2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

For today’s prompt, take the phrase, “100% (blank);” replace the blank with a new word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem; and then, write your poem. Example titles might include: “100% Beef,” “100% Cotton,” “100% Awesome,” “100% Etc.”

Here’s my attempt:

“100% Poem”

Start with an incredible metaphor
that takes the breath from angels
and break your lines at random
angles to keep your readers off-balance,
if not interested at least confused

(possibly amused), and then,
drop an obscure reference to a line
in a poem by a poet that most
readers have never heard of
because that is how you roll

through your poetics and spin politics
as a web that holds together in one
age to the next, which basically means
it’s human–because while
everything around us

changes in dramatic ways
we–the humans–struggle the same, and it
helps to hear that voice who knows
we want to always do better than this.


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510 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

  1. Paoos69

    100% Vegetarian

    This is foolish, this is madness
    Eggs and fish are not vegetarian
    Eggs, the precursors of life
    Fish with gills and fins
    Very much alive!

    I am a vegetarian pure
    Chaste and contrived
    Veggies and berries
    Fruits and curries
    Feed my belly

    Only the divine chocolate éclair
    In the bakery down the road
    I devour with relish
    The éclair, my sole fetish
    Once, maybe twice, maybe four times a week
    I willingly seek

    The onlookers familiar
    Gape and gasp
    Even small whisper I hear
    There “goes” the vegetarian
    The éclair, far from my belly’s criterion

  2. tunesmiff


    I was born in Alabama,
    Raised in Tennessee,
    I’ve got Irish blood mixed with
    A little native Cherokee.

    Mama came from way up north,
    Daddy from the coast.
    People often ask me
    Who I resemble most.

    I tell ’em, “Here’s the simple truth…
    I’m one hundred per cent…
    Ninety proof.

    They make those flaming, fruity drinks,
    For tourists down on Bourbon,
    Fine wine in fancy glasses
    For yuppies in Suburbans.

    College boys drink kegs of beer,
    At tailgating parties,
    And bloody Mary brunches
    On Sundays at sororities.

    I’m not all that fancy, that’s the truth…
    I’m one hundred per cent…
    Ninety proof…

    I’m ninety-nine and forty-four…
    One-hundredths per cent pure,
    I give my best shot at all I do…
    Sometimes I might miss my Maker’s mark,
    But you can be dang sure…
    I’m one hundred per cent…
    Ninety proof… ninety
    One hundred per cent…
    Ninety proof…

    When last call comes I’ll turn my glass,
    Over on the bar,
    And wait for St. Peter,
    To call me from afar.

    When he asks me to come on,
    through the Pearly Gates,
    I’ll ask him,
    If he can kindly wait,

    He might be ready, but I won’t be through…
    I’m one hundred per cent…
    Ninety proof…

  3. Jamal Abboud

    100% Beauty Of Present Perfect

    You are the beauty of present perfect
    Whatever has passed
    Your influences still exist
    A jasmine was once flowery mad
    I still read the jovial scent
    An angel image, I have never perceived
    Happily insight , an omen of soul’s predict
    You are since, for, ever and yet
    Lissome beauty among the stars
    A twinkle now, had long since passed
    I now pick and select
    To remain out of my reach
    A present beauty of which
    I only can croon and regret.

  4. Karen31

    100 % Rowan

    Rowan is action
    Is movement
    Is question
    Is verb
    Rowan is learning
    Is telling
    Is yessing
    Is no
    Rowan is choo-choo
    Is hop-hop
    Is up-up
    Is hug
    Rowan is grandson
    Is future
    Is three
    Is love

  5. cajun75

    100% Gluttony
    Thanksgiving turkey
    And pumpkin pie
    Christmas ham
    And ambrosia

    New Year’s hops with Hopping John
    And greens for good luck
    Valentine’s, what else, chocolate,
    Chocolate and more chocolate

    Next up is Easter
    With lamb and mint jelly
    And please don’t forget Mom and Dad
    Who get to choose whatever they want

    Patriotic venues of Memorial Day
    4th of July and Labor Day
    Brings friend chicken, potato salad,
    And watermelon

    Somewhere along the line is
    Birthday cake or pie and ice cream
    Full circle, one year later
    It’s Halloween
    With lots and lots of

  6. kingac

    100% Alliteration

    Alabaster algorithms
    blatantly blasting
    corrupted conspiracies.

    Demented dogma
    extinguishing everything
    from far-away.

    Ghostly gaspings
    habitually horrifying
    intrinsic individuality.

    Justified jurisprudence
    killing keyboards
    laboriously left-right.

    Makeshift marriage
    never nocturnal
    openly occupant.

    Perishable pensions
    quickly quizzically
    reversing rhetoric.

    Squeamish standoff
    tauntingly tandem
    uproariously underwritten.

    Vexing vortex
    whittling warp-zones
    Xeroxing xenophobia.

    You’re yielding.
    zymotic zombies.

  7. JRSimmang

    100% is equal to 1
    That’s what she said to me when she began this ambuscade.
    She said she wanted it all.
    She wanted the kiss,
    the hug,
    the silent nights with our legs indeciphered,
    the breath,
    the sight,
    the fingers intertwined,
    the spoon,
    the fork,
    the heaving chests and childlike giggles,
    the you pick up the checks,
    the gifts,
    the end tables and time at the bookstore reading to one another.
    She wanted it.
    She needed it.
    She felt worthless without it.
    She, the 100%, the 1, and
    I, the nought.
    I, I wanted the 100%. I wanted the 1.
    I wanted to speak to her from over my books
    and the widening silence between us.
    I wanted the warm nights where our heat
    spread over our blankets and made us sweat.
    100%. 1, where there were supposed to be 2.
    100%, where 200% was needed.

  8. po

    100% Float

    No place to go? Let water currents
    take you on a inner-tube cruise
    on the Hudson River.

    Float over dreams of past lives
    rooted to the bottom. Past
    Washington wildfires set

    by current Washington
    politicians. Hear compliments
    only on recentyly available

    technology. Thank you for
    round twenty-two hundred
    and our current 100%

    solution to our problems.
    Try and relax and float
    in the dirty water.

  9. taylor graham


    Loki. And that means mischief.
    Loki, trickster god. Shape-
    shifter. Loki of earth-
    quakes. It takes active verbs
    just to name this
    sable bitch-puppy, tornado
    inside our walls.
    With teeth and bark. Loki –
    never low-key –
    but finally asleep
    after a day’s mayhem she
    twitches in puppy-
    dreams, chasing rabbits,
    or keeping time
    to her fierce heart-drummer.
    100% Loki.

  10. Jolanta.Stephens


    Correct grammar
    Stupid text speak
    Silly young girls
    Wearing next to nothing
    Don’t they know it’s cold outside??
    Why is this music so loud?
    I strained my throat yelling
    Maybe I should ‘tweet’ on ‘face-space’…
    Gone are the short skirts
    Traded heels for comfy flats
    (Oooh paded soles! A real treat!)
    Sorry love, I’m twice your age
    But thanks anyway for trying
    My perfect saturday night?
    Black Tea dregs
    My crochet in hand
    Trackies and blankie
    And maybe a book to boot.

  11. ellanytdavve

    100% Saturated

    I’m on a time out
    Sequestered with my computer
    Needful to think and read,
    Consider and reconsider,
    Comment or not,
    mostly not.
    My computer friend,
    unoffended if I shut him off
    or neglect his on.
    Me thinks more cranial time
    of the freeflow
    would make our time
    more of the more.
    It is a case of less is more,
    A value we’ve not engaged
    To make all work and
    no play.

  12. Shreedhar

    100% Brilliant

    He’s the patriarch of this tale,
    he, of the ex-neurotic wife,
    and the current Latina bombshell,
    whose love is never at strife;
    and the wise little butterball.

    She, of the Colombian upbringing,
    of the big bosom, and bigger heart,
    God-fearing mass rat murderer,
    mistress of many mispronunciations.
    the wind in our back, not the spit on our faces.

    He, the ornithophobic attorney at large,
    the one of the sharp wit, and flaming red hair,
    Do it yourself disaster, gay, out, and proud,
    on an Asian paediatric adventure, of sorts,
    with that bumbling sleep-clown-er, looming large.

    He, the flaming gay stereotype, or so you thought,
    Of the singing voice and the clowning face,
    the throwing arm and the too joyful tops;
    with a tendency to laugh at baby curses,
    and the real live example of a real man who cries.

    He, cool dad is his thang, he’s ridiculicious,
    the comedic foil, to his hyper better half.
    Gadget freak, real estate whiz, he’ll fix that step;
    The kind of dad, everyone would want.
    And oh yeah, he is not a pervert.

    She, I kept for last, for in her I see me,
    hears everything, quadrennially spontaneous,
    perfectionism overload, hard taskmaster,
    suspect past, auto-tuned orgasmic wonder,
    A solid wall of dependability, for the rest to lean on.

    She, the fashionista school girl with her heart just right,
    She, the intellectual wonder, just found joy in dolls,
    He, the “special” one, yet on occasions many, of sharp insight,
    He, the romantic, the poet, the man far ahead of his cherubic face,
    And she, hopefully not the only underachieving Asian we’ll ever know.

    This one’s for Modern Family.

  13. Miss R.

    100% Certain

    My mind is made up
    That I will make up my mind,
    One of these days,
    I think. If I have the time,
    I will, unless I decide otherwise.
    In that case, I may or may not
    Commit; it all depends,
    But don’t worry.
    You can count on me.

  14. Tanjamaltija

    100% Serpentine

    Sliding slowly

    Slickly slip and

    Slither through life.

    Slyly staring,

    Slit-eyed at Me.

    Slimy, surreal,

    Slinking stealthily

    Spoilt and suave

    Suspicious, and smug

    Supercilious, and smarmy…

    Sylphlike, human, snake.

  15. emmajordan

    100% Me

    Ferns, lush dark green in the shade
    Lilac colored wisteria clinging to a brick wall
    Trees with tangled branches
    Pale pink peonies
    Willows reaching down toward water
    Marigolds yellow and maroon
    Maples of every kind
    Scented basils smelling unlike Italian
    Blueberry bushes heavy with fruit
    Roses white with thorny protection
    Peeling bark hanging falling
    Zinnias smiling colors nodding good day.
    My camera chooses these
    or perhaps they choose me
    filling my albums with combinations of
    color and texture.
    This is what I see when I walk
    and my camera leads me to show who I am.

  16. Lynn Burton

    100% Certifiable

    She says the voices she hears are very
    insistent, and struggles on a daily
    basis. It’s the constant change, those harried
    moments of confusion when she bravely
    quiets the noise ’til it’s dead and buried.

    (A rough attempt at a quintain).

  17. lionmother

    I’m trying to catch up! It’s been a busy two days.

    Striving for 100%

    We all do it
    worship the number
    pray for it
    cry for it
    stay up late forcing
    words into our brains
    cross our fingers
    when the papers
    reveal the truth
    and we infuse
    this desire into
    our children with
    their first attempts
    rewarding with gold
    stars those who
    achieve the magic
    while the stragglers
    develop cement feet
    and though they try
    can never quite meet
    the heights
    they drop away to
    find the easier route
    gaining hundreds
    for their limited attempts
    forced to watch
    the stars who soar
    on the backs of their
    100%s separated from
    their talented friends
    soon to be the haves
    of the school.

  18. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 4

    Write a poem entitled “100% Blank.”

    100% Southern

    20% sweet tea (pronounced as one word)
    20% country cookin’ (turnip greens, pinto beans, blackberry cobbler)
    20% hospitality and politeness (yes, Ma’am; no, Sir; y’all come in)
    20% bluegrass music and accent (from Wagoner to Scruggs, from drawl to twang)
    20% family, home, and porch-settin’ (reunions; one-room cabins or antebellum mansions;
    rockers, gliders, porch swings)
    All South, born and bred.

  19. Andrea B

    100% Love

    Why do I put up with it?
    Because there was a time
    when you saw me with
    100 % love.

    We had babies,
    you took care of us—
    A habit I can’t figure out
    how to break.
    There is no corner of
    the internet on how to,
    no back alley advice.

    No mover to
    shake you out.

    100% love is now
    at times
    100% lover
    and children
    at times
    100% loveliness
    making the math
    of 100% love

  20. LCaramanna

    100% Correctly Written

    Dotted every i, crossed every t,
    Capital letters, punctuation,
    Indented paragraphs, I see –
    Introduction hooked my attention,
    Thesis statement
    gives the topic a mention,
    Information organized as directed –
    Could this young writer be
    Thoreau resurrected?
    Evidence leads to a logical conclusion,
    To ravage with a red pen
    would be an inexcusable intrusion,
    Not one error in the essay can I detect,
    There’s nothing more to do
    except declare it 100% correct.

  21. Yolee

    Written before the prompt, but it fits with the title.

    100% Tragic

    Last Monday evening I was at my son’s weight-lifting high school event. I saw what looked like two brothers. My guess is they were ages of 8 and 5. They ran back and forth between the concession stand and bleachers. Sometime later, I noticed the youngest boy had a bag of Skittles in his hand. It brought tears to my eyes to imagine that there is a mother who will never look at a bag of Skittles without thinking about her son’s last breath. What was once another trademark treat is now an image that will cause unprecedented grief in this mother’s soul. The variables in the news may be overly exaggerated or underrated… but if it were me, none of the extraneous reports would matter the way my child’s life matters. How do you compare the issue of race, whether a neighborhood watchman has the right to carry a weapon- pursue and be hurt as a result, if the victim had been suspended from school for being tardy or absent, that there had been break-ins in the neighborhood and the pursued victim fit the description, with the loss of a child? How do you come to terms with the unwarranted tragedy? Will speculations make a difference in the outcome that was Trayvon’s? Surely facts have to unfold so that what went wrong can be legally righted, but assumptions blur the clarity that a horrible heartbreak occurred. My son likes to wear his hooded sweatshirt when it’s cool outside. God protect our children.

  22. Katrin

    100% Potential

    The bud,
    no flaws yet revealed,
    sitting tight on the edge of bloom
    surrounded by a Greek chorus of
    necessary sunshine,
    the cardinals cheering on
    towards the burst

    With the path ahead clearly
    marked towards the
    final heavy falling,
    a lingering in tight embrace
    seems most natural,
    a gathering of nerve
    before the curtain is
    pulled open to the season’s nod and
    modesty’s blushing monologue in
    taffeta farewell pink

  23. carolecole66

    100% Broken

    One false step and life
    changes. My plans altered,
    I sit in the ER waiting room
    instead of by my wife
    over a quiet dinner.

    That tennis ball rolled itself
    beneath my foot just as I
    lunged for a sharp volley
    a slender bone snapped
    and I was done.

    Maybe finished. How many times
    can one return, decade
    after decade. First the cast,
    then the boot, then the withered
    leg yet feeling lucky

    it’s no worse than this.

  24. Arike

    100% Privileged

    No friction to stop you
    Smooth slide up for your star
    Well-oiled, you think, you work
    So hard you got there all on your own
    Unnoticed all those open doors
    Undiscriminated, you white rich
    Creature of no suffering
    Insufferable how you complain
    Brag to friends you’ve made it
    It’s the random injustice you never
    Met that makes you elite
    Education is an option, jobs
    Aplenty, you’re welcome
    Everywhere you go so you don’t notice
    Everyone else outside looking in
    On what you have
    The point of a glass ceiling: it’s invisible

  25. DandPInc

    100% Patty
    Subtle is rarely a word used to describe
    The high voltage energy bundled inside

    Her laugh—more a guffaw—
    Fills the halls

    Librarians flinch upon her approach
    Study hall monitors warn of reproach
    In theory she ought to be coached…

    but then she wouldn’t be
    100% Patty

  26. Jannelee


    I am 100 percent fool
    for when I am around you
    My tongue becomes clumsy
    pushing foolish words
    from my silly, smiling lips
    I act the fool when you smile
    lips, but that I could softly kiss
    your teeth like precious pearls
    music of the angels when you speak
    I am running to pick up the flowers
    that fall from your pretty mouth
    Happiness is a seat next to you
    grabbing the scraps of your words
    wolfing them down like a hungry dog
    you turn your head and your hair
    dark as the midnight sun
    falls across your lovely shoulder
    in my mind I see my fingers
    threading through it silken strands
    Yes, I am 100 percent fool
    for you don’t even know I am alive
    You look through me when he enters
    The glow from your eyes lights the room
    I see love stand between the two of you
    a magnet pulling at your hearts
    and the love I foolishly hold for you
    falls to the cold, hard floor
    to shatter like my silly porcelain heart
    Yes, I am 100 percent fool

  27. drwasy

    100% SPRING

    Robins scurry after grubs
    bunnies hop under shrubs
    trees leaves flutter, yellow-green
    daffodils bow in the warm breeze
    puff-white clouds bring April showers
    to sprinkle on bright spring flowers
    rainbows stretch across the sky
    pollen gives us itchy eyes
    the sun sets on a perfect day
    paradigm of a true cliché

    Today really was like the poem, kind of sappy, but I was happy, flowing through the day on vacation with family. Peace, Linda S-W

  28. shann

    100% Dacron dream

    an American fantasy, like that red Corvette
    when you got back from ‘Nam summer of ‘69
    stationed in Killeen, Texas a few hours
    from Pasadena and the girl you stole
    out from under your own brother’s nose.

    Okay, it was metallic blue but sounds better red,
    and he didn’t want to be stuck in a rut (his words)
    so you showed up with comfort and kisses,
    opportunistic fellow that you were, the lucky sort
    who did three tours and never got a graze.

    Dacron might not stretch but stories do, the way
    memory gives way to best and worst scenarios,
    prettier people, better times, but all I can recall
    is the running toilet and your snores in the hotel
    off Spencer Highway not that far from home.

    If I’d known how to get to the sky, I would have
    but the song hadn’t been written yet, and you?
    You went blind in Napa Valley, while I learned
    to sail on the Chesapeake Bay, sunning myself
    under a multicolored spinnaker, unfurled.

  29. Marcia Gaye

    100% Sure

    You tell me that you worry
    You might say or do
    Something that would cause me
    To stop loving you.

    I tell you go on, try it.
    Do your best, or worst.
    Some things may break my heart,
    I still love you first.

    You’re the reason that I can love,
    Whether we laugh or cry.
    Breathe without fear. You are safe here.
    My love can never die.

    [none of my formatting stays in place, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. The word “can” should be italicised.] This was conceived to be from me to my daughter, but it sounds like from Jesus to any of us.

  30. jacquemlane

    100% of nothing’s still nothing

    Right. Write. Rite. Richard Wright.
    Was a Black Boy.
    Mother made him fight.
    When he came home crying
    they beat him up that day.

    White woman.
    Soft hands, soft feet, thin skin.
    White as a sheet.
    Has never even seen a fight.
    Must be her sight. Site. Sigh h h t.

    He faces
    family, religion, communism, racism, poverty,
    meritocracy, stereotypes, critics, hunger, elements, the
    CIA and the FBI
    his fight for rights is to write

    She faces
    a wall
    a clock
    of nothing

    they both give 100 percent.

  31. SylviaE

    100% Cotton
    Nothing sucks like cotton
    cotton q-tips
    sweat from feet
    terry towels
    bloody sani-pads during a cycle
    even pesticide herbicide fungicide
    it eats them all
    it’s rolled smokes
    made money
    appeared on a modest wedding day
    cool cotton sheets for lovers
    gags for crooks
    wiped dust from a sexy cowboy’s lips
    it welcomes the baby and covers the dead
    Cotton 100%

  32. Suba

    100% Mom

    It all starts from the day you find
    That you are going to have a child
    The day one of first worries
    Of course along with the flurries
    Too, of a whole lot of delight!
    You never even start to expect
    This is exactly how it’s going to be
    Throughout your life whatever you be

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    Starting to take care of you more
    As it’s not just you anymore
    Where did all the carelessness go?
    Oh, now you can’t afford that so
    Yes, there is no limit for that joy
    When you first feel that girl or boy
    Now don’t you already revolve
    Around this little one? Vow!

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    From here, and then onwards
    Life just happens with no forewords
    Fun and frolic, laughs and love
    Fills your life; that’s just above
    All the fears and sorrows too
    Where is all that carefree life?
    Now it’s just a distant dream
    Still you do want only this
    For all your life and beyond

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    One day you are the best mom ever
    Next day it is ‘I hate you’, you hear
    By that time you are the expert
    To know it’s all just the outburst
    So what, you know for sure
    You are the one they run to first
    Be it a scrape, or just an ant bite
    Math problem or friends issue

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    Where did you start?
    Where did you want to go?
    And where are you now?
    Feel like lost the track
    So many things you gave up
    You could have been a star
    Could have been a pro
    Some way or other earned may be more!

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    Oh, so many things you saved though
    From so many first tiny stuffs
    First tooth, first hair, first shoe…
    Foot prints, hand prints in ink blue
    To so many special notes of
    ‘Mommy, I love you’, ‘Mommy, get better soon’
    Every Valentine’s Day card, every mother’s day card
    Every little memory in all those DVDs and USBs

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

    Would anything really compare?
    To all the treasures you gathered
    That’s why you go on even when it’s all….
    Work, work, and more work
    Is all the magic word now
    Cook, clean, wash, drive
    Do repeat all over tomorrow.
    It will all be worth it you know
    When One day they’ll truly know
    You gave your life and soul 100% for them!

    Now, that’s what is called 100% mom

  33. bclay

    Late as Usual…

    100% Dreamer

    You will forget her in
    the first dream tonight,

    as overdramatic delta-waves
    will rip-tide young lovers apart;

    rapid eyes will feverishly search
    until lucidity awakens itself alone.

    She will be a brunette the second
    time you meet in an unknown cafe,

    identical coffees will be confused but
    that faint familiarity of an out of season

    Lisianthus bloom will nudge your neocortex
    linking past memories in unchronological love.

    Stage 3, Stage 4, the recurring will gravitate semantics
    into a newer language of three dimensional pictograms, whole

    without commas and question marks, but shaded with contrasting hues
    and fragrances that Synesthesia envies in chasms of interconnected stimuli.

    And you will awaken multiple times, deep inside, to be lulled by circadian sirens,
    whose tongues metamorph to warnings of alarm clock – tortures of odysseus’s ears.

  34. Marjory MT

    100% BEAUTIFUL
    Waiting for your coming,
    as nurtured by your mom,
    you steadily were growing,
    nine months forever long,
    to this day of your arriving.

    100% BEAUTIFUL
    This tiny gift of you
    just yesterday arriving
    with eyes of baby blue
    your fingers, toes comprising
    a full twenty count is true.

    100% BEAUTIFUL
    You – a tiny angle bright.
    (Thank You, Lord)

  35. randalljweiss

    I guess this falls into the “found poem” category.
    “100% Juice”

    100% organic cranberry juice
    from concentrate,
    water, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, Red #40, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate (for freshness)

  36. MeenaRose

    My poem can be found here. http://meenarose.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/2012-april-pad-challenge-day-4/

    100% Beautiful
    By: Meena Rose

    A snow covered mountain glistening in the sun,
    A lone row boat upon a pristine lake,
    A weeping willow rustling in the breeze.

    A carefree child playing in the park,
    A happy baby smiling to the world,
    A couple in a lover’s embrace.

    A morning jogger out running the weather,
    A proud homeowner tending their garden,
    A stranger offering a helping hand.

    An artisan lost in their craft,
    A writer who has found their voice,
    A dream seeker who has started their journey.

    Everyday scenes that surround us,
    Everyday scenes that deserve recognition,
    Everyday scenes we have become blind to.

  37. Christod


    I can’t give it all to you, you understand-

    My all is onion peel in a paper bag,
    layers with an outcome
    and a danger-skin that holds me
    in like an rubber band.

    I could hand me over if you
    want to skip to the bite then
    get to the point where I drive
    you to tears,

    but all I will say is: that is what all of me is.

  38. Kayla

    100% Pink!

    Pink is my new favorite color!
    Why? They ask me.
    Because it’s the color of strength
    The color of hope and courage
    Faith and love

    Pink was the color of my face
    and the the faces of many others
    When passing the finish line of
    the “Susan G. Komen:Race for the Cure”

    And pink is the color that she wears
    on her final day of radiation….

    Congrats, Mom!

    Her daughter, 100% Proud!

  39. Golden Rule

    100% Inspiring

    Fly little bird fly
    Defy the laws of gravity
    You can succeed against all odds
    Though you suffer from depravity
    Mount up on wings like eagles
    Soar boldly through the storm.
    Reject the status quo
    And don’t conform to the norm.

    Fly little bird fly
    Dream big and never let your dreams die
    Complacency is the enemies lie
    But contentment will get us by
    So reach for the galaxies
    And know the limit is the sky.

  40. Akua

    100% Real Juice

    if it’s packaged, it’s processed
    handled, collected, in unnatural quantity
    plucked from air or earth, plant or tree
    gathered months or years before
    you buy it in the grocery store
    where it waits, gleaming artificially
    below pulsating supermarket fluorescents
    in a bright celebratory shroud, winking,
    coffins stamped with inedible ink

  41. Benjamin Thomas

    100% BEEF: Stem Cell Burgers

    The reviews are in…
    All are raving for
    the 1.2 inch
    mouth watering
    100% beef stem-sation!

    What are you
    waiting for?
    Come now and satisfy
    your petri dish palate
    with rich 0.5 gram dining pleasurables

    Special offer
    Only $330,000.00
    For limited time only
    It’s simply lab-delicious
    Get it now!

    *Fat grown separately

  42. erinne

    100% Whole Wheat

    I’m healthy and pure
    and if you eat me I’m sure,
    you’ll grow big and strong
    and do more right than wrong.

    Some call me bland or dry but
    that makes my crust really cry.
    Uttering those words equals 5 sins
    for I’m rich in, like, 10 vitamins.

    Since I’m grainy and cool I’ll let it slide,
    soon that enriched stuff will go out with the tide.
    Afterall, once you go 100% whole wheat
    you’ll find there’s really no better treat.

  43. Rosangela

    100% Unpoetical







    A 100% bad poem is now 100% over!

  44. Catherine Lee

    Hi friends, I’m phoning this one in after an incredibly long day. I hope it makes sense when I read it in the morning. 🙂

    100% Zero Sum

    I don’t believe in karma
    But I do believe in scales —
    Not the grayish things
    That fell from my eyes
    The day they opened —
    But the tipping kind
    That seesaws
    On a precipice,
    The swaying kind
    That judges weight —
    Not the pounding kind —
    It’s the balance
    That I hang in
    Like the pendulum
    Of time


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