrifice.

    A new form of cannibalism
    permeates the airwaves
    and this spider’s
    world wide web,
    devouring the innocent
    and the talented
    without tasting their blood,
    never satisfied
    until they’ve lost touch
    with their memories
    of quiet thought,
    shaving their skulls
    and selling their children
    while hiding faces
    from their dollar-sign parents
    behind huge sunglasses
    or umbrellas.

    We are all responsible.

  2. Linda Hofke

    I’m so Overanxious

    It’s my first week on the job
    And I’m almost scared to death.
    Working at the morgue
    Sure puts my nerves to the test.

    I know it’s not much of a poem but I’m playing catch up and that is all that came to me.

  3. LindaTK

    Day 26
    I’m So Over…….

    I’m So Overwhelmed

    If you think
    that things slow down
    when you get older
    let me set you straight
    It gets worse
    Maybe it’s my personality type
    Maybe it’s how I perceive things
    I have been peddle to the metal
    all my adult life
    Don’t know why
    Driven in many respects
    More time on my hands
    Not happening
    I fill every second
    Get myself exhausted
    Can’t keep up
    Add to that, ADD
    Good Grief
    Yes, I am older
    And things have not slowed down
    They have sped up
    I am so overwhelmed

  4. Hope Greene

    I’m so over
    tired after I acquired what I desired.
    I’m so over
    bearing while chairing the cheering.
    I’m so over
    wrought at the thought of a shot of hot sake.
    I’m so over
    confident in errant rodent parents.
    I’m so over
    whelmed with weathered elms.
    I’m so over
    stimulated with a simulated cupid, naked.
    I’m so over
    board with the whored gourd.
    I’m so over
    come with rectum edam phantom.
    I’m so over
    written—a pidgin quintan chicken.
    I’m so over-
    This prompt.

  5. Lorien

    I’m So Over…"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

    What is that crap, anyways?
    Bunch of half-full, hippie, self-help, sweetie-pie bull –
    And, if today IS the first day of the rest of my life,
    Where’s my lei?
    My aloha-wave?
    Where’s my ride?
    My private, luxury cave?
    What is this crap, anyways?

  6. Sarah

    I’m So Over Sleeping In
    On a normal day
    we get up at five
    and have Saturdays
    when we could sleep in
    but my son started working
    three twelve hour days
    and Saturday is one of those days
    so he gets up at four
    *#*# we should fix that front door!
    then I lie awake
    dreaming for sleep
    but alas it won’t come
    I sigh and go hmmmmmm…
    before getting up to
    an early start
    of the new day

  7. A.C. Leming

    First posted on day 29…

    I am so over getting hurt

    It started early, my relationship with pain.
    A broken collarbone sometime around birth
    then the sliced open foot, broken metacarpal
    and butterflied slice on my first thumb knuckle
    when taking my mini-hunting knife out to cut limbs
    for a craft project. But I wasn’t supposed to cut off my
    own. My stepgrandmother stole that gift from my father
    and gave it to one of her ‘real’ grandkids. I miss that knife.

    I broke the left arm in a tragic trampoline
    accident, an 18 mile flight from the nearest
    hospital. My mother heard the screams as I fled
    across the boardwalk to the house. I wore out the
    elbow on that cast scrambling across the monkeybars,
    unwilling to let a cast up to my armpit limit my summer
    fun. No one signed my cast except for family, and my Mom
    asked me later if my doctor had touched me. “Where?” I asked.

    I broke the last bone at 28, playing softball
    for the company team. I tried to beat the ball
    to second base. I rolled my foot across the base
    or baseman’s foot, an audible “crack” and I limped
    back to the dugout, to ID the man who had flashed me
    weeks before. The cute cop had watched my graceless
    tumble and offered to take me to the ER. In retrospct, I
    maybe I should have gone. This past weekend, with ten hours

    of karate training in Virginia with two other
    female black belts. I made it through with out
    injury until the last twenty minutes. The boards
    came out, and instructions to help brace her small
    frame against the force of the blows, my turn and I
    misjudge my distance – ulna hits first and the bruise
    immediately blossoms. Another break, this time elbow
    but the edge of the board hits bruise and it starts to swell,

    a goose-egg when we return to her house,
    to shower, pack and return home to cancel all my
    appointments and wait on the results of the x-ray machine.

  8. Carol A Stephen


    Go ahead, call her.
    Go ahead, go stay with her.

    Get your own place,
    even better!

    I thought I could share you,
    she gets the better deal.

    I have to put up
    with your bad moods and childishness

    She only sees you
    when you’re on best behaviour.

    At my age,
    I shouldn’t have to share a boyfriend.

    I am so over a party of three.

  9. Kate

    I’m Over It, Really!

    I’m so over being accident prone,
    run over by golden retrievers at the
    dog park. Aren’t dogs supposed to be
    graceful anyway, always aware where
    they’re going, not looking for any
    opportunity to break legs?

    I’m so over missing the last step
    at my friend’s house, not paying
    attention, thinking about the household
    ghost, or was it a poltergeist; don’t they
    throw stuff or push people down stairs?
    Twist ankles, flatten arches, rip open fingers
    on finishing nails in the doorframe?
    I’m glad to hear my friend has moved,
    you won’t catch me in that house.

    I’m so over wheelchairs for Christmas
    vacation, crutches on wet bricks,
    slippery ice, knee and ankle and arm
    braces, I’m so over out-of-shape
    couch potato, creaky kneed body.
    Goodbye clumsiness, Hello Grace.

  10. Carol Cone

    I AM SO OVER… by Carol Cone

    I am so over
    That green Mustang convertible
    It was a real muscle car
    Peppy, jazzy, cool
    Zero to sixty in five sweet seconds
    Found it in Hemmings Motor News
    Went out to Chicago to get it
    Drove it back in one short day

    It was my ego image
    Had it restored to mint condition
    New ragtop, bright chrome
    Red leather upholstery
    Women turned to watch me pass
    Wistful, yearning, reaching
    As I drove by, careless, suave
    Elbow on the window well
    Hair blowing in the wind.

    She lived in my girl’s big barn
    Weekends we took her out
    Found some long straight roads
    Where we let it out, all the way
    I was in Indy, at the track
    She said it mussed her hair

    When we split, she got the car
    I lived in the city, no garage
    It stayed in her barn,
    Where all the cats lived
    The house cats, the barn cats,
    Sometimes even the feral cats.
    (She was big on cats)

    They loved the ragtop
    Dug in their claws
    Kneaded and pulled and scratched
    Leaving nothing behind
    But dead string and thread
    And ragged holes.
    Christened by swallows
    Who lived overhead.

    Actually, now I am so over it
    That ego image Green Mustang
    It came, it stayed, it went, it died
    But someday, somewhere, some time
    There’ll be another one
    Faster, shinier, smoother
    Almost as cool, but not quite.

  11. Iris Deurmyer

    I am so over my ex-husband.
    All these years and I am finally ready
    To move on and marry
    Someone who appreciates me for me
    I do not compare them because
    There is no comparison.
    So different in temperment
    In looks, in kindness and patience
    I just am eternally thankful
    That he found me.
    Ahh, I am so over my ex!

  12. KP

    I Am So Over Paid!

    I am so over paid, wouldn’t you like to say?
    I come in late, having slept all day.
    Make it in around one,
    Check an email or two, then I’m almost done.
    Put some finishing touches on my presentation by 2,
    And head home early to take a nap.
    Leave the rest of my work to some entry-level sap.
    My boss calls me in the next morning.
    Uh oh, to give me a warning?
    No, of course not – to give me the good news.
    I’m getting a raise and a promotion and an office with a view.
    She thinks it would be a good idea if I took a vacation – and it must be paid.
    Oh man, how I’ve got it made.
    I am so so so over paid.

  13. Carol -Amherst, Mass

    Wow. I’m pretty far behind. Hope I’m not too late.

    I’m so Over……

    I’m so over
    working for
    a boss
    and dealing with

    I’m so over
    sitting in an office
    instead of doing
    what is
    important to me

    I’m so over being wooed
    by Johnny Depp
    he really needs
    let me be.

    I’m so over
    being inside
    and looking out
    the glass between
    the grass and me

    I’m so over….
    Being so over….
    tomorrow I’ll start
    my poetry

  14. Yoli


    I’m so over
    This fantasy
    This need to be
    Like that makes everything alright.
    Like ‘that’ is the way of life.

    I’m so over
    This daily grind
    This state of mind
    Like that makes you all grown up.
    Like ‘that’ is the map of life.

    I’m so over
    this aging thing
    This making ends meet
    Like that says it all.
    Like ‘that’ is life.

    ‘That’ is not.
    ‘That’ is mine.
    And I’m soooo over

  15. Paige

    I see that I am not the only one playing catch up from the weekend prompts


    Edge of reality
    Mad at the madness
    With it’s straightness
    Of jackets
    Holding me close
    Too close to let go
    Too far to hold onto
    The edge of reality

  16. Justin M. Howe

    I’m so over this apartment!

    It’s not my own.
    Might as well burn my paychecks
    I’d love to give the foul-mouthed
    neighbor a poke in the eye
    I’m trying to play with my kid, you-

    Deep breath
    It’s not so bad
    If something breaks, just call
    Wish they spoke English
    Wish they didn’t use material
    from the lowest bidder

    Deep breath
    Wish the neighbors didn’t
    throw their cigarette butts everywhere
    Deep breath
    I mean really, do we have to live in an ashtray?
    Deep, deep breath
    It really isn’t that bad-
    Someone parked in front of my garage again!

    I’m so over this apartment!

    -Justin M. Howe

  17. Sara Diane Doyle

    I’m So Over this Façade…

    The time has come to shed
    this three-piece suit,
    the high heals and hose,
    and the stuffy hairstyle.
    The time has come to display
    my red and blue leotard,
    my kick-ass red boots,
    and my gold crown.
    Yes, I am Wonder Woman…

  18. Bonnie

    I am so over modern food

    I am so over the drive thru
    "Heart attack on a bun"
    "Clog your arteries without the wait"
    I am so over seeing the profits of McDonalds getting bigger
    While the nations weight keeps going up.
    I am so over my food being pumped full of preservatives and chemicals.
    I don’t want to drink milk from cows that have been injected with growth hormones and fed a steady diet of antibiotics.
    I am so over trying to read a label and not being able to pronounce the ingredients.
    I am so over being sick and tired all the time.
    I am so over the fact that dog food companies must adhere to higher standards than does the food we feed our kids.

  19. Lin Neiswender

    I’m So Over You

    I can’t even imagine
    What I saw in you
    What delusion was I under
    That made me attracted to
    A worthless piece of chewing-gum-on-the-sole-of-my-shoe
    Like you
    I ask myself
    Was I that desperate
    That pathetic?


    But no more
    Not ever again
    Older and wiser, baybee
    OK with being alone rather than with
    Mr. Fill-in-the gap-right-now

    Praise God
    I am free

  20. Laural

    I’m so over standards
    We must keep the standards UP
    Do it this way or else
    The “or else” is always more fun
    More interesting
    More challenging
    Even if it’s getting fired.

  21. Tonya Root

    Playing catch up over four days so here is my late and brief entry. 🙂

    “I’m So Over Dressed”

    I look like a peacock
    amongst crows.
    When he asked me
    to go out this evening
    I wish he would have
    told me we were going
    to a monster truck rally.

  22. Terri

    I’m so over guilt–
    that obese monkey on my back;
    It had me saying sorry for things I
    I didn’t know I’d done;
    Over compensating for mild misdemeanors;
    Lying order to not bruise delicate egos.

    Guilt is getting a "Dear John" letter from me today;
    Can you read, you fat simian?


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