2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

For today’s prompt, take the phrase, “100% (blank);” replace the blank with a new word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem; and then, write your poem. Example titles might include: “100% Beef,” “100% Cotton,” “100% Awesome,” “100% Etc.”

Here’s my attempt:

“100% Poem”

Start with an incredible metaphor
that takes the breath from angels
and break your lines at random
angles to keep your readers off-balance,
if not interested at least confused

(possibly amused), and then,
drop an obscure reference to a line
in a poem by a poet that most
readers have never heard of
because that is how you roll

through your poetics and spin politics
as a web that holds together in one
age to the next, which basically means
it’s human–because while
everything around us

changes in dramatic ways
we–the humans–struggle the same, and it
helps to hear that voice who knows
we want to always do better than this.


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510 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

  1. Nimue

    100% Happy ?

    compalints growl in the head
    as the probability games unfold;
    “he loves me-he loves me not”
    love after all is a hyped emotion,
    I say to my words and smile
    “for this moment,he is just mine”
    I need no justification from him
    neither would I voice my doubt
    “to be happy now,love is all about?”

  2. Marie Elena

    Some more of my faves:

    Paula’s Sunshine
    De Jackson’s Silliness (LUUUV ME SOME SILLY!) and Rain (Did that take you, like, 3 hours??)
    Everything Walt (my main’ish man)
    Michelle’s 100% Beautiful
    Claudsy’s Humidity
    RJ’s Genius
    Ely’s All of Me

    And Anders? You ROCK!

  3. Genevieve Fitzgerald

    What is 100%?

    Between either and or
    Between all and none
    There is some

    Between light and dark
    Between night and day
    There is evening, dusk, twilight, the gloaming,

    Between zero and 100
    As between one and two
    There hides infinity

  4. mschied

    100% Packed

    Books, shoes, clothes, pens,
    lamps, cups, plates, spoons,
    knives, cleaners, shelves,
    movies, CDs, cards and PC,
    that zen-framed pic that doesn’t match
    my burgundy decor,
    flowered couch and tweeded chair,
    TV sans DVD cover,
    mops and brooms and vacuum, too,
    gooseneck lamp and accordian files,
    desk, no, soon-to-be vanity,
    chess set and boombox,
    clocks and cellphones 1 and 2,
    mirror and curtains,
    medicine cabinet misc.,
    laundry detergent and dish,
    plus all my hair froofroo,
    coffee table and dresser,
    bed frame and stool,
    one last stand, shove it in
    that’s the last that I see
    is that it, is there more,
    oh, no, just me.

  5. unscriptedlife

    I’m a huge How I Met Your Mother Fan, so this one is all about my favorite character Barney Stinson! If you have not watched this show, I totally recommend it!

    100% Stinson

    There’s a way of living,
    that is really top notch.
    It will leave you feeling epic
    from your smile to your crotch.

    But there are rules to live by,
    a dress code to follow.
    Trust me, bro — This lifestyle
    is almost too awesome to swallow.

    Rule on is simple,
    but it’s one you can’t ignore!
    You have to Suit Up,
    if you really plan to score.

    Stick with me,
    and I’ll teach you the code.
    The rules to success,
    I’ll be your best bro.

    I am the ultimate wing man,
    Just call me your broda.
    All you’ll ever need
    to take home every Mary and Rhoda.

    This new life for you
    is no light load to carry.
    But trust me, it is going to be
    Legen… wait for it… DARY!

  6. Melissa Hager

    100% Me (And Then Some)

    From the moment I hollered
    “I’ve got a girl!” I hoped she and I would blend.
    When I was pregnant with her, I loved pink and glittery nail polish.
    Would she rub off on me?
    Usually, I would rather watch Tar Heel basketball
    And curse refs than worry about manicures.

    She was only ten on the night she convinced me to read Twilight.
    We were getting pedicures.
    (She and my best friend had me sandwiched between them.)
    I sat sandwiched between them at the movies, too.

    On the second Tuesday of each month
    She insists we must go to Poetry Hickory.
    Even though I am many times exhausted,
    I gladly take her. It thrills me she wants to
    Hear what others have to offer.
    (Go Bill, Go Nancy! Go Tyree, Go Scott!)

    As music has meant so much to my life, so it is in hers.
    She plays guitar, drums, and piano and sings like a bird.
    She mastered a Pink Floyd tune after playing guitar for only a month.
    Sang the song and played guitar for her whole classroom.
    People cry in our church when she sings.
    They cry when I sing, too, but not for the same reason.

    Best of all, she loves to write.
    100% me and then some!

  7. hurtin-heart

    100% SEXY
    Your eyes are as black as night,
    Yet they sparkle beautiful and bright.
    And everytime i gaze into them,
    everything around seems to disappear.
    Though you are completely opposite of me!
    You never fail to make me smile
    or bring out the best in me.
    Our friendship has held strong through many storms,
    And i would not jeoperdize what we have for anything.
    So my true feelings for you i keep hidden away
    But you are and will always be 100% sexy to me.
    Samantha tinney

  8. Dyson McIllwain

    100% SCOTCH

    I am a Scot through and through!!
    When I’m full of Scotch I still am too!
    Just like me, an acquired taste;
    both blended and very smooth.
    A dram of Scotch whiskey will soothe my soul,
    two drams of Scotch whiskey, I’ll loose control.
    I am a drinking Scot and a Scotch drinker am I,
    but please don’t mind me when I’m “coming through the rye”
    unless I’m in my motorcar, then get out of my damn way,
    I am Scotch through and through!!

  9. deedeekm

    100% Now

    To cover tiny feathers
    Huddled shivers
    Bony slivers in
    The wind of changing
    Seasons look for
    Reasons to continue
    On this journey
    Spread your wings
    And feel the sunshine
    This is your time there
    Will never be another
    Like this second
    By our reckoning
    Sky beckoning
    Fly now

  10. Dan Collins

    100% Homer (A Hearse is a Hearse, of Curse of Curse) – An Abecedarian

    Zephyr’s young,

    voice unharnessed.

    (Trojan spears

    quiet Patroclus –

    Olympians neigh
    mounting laments – keenly

    javelins impale)

    Hera’s gift 

    fore-spoke early death

    before Achilles

  11. Charles Cote

    100% CARBON

    More like 18.5% in humans, carbon,
    the larger part oxygen, the suspension
    in water carbon that we’ve become,
    so much attaching to carbon,
    tetravalent carbon, and no life exists
    without it, though silicon’s making
    a run and it’s denser, the foundation
    of all that’s artificially intelligent
    and one day might mate
    with carbon, but for now our lives
    revolve around carbon, good old
    number 6 carbon (watch out
    for silicon), ambitious, versatile
    carbon, the graphite-opaque-soft
    to diamond-abrasive-clear carbon,
    the same-yet-opposite carbon,
    paradox of carbon, never wasted,
    sober carbon, the it won’t sublimate
    like us carbon, over-achieving carbon,
    it forms a universe, 10 million
    compounds from carbon, but who’s
    counting, carbon, the basis of all life,
    Good God Carbon, the coal-clothes-
    pencil carbon, write carbon,
    wear and eat carbon, get engaged
    with it, always engaging, all surrounding
    carbon, cutting-lubricant carbon,
    conductive-insulating carbon, the same
    yet different carbon, the Nat King Coal
    carbon, sharper than glass, smooth
    as oil, made in the image of carbon,
    must be like God carbon, pull it
    together carbon, shine down
    and in the ground, everywhere
    carbon, 100%, not really, carbon.

  12. Michael Grove

    100% Yours

    I think that you should know these things by now.
    I hope you have it all figured out.
    I’m all in when it comes to loving you.
    I want you to live life without a doubt.

    You are everything I’ve ever dreamed of.
    With you there are no gates or heavy doors.
    You are the epicenter of my world.
    I’m forever 100% yours.

    By Michael Grove

  13. Linda Voit

    100% of the vote

    Even in Wisconsin in 2012, they passed unanimously –
    Senate Bill 356 and Assembly Bill 468.
    Leave it to co-ops to show how working together
    makes for a better world. Credit Unions

    lobbied for passage. And what did they win?
    The right to donate twice as much
    to their communities. Member-owned.
    Not-for-profit. Changing the world.

    Linda Voit

  14. Sharon

    100% Renewal

    Clouds drift in, 100% full of snow,
    a little late in the year,
    but welcome just the same.

    The weatherman,
    sorry, meteorologist to be gender cool,
    yet weatherman no matter what the name,

    Says moisture is on its way,
    we’re happy as can be,
    we don’t even care if it interrupts our game.

    We know our dry southwestern soil
    is thirsty for the water snow will bring,
    and we’re thrilled, despite the cold, that it finally came,

    To bring 100% renewal
    to land parched so long by drought
    and to help our attitudes to 100% reframe!

  15. Connie Peters

    100 % Love

    God gets blamed for a lot of things:
    storms, sickness, misfortune.
    Yes, He is sovereign
    and hard to understand at times.
    But one thing I know
    and I’m entirely trusting in
    is that He is
    and Loving.
    In fact, He IS love.

  16. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    100% and then some

    When God handed out looks,
    I was busy writing poems.
    Some quite funny and off the hook…
    When God handed out looks,
    I was eagerly devouring books,
    letting my imagination roam,,,
    When God handed out looks,
    I was busy writing poems.

  17. seingraham

    100% Certified

    After all my years in the system
    I have to admit, I was jealous
    Maybe envious is the more appropriate
    Word – whichever, the feeling
    Surprised me – who knew?

    My room-mate, another nutty fun one
    To be sure; I hadn’t liked her at first
    But after a week of listening to her
    Maniacal stories and the good-natured
    Kindnesses flowing as naturally as breath
    All day every day, I confess,
    She was growing on me, she was

    But this latest thing – I hardly knew what
    to say; she literally flew into the room
    Screamed delightedly as she threw herself
    Across her bed, waving a piece of paper
    As if it was a map to buried treasure or
    At the very least, the way out of there …

    “Look! Look!” She shoved the paper to me
    “I got certified!” I took the paper and stared—
    Sure enough, the very official document
    She’d been waving about said exactly that-
    Two doctors were signing her, against her will,
    Into the psychiatric unit of the hospital
    For thirty days – and she was not allowed
    To leave even then, unless they decertified her.

    She was officially there just “for observation”
    But anyone who was familiar with the system
    Knew at least one person, usually more than one
    That had been signed into hospital involuntarily
    And either had a great deal of trouble getting out
    Again or, worse case scenario, did not ever
    Get out again – the more I recalled these people
    The less I envied my friend her piece of paper.

    She spun me out of my reverie asking,
    “So – have you ever been certified?” I debated:
    Should I spare her feelings and lie, or be honest…
    Oh hell – she probably wouldn’t even care
    I copped to the truth and shook my head,
    Tried to pretend that it was one of the great
    Sorrows of my life – for the briefest moment
    I thought I caught a shadow flit behind her eyes

    Then, she bubbled back, her usual cheery self
    “Don’t worry – you come her lots, right?”
    I nodded – there was no getting away from it
    I was hospitalized on a pretty regular basis
    Back then, and I’d told her as much before I
    Realized confiding in this chatterbox wasn’t
    Perhaps the wisest move I could make …
    “Well, it’s probably just a matter of time,”
    She announced confidently. “I’m sure you’ll
    be certified sooner or later …”
    Yeah – I could see why she might think so;
    I began to hope she was wrong on this count.


  18. Walt Wojtanik


    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.
    Percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent, percent,percent, percent.

  19. gtabasso

    100% is Never Enough

    When you give to your job and they take
    and take and take, when they tell you
    your best is not good enough,
    40 hours or 45 hours or 50 is not enough.

    When you sleep and drive and work and drive
    and work and sleep and drive to keep your house,
    pay the bills, put a pittance in the 401(k).
    No time to exercise, family, friends,
    pat the horse on the nose and give him
    a carrot. Never enough time.
    Never enough rest.

    And for that, they will fire you
    in the blink of an eye, no loyalty,
    no retirement, no future,
    no turkey at Christmas.
    You give more and get less,
    become less, so thin
    eyes hardly open,
    so fat thighs hardly close.

    Sit at a desk and do something
    that means nothing until you die.
    And, when you die, the world goes on —
    contractors bid without you;
    mechanics fix cars without you;
    welders and machinists work
    without you or your news;
    jams and jellies are made
    with high-fructose corn syrup
    whether you exist or not;
    metal is forged and machines turn.

    Only now, you can finally give
    a 100% shit less.

  20. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    100% — Does It Exist?

    For instance, this is now Autumn —
    except some days it’s more like Summer
    and other days bits of Winter creep in.
    You can’t say ‘100% Autumn’,
    not with real meaning; you can only say,
    ‘These are the official dates; the season
    is this long, between here and here.’

    Something more measurable, perhaps?
    ‘He ate 100% of that orange.’ No,
    he didn’t. Not the rind, not the pips.
    ‘She lost 100% of her money.’ But
    money is this imaginary thing
    that we pretend is real. We even
    give it physical form (sometimes;
    for now) and yet what you lose
    is the value it represents — which
    is variable, artificially created. And truly,
    someone will probably feed you, etc.

    What about absolutes? 100% of nothing
    is absolutely nothing. Only, like money,
    there’s no such thing as nothing.
    Go on, point to it! It is merely
    an abstract concept with no reality.
    Find me, if you can, one skerrick
    of nothingness. It can’t be done.
    And don’t be trying to blind me
    with quantum physics. We live
    in a Newtonian universe, which is all
    filled up with something: many
    pieces and kinds of something,
    everywhere you look or listen or touch.

    100% of everything? Ah —
    that has credibility.
    That’s logical (magickal). Look!
    We can’t see how far
    the Universe extends, and maybe
    there are others beyond.
    Maybe it never stops. We can’t
    apprehend every detail. Nevertheless
    everything, all there is, all of it,
    100% —that makes sense. We can grasp it.
    (Some of it literally.) It’s really there.

    The building material of the Universe,
    so we are told, is Love. I believe it.
    (OK, this you might have to
    take on trust.) Everything, then,
    is Love. It makes the grass grow
    and the planets move.And for sure I can say,
    I love you — 100%.

  21. Sheryl

    100% of Me

    I slogged through paying the bills,
    a sore throat one of my ills.

    My body continued to slouch;
    100% of me thumped on the couch.

    This poem is not sublime,
    But at least I got it to rhyme.

    Robert said write poems for PAD.
    He never said they couldn’t be bad.

    Sheryl Kay Oder

      1. Sheryl

        J.lynn,Jacqueline, and Linda, I’m glad my crash-landing inspiration gave you all a smile. I’m no C J Clarken, but I love to write silly stuff. I’m lying low today, but am not that tired, at least not right now.

  22. omavi

    100% Addictive

    This is not the normal dream even
    The nightmarish haunt through acrid fantasies
    As feet get scorched trying not to touch ground
    This is not Shakespearean three cackling witches
    Poking through your eyelids while
    Using a cattle prod to probe a nesting mind
    No this is sweet memory replayed
    Till even the air tastes honey sweet
    This is not even a blank white canvas
    Inviting you to create that beautiful revelry
    This is just an injection directly to your soul
    Creatively recombined from every sight seen
    Spiced with taste and sound and fingertips
    A lore planted in the freshly till soil of your brain
    Making spoken history that seems so ancient
    You pay homage akin to an heirloom
    Gene rationally passed along
    This is just the simple words of complex
    Meaning and toxically charge to arouse
    Aromatically laced to entice the ears
    To swoon and pause and inhale the sound
    Try as you might you keep waking up
    But you reality never seems to come
    Caught in a mesmerizing rhythm
    This is the dream that never let’s go
    The lover that will never let you down
    The promise that creates the perfect bond

  23. amelia louise

    100% Me

    irrationally brilliant
    ironically hilarious

    Teller of Tales

    hardly emotional
    hopelessly courageous

    Teller of Tales

    utterly believable
    unbelievably sane

    Teller of Tales

  24. suzibee

    100% Poof!

    Eyesight going
    Knees flinching with each step
    Hands swollen and stiff
    Missing and/or fake teeth
    Thinned skin
    Hair the color of steel wool
    And that creepy feeling of
    entering a room and forgetting why
    or where, whatever it was I wanted

    Potty training, walking, talking
    and being understood
    Jumping through hoops from
    kindergarten to grad school
    (if you’re smart and lucky)
    and then navigating through
    the job market

    While making mistakes
    bumping up against what is
    for what you want or need
    Or wish were different

    The 100% surety of life that is
    not a straightaway
    but a hairpin-turn, bumpy riding
    obstacle course of highs and lows
    Change, always change,
    taxes and death

  25. rfoster

    100% Almost Exactly

    i am Absolutely Unsure
    about the Awfully Good
    yet seemingly Calculated Spontaniety
    of the Calm Storm.
    if it wasn’t Burning Cold
    i am a Clever Fool
    for the Deafening Silence
    was Almost Exactly
    Deeply Superficial.

  26. Walt Wojtanik

    BATTING 1.000

    The anthem nears completion,
    the crowd in restless roar,
    the F-15s sound lean and mean
    to fly over like before.
    The finals notes resounding
    in “the home of the brave” last call
    The last intone is heard at home
    the umpire yells “Play Ball!”
    The first pitch of the season
    sails toward the plate,
    the pitcher wished he had it back,
    the “CRACK” exclaimed “TOO LATE”
    A high fly ball to center field,
    that’s Mr. Spaulding’s plight,
    the batter whacked it from the park,
    that hit is still in flight.
    Oh, somewhere in this favored land
    a batter has struck out,
    but not here in dear Mudville,
    one for one, now that’s some clout!

  27. Sally Jadlow

    100% Blond

    She can’t put two and two together,
    or remember where she left the keys.

    Algebra is beyond her comprehension;
    sentence diagrams, too complicated.

    Driving directions might as well be avoided;
    the same goes for recipe instructions.

    But her heart is full of love which she shares freely;
    with anyone who calls her friend.

  28. foodpoet


    At what point does chocolate become too strong?
    Some say never dark and strong is smooth as silk.
    But 100% dark?
    98% was enough for me almost bitter, espresso version of chocolate.
    A small bite and a sip of coffee or tea, a time for a slow end
    To a busy day.

    I am not sure I can handle the 100% bar.

  29. cam45237

    100%+ (Past Perfection)

    When my father went to school he got 100s on all his work
    Papers, quizzes, tests. Daddy was a very smart boy
    Good with words
    Good with numbers
    Facts, figures, all the important markers of achievement, of excellence
    He graduated with a 99.44% – the legendary purity of ivory soap
    Cause a perfect 100 was not allowed to be possible
    Back in the day
    They believed perfection was an ideal and a goal
    Strive for it but never, never reach it
    Cause I don’t know,
    The universe would end, implode upon itself if perfection
    Were ever

    100% isn’t enough anymore
    Some brilliant mathematician back in the I don’t know seventies or something
    Discovered that it was apparently possible
    to exceed 100%.
    First by 10% – a whiff more effort than the most effort possible
    But now its doubled, tripled
    People bandy about 500% like its nothing
    The skies the limit now
    Where will it stop?
    A million?
    How much more can you ask of me than my all?

  30. posmic

    100% Red Roof Inn, St. Clairsville

    50% of us are watching Cat in the Hat.
    25% are typing this now (the other 25%
    is currently indisposed). 0% of us slept
    well last night; we were 90% aware
    of each other’s rhythms, breaths.
    We are, collectively, 70% happy to
    be here, among 25% of our family,
    who 100% wanted to see us,
    wish we lived closer, not a drive
    that takes 75% of our waking day.
    Between our last visit and this one,
    our older child went and lived another
    50% of her life. Our younger child added
    another 100% of a new person to his
    baby self, perhaps in rings, like a tree.
    Those years. We are trying to be
    100% present, equal to the love
    we receive, which meets 100%,
    crosses over toward cliché, easily
    110%. We can’t give 110%; we are
    maintaining a solid 80%. 100% of us
    think that’s pretty good, though
    50% of us are 100% certain
    we could never give enough.

      1. posmic

        Thank you! Family travel with young kids … They grow up so fast, they really are totally different each time we visit, and it’s such an undertaking that we don’t do it often enough. Am now holding down the fort while my husband calls locksmiths — keys to rental car are locked in trunk. Am now at maybe 30% …

  31. mlcastejon

    Hi there,

    How is everything? I don’t have too much time to comment in all your poems but I read them (almost always) the following day. Before off to bed, my poem:

    Fifty, fifty

    sometimes music
    sometimes noise
    one day bright
    one day pitch black
    somehow tiny
    with big words inside
    I feel you close
    when I’m far away
    Even when puzzled
    I know it crystal clear:

    Half devil, half angel
    100 % addicted to you.

  32. Sara McNulty

    April 4, 2012 – Day 4
    100% ________

    100% of a Brain

    We have all read
    how small a percentage
    of our brain
    is utilized.

    What is the prediction
    in terms of potential
    wisdom? Are only
    the more intelligent
    people who attempt
    to expand their minds,
    able to use more
    of the brain?

    What is the prognosis
    for those of lesser
    learning, who stretch
    the taut rubber band
    of their brains?
    Are their parameters
    a limited percentage
    of those deemed
    smarter starters?

  33. RJ Clarken

    00% Oxymoron

    Big sip, de-regulation law,
    rational ravings, perfect flaw,
    false evidence and baby grand:
    They’re oxymorons, by demand.

    A quiet riot, bright-sun shade,
    o sweet sorrow, just like homemade,
    a wise fool, whole part, strongly bland:
    They’re oxymorons, by demand.

    She’s pretty ugly, growing small,
    the guest host, front end, parking stall,
    some jumbo shrimp and silky sand:
    They’re oxymorons, by demand.

    Random order, sinfully good,
    a social outcast, plastic wood,
    it’s sight unseen, taped lived, crash land:
    They’re oxymorons, by demand.


  34. Jane Shlensky

    100% Blank

    The expression
    “no one’s home”
    comes to mind
    when I look into
    your eyes, a field
    so unsown with
    ideas or questions
    that no hint of reason
    or meaning abides.
    I’ve known cattle
    and sheep and
    a few stunned
    songbirds who
    but never a person.

    Lao Tzu admired
    uncarved blocks
    and empty slates,
    no harm to the state
    in what he assumed
    was untapped potential.
    Would he, looking
    into your eyes, see
    another path to
    The Way, a pristine
    walkway, devoid
    of color, stones,
    growing things,
    snares or potholes,
    or would he merely
    see himself,
    looking back?

  35. Arrvada

    100% Pure

    I’ve tried to stay true
    Through all the years
    To what I was
    When consciousness first began
    I’ve tried to retain the joy
    The faith, the hope, the innocence
    But who can retain the light
    When darkness crushes in
    When we are told such naivety
    Is a waste of our time
    But I’ve tried
    So desperately tried to remain
    One hundred percent pure.

    1. Janet Rice Carnahan

      Could certainly feel the impact of, “Darkness crushing in”. “Faith, the hope, the innocence” is so much lighter! Very nice!

  36. SharieO

    100% Ordinary Day

    This day is greeted by
    Early bright sun and
    birdy song sounds

    Delicate beany brew
    Wafting in waves
    Shakes slumber away

    Task list begins
    Forming its plan
    For a busy beaver day

    Laundry begins washing
    While dinner thaws and
    Beds are made pretty

    Day progresses to eve
    As lots of to do’s are done
    Shrinking the list hourly

    So all that is left
    Are the hugs and kisses
    Goodnight and sweet dreams

    Surely not a day of high
    Adventure or surprise
    Just another happy-ish ordinary day

    1. JanetRuth

      100% heaven…these ordinarish days…I had one a lot like this, and I smiled as I left their rooms after hugs and good-nights and the call-back for an extra hug…100% heaven! I LOVED this poem, SharieO!

  37. Bruce Niedt

    Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Write a blues poem.

    100% Poet Blues

    Well, I’m a 100% poet, baby,
    I write verses all the time,
    Yes, I’m a 100% poet, darlin’,
    I’m writin’ verses all the time.
    You ask me why I do it –
    well, there ain’t no reason or rhyme.

    Well, I can write you a sonnet,
    haiku, pantoum or villanelle,
    Yeah, I’d love to write you a sonnet,
    haiku, pantoum or villanelle,
    but don’t ask me for a sestina,
    ‘cos I can’t write them so well.

    I love to write about love, y’know,
    like Shakespeare and all them guys.
    Yes, I love to write about love, babe,
    like Browning and all them guys.
    So let me write a poem ‘bout you, baby,
    an’ I’ll start by describin’ your eyes.

    Well, your eyes are a constellation, baby –
    that’s what they call a metaphor.
    Yeah, your eyes are a constellation,
    that’s what they call a metaphor.
    I could write a thousand of ‘em for ya,
    ‘cos that’s what poetry is for.

    Well, I’m a 100% poet, baby,
    I don’t know if you give a damn,
    yes, I’m a 100% poet, baby,
    I don’t know if you give a damn,
    but if you’re gonna get to know me
    you’ll have to take me as iamb.

    1. lionmother

      I LOVE THIS!! No wonder everyone is raving about it!! It’s genius. You’ve made a blues poem out of being a poet!! I also love the last line – so cool: “you’ll have to take me as iamb.” Terrific and you deserve all the praise you are getting! This should be put to music and could be a hit.:)

  38. Michele Brenton

    100% certainties?

    I like being in my room
    typing, reading, sleeping.
    I like going for walks,
    quacking at ducks,
    searching rock pools for fish
    and anemones and mermaids.
    I like the beach in the dark
    and sea sparkled moonlight.
    I like people. I want to be with people.
    But I’ve never quite worked out
    where I fit with people
    who aren’t my very close people.
    People who need people
    are the luckiest people?
    People who fit with people
    are the luckiest people –
    that I am 100% sure about.

    1. Janet Rice Carnahan

      What a sincere read, Michele! Love the quacking at ducks! Yes, there is a definite art to fitting it. I think when we don’t, we can throw a real fit! 🙂

  39. ceeess

    100% Random Etch of Dream

    Most flowers are yellow.
    They leach their colour from
    fingers of the sun.
    Where silent thunder shakes
    the furrowed turgid trees
    the wind, frozen blue, cries
    through every rising storm
    in canyons of cloud.

    It has been hot for many days,
    a relentless wall of heat,
    turning the land to cracked pewter.
    Every river is dust, crops
    shrivel and bake in the sun.
    Houses become tin ovens,
    hot enough to bake bread
    if there were wheat and leaven.

    From inside each mirror
    a glimpse of faces, their
    long and narrow stretches
    distortions of muscle,
    age furrowing a slow etch

    and the blue ghost of a garden.

    Carol A. Stephen
    April 4, 2012

  40. J.lynn Sheridan

    100% Tomboy

    Blue bandana’d hair, split
    toothbrush jammed in rip-ped front coverall
    pencil pocket, cricket carcass behind one ear,
    gotta love this Jaguar Gina if I’ve ever
    seena one I’ve seena two, you wanna believa me, you
    do, and I’d never dream ‘a her marrying one single boy o’ man alive,

    she reeks of barf and bangles,

    leaving skin on tree trunks, flags
    of blood for haw hawing red-tailed hawks,
    instead of fasting on the skinny meece fed on white
    meat of earwigs and roly polio’s, they feed on her, shimmy-
    she-shimmy down salsa style, love tied like halo’s around her
    dimples that shine whenever sandy little man of war sneaks around.

    She reeks of barf and bangles, this Jaguar Gina do.

  41. DanielAri


    and my voice starts to climb as I tell Jim I agree
    government reeks with waste, but screaming
    Foul at any mention of tax—like it’s Satan itself—
    is the kind of zip tie that will get our city’s over-
    taxed police force slashed a third time in three
    years, leave potholes deep, and turn national
    parks into National Brand parking lots. It’s not
    a matter of which team you’re rooting for, Jim.
    We have to know that everything we can think of
    is not completely anything—it’s all closer to fifty-
    fifty, so we all need allowances and concessions.
    One time in the bush, Sgt. Gary Balow said move
    the line forward. We’d been sitting nearly twenty-
    four hours, and the field ahead was all quiet—but
    we never knew anything for sure. Even that we
    were too hot and smelled terrible wasn’t bedrock
    knowledge because we could’ve sweltered more.
    Balow said the forward field was clear, 100% sure,
    and he gave the order. Ten yards up and the bush
    turned to crackling fire. That’s the math of life and
    death. It’s a myth that one plus one equals exactly
    two. Balow was one who did not get home, though
    even that fact is not wholly true, as his remains now
    rest a few clicks from his birthplace in Marietta—
    and that’s another town going to seed these days.


  42. Mariya Koleva

    I find it hard to keep up with both Asian and American prompts these days 😀 I will get tuned in, I’m sure. In fact, I’m 100% sure!

    You are 100% awesome!
    I’m 100% there for you!
    Are those eyes of yours
    100% green?
    Or I am only
    100% taken in?

    100% stunning –
    that’s how I see you
    100% stupefied –
    that’s how I get
    when I finally see you
    for looking at you
    blinds me

  43. Monik

    100% love! One percent is for your love, two percent is for God above, three is something that goes with you, all the others don’t have a clue. 100% makes me see that I get YOUR love for free.


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