April PAD Challenge: Day 18

After today’s poem, we’ll be 60% of the way through this challenge. Woo-hoo!

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem with an interaction of some sort. The interaction does NOT have to be between people, though it can. For instance, you could write about the interaction between a bee and a flower; or an owl and a field mouse. Or just write about a traffic cop getting into an argument with a speeder. Just as long as there is some sort of interaction going on.

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“Only Gets Worse”

I watch the boys run around
the new playground. Another
father approaches me and
says, “Kids,” chuckling to himself.
I don’t know how to respond,
so I don’t. “Yeah, my little
one–that girl in the green
dress–she’s a handful for
sure.” I never understand
why some people feel the need
to talk about nothing when
there’s nothing to talk about.
He exhales a long sigh,
“Yeah, her mother’s a bitch.”
He waves gnats away from
his face with his hand. “How
long you been married?” He
apparently hasn’t noticed I haven’t
been communicating, and he obviously
doesn’t care, because he says,
“It only gets worse,” and
then adds, “It only gets worse.”
He waves away some more gnats,
takes his leave of me, and
makes his way to a single mom
on the other side of the play
area. She watches him approach,
clutches at her purse, and
smiles nervously when he laughs.


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868 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 18

  1. JL Smither

    Coffee shop, Sunday morning

    Must have been the morning after
    after something
    the way he bounced his leg up and down, rattled
    his coffee cup, talked in a long streak of awkward questions
    and she stayed cool, quiet, answered sometimes, briefly,
    neither great beauties, but his nervousness was charming
    and didn’t even abate when she mentioned leaving
    for art school in New York
    he encouraged her, then continued with getting-
    to-know-you anecdotes about feeding his snakes
    and he looked out the window and commented
    on how much he loved spring, but she sighed
    and said she preferred fall, when things were splendidly dying
    he invited her to a reptile show that afternoon
    and for some reason, she agreed.

  2. Dione

    Like oil and water, only meeting at
    the borderlines, we were never able to
    pass the checkpoint into each other’s territory,
    sweet promises like glimpses of a train’s windows glimmering in the morning sun,
    but that train had flashed past our station, leaving
    us both forlorn in the wake of that piercing whistle.
    And when the smoke cleared, we were
    as we had always been – almost together.

  3. yolanda davis-overstreet

    Day 18

    Get a job – you know everything!
    I will
    I am
    Cause at this point, I’ll be damned

    And by the way-
    I’ve got interviews
    Til that miraculous job
    Comes through sometime in May

    And all those clothes
    That are packed in my car
    And in the hallway
    By the door
    Yeah, that ones on the floor
    – their going to the fluff and fold

    I’m not washing them!

  4. Destiny B


    It arose hot and searing
    from a well held deep within
    her small chest.
    There are moments when
    She was content
    and in control
    but then her anger flared.
    Lashing out at those around her:
    family, loved ones and friends.
    Her anger was furious and unrelenting,
    control it she could not.
    It burned along the skin of those
    around her.
    She meant no harm, wished not one ill.
    They cared but couldn’t understand.
    Her anger was to hard to bear,
    the heat to hot to withstand.
    Little did they know, that this child’s anger
    stemmed from isolation, secrets and hidden despair.

  5. amanda

    My Niece, Maddy

    How long had it been
    I’d been mourning my own life? A year?
    Two? Living as though
    a thin crust had build itself
    up and all around me, flaking off
    onto the floor on days
    I’d actually get up.

    Goddamn, but children are a miracle—
    of God, or nature, or whatever the Hell you believe!
    To see myself reflected in those fresh eyes,
    just two years of this world—the wonder!
    Pure potential! Not just for her new life
    and all that lay before her—but mine too!
    I wasn’t over.

    I was reading to this angel
    of my life and life to come
    when like a bolt
    she shot up off my lap, and spun around
    to face me, cried,“Aunt Manda! It’s amazin’!”
    “What is, Maddy?” I wondered back
    and she pointed out the window.
    “The whole world, Manda. Lookit.
    It’s amazin’!”

    And ever since then, so it was.

  6. Ruth Mattern

    The Puppy and The Dog

    We brought the new puppy home
    carefully introducing him to our dog,
    not sure how they would react.
    At first, they were both leery and cautious.
    They sniffed and paced,
    each backing away from the other.

    The puppy barked and wanted to play.
    The puppy nipped at the dog
    and ran circles around him.
    But the dog wanted no part of him.
    So, the puppy climbed into my lap
    and fell asleep while the dog watched.

    Soon the dog was nudging the puppy,
    wanting him to get down and play.
    The puppy crawled to the floor
    and slowly approached the dog.
    Suddenly, the dog ran
    and the puppy chased him.

    Then, the dog chased the puppy.
    They did this back and forth
    until they were both worn out.
    Then they curled up together
    on the rug by the fireplace and slept.
    Now, they’re the best of friends.

  7. Deanna Larson

    you do your thing
    year after year
    but this spring
    I really looked at you, my lovely
    my seasonal friend
    the one that pushes my abandonment issues
    each fall
    listening as I putter around the lamb’s ears
    so quietly
    it’s like not hearing me at all
    no matter
    I realize I haven’t been a friend either
    leaving you thirsty
    because the hose was too far away
    forgetting to fertilize
    (the gardening bucket filled with stiff paintbrushes)
    and that scaly black torso
    wish I knew the right moisturizer for that
    I failed to appreciate your stoic nature
    your way of weathering a storm
    despite severed limbs littering the lawn
    I’d toss multitasking glances at your creamy saucer blossoms
    you were tap dancing and reciting Shakespeare and wearing a sash with Miss Spring written across it in satin letters and I barely noticed
    how insensitive
    I’ve only seen you in that gorgeous dress, what? Eight times?
    It’s not enough

    I’d like us to go out more
    I’d like to know your secrets
    I intend to care
    Were you here when this avenue was dirt?
    What was the original owner of this house really like?
    Stingy on the phosphorus?
    Dinner first.

  8. LindaTK

    Day 18:
    Music Heals (Free Verse)

    I recently learned
    That a scale of music
    Called the Solfeggio Scale
    Was kept from humanity by
    The Illuminati.
    Its ancient notes
    were rediscovered.
    Apparently Middle C
    Which resonates at 528 Hz
    Interacts with human DNA
    Causing healing.

  9. Ayesha Chatterjee


    I just wrote a letter to myself and she
    Replied. Her response wasn’t quite
    What I’d expected. We share
    A common friend, a school, a city.
    One name, two bodies. Our selves
    Discrete despite the ether.
    If she is silent now, it will not matter.
    Enough to know, when things are going poorly,
    That somewhere else, I’m doing
    Something else entirely.
    I wrote a letter to myself
    And she replied.

  10. Lissa

    Foster Boston

    She’s bounced around
    from roof-to-roof
    for a year or so.
    So much it had loosened her inner spring.
    A glimpse of her verve
    floats in those timorous eyes
    more and more
    as she finds a way to fit in.
    It emerged first at night
    with her insistent burrowing,
    rooting for a safe place to sleep.
    Now she charts her distance
    waiting for leftovers
    and vaults her eagerness to walk.
    Waiting for the command to stay.

  11. Claudia Marie Clemente

    *****************************************(correct version)******


    washing hands
    at the kitchen sink,
    he leans back
    onto my brother’s
    belly and
    whispers loudly:

    is your little sister
    a gwone-up
    or a big child?
    my brother
    turns the faucet,
    quiet –

    i call:
    a big child!

    the boy scrambles
    off the stool,
    crumbled bread
    peppering his mop
    of shiny cinnamon curls,
    and runs

    to the new baby’s
    chair caked
    with lentils.
    grabbing a leg,
    he grins
    and stamps,

    squashing into paste
    the baby’s
    peeled banana;
    the smaller one
    extends hands



  12. Merddyn Aladar

    "As the world turns"

    As the world turns
    And as it orbits the sun
    The seasons change
    Time slowly goes by

    As the sun passes by
    Night becomes day
    Plants look to the sun
    And men to the plants

    A hawk finds its prey
    But later it must die
    And give life to the plant
    Which feeds the prey

    And so the cycle goes on
    The seasons go by
    The living soon die
    As the world turns

  13. Amanda Caldwell

    The mystery of seeds

    The power of a seed pulled tight in a ball,
    like the bundling of limbs on that leap into a cannonball,
    the pause before the giant splash.

    How does dirt unfurl the power,
    ordinary tap water coax it out,
    a few bright days wake it up,
    helpful bugs move the power around?

    It surprises me every time,
    to see the green tips hesitantly testing the air,
    the shy promise of buds,
    of glory yet to come.

  14. Ivy Merwine

    It first visits the rose,
    then the marigold,
    its next stop is the daisy.

    The bee then flies home to deliver its bounty
    to the hive, leaving behind the future of new flowers.

  15. Alyssa Watson


    The leaves speak
    Whispers like the ancient rhymes
    The rustle of aged paper
    As the reader turns the page

    Images of long ago battles
    Snorting horses, the shouts of men
    Engrossed, the reader strokes the leaf
    Embossed with golden letters

    Moon, silver in the night
    Glows on the page


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