April PAD Challenge: Day 25

Only 5 more days left to go! 

For today’s prompt, I want you to pick an event; make that event the title of your poem; and then write a poem. Think birthday. Think holiday. Think whatever.

Here is my attempt for the day (which will give you a pretty good idea about what I have planned for the day):

“NFL Draft Party”

Fans of every franchise watch
and hope the front office people
are as smart as them. They say, “Pass
on the flashy guy with red flags
and take the sure thing,” all the while
admitting there’s not a sure thing;
each pick is full of potential.


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806 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 25

  1. Tara Hooper

    Movie Time

    Time to go to see a film
    Got to find out what’s the latest thrill

    Comedy, drama, sci-fi or action
    They’re really all good to me, movies are my passion

    Most times there’s a plot
    In some dumb movies there’s not

    But you can believe three things will always be a constant
    A babe, destruction and a hero

    It doesn’t matter whether the hero is male or female
    Just as long as they give the villain hell

    The backdrops take place in localities throughout the world
    Ensuring that our imaginations are over stimulated and won’t grow stale

    Through the use of technology and special effects
    Most of the time we get what we pay for that’s a sure bet

    It’s hard to believe that it takes millions to make a thriller
    One would think that a movie of such magnitude would be a winner

    The ironic thing about movies is not just the actors and actresses you see
    But the plot, theme, battle, and outcome this has to be

    So movie time is quite exciting for me
    Because it takes me to a different reality where I’m free

  2. Dione

    Alpha and omega, April 25 (Event)

    At the party on New Year’s Eve everyone
    gathered on the lawn to watch the fireworks go off –
    dyed stars exploding
    across the peaceful sky –
    and stepped over streamers strewn on the trampled grass with
    bright party hats lopsided
    upon last year’s hairdo,
    turning to each other with wide smiles on blissful, relaxed faces.

  3. yolanda davis-overstreet

    Day 25

    Volunteered today!

    This is the day
    This is the day
    Volunteerism started.
    Service to my community started.

    Bank account at zero, practically.
    But today I volunteered.

    What service I offered “was really needed”.

    On this day too,
    -Told I am not looking for work
    -Not going about it the right way
    …Not doing what they say.
    But I volunteered today.

    Got a sharp head pain later-
    On the right side of my brain
    Not sure why…?
    But I volunteered today.

  4. Tara Vaughan-Williams

    Nine Times Tears

    9 nights intertwined in lust
    9 months of impatient wondering
    9 hours of sweat and pressure
    9 centimeters dilated
    9 obscenities shouted
    9 pm, he’s finally born
    9 tests doctors performed
    9 minutes I got to hold him
    9 days is all he lived

  5. Kimiko Martinez


    Round and round the records spin
    like a nauseating carousel. Why
    each song, a joy until the music ends,

    reverberates, penetrating skin,
    needle following grooved paths passing by.
    Round and round the records spin.

    Discordant melodies, original sin,
    bittersweet love and ecstasy supply
    each song a joy. Until the music ends

    I dance, laugh, stop … then smile once again
    as rhythms invade my feet, and I fly
    round and round. The records spin

    monotonously still, unaware when
    sound causes motion. And I start to cry
    each song. A joy, until the music ends,

    the musical memory of where I’ve been.
    My glass is empty. Someone wants to buy
    a round, and round the records spin,
    each song a joy … until the music ends.


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