April PAD Challenge: Day 17

As with so many others who’ve been participating in this challenge, I am amazed not only by the quantity of poems submitted to Poetic Asides, but also the quality. And the creativity. You guys rock!

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem with the following title: “All I want is (blank),” where you fill in the blank with a word or phrase of your choosing. Some example titles, then, could be: “All I want is to eat fried chicken”; “All I want is world peace”; “All I want is for everyone to tell me I’m beautiful”; or “All I want is a handful of quarters.”

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“All I want is this moment”

Something as simple
as a father rolling
a groundball to his son
and showing him how
to pivot and throw.


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881 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 17

  1. Lisa W.

    Daily Mantra

    All I want
    is to not feel again,
    to be comfortably numb
    so that neither physical pain
    nor emotional pain
    can hurt me ever.

    I just want to exist for awhile,
    to feel nothing in a black warm
    cocoon, and let the stress leave
    my body, until I’m totally relaxed..
    Barring the above,
    all I want is to have enough rest.
    to wake refreshed
    instead of with the dread of
    getting up and trying to work through the day
    with too little rest.

    Lisa A. Wooley

  2. Christopher Granholm Jr

    "All I Want Is Peace"

    For the world
    So that we may all
    Live like brothers
    And care for one

    For the nations
    So that there must
    Be no more fighting
    And realize that no one
    Nation can stand

    For myself
    To free my mind
    From worries
    And just enjoy
    What I do have

  3. Rose Anna Hines

    All I want is to live in the moment,
    stay in the present
    and not get stuck in what has happened
    A life time ago,
    Last year
    Last week
    a moment ago
    or what hasn’t happened yet
    or might happen.

    Leftovers from yesterday
    spill seeds of dread
    into today’s garden.
    Pollen from the past
    carried on time’s breath
    gets deposited in the brain.

    Stuck together

  4. Maureen Hurley

    NOTE THIS IS DAY 16 COLOR Poem…I can’t paste into page 16….I’ve tried 20 times and over several days.

    A Violet Tide

    In the westering shadows of Tehachapi Pass,
    a violet tide of lupine tumbled and surceased
    at meadow’s edge amid bright spring grasses
    and oak as if taking instruction from the sky.

  5. Carol Berger

    “All I Want is Purple Tulips”

    And when I die,
    I want no fancy coffin –
    something plain will do.

    I want no elaborate ceremony,
    with mourners dressed in black
    and somber words spoken.

    All I want is lots of flowers,
    the springtime flowers I loved –
    big, bright yellow daffodils
    and dark blue hyacinths,
    soft white lilacs, and most of all,
    I want purple tulips.

  6. Cheryl Foreman

    All I want is

    An unbroken,
    transient, bubble
    of denial to surround me
    when the world rubs me with sandpaper,
    when the outfit I wore last winter can only
    be worn with the buttons undone, when
    the son I never lost for 19 years now
    wants to spend another 19 finding
    himself, and whenever I feel
    forced to walk barefoot
    through someone
    else’s reality.

  7. Raven Zu

    all I want is freedom from pain.

    Stiffened joints resist movement
    as slowly I creak to
    upright position and
    contemplate forward motion.
    Protesting joints win
    tortured argument and
    I settle back into bed.

  8. jane penland hoover

    All I want is Out

    Accepting his idle musing
    to take her Father’s boat
    drive east
    beyond the meadows
    put-in at the shaded ramp,
    once they slipped
    the haggard teachers
    barely civil in this final week
    with summer rushing near,
    two steered their way
    clear to open water
    made some wake
    that year.

  9. Christy Dorrity

    All I want is to live without regret-A prayer.

    I pray that I will wring every drop of potential from the days Thou has given.
    Let me spend the time gifted freely and not hoard it to myself.
    Help me divide each precious moment so that, through me,
    My children will understand the love You feel for them.
    Give me the strength to nurture, educate, protect and encourage
    Them on their path to happiness.
    Help me make my community, my town, and my own neighborhood a
    Sanctuary, where all will be blessed to live.
    May I touch others with the talents given me.
    Allow me to share with the world the songs, the stories and
    Characters that are waiting to escape my imagination.
    Give me hope that the time I set aside to dance, to sing, to write and to read
    Will not be wasted, but edify those whom I call “friend”.
    Let me spend my days in service to friend and stranger,
    That when I have fled this world, the imprint
    I leave behind will witness my devotion to Thee, to my family, and to
    The eternal progression afforded to all.
    Allow me to say, with a full heart: I did.

  10. Heiberg

    All I Want Is You

    All I want is to sit with you on a boat catching cod
    under the high bridges
    on the dark blue sea.

    “Don’t move!”
    Careful, careful, careful!

    “But the cods will be here,”
    you’ll teach me
    and I’ll let you.

    Cods everywhere deep down in the dark.
    And we’ll get them.
    All I want is to get them.

    “What’s wrong now?” I’ll say.
    And you’ll say:
    “you are supposed to catch max. three.
    Not twenty-three.”

  11. Kelli Russell Agodon

    All You Want

    is hallelujah, is the man on the phone
    to say, She’s come through, a miracle,
    a mirage, someone’s standing
    in the cornfield repairing the scarecrow.

    It’s a little like satin
    believing everything that touches
    your skin will be smooth
    until you slide beneath the sheets
    and realize you could use

    a pedicure, all that roughness on your sole,
    but you write “soul” because it’s more
    interesting when it’s about your heartspace,
    your spirit, the fifteen books you read
    on chakras and intensity, you’ve Ouija

    boarded your life until it finally
    spelled a l-o-v-e-r, but what if it paused
    a little longer on the L, and your life
    is all over, your spirit guide giving you
    the head’s up, but you are already

    sorting out your lingerie in categories
    ranging from sexy to curious, those
    lace up corsets, bustiers (or is it
    bus tiers?), go Greyhound, double-
    deckered , your a racing pulse,

    and you notice that maybe
    your heartspace is your heart’s pace,
    a tornado in the cornfield and all
    that you want, prayer beads,

    a miracle, hallelujah
    bistros that serve rose petals
    in the sparkling wine are missing,
    missing or covered in dust.

  12. Dr. Jeanne Hounshell


    All I want
    is to remember
    remember who I am
    remember where I came from
    and where I am going.

    All I want
    is to remember
    remember what I came to do
    remember who I came to be
    and why I came at all.

    All I want
    is to live my life
    who you are.

    All I want
    is to remember
    where ever I look
    whatever I see
    it is simply
    The One
    looking back at me

    Reminding me
    what it is
    I want to remember.

  13. Eileen Rosensteel

    All I want is Everything

    All I want is everything.
    Oh is that too much?
    I can’t ask for it all?
    I should be practical.
    Limit myself
    Make wise choices
    Why should I impose limits on my life?
    I should hold my passion back,
    Refrain from greed.
    Only ask for what I need.
    Fuck that.
    I want it all.

  14. Nikki Griffith

    All I want is now gone

    For twenty-five years, I sacrificed,
    saved, and scrimped
    to build my dream house,
    dream education,
    dream career in the American Dream,
    with a beautiful saltwater fish aquarium,
    and wonderful relationships,
    only to be uprooted as the the middle class
    socioeconomic condition destroyed
    due to mistakes made by
    corporate America,
    Western Union,
    Wells Fargo and
    the human condition.
    Why should I want anymore?

  15. Jodi Adamson

    All I want is to finish this challenge

    Before I lose my grip on sanity.
    All I want is to put down my pen and
    Take a rest.
    All I want is to stop staring at a computer screen.
    My eyes are glazing over.
    But mostly I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself
    With my awful, catch-up poetry!

  16. lacy j

    [all I want is sleep]

    Nights the house hollows and ungrooves, floorboards buckle and swell without the anchor of your occasional weight padding darkly toward the kitchen (the last nocturnal gesture, locking and relocking, looking once into the dark wake of each drawn curtain), water rushes toward some stagnant basin, doorjambs pop at each slouching seam. Tonight, I do not sleep, but skirt the wakeful edge of would-be dreams: I’m drowning, each breath crashes through the window of the one before (A chain link gate creaks to. She coughs, resettles. Your face slackens against the shuffle of a pillow), the nape of a stutter uncocooning; a small, live thing taking form.

  17. Maria D. Laso

    All I Want Is Everything

    My fair share
    What I was promised
    The truth
    What’s owed me
    The most
    All I deserve
    The whole enchilada
    Nothing but the best
    I can have anything
    I set my mind to
    Daddy preached
    Mother promised
    Did they believe the lie?
    Do I?
    Go inside now, honey.
    All Mommy wants is to be left alone.

  18. Karen Perry

    All I want is a red donkey

    everyone was talking
    the red donkey was
    allowed vitamins
    on a long barge
    which was once
    a carriage house
    for blank minds.

    — karen perry

  19. Joanna Bailey

    All I Want Is A Friend

    Someone to lean over, smell my hair
    Gently stroke my cheek
    Watch me as I sleep
    Soothe me if I should weep
    Someone to spoon me in the night.

    Someone to rub my back gently
    With compassion and familiarity
    Only for a thread of connectivity
    Anything but inactivity
    No passion is required.

    Words are not necessary
    Nor are they forbidden
    Motives are not hidden
    Just make me feel like I’m livin’
    And worthy of some kindness.

    I want someone to love me as I am
    Not make my will to be bending
    No circumstances to be defending
    No arguments to be mending
    Just someone to love me.

    A congenial hug would be nice
    All I want is some attention
    Without ever having to mention
    I could use some affection
    From a best friend who loves me.

  20. Shauntice Rodriguez

    All I want is…
    A place to rest easy when twilight comes
    where I can bathe in rose pink after-light
    Where a modest, yellow house with a blue door
    has taken up residence amongst songbirds,
    shade trees , a carpet of petite purple flowers
    And has lovingly said “Welcome”
    High on a cliff-top where the waves below sing songs of longing
    and the salt air flirts with diaphanous curtains
    A place where my beloved waits with wine and conversation
    and I sink slowly into beautiful oblivion.

  21. T.B. Bryceson

    All I Want is My Sanity

    All I want is my sanity,
    Not all these people after me
    On the phone, in the home, car, store
    They want my time, my cash and more!

    Is it too much for me to ask
    To not be a dish in their repast?
    I feel them at me all the time
    Confronted fore, stalked from behind

    There is no safety in my home,
    They call me on my telephone
    Before I have a chance to speak
    They tell of all these things I need

    They inform me of so many dangers
    They sell me fear, these perfect strangers,
    They have protection made for me
    And all for just a monthly fee

    One thing has not been offered, yet
    The thing I want and cannot get
    I swear that I would empty coffers
    For something that would stop these offers!

    Copyright 2009 by T.B. Bryceson

  22. janflora

    All I Want is That

    "All I want is that," said the middle child.
    I rolled my eyes and asked, "And what is that?"
    "A dinosaur that roars and goes real wild,
    A ball that’s really big and then gets flat,
    or that super hero that has a bat.
    Please, huh? Can I get that for my birthday?"
    His eager grin peeks out under his hat.
    "Let’s see, last time you asked what did I say?"
    "That it is still six months till my birthday
    and I’ll just change my mind ten times by then."
    I give him a smile but he turns away
    and is staring at the TV again.
    I wish I could give you all you ask for,
    but, child, then you would probably need more.

  23. Sonia L. Russell

    All I Want Is To Write

    I have so much to say
    But not enough time to say it
    My dream is to write for a living

    I don’t want to be a bum
    With no accomplishments to speak of
    I just want to write as my way of giving

    I would write about relationships
    And why dreams don’t come true
    And never blame one or the other

    No not a gossip column or
    A how to beat each other down story
    But every day life with one another

    All I want is to write
    And of course get paid for it
    Suffering for ones art is overrated

    I would truly give my all
    If an offer was made that I could live with
    And for my writings I would be compensated

  24. Nilo G. Simogan

    All I want is to cry

    You left me like a rug
    Full of dust, stained with mud,
    You tore me like a paper
    Scattered on thin air.

    You dumped me like a toy
    Of yesterday’s turmoil,
    You burned me in a furnace
    Hotter than hell of toil.

    You buried me like a dead bug
    Drown with expired insecticides,
    Denied of little self-respect
    Of self-worth and pride.

    Can I redeem myself?
    Can I find my place?
    Can I uplift my spirit?
    Can I leave a trace?

  25. J. Thomas Ross

    All I Want Is Time Enough
    by J. Thomas Ross

    All I want is time enough
    … to listen to the peepers’ song
    … to stand aside and watch the throng
    … to watch as newborn leaves unfold
    … to hear every person’s story told
    … to taste a rare charbroiled steak
    … to splash with friends in a summer lake
    … to smell a fresh-baked pumpkin pie
    … to watch a soaring eagle fly
    … to hear a child laugh with sheer joy
    … to see her eyes light at a toy
    … to sniff the scent of fresh-cut grass
    … to crush dead leaves on a forest path
    … to bite into a just-picked peach
    … to pick up shell-gifts at the beach
    … to lie on the lawn watching clouds race past
    … to have a child take my hand in his grasp
    … to sit with friends in conversation
    … to lose myself in solitary contemplation
    … to set foot on a distant shore
    … to try things I’ve never dared before

    All I want is time enough for
    all of this, and so much more …

  26. Sarah Provence

    All I Want

    All I want is a lilac
    bush surrounded by 10 or maybe
    20 acres of green shade trees,

    a lake and a porch with a house, a beaded pitcher of
    sweet iced tea and 40 or 50 years to do nothing but
    lay my hand on your nape and

  27. Julie Hayes

    All I want is ….

    All I want is to be free
    Free from the pain I feel

    All I want is to love again
    To allow my heart to be open

    All I want is a home
    A home to call my own

    All I want is you
    Forever by my side.

  28. Elaine Parny

    all i want

    wanting you to want me
    is all i want, where

    each kiss
    speaks the language of desire

    each embrace
    a capturing of hearts

    each touch
    sheer ecstasy

    each whisper
    pledge of yet another day

  29. Juanita Snyder

    All I want is to Breathe
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Rollercoaster life of
    cooking and cleaning and
    daycare and paying bills,
    grocery shopping, school projects,
    and dry cleaners,
    functions and parties and
    towtrucks, and sirens, and…

    Breathe … just breathe…

    Merry-go-round of
    shuffling kids & loved ones to
    doctor appointments,
    play dates, and outgrown clothes,
    “What time for Dinner?” and
    “Mom? can you help me with
    this NOW?!”

    Spinning TeaCup ride
    out of control and the
    days are now weeks and
    my fingers are dug into
    the dashboard in front of me,
    holding for dear life and
    “Honey? Promise not to get mad?!”

    Zipper of life
    getting faster and weeks
    turn into years with one
    going one way and the
    other the opposite, and I’m
    looking down at the sideshow
    of what’s been and think to myself…

    Breathe … just breathe…

    © 2009 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  30. Cassandra O'Shea

    All I want is a dog named Self-Discipline

    Snuffle in the morning, wet snout in ear,
    herd me to the shower, bark until I sit
    down to work, growl when surfing
    instead of writing, whine when I stare
    off into space. Cry when I look at my bed,
    and howl if I try to take a nap.

    Fetch my running shoes, lick my feet
    until I put them on, and nip at my heels
    up the hills. Bury temptations in flowerpots,
    bite unsuitable suitors. Knock my drink
    over, and over, pee if I am not home by three.

  31. Erin Sway

    All I want is someone to love

    Strong and handsome for a start
    but not would be alright
    as long as he’s
    a good listener who
    can make me laugh
    even at myself
    with a twinkle in his eye
    good with animals and children
    takes care of his mother and
    still respects his father
    loves me for who I am
    and will not try to change
    my many flaws
    and admits he has flaws of his own
    which I will not care about
    as long as he loves me
    and lets me love him.

  32. John Davies

    All I want is

    the journey,
    moving from day to day.
    The ups
    the downs,
    the unexpected turns,
    delight me.

    The joys,
    the sorrows, all gems
    to savour,
    all the things of life
    are lessons to be learned,
    absorbed, while
    the journey goes on.

  33. Cathy Sapunor

    All I Want Is A Raise

    All I want is
    to lay here in bed today
    with two dogs (albeit smelly)
    on her back asking for
    a tummy rub
    the other—huge, black and busy
    biting at my fingers teasing
    blankets into prey

    keeping puppies entertained
    is a harder job than what awaits
    at the office
    I’d demand a bonus, except
    I happen to be the boss

    — Cathy Sapunor

  34. Damon Fitch

    All I Want is Love
    By Damon Fitch

    I know lots of people,
    But I feel sometimes like an outsider.
    I just want someone to talk to.

    I have one really beautiful friendship,
    But it can be nothing more,
    Even if I love her profoundly.

    I stay extremely busy,
    But the nights can be so lonely.
    The emptiness is vast.

    I have developed some other great friendships,
    But I still have no one I just hang out with.
    I need to keep pushing myself.

    I am trying to meet new people online,
    But sometimes I feel like I’m in a vacuum.
    Emails go out but nothing ever returns.

    I have to keep trying,
    But it is not easy.
    All I want is love.

  35. Lauren Dixon

    The Trouble with People

    All I want is for our
    two condos to sell,
    Two mistakes thinking
    we could live smaller
    near people.

    People we couldn’t choose,
    People who were noisy,
    smoked cigars, dogs that
    barked, rules broken.

    Longing for a small house
    with land to till with our
    own hands, growing our
    own food, not
    near people.

    The sign would say “wanted”
    No golf course racket,
    No traffic sirens,
    No planes overhead,
    Just quiet.

    The question begs, can you be close
    enough to civilizations conveniences
    while being far enough away
    from people?

  36. Laura Kayne

    All I Want is this Moment

    You, me, a bench by the sea,
    My head on your shoulder,
    Watching blue-green waves,
    Yachts, motor-boats
    And dogs catching balls.

    Only the tide washing in and out
    Marks the passing of time
    On a lazy Sunday,
    Under a picture perfect sky.

    There’s nowhere to be
    And nothing to do,
    But live this moment,
    Together with you.

  37. K Weber

    All I want is not this

    I sequester myself
    for love. Stop
    everything and drop
    my routine
    as the hand
    gropes every
    hour. No news, no
    interaction. I
    stimulate my imagination
    with paranoia. Too much
    to think; I’ve a
    mind overactive and
    in my dreams you’ve
    something up
    your sleeve and
    a hand on someone
    else. I want you
    minus my misgivings
    but I thank you
    for forgiving.

  38. Andrew Schuch

    All I Want is…

    I look at my life
    Forgetting how I began
    Afraid of being alone
    Until the very end

    Each day is filled
    With feeling like the dead
    Gone is the warmth
    Cold is my bed

    All I want is…

    Your kiss and
    Your sweetness
    Your touch and

    I want this…

    I want to
    Hear your voice
    Say goodnight
    Have your warm body
    By my side

    I want this…

    A.J. Schuch

  39. Michelle Bonczek

    All I Want is to Not Have This Dream

    You lying in bed not answering
    my calls after we returned from the
    doctor who told us nothing
    new one can do with a sore back
    and untied shoes beneath bed and a sagging
    mattress from the body beside you
    that is not me I called until I lifted my head
    from the bed next to you two she in your arms
    asking me to understand that she was a virgin
    and he is perfect for not only my arms but hers
    as well as you could tell I said “bored” out loud
    in my sleep but really it was probably “whore”
    who I climbed on top of hesitantly slapped
    in the face again all I could do was tear at her hair
    and explain to you in a forced gentle way look
    what you have done now it all has to be over the bed
    broken now in the corner how much weight
    I would lose thinking of you mourning the loss
    no food no bed no heat from your body’s emptiness

  40. Erin Wilcox

    All I Want Is

    1) comfortable high-heeled shoes
    2) fat-burning chocolate
    3) solar-paneled White House
    4) house elves that *find* items
    5) to wake up not thirsty
    6) four-leaf clover patch
    7) moonbeam surfboard
    8) six-figure advance
    9) to keep my teeth in old age
    X) a cherry on top