April PAD Challenge: Day 26

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem involving miscommunication.  It can be miscommunication between two people or misinterpretation of some sort.  I will leave it up to you guys to deal with it however you want.

Here is my attempt for the day:

“If Shakespeare taught us anything, it’s that it doesn’t take much to flip a picture upside down”

“Can you smash the yellow jacket
for me,” she asks. He says, “What’s wrong
with your birthday present? 
I saved to buy it after you
said you wanted it.” He pushes
her off him. Just seconds ago,
they were talking about the fools
who think they’re rushing things. “Really?
You’re an idiot,” she says, “I 
was just asking a question.” He 
clenches his fists and says, “And now
you’re calling me names, too.” “Listen:
I wasn’t talking about my
yellow jacket but that bee which,
like our happy moment, has now
wandered off never to return.” 

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777 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 26

  1. Tara Hooper

    The Rake Instead of Cake

    Planning a surprise birthday party is quite exciting
    Selecting the date, sending out invitations, getting a venue
    Most importantly ordering the cake

    To be successful you see in such a day of mystery
    You sometimes must include others who can sometimes be a bother
    To delegate or not to delegate
    I ponder the thought through my mind
    Thinking I could do it myself and save some time

    So instead we plan to divide and conquer that’s the best bet no doubt
    I’ll take this you take that
    We’ll work as a team and knock it all out
    All the arrangements are in order

    The surprise birthday party and all the supporters
    Everyone’s excited and ready to explode
    Cause truly only a few people can keep a secret
    For water they can’t even hold

    The day has arrived and all is in place
    Can’t wait to see the look of surprise on the birthday girl’s face
    Throughout the day my partner and I have had constant chatter
    For lo and behold I quickly realize that something is the matter

    In the place you see where the cake must be there’s an empty spot
    I could have sworn it was said that the cake was ordered by my sidekick, the hotshot
    The perfectionist in me began to see flames of red
    How dare you have a party with no cake, the party will soon be dead
    Quickly I look to find the culprit who’s made such a blunder
    When in the distance I hear such a thunder

    The cake so he thought was on order at the store
    However, through some strange coincidence the order was found to be no more
    Through haste and inexperience a new employee was at the root of the problem
    For improperly he’d re-entered the order without double checking or having some one spot him

    So on the day the cake was to be retrieved
    To my partners shock, the cake was not to be seen
    In place of the cake so brilliantly wrapped
    Was a big ole green rake
    My friend felt he had been trapped
    So quickly he engaged into a verbal altercation as to how this could have happened
    I have my receipt my printed confirmation, how could this ever be

    Instantly appeared a manager with a solution of retribution and consolation
    We’ll give you a cake, the biggest we have and a couple dozen of roses all for free
    So as the noise grew closer I was anxious to find out what all the fuss could be
    My sidekick, my partner, my friend to the end had barely met our timeline

    He brought forth a cake of beauty that astonished everyone in sight
    So you see the miscommunication of the rake for the cake was a blessing in disguise
    At the end of the day the cake was at the center of the birthday girl’s delight

  2. JL Smither

    It’s getting dark.

    It’s screaming duck? No, dark.
    Screaming dark? That doesn’t make sense.
    Who’s screaming? A duck, apparently.
    Do ducks scream? I don’t know,
    I guess they could. Raccoons scream,
    rabbits scream, couldn’t ducks?
    That would be awful. Can you imagine
    what that sounds like?

  3. yolanda davis-overstreet

    Day 26

    Volunteer day – Rewind

    Before I called you
    this morning –
    To go through my day,
    Ask for a favor-
    And that I would pay
    As soon
    As the check came

    Before you told me
    You were no bank
    And the gambles I can’t afford to take
    – anymore

    before you told me
    you just don’t see
    me looking for paying work
    -a job

    and, I said
    I was

    And. you said
    Only the ones you “want”
    -Not the one’s you….

    Before all this was said-
    I would have said,

    “Have a good day,
    and I’ll talk to you later

    – after I volunteer today.”

  4. Kimiko Martinez


    when I was young
    I found a label gun
    in my father’s desk drawer

    I spent the afternoon
    punching white block letters
    into bands of thick blue tape


  5. Ivy Merwine

    “Are those real or plastic?”
    asks the flat breasted woman.
    “I’m sorry!?” replies the full breasted woman
    certain she is misunderstanding
    the question.
    “The apples you are holding in your hand“,
    said the flat breasted woman,
    “they are so shiny and red.
    I wondered if they were real
    or plastic?”
    Laughing with relief
    the full breasted woman replied,
    “Oh those are plastic,
    but they do look real don’t they?”

  6. Olive L. Sullivan

    Miss Communication

    On the pageant scene,
    you’ll recognize me —
    the one with the sparkly tiara
    and the armful of long-stemmed roses.
    Only someone forgot to get the thornless kind,
    so in the publicity stills
    I’m sucking the blood from my pricked thumb,
    and my eyes are slanting off stage left
    because for some reason you aren’t here.
    Perhaps you forgot?
    Or got the time and place wrong?
    Perhaps you’re kicked back
    in your ratty recliner
    with your house shoes on and a beer in your hand,
    surfing between news and sports and Food TV.
    Oh, look, there I am on Channel 10,
    the newest
    Miss Communication.

  7. Tara Vaughan-Williams

    Lost in Translation

    When I see her again, I must apologize.
    I got “au revoir” confused with “aujourd’hui,”
    Begged her, “Répétez,” one too many times,
    And I’m certain I called her mother a toad.

    This was hardly the message I intended.
    What I was really trying to say was
    “You and your culture are beautiful,
    And I would love to be your friend.”

    Instead I kept trying, in vain, to make
    My appreciation and apprehension,
    Sentiment and excitement, all be
    Understood from a simple “Bonjour.”

  8. LindaTK

    Day 26:
    Miscommunication (Free Verse)

    Their eyes met across a crowded room
    She raised her hand in greeting
    He his
    She got up from her chair
    He his
    She headed toward him
    He towards her
    She stopped as they got closer
    He kept walking

  9. Kelly Ellis

    In Absence of a Cure

    We reached the edge of our limitedness
    tumbled into that vast chasm
    where words fail.

    Hands slide slick black walls
    feet kick cold air
    useless to

    Notice to the silence of a scream
    mark this colorless

    Such absence is not erasure.

  10. amanda

    Miscommunication with Maid Marian

    “That is all there is…there can be…and the vine hangs heavy with its…darkfruit…I can remember when I knew…blue…and mountains were…now things just seem…my man…singing oceans string….will be coming back…Robin….time is fleeting and…I…remember when Richard…however break sweep…was king…Questions…before the Crusades…Robin, my heart…my skin is aflame…Consequences fore and aft…I will always think…there must be…to the forest!…ripe forever melt…yesterday orange morning…and Little John is coming…and I cannot go…early…perhaps.”

  11. Kellie M Shanley


    Mary’s fed up with Bob’s performance
    because he’s doing it again,
    or more to the factual point…not doing it.
    Repeatedly she urges him with her long legs,
    yet, he is stone cold still, no action, no movement, no wanting.

    She ponders tapping her fingers on her moist lips,
    how to get him to fulfill her dreams.
    He’ll like and enjoy it once he takes the first step, but
    warming him up to the idea, will a trick.

    Whispering in his ear in her softest voice
    “You’d think you’d want to do this for me.
    I fix your meals, bath you, and massage your aching back
    Still this one little thing you refuse to do.”

    Bob would not
    or could not
    respond to Mary’s gentle touch and coaxing.
    She speculates what to
    do to get him over his shyness.
    An idea she does contrive.

    Bob watches motionless as she walks away
    and disappears behind the sliding doors.
    He ogles her with a new respect
    eyes wide with skeptical anticipation
    when she appears carrying a piece
    of leather he’s never seen before.

    “There that should do the trick”
    Mary pats his long neck.
    “You silly horse,
    maybe soon
    we’ll be able to do a
    flawless dressage pattern
    without harness blinders.”

    Kellie M Shanley © 2009

  12. Beth K

    Yes, I know I smiled
    meekly and said okay,
    what I meant to say was
    No, I am not okay
    with your flimsy
    excuses, your pointless
    lies, your arrogant
    insufferably empty

  13. Tyger

    Roses Are Lies

    She thinks roses are love
    But she’s wrong
    They bloom with velvety petals
    And lie about their thorns
    When he gives her roses
    He’s pretending
    So she’ll not question
    Why he was late again last night
    When she buries her nose
    In the sweet smelling blossoms
    She doesn’t notice
    How cold his eyes are

  14. Lynne

    Just Cream Me Please

    “I know what you want when you die, Grammie”
    states Mr. Eight-Year-Old. “You want to be
    creamed and put in the ocean.” After stifling
    any semblance of laughter, I responded, “Yes,
    sweetheart, I want to be cremated and returned
    to the sea.”

    Lynne Nelsen

  15. Ruth Mattern


    He read the sign that said “Free” and he smiled.
    He walked with a crowd through the door and
    into the lobby. Then he followed a group of young
    men into the auditorium. Moving down the aisle
    he looked in each row for an empty seat. Finding
    one near the stage, he sat in the cushioned seat
    making himself comfortable. Waiting for the play
    to begin, he looked around at the women in their
    beautiful dresses and the men in their suits and
    top hats. He looked at his ragged jeans and torn
    shirt, smoothing them with his hands. His shoes
    were dusty and had a hole in the sole, but they
    kept his feet warm. He felt out of place, but the
    sign said free and that was just the right price
    for him. Besides, he’d never seen a play before.
    He was filled with anticipation. Just as the lights
    started to dim, someone tapped him on the arm.
    He looked up and saw a gentleman dressed in a fancy
    suit with a ruffled shirt. The man whispered “I’m
    sorry sir, you’ll have to come with me.” He looked
    around and saw that everyone was staring at him.
    He started feeling nervous as he stood and
    followed the man through the doors into the lobby.
    Stepping to the door, the man said “If you don’t
    have a ticket, you’ll have to leave.”
    “A ticket?” he asked. “But the sign says free”.
    The man chuckled and said “Yes sir, it does. That
    is the name of the play.” He dropped his head and
    walked slowly through the doors into the cold
    night thinking about how he almost saw a play.

  16. Alissa

    It had been so long
    Since I’d seen my love
    We spoke and
    Arranged to meet
    I said to my love
    Let’s meet here by the tree
    Just after three
    And we’ll be together again
    Here by the tree?
    She’d asked me
    And this is what I said:
    Yes, there by the tree
    Meet me at three
    And I shall kiss
    My fair lady’s hand
    Excited I was
    To see my love
    So I went to the
    Tree to wait
    Three came and went
    And still I sat
    Waiting to meet my sweet
    Days went by
    With no word
    From my lady love
    Then came the note
    That I’d broken her heart
    Leaving her there by the tree
    She’d waited past three
    Waited for me
    But I’d never come
    It was then that I realized
    Exactly what I’d done –
    Here meant there
    For my love
    Waiting by the tree
    But for me
    Here meant here
    And it had all been a misunderstanding

  17. Maryann DeLeo

    Aunt Tillie

    I went to the movies
    what, you went to see Aunt Tillie?
    no Ma, we don’t have an Aunt Tillie?
    wait, my hearing aid is not turned up.
    We often have these funny miscommunications
    it’s all right
    I know someday maybe it was yesterday
    I’ll be asking about Aunt Tillie too
    miscommunicating the things I don’t hear.

  18. Lissa

    Untested Passion

    Bumping heads,
    bumping bodies,
    the anger
    your sullen stretch of days.

    all those things
    we say sometimes
    only by locking eyes.

    The push and pull
    has kept us apart.

    Maybe wisely.
    But I felt the rubber band of you
    as I passed
    the other day.
    And I thought we both could pull.

  19. J. Thomas Ross

    No Exchange
    by J. Thomas Ross

    For my daughter’s birthday (at her request),
    I bought her a super-deluxe DVD set.
    Then I wrapped it up with her other gifts,
    and we all headed south, driving in shifts,
    After nine long hours on the interstate,
    we arrived exhausted and rather late.
    When she opened it up with smile so wide,
    she found two disks of special features inside!
    To our disappointment and great dismay,
    we would watch no DVD that day.
    We would take it home and back to the store
    and get a replacement – what a dull chore!
    Away my husband put the DVD
    in my son’s bag without telling him or me.
    My son, believing it didn’t belong
    among his things, took it out before long.
    My husband assured me we had the DVD with us,
    so we set out for home with no further fuss.
    But, when to return it I had in mind,
    I couldn’t the blasted DVD find.
    Since I did not have it, I could not arrange
    the defective DVD set to exchange.
    And so my daughter is stuck with it –
    I hope the special features are a big hit!

  20. Merddyn Aladar

    "The Sword of Vates"

    In the distance, away from this place
    There is a pool, where you must make haste
    Many have wandered there, risking their lives
    For there are great treasures, and the great sword
    The sword of Vates

    No one knows how it got its name
    Finding it, though, is a great bane
    Only bards can get it, for they are wise
    And no one would go there, until they heard
    The sword of Vates

    That doesn’t mean no one else tried
    For about who could use it, evil bards lied
    Finding great dangers, they lost their lives
    They journeyed westwards, all searching for
    The sword of Vates

    Around the pool, there are many traps
    And remember, not to dislike rats
    All who step in the pool rapidly dies
    Instead of water, lava surrounds
    The sword of Vates

    No one knows, though, what it will do
    Everything said is thoughts of a fool.
    Still only the wise never even tries
    But now I warn you all, always avoid
    The sword of Vates

  21. Rachel Gurevich

    Conversations with Poodles

    I extricated my poodle from a clover bush today.
    (We had a minor miscommunication.)
    They say poodles are intelligent, and I suppose,
    they are. (But don’t tell your poodle that.
    It goes so quickly to their head.) You see,
    it was a white bunny – you can understand
    the Temptation. My poodle could not resist
    going on the chase, and I, being a kind mother
    (not owner — poodles are never “owned”),
    happily obliged, running behind, leash in hand.

    First, we were jogging, then spiriting, then, well,
    flying really – if not for the clover bush, I thought I
    might take flight, like a flag of victory, waving behind.

    Thankfully, or perhaps, not so thankfully, our
    bunny (yes, our, since my sweet poodle hunts
    these “gifts” “for me”) hid deep inside the clover bush.

    Silly me, I thought my poodle would know
    *she* could not hide inside a clover push. Certainly
    the sharp leaves would be a warning sign,
    especially for an intelligent dog.

    But, sadly, no. The bunny lunged into the bush,
    and my poodle followed – but only half way.
    The bunny leapt out, unscathed, but not the poodle.
    She was stuck, the leaves tangles in her white, curly hair.

    As I extricated my poodle, we had a short conversation.
    (Poodles do not like to be lectured, of course.)
    I explained why her choice to leap into the bush was,
    Oh, not smart. Perhaps she shouldn’t do that again.
    The poodle looked up at me, confused and dumbstruck,
    And said, no, it was not my fault. It was the leash.
    The leash is the reason I am stuck in a clover bush.

    I smiled, poor thing, I know she means well. And I said,
    No, my sweet. The leash is not it. And anyway, we can not
    do without the leash. My poodle said, “And why is that?”

    “Well,” I said, “Do you remember the dear?”
    “Yes,” she said.
    “Do you remember you were not wearing a leash,
    and ran and ran and ran after that dear?”

    “Yes,” she said, and then, cocking her head to the right,
    She added, “And why is that a problem?”

    Sigh. “Exactly, my sweet. Exactly.”

  22. riddlewoman

    You said

    You said,
    That what you stood for was peace,
    You said you believed that,
    Killing was wrong.
    Why then did you strap that explosive,
    To your chest,
    and detonate it,
    amongst innocent people,
    who were going about their peacefull business?
    I wonder under what conditions killing is right?

    You said,
    You were going in with shock and awe,
    You were going to take out an evil dictator.
    You said that you believed in the human right to live in peace..
    Why then did you send in planes and tanks,
    With toxic weapons and destroy on mass,
    Innocent people and precious artefacts..
    Whilst protecting oil fields.
    I wonder under what condition violating human rights is right?

    And I wonder about evil and dictatorship?
    And organised religions,
    And disaffected peoples.

    You said,
    You had felt the pain of genecide,
    You had been blessed to survive,
    As if God had chosen you deliberatly as his own.
    Why then did you sully his choice,
    And squash the voices of dissent that challenged the theft of land?
    I wonder not that God chose you, but at how you repaid the favour.

    You all said,
    That in times of war there are always innocent casualties,
    There are always sacrifices to make…

    At least you agree on the justification.


  23. Cathy Graham

    Misunderstanding results in confusion
    Which leads to more misunderstanding
    Which results in more confusion
    Leading to more misunderstanding
    And even more confusion
    Do you understand? Didn’t think so.
    See what I mean?

  24. Amanda Caldwell

    Keeping secrets

    You keep asking me about the divorce,
    and I tell you I don’t know why they broke up,
    but I do.

    It would be mean to tell you that I know,
    when I can’t tell you what I know.

    So I have to sit there and hear you expound
    on ideas of what drove them apart.

    It was all her, wasn’t it? you say.
    Her changes,
    her growth,
    her new career and weight loss,
    when she used to stay home
    and be so easy
    to put in a box.

    And I gather that you suspect her of some sort
    of unfeminine dyke-ishness,
    that she gave up her claim to being
    a good wife
    and drove her man away.

    And, really, it was all him
    (I can say it here)
    because he likes boys instead of girls,
    and she was tired
    of living unloved,
    of living a lie.

    Now she’s asked me to lie for her,
    to pretend I don’t know any of this,
    and to keep listening to you

  25. Christopher Stephen Soden

    Hubris (corrected)

    It was the last time we ate together
    at Cindi’s and he was distraught
    because a friend had been arrested.
    Even though it was the result of bad
    judgment misery was eclipsing him
    like hot tar and now wasn’t the time
    for Bob to leave him on his own.
    I can’t remember now if I offered
    to go with him to prison visits as that
    was on my mind, but something
    about how he said to be careful and I
    mistakenly replied set an abrupt change
    in his demeanor. Like a succession
    of collapsing bridges or cells
    disclosing infection one to another,
    after that. Everything I said had nefarious
    intent, every exchange between us another
    opportunity to convince himself I was a toxic
    and potential danger to his self-possessed
    tranquility. Even friends you’ve had a long time
    get odd notions about integrity. He enlisted
    countless confederates in his campaign to shred
    my character but would never consider only just
    talking so maybe we could evince the injury
    and make it up. A piece I had written was
    terrible but he never said if it was content
    or craft. He rushed out of the theatre to avoid
    me as if this were somehow merciful. I just.
    I just think he felt he needed to be angry
    at me. I heard once there’s no such thing
    as a fair fight, because people who want
    the best outcome for everyone involved
    will seek another method. I think Bob
    decided he didn’t like me anymore, then
    sought validation, as if you couldn’t just
    close off and move on. I guess he felt
    his contempt wasn’t punishment enough.
    God needed him to come after me.


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