April PAD Challenge: Day 17

As with so many others who’ve been participating in this challenge, I am amazed not only by the quantity of poems submitted to Poetic Asides, but also the quality. And the creativity. You guys rock!

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem with the following title: “All I want is (blank),” where you fill in the blank with a word or phrase of your choosing. Some example titles, then, could be: “All I want is to eat fried chicken”; “All I want is world peace”; “All I want is for everyone to tell me I’m beautiful”; or “All I want is a handful of quarters.”

Here’s my attempt for the day:

“All I want is this moment”

Something as simple
as a father rolling
a groundball to his son
and showing him how
to pivot and throw.


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881 thoughts on “April PAD Challenge: Day 17

  1. Ronda Broatch

    Yikes! I put my "work" poem on here by accident. Using the "nifty tool" I found that my work poem is also posted on its correct day, too. Sorry!

  2. Dione

    All I want is peace, to be miles
    away from these flashing neon lights and the crush of the crowd,
    bodies pressed against each other, faces
    blurred into one, as shrieks meld with
    tipsy laughter in the sultry night air.

    Give me a hut in the rolling hills with windows
    opening to fields of green and roads strewn with leaves.
    And nights with the moon for company, until
    day breaks with birds calling,
    and the sun disperses the chill and scatter of stars over the lines of the mountains.

  3. JL Smither

    All I want

    All I want is a diamond, a big fat one,
    and a limousine with a chauffer
    and a maid, of course, so I’ll never have to clean a floor again,
    and a personal yoga instructor, some one attractive, please,
    and great sex whenever I want it
    and my afternoons free to dream up everything else I may want.

  4. Ruth Mattern

    All I want is

    To smell the air after a rain.
    To take away someone’s hurt and pain.
    To feel the sunshine on my face.
    To know the glory of God’s grace.
    To hear the laughter of children at play.
    To live to see another day.
    To have my loved ones close to me.
    To give them joy and sympathy.
    To see all the beauty of this earth.
    To pray to God and prove my worth.
    To lay my head in peace each night.
    To know the Lord has me in his sight.
    To be thankful and know I’m not alone.
    To live ‘til the angels take me home.

  5. LindaTK

    Day 17:
    All I Want Is Enough (Free Verse)

    I want
    Enough time
    Enough money
    Enough love
    Enough confidence
    Enough trust
    Enough space
    Enough experience
    Enough good health
    Enough memory
    Enough sun
    Enough friends
    Enough family
    Enough faith

  6. Lissa

    All I Want Is Your Laughter

    All I want is your laughter
    to keep it in my pocket.

    ‘cause it would never stay there…
    but escape to
    weave into my hair,
    track along my spine
    slip over skin, over joy.

  7. Merddyn Aladar

    "All I want is time"

    I stand here thinking
    "What to do next"
    I have little time for it
    For too soon I will die

    Oh, I have many years
    At least that’s what they say
    But we never know when
    Our time has come.

    That’s my problem, time!
    If I can find it, soon
    I can do all my plans
    And have time to spare

    The decades pass by
    And soon shall my life
    I never could find
    The time I desired.

    Oh, had I known then
    That time I had plenty
    And in the search for more
    I ran out of time.

    My advice to you, friend
    Quit hunting for more time
    If you waste not a minute
    You’ll have more than you want.

  8. riddlewoman


    All I want is balance,
    Worn by the dischord, crossed swords,
    Game talk.
    All I want is balance.
    Something like,
    A two part harmony,
    Blended together,
    Some follow, some lead.
    A little salt a little sweet,
    Right stress,
    Right joy,
    Like an arabesque,
    Like a cobra poised,
    All I want is balance.


  9. Amy Gunn

    “All I Want is Sleep”

    I lie once again in sweltering heat,
    Wishing for a glass of warm milk
    Or a bucket of ice;
    Either one might stop the misery.

    I punch my pillow and roll over,
    But My precious sleep still eludes me.
    Maybe I can catch a quick nap tomorrow
    Or perhaps sometime next year.

  10. Amanda Caldwell

    All I want is my faith back

    How to go from blithe acceptance to doubt
    in a few short years?
    I say it was parenting,
    a belief in the innate goodness of ourselves
    that won’t allow me to embrace anymore
    original sin,
    but really it started before,
    at my Christian college,
    teaching me to think
    for myself.
    I wish I could go back when things were simple.
    I say that, but
    what would that mean?
    Back to ignorance,
    back to immaturity.
    But is this maturity
    or adolescent whininess?
    A surety of my own immense intellect
    superseding everything the ages have taught?
    Am I better than the minds of the past
    just because I have access
    to Google Scholar?
    But I can’t let it go,
    can’t become something I’m not,
    dumb myself down and go back in time.
    Or, at least, I don’t want to.
    All I want is my simple faith back,
    only maybe not so simple this time.

  11. Ivy Merwine

    You want to know what I want?
    I will tell you.
    All I want is a measure of peace.
    A brief respite that I can carry with me wherever I go.
    A small measure so that I can pour it out and rest in it for a moment in chaotic times.
    Is it too much to ask for such a small measure of this precious commodity?
    Its all I want.

  12. Kathryn Hessler

    All I want is a spot of time
    A bit of fun and maybe a bit of rhyme
    And then some time for sleep and rest,
    As well as to know each bit’s enough, my best.

  13. Kripa Nidhi

    All I want this moment…

    Standing in the backhand corner
    sweat dripping down my neck
    and my legs wanting to give up
    after three hours of spilling my guts
    Out on a sun-soaked tennis court
    I watch Tim at the net – all smiles –
    pounce on my return and place
    his volley calm and quiet
    deep into the forehand corner.
    As I start my desperate run
    eyeing the yellow orb of fuzz
    land on the farthest corner
    and lunge for all I can
    stretching every muscle in my limbs
    wondering if my racquet will reach the ball
    all that I want this moment is
    for it to pass the net over his head
    and bounce beyond his reach
    in his backhand corner
    and then hear him cuss for all he could.

    -Kripa Nidhi

  14. Stacey Cornwell

    All I want is the peace we had
    When you were here
    The unity I’d felt when we
    Were all together

    But I can’t turn the hands of time
    And I can’t bring the dead to life
    So it is only my small wish
    To have you back again

  15. Liz

    All I Want in My Garden

    All I want is ocotillo
    in my northern garden blooming
    and a few immense saguaro
    over rhododendrons looming.

    I’d also like some cinnamon trees
    alongside douglas fir
    and some shade-grown coffee
    among the blue larkspur.

    Ah, then there’s the pepper vine
    I once saw outside Mysore.
    I’ll let it’s tendrils intertwine
    to shade the hellebore.

    I’ll have to plant some mangos
    to grow beside my bay
    where trilliums feed on melting snows
    and orcas spout and play.

    I know I can’t be happy
    without some coconut palms
    that drop their fruit on peonies
    and sway over ginseng fronds.

    Just one more plant I’m craving
    is a boojum tree or two
    and around them lots of sugar cane
    and hops for my home brew.

  16. Carrie Johns

    All I Want Is Tea.

    White, green, or black?
    Tea, tesame, or herbal blend?
    Loose-leaf or bagged?
    Milk or lemon?

    Oh, forget it.
    I’ll have a coffee.

  17. LaQuisha Hall

    All I Want is Mercy

    O great catastrophe,
    Please have mercy upon me.
    Every time I turn around,
    You are constantly attacking me.

    When I awake in the morning,
    To say my prayer,
    You are laughing in every shadow of a corner,
    You make sure you are there.

    When I greet a friend
    Or talk with my mother or a saint,
    You wear me down with worry
    Exposing me to become faint.

    When I turn down a meal
    Or read my sacred scripture,
    You whisper “failure” to me
    To reveal such an evil picture.

    When I lay down my head,
    From a long day’s work,
    You continue to pester me
    Believing your smile is not a smirk.

    But through all your bitterness,
    Your evil and hatred
    I am determined to read
    The living Word, Holy and Sacred.

    O great catastrophe,
    Please have mercy upon me.
    You continue to break me down through the deepest pits,
    But you don’t know that He has already set me free.

  18. Cheryl Pearson

    All I want is…to disappear

    Searching the mirror for emerging bones,
    handling the sheeted racks of my ribs, my hatchet hips,
    the faltering ladder of bone from breast
    to navel, I feel a sudden rush, the incomparable thrill of myself
    as Columbus, discovering my beautiful
    America with each new bump of hand and bone.

  19. lynn paden

    "so hard to believe"

    All I want is
    a bit of sun on my face
    a hand to hold on to
    a park to walk in
    and you

    All I need is
    a warm breeze to breathe in
    good food to eat on
    water to drink at
    and you

    I can see you
    so clearly
    with me
    but I know
    your focus
    is on him

    All I can do is
    look at
    all I want
    and wonder

    if you’re really all I need

  20. David H. Snell

    All I Want Is Utopia

    All aboard for Eden
    no such place
    perfect place where and when
    the air blows, breathes clean
    sparkle returns to the sea
    symphonic melody replaces exploding bombs
    fists open to massage healed flesh
    babies cry squeals of delight instead of hungering wails and
    elders die in peace-filled slumber and
    naked hearts quiver with excitement rather than fear and
    whatever is, is right
    paradise regained and paradise sustained.

  21. Ramona Gonzales

    All I Want Is…

    I know it…wait.
    There’s so much to choose from
    Not just one "thing"
    One "feeling"
    And I may want it now because I think
    I need it,
    But the choices have effects
    Which influence outcomes…
    So many possible paths
    For so many stories…

    All I want is to try them all out
    Learn from them all
    Feel each emotion as if it were real
    Live like a samurai, teach like an archer
    Love like a queen
    Mourn like mother
    And back again

  22. Julie Bloss Kelsey

    All I want is …

    A quiet place for me to write …
    A retreat from my everyday life …

    From a washer laden with mildewed socks,
    From little boys writing on my car — in chalk,

    From dust and dirt and trails of ants,
    From missing coats and wrinkled pants,

    From a leaking roof and endless rain,
    From muddy paws and a stopped-up drain,

    All I want is a quiet so deep
    That I can pen my poem and get some sleep.

  23. Michelle Guerra

    All I want is happiness.
    I want to be truely happy.
    Something that money can not buy.
    A home that not just anyone can build.
    Love that not just anyone can feel.
    I want to feel it deep inside.
    A legacy
    Something to be proud of.
    All I want is happiness.
    Doesn’t everybody?

  24. Michael Roy

    “All I want is a quiet place”

    All I want is a quiet place is that too much to ask
    The constant ringing of the phones
    The notifications of incoming messages on the computer
    TVs and Radios constantly blaring
    With Kids playing and screaming all around

    Is there a quiet place that I can escape to?
    Where no noise could be heard
    As I ponder this question of where I can find the quiet place I seek
    An answer comes to mind which I dare not speak
    Let the noises continue for I am not ready for that sleep

  25. gbivings

    All I Want Is…Peace

    peace of mind,
    peace to endure the pleaures
    and pains of love.
    peaceful surroundings,
    peace with God and myself;
    all I want is…peace.

  26. Linda H.

    I’ve written a rondeau for today’s prompt.

    All I want is to turn back time.
    Is that really such a crime
    to want to feel your touch once more
    the way it used to be before
    when we were in our prime?

    Those yesteryears, they were sublime,
    endless passion all the time,
    the promises of forevermore.
    All I want is to turn back time

    to when love blossomed like Springtime,
    fireworks burst, bells would chime,
    when I was the one you did adore,
    before you shut and locked the door.
    All I want is to turn back time.


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