April PAD Challenge: Day 21

Today’s prompt requires that you do a little snooping. That’s right: I want you to write a “snooping” poem today. Basically, you need to write a poem that incorporates a bit of overheard dialogue (can be in real life or off the television) or even a quote taken from a news story online (if you happen to be a hermit).

If you’re not a recluse, then venture out to places where people are: grocery stores, malls, college campuses, cinemas, airports, post offices, etc. This is the perfect excuse for you to be among the people. And once among the people, don’t worry about socializing; instead, listen until you have something that makes you want to write.

Here’s my poem for the day (with quoted material snatched from co-workers this morning–used in an entirely different context, of course):

“The Pickpockets”

We gathered late at night
and looked over our collections:

a few wallets, some watches,
a very moving memoir

about a man who changed his life
while conquering his fears

by accepting the fact
all people have flaws.

We could definitely relate,
but when Sally’s turned out pockets

once again revealed only lint,
one of us yelled out,

“She hasn’t been trying, has she?”
Then, we set in upon her–

knowing what must be cut loose
to strengthen the pack.


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175 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 21

  1. S.E. Ingraham

    Dollar Store Drama

    So there I was hey
    Just minding my business
    Having a regular good time
    At the Dollar Store
    Man but I love these stores
    With their shelves crammed
    Full with tacky knock-offs
    Scented candles, wrapping paper,
    Exercise equipment, art supplies
    A regular riot of merchandise
    And all of it for about a buck
    Yeah – calling them Dollar stores
    Is a bit of a come on these days
    Still it’s the cheapest place around
    To get most everything
    So, like I was saying
    It was just a regular day
    I am puttering around
    near the back
    Looking for some of those
    little draw-string bags
    You know the ones; cloth, solid coloured
    We used them for our marbles
    when we were kids
    Wow, that’s dating me for sure
    Anyhow, there’s this bunch of teens
    in front of the bag shelf
    So I ask them to please excuse me
    and they do
    And wouldn’t you know it
    They’re scooping up the same bags I’m after
    Must be doing a school project
    Or something
    I’m thinking ‘cause they’re picking up
    every size there is
    “How many bags do you need, ma’am?”
    One kid asks me
    He makes like he’s ready to hand me some
    His voice is so soft; I have to strain to hear him
    I only need about five,
    Just enough to put some left-over flower seeds in
    For my neighbours’, you know?
    We always swap our extras every year
    “No problemo,” He is smiling, his teeth very white.
    He peels off a half-dozen of the size I point to,
    hands them over.
    I notice, as I take them
    The forked tongue
    of an angry-looking dragon
    Snaking over
    the back of his hand
    I look up at the tall teen
    and watch him watching me
    His eyes are dark,
    almost black, expressionless;
    his smile doesn’t touch those eyes
    Hmm – alrighty then
    Time to go – I start making my way
    to the front of the store.
    Still, I can’t help
    over-hearing the group.
    I’m only catching bits and
    pieces of their conversation but
    reluctantly, I find myself
    slowing down enough to listen.
    “Yo – what d’ya think Snake? Trouble?”
    “The old lady? Not a chance…”
    “So, like – fuck – you got enough dimes yet? Man I wanna just book.”
    “Slow up lil’ fool – you know we gotta wait for Large. He be here when he be here – ”
    “Yeah but – “
    “Yeah but nothin’- you want I should bust a cap in your skinny ass bro’?”
    “Aw – Snake – chill man – you know I was just…hey man – that old broad is still – ”
    The store grows silent
    The gang is no longer
    engaged in snappy repartee
    I realize we,
    they and me
    are the only would-be
    customers in the shop
    I am now hugely interested
    in some gardening gloves
    way up high on a shelf
    near where I’ve been
    standing, listening.
    Without thinking,
    I pull the box of gloves
    tumbling down
    “Oh my God,” I say;
    I trust I sound
    distressed and
    feeble-minded ,to boot.
    I also try to paste
    what I hope passes for
    some sort of
    guilty expression on
    my face
    (Not such a stretch
    actually – I’m starting to sweat
    and do feel guilty about
    something, I’m just
    not sure what.)
    I shove gloves back
    into the box
    all willy-nilly
    peeking at the front
    the whole time
    as if worried the owner
    might catch me out
    or something.
    Of course, I’m still
    really straining
    to hear the boys
    at the back.
    “Shit man,” I think it was
    Dragon-hand, or Snake,
    “That broad’s a retarded fool, she is.”
    Then – lots of guffaws and chuckles –
    If I wasn’t starting to suspect
    something entirely different,
    I’d have thought
    they were just some
    boys enjoying a dirty joke.
    At the checkout,
    the poor little Asian man
    shakes so hard he can hardly
    take my money
    “Sir,” I speak softly,too softly I think
    maybe he doesn’t hear me at first;
    he doesn’t look up.
    “Sir, do you know what’s going on
    at the back of your store?”
    I am practically whispering, facing the mall
    away from the interior of the store.
    “Every day, same thing” he sighs,
    looking out at nothing, I’m sure,
    but facing the mall also.
    “Drugs?”It seems an inane thing to have to ask
    But necessary to clarify still
    I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, see
    I know what the boys in the back are doing
    Them with their bags and their smart talk
    “Drugs,” he sounds so defeated.
    “No big deal. They take some bags.
    Then they go after while. Nobody usually come when they here.”
    I just stare at the top of his head
    for a few moments.
    Finally he looks up at me.
    His eyes are pleading.
    “You have a nice day now?”
    It is more a question
    than a benediction
    “Would you like me to get security?”
    I practically hiss at him,
    furious that he would give into
    these hoodlums so easily.
    He smiles sadly at me,
    “No missus, security make no difference. They no come no more anyhow.”
    “Really?” I am, to say the least, flabbergasted.
    “This the way it work,” he says to me with
    such resignation, it makes my stomach ache.
    “I’m so sorry,” I say, uselessly.
    I can feel my eyes tearing
    as I leave the store.
    This is not supposed to be
    the way it works I think.
    Not where I come from, anyhow.
    And where I come from,
    is right here.
    I am getting madder by the minute.
    So, I find myself thinking,
    let me see if I can see how else it works.
    Tucking my purchase deep in my handbag,
    I grab the escalator to
    the second floor of the mall
    I don’t ride it – no – my adrenalin is running
    too high for that
    I take it, hopping two steps at a time,
    as if climbing a staircase
    Without really formulating a plan,
    I have a plan
    At the top, just as I’d hoped – a bench
    A bench, right where I can sit and observe,
    Through the glass walls of the upper level,
    The Dollar Store’s comings and goings
    After thirty minutes, of inactivity
    I am desperately wishing
    I’d thought to grab a coffee
    On the way to said bench when
    Bingo – the small group of boys
    – young men really
    Drift out of the Dollar Store
    and start down the mall.
    With what I hope is
    stealth-like efficiency,
    I switch to the other side
    of the upper level
    where I can track the motley crew’s
    progress through the
    busy shopping complex.
    They don’t go far, stop abruptly
    right at the corner of the food court,
    and gather round
    the temporary tattoo palace.
    Some of them lean against the kiosk;
    most are barely talking.
    It seems as if they are mainly
    just looking around,
    people watching.
    To passersby, I’m sure they look like
    any of a number of mall-rats;
    sullen teenagers, skipping school
    ho-hum, ho-hum, same old same old.
    When they don’t move from the tattoo kiosk
    for more than twenty minutes,
    it occurs to me that they are
    waiting for someone.
    Omigod – I’m having an epiphany…
    “Brilliant Sherlock,” I mutter to myself.
    I hope this brain wave hasn’t washed
    Over me too late.
    All this time I’ve been fuming about
    the look in the shop-keeper’s eyes
    and his defeatist attitude when
    he assumed that “this was just the way things work”
    there’s been something niggling away
    at the back of my aging brain.
    Finally, it has worked its way through
    to the frontal lobe, I guess.
    For the love of Pete, I know someone
    who helps ensure that
    this is not the way things work
    Not at all
    I flip open my cell phone,
    keeping my eyes fixed on the group
    as I speed-dial my friend,
    using a number I really
    never thought I’d use but one
    I’m absurdly delighted to have at hand.
    Two rings and, “Detective Mike Jamison”
    a familiar gruff voice is in my ear;
    my name, I’m sure, shows up on his caller ID
    “Hey you – what’s up?”
    He knows I’m not
    calling to chat
    His voice is all business
    “Maybe nothing,”
    I am suddenly uncertain,
    but plow ahead,
    quickly outlining
    the details of my morning.
    “Okay” Mike sounds even more serious
    if that’s possible,
    “Just a sec – “
    I hear him tell his partner
    to put the cherry up
    and head for the mall.
    Then he’s back on the blower.
    “This is what I want you to do,”
    Mike sounds positively grim now.
    “You have to promise me, okay?”
    “Yeah, right – whatever you say – of course,”
    What the hell, I am thinking.
    “I want you to stay on the second level, turn right around
    and go back the way you came, exit the mall and go home. “
    He pauses, waiting, I’m guessing for me to agree.
    “Hey!” He practically barks at me.
    “I’m not kidding! Where did you leave your car?”
    “It’s – it’s down at the Bay entrance…”
    I am stuttering, for crying out loud.
    Why is he mad at me, for Christ’s sake?
    I’m one of the good guys, aren’t I?
    “This might get ugly, fast,”
    He must realize how harsh he sounds,
    “Just promise me you’ll go home, okay?”
    I sigh, “You’re the boss Mike, you know that.”
    “Good girl,” He might as well be patting me
    on the head. Good dog.
    Oh well, I haven’t actually promised him anything.
    Checking to see that the boys are still clumped
    near the tattoo kiosk
    I risk leaving briefly and duck into a nearby store.
    In less than three minutes,
    I reappear
    I’m wearing a new blue, hooded sweatshirt; hood up,
    and sporting a new pair of wrap-around sunglasses.
    The nice saleslady has agreed
    to stow my handbag
    and my coat while I, ostensibly,
    finish shopping in the mall.
    I buy a copy of a newspaper,
    sit back down on a bench
    and get ready to watch.
    Peeking over the paper
    I start to get antsy.
    A humongous guy I don’t
    recognize from earlier
    has arrived and the group
    is very animated
    I wonder if this is
    the aforementioned “Large”.
    I also wonder
    where the hell the cops are.
    The big guy and Dragon-hand
    seem to be arguing;
    lots of hand gesturing
    and head wagging and such;
    they kept shifting from
    foot to foot,
    kinda the way boxers do
    when they’re getting ready
    to throw a punch.
    I see two more guys come
    around the corner by the bank;
    then all hell breaks loose
    I know, I know
    it’s just an expression
    And a clichéd one at that
    But if you were there
    You would’ve said
    the same thing
    The two guys coming
    around the corner
    start yelling something
    maybe at the group,
    it’s hard to tell.
    Then Dragon-hand and the Big guy
    take out guns, big guns,
    automatic weapons, I’m guessing.
    The yelling guys draw guns too
    and they crouch down and keep yelling
    A good thing too the crouching, I mean
    ‘cause the spray from the AK47’s or whatever
    would’ve made Swiss cheese of both of them.
    Meanwhile, both Dragon-hand and the Big guy
    get this silly-ass look on their faces and go down
    Wham – just like that
    Flat on their faces – down
    From the other direction,
    through the Food Court
    comes Detective Jamison and his partner
    and just like on TV
    they are yelling, “Get down, everybody get down!”
    Their guns are drawn and I realize
    that it is likely the two of them
    that felled Dragon-hand and the other guy.
    The rest of the group are panicked
    And again, just like you see on TV
    they’re on their knees,
    hands clasped behind their heads
    And cops, both in uniform and out
    Are showing up from everywhere
    Arresting everyone in sight
    EMS workers arrive and haul
    away the injured drug dealers –
    It looks like they might live to stand trial.
    Not wanting to draw attention to myself
    I stay still, watching
    until everyone involved leaves.
    Then, weary beyond belief,
    I pick up my stuff
    Trek back to my car,
    and finally head home.
    Mike calls that night,
    I figure to thank me for the tip
    “I thought I told you to go home,”
    He sounds tired but not really angry.
    “You’re really good Mike,” I tell him.
    I am as impressed that he made me,
    as they say on Law and Order
    as I am that he got the bad guys.
    “That’s why they pay me the big bucks,” he says.
    I guess, I think, as I put the phone down.


  2. Sarah

    They talk about
    finding true love
    some day
    but wonder why
    they have to put up
    with crazies along the way
    it’s all in where you look
    I’d like to say
    the good guys are out there
    but you have to look deeper
    then the dimples inside of
    their chins.

  3. LindaTK

    Day 21

    A humid day in April
    Hopewell, Virginia
    We three girls were searching
    for movies for a girls’ night.
    A commotion in the front of the store
    made us all stop and turn our heads.
    The commotion was around a woman
    and her son having entered the store,
    out of breath and excited.
    The boy…“You shoulda seen it!”
    The mother… “It was unbelievable!”
    The boy… “Cars were stacked on top of cars and all over the parking lot!”
    The mother… “Traffic is backed up for miles!”
    The boy… “Dad ran out of the mall, grabbed me out of the truck and ran back inside!”
    The mother… “I have lived here all my life and never seen one!”
    The boy… “We were lucky! A lot of other people got hurt!”

  4. Kate


    You say “I’m thirsty.”
    I take a swallow of the cool
    amber drink and kiss you
    slowly, carefully, letting a taste
    of the liquid slip between
    your lips, mingling in our mouths.
    Nice, you say, and smile.
    I kiss you again.

  5. Charlene, Age 10


    Oh, Juliet was played by a boy
    Throughout the play
    Monologueing all the time
    In the end KISSING….
    A boy kissing a boy!
    Creepy on SO many levels

    Ew ew ew ew
    Ew ew ew ew
    Ew ew ew ew

    I also heard that
    Nuclear is pronounced
    Noo-clee-ar not

    Etcetera is pronounced
    Et-set-ura not

    It just freaks me mum out!

    The end!

  6. Carol A Stephen

    The Eavesdropper

    "I didn’t mean to listen."
    But you did, anyway.

    Heard him say,
    "You’re a smart girl."

    A conversation out of time
    and out of place.

    One man and two women:
    a recipe for pain.

    Afterwards, you listen again.

  7. Justin M. Howe

    I usually refrain from explaining my poems, but there’s a guy I work with that punctuates his stories and anecdotes with ‘here’s the thing’. He always puffs his chest out or points at you to make sure that the thing he is announcing is just too good to miss. So, I’ve witnessed him do this to others as well as myself, so I’m counting it as ‘snooping.’ So there….

    ‘Cause Here’s the Thing

    All you have to do is look interested
    I’ll babble on about things that might
    seem uninteresting to you,
    And I’ll be completely oblivious.

    ‘Cause here’s the thing,
    Nobody’s more interesting than me
    I’m in to everything you’re not.
    I’ll interrupt interesting conversations
    you’re having with someone else

    ‘Cause here’s the thing,
    I never learned social grace
    I was too wrapped up in myself
    to notice there are rules
    Social rules that one learns by doing
    ‘cept I never do it, so don’t blame me

    ‘Cause here’s the thing,
    You’ll only know me for a short while,
    And in that time some nugget of wisdom
    or truth may sneak out of my mouth
    It might take you a while to figure out

    ‘Cause here’s the thing,
    Something I say will stick in your head
    And as you roll it around in there, a
    light bulb will come on
    And you’ll actually learn something from
    the experience

    -Justin M. Howe

  8. M. Schied

    "The situation is hopeless"

    They stood looking upon
    the carcasses in front of them

    It was a war zone, the path of a hurricane
    Everywhere lay debris, bits of half-chewed flesh still hanging on the bone
    What had once been the means of sustenance
    lay mangled in putrid pasty mash, with globs of sickly orange mixed in for effect

    Bits of blood-colored droplets splattered the pristine white cover
    and what was once gleaming silver
    now shone dully, obscured by the settling dust

    The criminals lay in cages, deprived of their meal that day
    as punishment, nay, retribution for the dashed hopes
    of the family
    as their bellies growled contentedly after the carnage
    their salivating smiles belying their repentant looks

    They would repeat the atrocity in a heartbeat.

    "The situation is hopeless"
    said one observer, trying to piece together a semblance
    of order amidst the chaos

    but it was futile

    as the clean-up process began,
    more than one glare was tossed to the guilty
    more than one sigh mourned the loss of such magnificence

    That was the year we had pizza for Thanksgiving.

  9. Sue Bench

    No Tea on the Face, Please!

    Yummy strawberry decaf tea.
    The girls drink at the table,
    while their mom and I hover
    around the counter.

    ‘Mom, did I eat clean?’

    ‘Well, honey…
    please wipe the table’

    ‘But mom, did I keep my face clean?’
    She lifts her little face up
    for inspection.

    Mom sighs,
    ‘yes honey, your face is clean!
    Please though, go get a napkin
    and wipe up what you spilled.’

    I turn around and look.
    She has spilled at least a
    half cup of tea on the table.
    Her face though,
    is beautifully clean.

  10. Linda Hofke

    Revised Draft

    Take Two

    Human nature is fairly predictable.
    People have their own quips and quirks,
    distinctive personalities,
    so much so that one can often
    play out a scene in his mind
    before it actually takes place.
    But every once in a while,
    to our surprise,
    a character steps out
    of his given role,
    like the school bully
    who helps a defenseless bird
    fallen from it’s mother’s nest
    or the overdemanding
    expressing his gratitude
    and giving you due credit
    in front of the entire team.
    And you think to yourself,
    "I am in the wrong film
    or what???!"
    Then after the shock
    has rolled past and
    you’ve finally managed
    to write the next line,
    the reel snaps back into place
    and the old classic begins anew
    before you can direct it otherwise.

  11. Judy Roney

    He said, "I met my hero today"
    He saw Derek Brooks at the airport
    "Mr. Brooks", he tells him, "you
    are my hero on the field and off."

    This man who saw his hero today,
    made it through life
    without a father but became the best of
    fathers, the best of husband.
    Perhaps knowing what not to do was
    his great lesson.

    He saw his hero today and I saw mine.
    I told him, "I met my hero today, too."
    I meet him every morning on the lanai
    for coffee and talk, every night for
    sharing and giving. I’ve always wanted
    to tell you," you are my hero, to your
    family and those whose lives you touch."

  12. Lyn

    two girls in short-short skirts
    wearing high-high heels
    race against the traffic light
    on the pedestrian crossing
    heels clicking, one almost yells
    "I hope someone notices me"

  13. Tad Richards

    The short wave
    started working
    after midnight last night
    in short bursts

    I went for Verve
    Simon apologized
    punched the guitarist
    no votes for
    Davy Crockett?

    She says Butchie makes love
    like Casanova
    money like
    is she crazy that way?

    Wait till Tom gets back
    after that
    I’ll change my vote
    I can’t change the channel
    and I can’t respond

    at least it’s
    other voices
    at last I get a break
    from the ones I hear
    in my teeth

  14. Sara Diane Doyle

    playing catch-up. This one was fun, something I used to do all the time. And thanks to my little four-year-old friend (and her grandmother) for suppling me with the quotes I used!


    “I want a piece of quiet,”
    you order, just like you order
    a turkey sandwich on rye.
    So I’ll try to pull out
    the piece of quiet, right next
    to the slice of serenity.
    But my body resists the lock
    of stillness—my toes tap,
    my fingers drum, I click my pen
    in time with the music
    I hear in my head.
    When you look up, I freeze,
    waiting for another reprimand.
    But you smile and wink,
    “Oh, I love the sound of you.”

  15. Raven

    sweet little pixie
    tiny frail petite
    whispers of her brother
    as she takes her seat
    staying close to baby
    sharing all she knows
    easy does it
    only heaven shows

    by TK Kietero

  16. Darla Smith


    Normally I’m not a nosy person,
    but sometimes I can’t help but snoop.
    The other day I couldn’t resist,
    listening in on your private conversation.
    You were telling your friend about,
    how you’re cheating behind my back.
    I even heard you laughing because,
    you believed I would never find out.
    You may think that you’re very clever,
    but here real soon you will realize,
    how a scorned woman gets revenge.

  17. Amanda Caldwell

    Flight Attending

    Tons of metal in the sky
    cradling human souls,
    defying expectation only through the skill
    of one or two.
    The lesser of two middling choices
    becomes their last meal.

    Scarred by combat,
    reluctant to try,
    trying to forget,
    straining to remember,
    his choice is set.

    One woman’s help,
    the tower’s guidance,
    and a reliance on those spoken
    words of faith:

    I just want to tell you both good luck
    and we’re all counting on you.

  18. Jay Sizemore

    Actually a lot of the lines here were taken from people’s conversations that I overheard, but I didn’t want to put them all in quotations cause I thought that would ruin the flow. Anyway, hope you like this.

    Vampire slayer

    I wish there was a way
    to stop killing myself,
    to stop making these nooses
    from enjambed lines,
    to stop putting my head
    inside this plastic bag
    of poisonous stanzas shaped
    like my crumbling mind,
    to stop loading these chambers
    with hollow point words
    meant to leave a hole
    in my skull
    the size of God.

    I’m no longer a vampire.

    No longer do I drink
    from the bloody fountain
    of my own insomnia,
    the moon’s red face
    an open mouth in the sky,
    a drain for the stars
    swimming like sperm
    into the egg
    of my inspiration.
    People no longer have to ask,
    “Is he dead?” or “Are you dead?”

    They just know.

    I cannot approve the return
    of such suicidal gazes,
    so much sadness
    from despondent glances
    that it cracks the mirrors of mothers
    including my own.

    I remember the year
    I got her a record player
    for her birthday,
    an old time radio
    locked in a cabinet
    of dusty fingerprints and sounds
    that reminded me
    of Bruce Springsteen’s
    raspy voice singing “Nebraska”.

    Now, the needle is gone.

    I’ve gotta get a new job.
    I’ve gotta get a new life.
    I’ve gotta find my way
    out of this coffin
    of waking dark
    encasing my heart
    beneath the bark
    of this weeping willow
    I have allowed myself
    to become.

    The roots run deep.

    Follow me
    out of this hollow grave,
    dirty your hands
    in the rain softened ground
    of my depression.
    Just make sure
    you’re not wearing
    a clean white shirt.

  19. k weber

    mystery prize

    we are being
    led on a leash

    all the way
    to the back

    of our cracker-
    jack mailboxes

    sniffing through
    the sweet

    and finding
    it’s just nuts

    we are waiting
    for the check

    that balances
    out distress; the economy

    has gone
    broke or broken

    this supposed
    free money, dangled

    hopes and paper
    above the masses

    "is it the key
    to controlling
    all of mankind?"

    we are fish
    bound to find
    the hook, wormless

    the price
    of lives and gas
    is a series:

    games greater
    than equal-to
    and less-than signs

    let us wait
    patient as dominoes
    for the finger

    to tip us right

  20. Maureen


    “You are not even in the picture.”
    What picture?
    It could be a photo –
    a family photo
    but she has a different father to the others
    (a result of her mother’s affair)
    so she couldn’t be in the photo
    because she is only half
    half daughter
    half sister
    half human
    living half a life
    a ghost somewhere in the background.
    Perhaps if she is quiet enough
    and hides behind her mother’s skirt
    no-one will even notice her.
    Perhaps she will just disappear.

    © Maureen Sexton

  21. Linda Hofke

    Overhead my daughter and her friend speaking about her normally serious (never smiles!) teacher and how she was actually human for 5 minutes. My daughter said, Ja. Ich dachte, bin ich in falscher Film oder was? (Yeah, I thought I am in the wrong film or what?) And this from a 9-year old. I had to laugh.
    this is a quickly written rough draft (since I am 4 prompts behind!)

    Take Two

    Human nature is fairly predictable.
    People have their own quips and quirks,
    Distinctive personalities,
    So much so that one can often
    Play out of scene in his mind
    Before it actually takes place.
    But every once in a while,
    To our surprise,
    A character steps out
    Of his given role,
    Like the school bully
    Who helps a defenseless bird
    Fallen from it’s mother’s nest
    Or the family comedian
    Who suddenly speaks
    Deep meaningful words
    Out of the blue
    Or even the overdemanding
    expressing his gratitude
    and giving you due credits
    in front of the entire team,
    And you think to yourself,
    "I am in the wrong film
    Or what???!"
    Then after the shock
    Has rolled past you and
    You’ve finally managed
    To write the next line,
    The reel snaps back into place
    And the old classic begins anew
    Before you can direct it otherwise.

  22. AlaskanRC

    There’s nothing like dancing.
    Such a beautiful form of expression,
    in all its many styles and fashions.
    Slow dancing elegant and sweet.
    While fast dancing can be a hard beat to keep.
    Innocent, sweet, dangerous, beautiful,
    Sensuous, and erotic…all depends on
    Those keeping the beat and the way others
    Choose to interpret what they see.
    One interpretation can create a whole
    Knew meaning far from the original.
    “Who knew that belly dancing was originally
    a ritual preparation for childbirth.”

  23. Yoli

    This is my favorite one of your poems, Robert.

    Here is my late entry, as usual. My place of employment closed it’s doors this week, so I’m a little discombobulated from being newly unemployed. Wish me luck!


    “What we were looking for was something solid.”
    That is what he said.

    “Let’s give it a nice new finish.”
    That is what she said.

    What you may or may not expect is neither here nor there.
    He and she passionately kissed, hugged lovingly, then walked away.


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