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2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Let’s (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem. Example titles might include: “Let’s Fly a Kite,” “Let’s Party,” “Let’s Forget About That Last Poem I Wrote That Was a  Little Too Personal,” etc.

Here’s my attempt:

“Let’s Poem”

We’ll meet in the twilight
our nets propped on shoulders
to catch lines like fireflies
working into the night.


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397 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

  1. foodpoet


    Let’s open the gate
    break down the dam,
    unjam the heart.
    Music beats and I, I reach
    for the phone,
    who will say hello?
    Who will listen to the loss of the day.
    Music beats and the phone is silent,
    no echoes of love linger
    in the passing of time,
    lets open the gate.

  2. foodpoet

    Let me just say

    Let me just say anything
    I can’t come and you won’t know why
    Not understand that fever’s can catch
    You won’t know that I didn’t come so you wouldn’t get sick

    I was here today and not last Sunday
    Let me just say anything
    You hear me talk
    But it’s all a memory retread

    I talk and you look at nothing
    But inner locked thoughts
    Let me just say anything
    And I can pretend

    You know me
    But I know for now
    And all future visits
    I can just say anything

  3. AC Leming

    Let’s Fly To The Moon

    take a trip among the stars,
    sleep through space and time.
    And embrace the death
    we leave behind
    on Earth while we breathe
    deep the gas that gives us long life
    and dislocated stars.

  4. Christod

    Let’s Consider.

    Let’s consider how the righteous prosper
    as dusk pulls the drawstring on a day
    where those who whined themselves lucky
    wound up on top of those who silently
    work for better and end on less.

    Let’s throw up our arms and carry forward
    the thought that good fortune cannot change
    the weight of having to live with a self
    that will be not remembered for the heart.

  5. Marcia Gaye

    April 20, 2012
    A “Let’s _______ “ Poem

    Let’s Poem Everyday!

    Monday’s poet is full of angst.
    Tuesday’s poet is open and frank.
    Wednesday’s poet rhymes in verse.
    Thursday’s poet is sparse and terse.
    Friday’s poet revises rewrites.
    Saturday’s poet is wise and tight.
    But the poet who poems on the Sabbath day
    is blessed, inspired and sure of their way.

  6. Andrea B

    Let’s Carve Names in an Oak

    carve names in an oak
    get tattoos
    tie the knot
    test eternity

    even permanent marker
    and wine stains

    new shirts yellow
    heirlooms crack
    fads go on outdated

    peaches in season moments,
    make life
    moments feign rubber bands
    stretched into timelines
    and when they snap back,
    every time,
    we are surprised

  7. po

    Let’s Meditate

    Relax. As stray
    thoughts appear
    alone or side-by-
    side let them
    travel to another
    Not on a runway
    to seek attention:
    try to level out–
    find the middle

  8. Arrvada

    Let’s Do This
    Come on
    Don’t wait
    Don’t you dare hesitate
    You’ve only got this one chance
    This one day
    When it’s over it’s gone
    Never will come back
    So don’t wait
    Let’s do this
    Life complete
    Each day
    Each moment

  9. tunesmiff


    Let’s go!
    Let’s dance!

    Let’s take a chance!
    Let’s go to the hop (oh, Baby),

    Let’s let bygones be bygones
    Let’s pretend.

    Let’s face facts and let’s move on.
    Let’s leave it all behind us.

    Let’s get this party started!
    Let’s get this show on the road;

    Let’s get the heck outta Dodge!
    Let’s hold our horses;

    Let’s take a break.
    Let’s take a breather.

    Let’s circle back.
    Let’s call it a night.

  10. mschied

    Let’s live

    The spirit of life ceased to dance
    struck down mid-revolution
    the assembled masses encased in shock
    the wind extinguished another candle

    One lone voice picked up the hidden strain
    and sang the multitude into being again
    and the spirit began to move among the crowd
    searching for the sleeping to awaken

    Around the newly roused
    the chorus swirled in iridescent light
    infusing joy and awakening dreams
    as the animated stepped forth with reborn purpose

  11. RobHalpin

    “Let’s all go to the movies…”

    A well-adapted
    movie from a well-written
    book, The Hunger Games
    does not glorify child on
    child violence, it condemns

    the unspeakable
    atrocities an unchecked
    government can wreak
    on its people in the name
    of peace and stability

    and how one person
    can, unintentionally,
    become the spark that
    kindles an uprising by
    simply doing right.

  12. Marian O'Brien Paul

    Let’s Sing

    Let us ravage our hearts with song.
    Let us draw it from deep within us
    as if it were water and we, farmers
    who’ll perish if we can’t extract it
    for crops from the Ogallala Aquifer
    where the water removed each year
    totals more than rains can replenish.

    Let us squander our song like water
    for a poet can’t live without singing.

  13. Jamal Abboud

    Let Us
    Let us pour our coyness in glasses of pain,
    And drink the wine of mellow regret.
    Our dreams are lost in places we forget
    In shades of tears, misery and disdain
    In our world, we should always expect.
    Ah! I wonder why we didn’t wisely predict.

    Let us spin our bitter romance a love song
    For a forgotten violin on comatous bed of time,
    And race the wave up to her zenith climb,
    And relax a bit on sand washed for long
    In sunny beams of a soft golden rhyme,
    Then retreat on surface of ritual pantomime.

    Let us delude our wicked fate into imagining,
    That we are two lone pillars on wings of wind,
    Cold and gazing quietly into the heaven’s end
    In grimace paraphrasing the tempest’s fling.
    In our world, we should learn to pretend
    Till destiny endows us its art of wining.

  14. Jaywig

    Day 20 – Let’s ______

    Let’s Talk

    Lying in bed bone-weary
    and your sweet trills
    question my lateness.

    I imagine climbing to you
    to that topmost tip
    of a thin branch

    chatting as the sun rises
    glows on the blossoms
    tempts you to stay.

    But my garden does not
    offer water, and you need
    to sip that with nectar.

    Your final comment
    follows the flap of your
    sunrise wings, rosella

    as a crow begins its
    morning’s GPS exercises
    mapping a day’s flight.

  15. Khara H.

    Let’s consider the urban sparrow

    and find her sacred.
    Her hair feathers about her,
    layered like leaves flush
    against her ebony spine.

    See her cleave
    to her sister sparrows,
    the wings that touch and tuck
    into their breasts
    dipped in white cotton smocks
    on gangling legs and knobby knees.

    Observe—the gentle perch
    upon a rusting swing,
    the soft sepia tint that turns
    her to cinnamon,
    the blossoming in her cheek,
    the mellow breeze
    craving to carry her away.

  16. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Evening’s last chance,
    A second left to dance,
    Fastest music would do,
    The Jitterbug review,
    “Let’s go”, said a pair of wild ants!

    “Time to have an endless cha cha?”
    Aging female gnat said, “Ha!
    You better beat it!
    Before I eat it!”
    Buzzing away, he said, “Bah”!

    Standing up high, toe to toe,
    Each a ballet dancing mosquito,
    They twirled in blood,
    Landed in mud,
    Buzzing loudly hugging hello!

    Two lady bugs spotted each other,
    A son and his fine dotted mother,
    She taught him to crawl,
    Since he was small,
    To dance he must look for another!

    “Let’s do the waltz on both knees”,
    Said one of the old circus fleas,
    “I can do high flips,
    A master of dips”,
    “Yes”, she winked, “On the trapeze . . . please”!

    Hundreds of angels watched this begin,
    Not seeing it as any form of sin,
    “Let’s applaud in full merriment,
    A humorous time spent”,
    Life is good on the head of a pin!

  17. Janet Rice Carnahan


    Sitting in the restaurant,
    A small corner booth,
    The older couple,
    Looked stiff,
    Overly quiet,
    Even bored,
    As if they had been together,
    For years,
    If not all their life!
    With menus held up,
    Guarding their obvious,
    Lack of interest in each other,
    Until the waitress came,
    Taking away their ability to hide,
    True feelings,
    As she asked for their order,
    They each opened up,
    Chatting with her,
    Like she was some long lost friend,
    To ignore how little,
    Energy they had,
    To endure the upcoming meal
    Straining for further small talk,
    When suddenly the man dropped an ice cube,
    As he was transferring it,
    To another cup,
    In a heartbeat, they started a game,
    Of ice cube hockey,
    Right there on the table,
    Laughing out loud,
    Cupping their hands,
    To make end goals,
    He shot one into her purse,
    She landed one on his leg,
    They kept score,
    Until their food came,
    Becoming silent once more!
    Boredom ended,
    Observations stopped,
    Lesson learned,
    Let’s never ever make assumptions,
    That joy . . .

    Isn’t just an easy shot away!

  18. ceeess

    Let’s Pretend That We Don’t Recognize the FB Picture of the Speakers from an Old Drive-In Movie

    They’re grey and dull, glazed white
    in places, an effect of time and wear on metal
    pocked and pitted, a little bird-shitted
    slung in metal hammocks that attach
    by thick black cables to a dull grey
    metal post jutted (and perhaps still jutting)
    from the concrete parking lot abandoned
    by a thousand cars of overheated
    teens on a Friday night, so mid-last century.

    But you know them immediately, no clues
    or guesses required. How many times
    did you wind down the recalcitrant
    window, the one that sometimes stuck
    halfway, so you couldn’t quite maneuvre
    the speaker into the car. Or you’d
    pull up, get settled and then find
    the spot you’d chosen the one where
    the speakers didn’t work.

    Remember the quick dash to the snack shack for
    soggy hotdogs and burgers, oversalted stale popcorn
    and watered down colas? And on the way back
    you’d see all the steamed-up windows on cars where
    the going-steadies couldn’t wait for a little
    slap and tickle at the local passion pit.

    Carol A. Stephen
    April 20, 2012

  19. mlcastejon

    “Let’s burn”

    When the night falls
    cold and dark
    my body aches and calls
    you in the candle
    Let my fingers learn
    your real name
    Let my whispers follow
    you all around
    Let my eyes enjoy
    and celebrate
    Let me wait paciently
    my turn.

    Then we will find new highways
    then we will burn.

  20. Rosangela

    Let’s Think….

    And stop following
    all these
    stupid fads,
    and all diets,
    the “shouldn’ts”,
    and “I am not supposed to..”

    Let’s stop dying while we live,
    and let’s live fully until we die!
    Let’s enjoy ourselves, let’s eat
    and have pleasures,
    let’s feed the self-esteem
    without guilt nor excesses,
    without fears of fat, sugars,
    carbs, or beer. Or the boogeyman!

    Let’s balance our lives –
    let’s breathe and turn off the TV.
    Simple like that!
    Let’s make sense of what we are
    without believing what they say:
    the highly profitable medical
    industry, the vegans, the dogmatic
    believers, the fanatics, the body builders,
    the animal-rights activists, the politicians,
    the news, the weather report,
    the ads, the gossipy neighbors,
    the believed-to-be-always-right
    mothers and priests!

    Let’s just think with our own
    minds, just for a change. Stop
    the programming, the brainwash
    the “it’s bad for you”concept.

    Let’s drink more water only if we are
    thirsty, and not because someone said
    we should; let’s use sunblock if we
    are exposed to the midday sun in the tropics
    for two hours! Not every morning because it’s
    mixed in our daily facial lotion! No one can get
    skin cancer for receiving half hour of sun
    during daily driving! Let’s make sense of things!

    Let’s be more natural! Let’s say no to fat-free
    sugar-free, caffeine-free, life-free!
    This is all freedom-free!!!

    Let’s identify the agendas behind
    the apparently innocent concepts and
    advices. Let’s stop thinking
    that going to Paris is “chic”! Let’s make sense
    of things!

    Let’s stop worshiping canned Hollywood movies
    and let’s pay more attention to what helps us grow
    and be truly happy! Let’s explore what’s beyond
    our belly button, and learn with other cultures,
    other ways of thinking. Let’s stop thinking
    we are the best nation! Let’s make sense of things!

    Let’s stop spreading stupid messages over the
    Internet and use our time – and resources! –
    for something more productive and enriching!
    Let’s have a life of our own, and stop following
    the pseudo-leaders. Let’s stop acting like robots
    and expecting miracles. Let’s use our true potential,
    be ourselves and not a result of what they want
    us to be. Let’s be authentic for a change,
    before we completely lose ourselves!

  21. Pat Carroll Marcantel

    Let’s Pretend

    “Let’s Pretend,” the radio program

    filling my Saturday mornings–

    My world lived within that world,

    the air I breathed, recalling ancient

    roses. Knights in shining armor,

    mounted on mythical great horses

    saved me from trolls, witches, giants.

    They wore my scarves, tokens of

    my undying love. Yes, I loved them

    all. Ah Chivalry, where art thou?

  22. lionmother

    Let’s Say Today Really Sucked

    Hours spent in a hospital
    waiting for the procedure
    for him to begin and then
    hours in a waiting room
    awaiting the end of the
    useless procedure
    watching doctors and
    nurses milling around
    their green fatigues
    splashed with bits of
    One wearing a Nets
    headscarf and another
    a rainbow colored smock
    All solicitous, concerned
    hovering over the bed
    apologetic for the delay
    as if anyone cared when
    this invasive procedure would
    He is calm and cool,
    quiet and subdued
    hopeful they might
    perform a miracle
    and bring blood to the
    bloodless toe
    but alas, with long
    face the white bearded
    oh, so friendly and
    personable doctor
    arrives with the news
    he, the miracle maker
    cannot perform on
    this specimen and
    the only people richer for
    this are the fat cats in
    glass and steel offices
    who reap the benefits
    and the doctor who
    slinks away guilty he
    no longer has a reason
    for smiling at me.

  23. Yolee

    Lets say

    the man, wearing a sullied green t-shirt and khaki pants,
    sitting at an outdoor Burger King picnic table, head bowed,
    shoulders below his see level, snoozing, though he could
    not be comfortable, woke up to find lunch in a bag, a plastic
    brown stick, coffee, packets of sugar/cream, water to fuse
    a bit of salt: lets say, in a succinct burst of thought he was
    in charge of one of those freedom dreams, but then he looked
    around for the reality checks of those who peer through broken
    glasses or streaks of pity, and then the moment arrived
    like apples in a wheelbarrow, his knower sensed that day,
    the sign of compassion hinged over the bench marked hunger.

  24. PSC in CT

    Let’s Plant Flowers

    This solitary grave, untended

    windblown, no name, unknown –

    a number only, looking so

    lonely, settled in beside our family

    a stranger? or a relative perhaps?

    or maybe a friend, too far from home

    new country, no money, all alone

    no one here to mourn, nor a single

    flower to decorate, and yet

    here we are, and

    we have extra

  25. Jane Beal - sanctuarypoet.net

    “Let’s dance! Put on your red shoes,
    and dance the blues …” ~ David Bowie, “Let’s Dance”


    When I was young,
    and lost in the labyrinth of my dreams,
    I was in love with the Goblin King.

    The Goblin King! The Goblin King!
    I was in love with the Goblin King.

    He stole one baby and then another.
    Death was all their disappearing.
    I could not catch their souls, like birds, flying.

    I called their names, I called their names!
    Not one of them was answering.

    All over the hills I ran
    and hid in oak trees older than man,
    always dreaming, never remembering.

    Set me free from this misery,
    I prayed as I laid awake at night,
    and my house broke in half.

    My house, my house, my house
    broke open to the sky!

    From heaven, I heard a mysterious song
    and a light was all around me!
    Then my fear was drowned in the sea.

    The sea is always calling me to dive down
    and capture pearls, white and shining.

    My child-soul is surrounded by oysters,
    as I sit on the sandy beach and laugh,
    and the Messenger walks on water

    until he reaches my side, now visible,
    with kindness in his eyes.

    Jane Beal

  26. eljulia

    PAD Therapy day 20

    (For now) LET’S JUST DANCE.

    dancing girls on a mountainside
    arms like wings, flying high
    it’s what newly free looks like
    on a mountainside
    left behind their angry tears
    left behind their terror fears
    left to see what free looks like
    on a mountainside
    you and I we once were young
    you reached to me and let me come
    helped me see what free looks like
    on a mountainside
    we found us each a better home
    than the one caused us to roam
    to want to see what free looked like
    on a mountainside
    as we grew and my children came
    you danced with them just the same
    as you’d danced with me those years before
    on a mountainside
    as time went by we’d sometimes share
    our memories of what sent us there
    to see what being free was like
    on that mountainside
    those hurts and fears followed along
    buried in our souls so strong
    weighed us down, hard to be free
    like on the mountainside
    and now you’re free but I’m still here
    I close my eyes and have you near
    and feel the breeze on that mountainside
    so for now, let’s just dance

  27. vincegotera

    Great prompt, Robert. Using hay(na)ku stanzas today.

    Let’s Funk!

    – beginning with lyrics heard on the radio

    get up,
    gotta get down,

    get off,
    gotta get funky.

    get up!
    Seize the day!

    get down!
    All the way!

    get off!
    Off the grind!

    get funky!
    Free your mind!

    let’s funk!
    You and me.

    let’s punk!
    Hair to knee.

    let’s dunk!
    With a basketball.

    let’s funk!
    In the hall.

    the mall,
    wall to wall.

    get funky,
    don’t get junky!

    get funky,
    let’s get spunky!

    get funky,
    ain’t no monkey!

    get funky,
    funk funk FUNKY!

    — Vince Gotera

  28. uneven steven

    Let’s just say

    I have this run jump kick fall down
    pop up and do it again boy
    in my class
    whose mom is an entomologist at university
    and who regularly posts links
    such as “nature will eat you”
    and her boy wrote a 5,7,5 insect poem that won the 13 and under division
    I hear some crickets
    They soon will be lizard food
    I am sure of that
    pretty cool for a 7 year old who sees our grins
    with a confusion
    as we read not only his poem
    but the judges comments:
    This short poem describes a scene – states a
    fact, really – with unfiltered honesty and precision, almost in
    defiance of the allegory typically demanded by adult literature. Its
    legitimacy, both of the protagonist’s thought process and of the
    crickets’ fate, was refreshing. Though the setting is ambiguous – did
    he buy crickets at the pet store to feed to his brother’s lizard? Is
    he listening to crickets in his yard and projecting on their fate? –
    we are comforted by his assurance that, indeed, these crickets will be
    silenced soon … The poet wades through multiple literary themes, in
    just three short lines: omniscient narrator, tragedy of life and
    death, the fate of the weak in the face of a predator. Despite the
    maturity of his words, though, we were reminded of our childhoods,
    when the world is filled, at once, with surety and imagination.
    We congratulate the poet on penning this extraordinary piece and thank
    him for sharing –
    and let’s just say by chance he chooses
    to become a poet someday
    we can only hope that his profound befuddlement continues
    with our own when we have poetry judges tell us what a precocious 7 year old means,
    might have meant, wanted to say
    but could only imply
    in a lonely 17 syllables

  29. ina

    Let’s pretend

    Dear Body,
    Let’s pretend that
    we’re not locked in
    mortal combat. Let’s pretend that we’re
    still who we were
    in that short span of years
    between the isolette
    and the biopsy. Let’s dance the
    way we we could once
    run in high heels
    up steep 14th street to the
    all night club with decent
    Bloody Marys. Let’s pretend
    that your bones still ache with
    the exuberance of youth. Let’s
    pretend the cells
    are not growing
    nuclei like alien eyes and
    splitting forth from the safety of
    their marrow. Let’s pretend that
    romance isn’t dead, that this
    marriage between us
    will last forever, that we aren’t soon
    to part ways.

  30. cam45237

    Let’s Long…

    Let’s long for longing lest we learn
    That if we get that for which we yearn,
    We’ll be dull, complacent, sated.
    All our appetites abated.
    No need to seek for any more.
    We’ve gotten what we’re wishing for.
    Nothing left to do but die.
    will you go first?
    Or shall I?

  31. Michael Grove

    Let’s Just Do
    (A Tri-fall)

    There’s been some long talking,
    me and you.
    It is time to take some action.
    Been way too much balking
    lets just do
    what gives us some satisfaction.

    It seems we aren’t being
    rushed along.
    So is it that we are drifting
    without really seeing
    the sweet song
    that we had written? Uplifting

    our spirits to the sky
    that is blue
    we shall hold our hands so tightly
    that we don’t have to try.
    Let’s just do
    all we can to shine more brightly.

    By Michael Grove

  32. Walt Wojtanik


    There they stand two “strangers”
    in a strange land, brought together
    in the cause of love,
    finding a home in each others comfort.

    In the lobby, he sees her; a familiar face
    in a place they had often dreamed about.
    All longing and long waiting,
    and constant debating if this is right,

    but tonight, it feels nothing but.
    Sideways glances across the desk
    and that pesky clerk, that pompous jerk
    leans to whisper to his mate.

    But, he winks and she thinks that she can’t wait,
    and how great it will be to see him
    behind closed doors. The die is cast
    and at last the hotel jockey gives him the key.

    He gives a sign and her mind starts racing,
    pacing the halls of her head, all she wants instead
    is him and all the time they’re allowed.
    They pass a crowd of people along the way.

  33. Michael Grove

    Like Flowers

    Like raindrops that fall from the sky,
    like tears flowing out of your eye,
    then starting out slow,
    together we’ll grow
    like flowers in spring, you and I.

    By Michael Grove

  34. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Let’s Cuddle

    ‘Let’s cuddle,’ I say to our cat
    or she says to me
    or both to each other.
    (We are using body language.)

    Anyway, we snuggle.
    She settles against me
    in her usual spot on the bed,
    squeezed in between us —
    only you are not there
    on the other side tonight.
    She purrs hard and long
    as if you were.

    But we’re both restless.
    We shift many times in the night,
    as if that could make a difference.
    We open our eyes briefly
    to stare at each other
    almost accusingly,
    avoiding the huge absence
    over your side of the bed.

    In the end there is only one way.
    ‘Let’s cuddle,’ we say to each other,
    snuggling as close as we can
    and the night slowly passes.

  35. ina

    Let us: a knock knock

    Let us eat salad.
    Let us spin every day
    and jog on the weekends
    Let our chocolate be dark
    and our cooking be light.
    Let our family vacations take
    us to places where the air
    is fresh and our motives are pure.
    Let us be these people,
    until swimsuit season is over.

  36. Michael Grove

    Let’s Fall

    Let’s fall in love again
    without keeping score.
    Let’s fall for each other,
    like we did before.

    Let’s fall for a line
    with a sinker and hook.
    Let’s fall out of line,
    while they all take a look.

    Let’s fall head over heals,
    stop and smell all the flowers.
    Let’s fall in love again,
    and share in its powers.

    By Michael Grove

  37. LCaramanna

    Let’s Watch a Movie

    Click through the TV channels
    in search of a good movie
    to watch together;
    Flash through the game shows,
    sit-com reruns, crime scene investigations,
    jewelry shopping, house hunting,
    25 music channels,
    hockey playoffs, college softball, major league baseball,
    thoroughbred racing, harness racing,
    high school lacrosse,
    weather channel, travel channel, food channel,
    Zumba party, talent shows,
    soap operas in Spanish,
    at last –
    movies on demand:
    alien invaders, over-the-hill boxers, presidential thrillers,
    cowboy westerns, shoot-‘um-up gangsters, natural disasters,
    wars of the world, love lost, down and out in the city of dreams…..

    Never mind the movie,
    Let’s eat the popcorn
    and go to bed.

  38. PassionateQuill

    write a future thick with memories and
    unforgettable passion producing heat
    and heartbeats that mirror our love and
    your eyes so we can teach them how to
    explore this world and pursue dreams
    that take them farther than they could
    have ever imagined and find ourselves
    resting in each others arms for eternity, yes,

  39. drwasy

    Let’s drive north

    past the exit ramp
    that returns us
    to the formstone
    bungalow all shady
    with pin oak and diapers
    soiled plates and
    the neighbor’s
    son dealing dope
    on the corner
    of Church and School.

    Let’s drive past
    the ramshackle five
    and dime now
    a dollar general
    and the Purina plant
    where horses burn
    to chow and glue
    and hope exits
    at the five
    o-clock whistle.

    Let’s drive north
    where air moves
    dustless, stars
    break through
    god’s detritus
    let’s drive until
    the asphalt peters
    out the sun kisses
    the ocean green
    and baptizes us.


    Peace, LindaS-W

  40. deedeekm

    Let’s Stay

    Look the moon is rising
    Battered face still glows
    While she hasn’t light of her own
    She reflects what she is given
    See that shadow of geese
    Flying in her face, wheeling
    Through clouds, and speaking of clouds
    Why would they hide her
    Let us stay and bear witness
    To her faithfulness 
    As she hangs in the dark
    This night as though 
    It is the only night and we
    Are the only ones she smiles on
    Let us feel the last drop
    Of the suns heat shining on the moon
    Feel the breeze move on the steady
    Flap of wings as they blow
    Cloudy mists across our faces
    Leaving us breathless 
    In shadow

  41. Linda Voit

    Let’s Have Another Piece of Pie

    the one you made with rhubarb from
    your own back yard in the perfect
    golden crust you say is in your
    genes, the one still the
    slightest bit warm.
    One more so I can
    think about

    Linda Voit

  42. hurtin-heart

    Let’s forget about the last poem and…………

           Let’s talk about love
    What is love? I don’t know!
    Yes i do! No, i don’t!
    Is it pain that brings rain
    Or is it happiness that brings sunshine?
    Is love just a word
    Or does love have meaning?
    People say it but do they really mean it?
    How do i know if you speak the truth?
    When u say to me, “I love you”.
    “Oh dear”,what do i do?
    This word love sure has me confused.
    Samantha Tinney

    1. Michael Grove

      Thanks Marie! It seems like for this years challenge (except for weekends) I have barely had enough time to write 1 poem a day. Had a little time tonight to explore the prompt.

  43. K. McGee

    Okay! I’m away now. Let’s try this again.


    I’d wager a cup of tea
    If I begged,
    “Let’s swim to Boston!”
    To attend a party
    Wearing wet-suit flips
    Like a frogman
    Dressed for a mission
    You’d think i be daffed
    Criminal or insane
    And let’s just say
    You might have
    A good reason

  44. Michael Grove


    have a
    beer while we
    discuss nothing
    and everything
    about nothing at all.
    You can’t hear me anyway
    because while I am doing the
    talking I can see that you are just
    thinking about what you’re gonna say next.

    By Michael Grove

  45. hurtin-heart

        Let’s talk about the past
    Where were you when i was working 12 hours a day? Where were you when the babies were sick and i had one on each knee? Where were you when i was out chopping wood at four in the morning just to keep the babies warm? Where were you when i was sick but had to work and take care of home and family also? Where were you when i was giving you my love? In a drunkun stupor, out lusting for other’s,that’s where you was! So you wanna talk about the past, then let’s talk! I’m suprised you remember since you spent it drunk. I made my mistakes as everyone does
    But the payment i’ve paid is more than i should.
    You can  call me a lier, yet you’re the master of deceit.
    It’s you’re own guilt in your heart that has brought so much hate! You say i can’t forgive but thats where you’re wrong! Forgiveness is easy but forgetting can’t be done. Because you live in the past and can’t let go, so others pay the price for the pain you hold.
    all the years of lies and deceit ,has blinded you to reality. And changed you from who you use to be.
    And if you don’t stop living in the past then your future looks bleak. God is you’re only hope of ever finding peace.
    Samantha Tinney

  46. Michael Grove

    Let’s Go Dance

    Hey girl it’s you and me here with these charms.
    The music makes me get up on my feet.
    I want to hold your body in my arms
    and move ourselves in rhythm to the beat.

    We are gonna kick it on the dance floor.
    This is our last chance at sweet romance.
    You and I will fly forever more.
    Why don’t we take a chance and let’s go dance.

    By Michael Grove

  47. Michael Grove

    Let’s go on Vacation

    let’s go on vacation
    because you need a break
    and so do i. we wake
    apart yet together

    each day still a chore so
    let’s go on vacation
    for some relaxation
    and some sun. i think you

    should choose the dates and place.
    speaking in summation
    let’s go on vacation
    as soon as possible.

    i will close my eyes now
    and wish on a falling
    star. i hear it calling.
    let’s go on vacation.

    by Michael Grove

  48. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    With all due respect to everyone here…

    I am going to be an auntie again. We just found out the sex today.
    So this one’s for my darling niece.

    “Let’s write something in Spanish”

    Una niñita en mi vientre
    a diario me da pataditas.
    ¿Llegará a ser presidente?
    Una niñita en mi vientre;
    El ultrasonido no miente.
    Me muero por ver su carita!
    Una niñita en mi vientre
    a diario me da pataditas.

    (c) JH 4/20/12

  49. JanetRuth

    Come, let’s get dirty
    Not with dirty dirt
    But with garden-dirt
    Gardening dirt is different, you see…
    It cleanses the mind and sets the heart free

    It’s a soil-carpet solace
    It’s a simple, safe touch
    When the care and the clutter
    Of this life is too much
    It’s a beckoning beach
    On an ocean of dreams
    It is therapy for stress
    Enchanting hope-streams
    It is better than a psychiatrist
    Yet it won’t cost a dime
    All it takes is some energy
    And sweet sun-kissed time
    In the company of roses
    Or zucchini and garlic
    …or the chatter of children
    Discovering its magic
    It’s a haven of sorts
    Built of fruit on a vine
    Of vegetable beauty
    Of rain and sunshine
    Of love and of labor
    Of patience and trust
    A table for neighbors
    Sprouting from the dust
    It’s a vision of perfection
    On the threshold of June
    It’s a mini-vacation
    On a slow afternoon
    It’s a stroll for no reason
    On earth’s humble sod
    It’s the pearl of the season
    It’s the whisper of God
    Its spring, summer, autumn
    With life-lessons to show
    For a man cannot gather
    What he does not sow…
    …so come, let’s get dirty
    In the cleanest of dirt
    In a garden; it is simply
    A small heaven on earth…

  50. RASlater

    Let’s Not Forget

    Let’s not forget
    The moments between us
    The simple sounds of like
    Of you in the bedroom
    Playing on your Xbox
    Me in the kitchen
    Typing out another poem
    The dog on her chain in the yard
    The only one enjoying the outdoors
    Let’s not forget to live
    To poke our heads out
    And take a breath of air
    To remember there’s more than just living
    To this life of ours
    Let’s not forget to remember each other
    And not take us for granted
    Appreciate our differences
    And our similarities
    Let’s not forget to enjoy
    Every moment we can
    And not take for granted
    The shortness of this life
    We’ve lost too many
    In just this short year
    There are no guarantees

  51. Catherine Lee

    Let’s Make a Deal

    The lesson is there
    Between the staccato breathing exercises
    And pre-natal vitamins

    How to overcompensate
    For what must be a universal suspicion
    That we are not enough

    We hold precious life
    In each bandaidsuckertoytruckcrayon
    At the bottom of our purses

    We prepare for it
    That edge-of-our-seat moment in this game
    When it is our turn

    It is easy to pretend
    That we can trade the trinkets in our bags
    For something of worth

  52. RJ Clarken

    Let’s Stargaze

    We sat on the deck in companionable silence.
    The trees were slowly becoming Victorian silhouettes
    set against a streaked, dusky skyline.
    I was hogging the old wooden bench
    sitting across it with my legs straight out, ankles crossed.
    I contemplated my wine glass
    as I twirled the stem.

    He sighed and began to hum a long-forgotten tune.
    I smiled, though he could hardly see it for the falling shadows.
    “You remember,” I said.
    Then he pointed to the darkening sky.
    “Look. The stars are coming out.”
    I glanced up and said,
    “I always forget: where’s the North Star?”

    He got up out of his Adirondack chair
    and walked over to my bench.
    He aimed a finger straight towards the heavens.
    “Right there. See it?”
    I nodded.
    “And there – that is Venus,” he added.
    I swiveled my body around
    and moved my legs off the bench.
    “How do you know it’s Venus?” I asked.
    As he sat down, he said,
    “Because it’s the brightest star in the night sky…
    but not as bright as you.”

    “You’re such a dork,” I said,
    and clinked my glass to his.


  53. omavi

    Let’s Open Our Mouths

    Description of life
    But words save
    And cure
    And calm
    Written on parchment
    Spoken into the winds
    Song on fluid lips
    Stuttered when mind unstill
    Ear strained to receive
    Stuck on the tip of the tongue
    Solicited by passion
    Subdued by grief
    Slurred in joy
    Pointed in heat
    Calling when in need
    Defending when battle meets
    Those beautifully
    Breathe needed to survive
    Communication truly
    Defines living

  54. Brian Slusher


    Half of all living things
    are insects, and 10 quintillion
    exist at any time.
    The yard almost floats on them,
    their active, quiet lives.
    Near the fence, Japanese beetles
    have chewed the leaves into lace,
    and the great bees bustle
    among the cone flowers
    while I listen for their philosophy—
    where are their poets and pundits?
    Below, the worms slip
    through the dirt like arrows
    of muscle, but they don’t boast
    or hammer epitaphs into the gravel.
    Only the gnats offer advice, swarming
    in ghosts at dusk, looping
    scribbles I so admire, but can’t decode.

    1. posmic

      Oh, I love to talk about insects! I love how you captured each one’s “personality” here. I especially like the “arrows of muscle” and the gnats offering advice. It’s refreshing, too, that you handle even the gnats so respectfully and find something to admire about them. Well done!

  55. Buddah Moskowitz

    Let’s Get Away for a While

    Let’s get away for a while
    wander back
    to our genesis,
    before we became
    two ringmasters
    in charge of a circus
    where the animals have
    outgrown their cages and
    aren’t listening to reason.

    Let’s just get away
    and be like those couples
    who meet for lunch
    on these bright sunny days
    when you are miles away,
    as I envy their wide-eyed
    mutual adoration.

    Let’s remember who we were
    when we met
    and how grateful
    and valued we made
    each other feel,
    how this love shined
    so obviously
    for all to see.

    Let’s go back
    to who we were
    before those stupid,
    disfiguring fights,
    and those perfectly
    rehearsed barbs
    forever took
    the stars
    from our eyes.

    This love
    was never
    somewhere else,

    it was always
    inside of us,

    but now it’s covered
    with unpaid bills,
    doctor appointments,
    mounds of dirty laundry,
    and perpetual servitude
    to our children
    and our parents.

    It’s time
    that to shove
    those distractions aside
    and lift up
    the hidden gold
    that first
    drew us together,

    polish it up and
    make it glow again.

    It’s time.

  56. Andrew Kreider

    Havana night

    Let’s pretend that we are lovers again,
    that the street outside is washed with hot rain,
    that we are strangers to each other still.

    Let’s pretend this room is the restaurant
    where we first made love, this rose your tattoo,
    this heat between us the Havana night.

  57. Walt Wojtanik



    Mr. Sullivan, you can scoff
    but where the hell did you get off
    telling Mick to change the line
    when now-a-days it would be fine,
    and Morrison, he was a shaman
    (and living in the Caman Islands)
    lighting fires; getting higher
    an affront to all your decency,
    perpetuating our delinquency.
    And boy. “Oh Boy” ,
    driving Holly to avoid,
    making the Crickets null and void.
    And even Bob Dylan, who you refused
    to allow to sing “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues”.
    So Zimmerman took up the fight
    refusing to perform that night.
    The Rolling Stones were not alone
    with lyrics Ed would not condone,
    so they appeared dressed up as Nazis;
    fodder for the paparazzi.
    Rock and roll has had it better
    since “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

    Typos, auto “correct” and fat fingers can play games with poetics. My poem stands corrected.

  58. Kendall A. Bell

    Let’s quit playing games

    Is what I tell Blair, while I sit and look out
    at a boat passing by on the river. She tells me
    that she had to get me out of the house and away
    from the distractions, that she wanted my undivided
    attention and that her voice carries better when
    she’s unfettered. I hear the distant trains whining,
    some strange bird calls I’d never heard before and
    a few low flying planes before she continues.

    She told me that she’s been watching me for some time,
    that she felt like she could trust me with her history,
    with her secrets. That my face was kind and that we
    shared a common bond, a love.

    She said that she’s been here, trapped in this mid-plain
    for months and wasn’t sure why. She was just twenty five
    when she died, and she lived half of her life in South.
    Everything she knew she read in books, that she wished
    she could have traveled anywhere, just to see different
    people, to taste a life she’d only imagined.

    She told me that she had written pages and pages of
    poetry and hid them, that she wanted me to help her find
    them. I said wasn’t sure how I’d be able to do that after
    so many years had passed. She had no idea that it was 2012,
    that so-called progress had changed more than just
    the landscape of the place she called home.

    She asked if I could rewrite her words, give her life again.
    I asked if I could see her face, if she could come to me
    one night while the dog slept, while the house sounds quieted.
    She told me to go back to the house, that the sun was going
    to burn my pale skin and to wait for me tonight.

  59. posmic

    Let’s Convince Each Other

    we’re brilliant and on the same team.
    Let’s wonder why no one else gets it,

    our argot of hips and significant glances.
    Let’s forget all our jokes, make up new ones;

    I never liked our old ones, anyway.
    Let’s argue until we come around

    the other side of your face, my hands.
    Let’s stop, wave hello when we meet there.

  60. cstewart

    Let’s Dance

    Since the day is gray and the
    Windows are covered with fog:
    Let’s dance.

    Since the color of the painting
    Is in the most delightful crimson:
    Let’s play.

    Because the ladybugs are taking care
    Of the critters on the plants:
    Lets smile.

    Because the big pine is swaying
    In the night breeze.
    Let’s be thankful.

    Since the love is all about us
    And we are alive:
    Let’s have a good time with friends.

    David Bowie: Let’s Dance

  61. uneven steven

    Let’s extrapolate

    and say
    it was the act of a harsh
    and vengeful god
    who’s beliefs, coincidentally,
    just happen
    to mirror
    my own
    and perceived
    damn you
    I am
    I am so much better now
    that I’ve castigated myself
    this once
    again and have been saved
    and freed
    to punish all those other
    evil doers
    in your name
    do I hear a call to action,
    can I get a witness

  62. wolfbolz


    Let’s fight those battles every day
    We know are just and true.
    Let’s sing a song of joy each day
    Of all the good we do.
    Let’s thank the sun
    For golden warmth
    The moon for silver light.
    Let’s praise the clouds
    For cooling rain
    The stars for stunning night.
    Let’s bless our friends for loving us
    And standing by our side.
    Let’s look upon our foes this day
    Without the sin of pride.
    Let’s smell the sweet bouquet of life
    The flowers, earth, and sea.
    Let’s dance upon the fields this day
    Both jubilant and free.

  63. Mariya Koleva

    In this month of thrity days we did it twice. So, let’s do it again – let’s count to ten!
    Let’s count to ten
    In honour of the ten digits
    And the decimal and metric systems
    In honour of the notes
    In an octave
    Eight, plus another two –
    Me and you.

  64. Sara McNulty

    April 20, 2012 – Day 20
    Let’s _______

    Let’s Forget Last Night

    The vitriolic words
    leaking venom
    like a black inkblot,

    the bloody tears
    of hurt
    hurling photos from past years,

    the communication lines
    wounds spread with salt

    that I lick
    in one room
    while you steam,

    a spouting teapot,
    in another.
    Unspoken agreement

    not to invade
    any room
    the other inhabits,

    the torment, tossing
    in sleepless sweat,
    lights clicking

    on and off,
    reading aborted,
    clock ticking off years.

    Morning light shows
    behind blinds,
    start of a new day.

    Let’s forget last night;
    let’s soothe each other’s fright.

  65. De Jackson

    Let’s Take a Minute to Praise Technology (and Curse the “Posting Too Quickly” Warning)
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all who have made your names “clicky” and who take the time to maintain poetry blogs. I am subscribing/following/stalking like mad, and finding it MUCH easier to comment there, than here.

  66. Walt Wojtanik


    Mr. Sullivan, you can scoff
    but where the hell did you get off
    telling Mick to chance the line
    when now-a-days it would be fine,
    and Morrison, he was a shaman
    (living in the Caman Islands)
    lighting fires; getting higher
    an front to all your decency,
    perpetualating our delinquency.
    And boy. “Oh Boy” ,
    driving Holly to avoid,
    making the Crickets null and void.
    And even Bob Dylan, who you refused
    to allow to sing “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues”.
    So Zimmerman took up the fight
    refusing to perform that night.
    The Rolling Stones were not alone
    with lryics Ed would not condone,
    so they appeared dressed you as Nazis;
    fodder for the paparrazzi.
    Rock and roll has had it better
    since “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

  67. Lana Walker

    Let’s Get a Grip…

    on reality.

    Is it that
    hard to do?

    Slipping and
    sliding into
    into denial

    Closing tight
    eyes that see
    what the ears
    still hear

    what the heart
    still knows

  68. DanielAri


    and we got so restless in Tempe, Arizona’s 90-degree midnight
    that we decided to go north. We packed sweating. Alice called
    to leave a transparent excuse for her employer; I didn’t even
    bother. We locked the apartment at 1 a.m. and started up 17
    before we could decide we were crazy. The sky started to light,
    and we kept on, grunting half-interest into the Grand Canyon.
    All day: sweating and driving, stopping to pee, eating roadside
    vittles in the car, refueling, sweating and driving. After sunset
    we crossed into Alberta as tourists, claiming to have relatives
    in Edmonton. In Calgary, we couldn’t go any farther, so we got
    the cheapest motel room we could scout and slept there until
    late next day. The air was about 72 degrees, which we agreed
    was damn near perfect, so we decided to be on vacation. Alice,
    bless her, didn’t even squeak about the money, which we both
    knew was tighter than we liked it. We were on vacation. We
    asked what there was to do, and the hotel clerk said, “Haven’t
    you been to Banff,” as if it had been obvious to her that Banff
    was why we were here in the first place. We drove there and
    got out of the car, falling flat on our backs, staring up at the
    ridges and the cool gray-green-white-blue everything. “Maybe
    we shouldn’t go back,” I said, and Alice murmured, “Mm-hmm.”


    1. De Jackson

      Okay, you had me at the title. Then, this:
      “so we decided to be on vacation.”
      And that last thought. Many times, hubbie and I will sit/walk/lie in beautiful places, concocting ways to live there (“you make shell necklaces and sell them on the beach…I will mix fruity drinks for the tourists…”)
      Love this one. Enjoying the heck out of FangO.

  69. Domino

    Let’s Remember Dorinda’s Birthday

    Though why we remember
    her birth,
    when she has passed,
    is a teensy bit silly.
    I hear her laughing at it
    even now because it always
    seemed to surprise her to know
    how much her friends cared.

    It is sad to have her gone
    but I still think that she
    is past all that nonsense
    of sadness and crying. She
    did enough of it while she was here.

    She’s cried enough.

    So I remember her with a smile
    and think of jokes I’d like
    to tell her.

  70. Domino

    Let’s Make Jam

    The blackberries are ready,
    go get some buckets
    we’ll strip those vines clean
    in no time!

    Grandma has sugar,
    she’s boiling the jars
    and went do the store for
    some lids and some pectin.

    And with buckets of berries
    we wash ‘em all clean,
    the scratches on our legs
    and arms throbbing
    our lips blue with
    blackberry juice.

    And we put the ingredients
    in the pot grandma
    uses for canning,
    stained golden
    brown by all the years
    and all the fruit
    and vegetables that
    have passed through,
    ghosts of summers past.

    Cooking and stirring,
    we take turns, skimming
    the foam
    but only grandma knows how long
    to cook the berries,
    and when they’re ready, the
    jars lined up like soldiers
    she dips the jam and
    ladles the jam,
    with hardly a spill.

    Once the lids are on the waiting
    begins. We usually don’t get a tastes until
    the next day. The jar that didn’t
    seal right is our lawful prey.

    And if we’re lucky,
    Grandma has fresh bread to go
    with the jam,
    and it vanishes just as quickly
    as we did when it
    was time to wash up.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  71. claudsy

    The past has a way of returning at the oddest times.

    Let’s Dance the Night Away

    Two AM call caught us finally sitting,
    A pair of disco addicts who came each night
    To crowd a small floor, meet with friends
    And laugh with others in new steps.

    You faded from my life not long after,
    A need that required distance to perform
    Without recriminations or ever-afters,
    A fact you could never appreciate.

    Two to tango was never the real problem,
    Though taking advantage was your forte,
    For a con man needs only a woman’s faith,
    Never was my enjoyment at issue.

    Frankly, I outgrew your need to mooch and moan.
    Now my life and resources are my own.

    © Claudette J. Young 2012

  72. Miss R.

    Let’s Play

    Forget that we’re too old now
    And you’re taller than I ever will be,
    Even though you’re still skinny
    Like you were when we were small
    And I used to beat you up
    Because you were irritating,
    I was irritable, and it was easy.

    Forget that I’ve been away
    Getting what is supposed to be
    An adult education that will
    Curb my childish imagination
    And help me make some sense
    Of this crazy, broken world
    That used to be our playground.

    Forget that we should be beyond
    Toys and games and storybooks
    (Although I’m not really sure
    Why movies and video games
    Are considered more appropriate
    Pastimes for people our age),
    And go back in time for awhile.

    Forget that you and I are stuck
    In limbo, no longer children
    But not quite adults, even though
    I admit that I pretend I’m grown up.
    Let’s leave our confusion behind
    For a just a moment and strive for
    Blissful ignorance. Let’s play.

  73. Beth Rodgers

    Let’s Be Polite

    A lost art
    Pleasantry is.
    Thank you and
    You’re welcome
    How are you or
    Nice to see you
    Don’t get said
    Often enough.

    It’s vital
    That as a culture
    We refuse to take for granted
    The niceties that reflect
    The Golden Rule.

    Too often
    We are bombarded with
    Negative energy
    Populating our surroundings
    Enveloping us in a distaste
    For humankind
    Or even animalkind.

    We must rise above
    Resisting the impolite nature of some
    And embracing the solidarity of
    Those who know how to engage in
    Polite conversation
    Be it spoken or not.

  74. Nancy Posey

    Let’s Celebrate April

    Let’s disregard the darker anniversaries of this month,
    Columbine, Waco, Oklahoma City, the Titanic,
    the death of Lincoln and the outlaw Jesse James; let’s ignore
    Hitler’s birthday, file then forget our tax return,

    and celebrate instead spring and poetry, the birthdays
    of Eudora Welty, Seamus Heaney, Shakespeare.
    Let’s write rhyming poems,tromping trochaically,
    skipping syllables like stones across the surface of our days.

    1. PKP

      Thanks guys! :) I am having a dickens of a time commenting… sooo frustrating.. “The TImekeeper” a strict task-master… :)

      Terrific poems here today … from Robert on through!!!

  75. gtabasso

    Let’s Fuck

    How many times has she said this,
    and how many times more
    she’s wanted to and hasn’t,
    especially to men 20 years younger.
    She finds them beautiful and sweet,
    complains she wants a man
    but always ends up parenting boys.

    It isn’t just the sex, she says,
    It’s the joy, the passion, the energy
    of being fully alive before you are worn
    and tired. The others bore her.
    Success seems to make them bland.
    Thsoe without have nothing to lose
    and risk it all on her, who stands to gain

  76. alotus_poetry

    let us make song

    from the baby birds outside the bedroom
    windowsill each morning twilight as we embrace
    under the sheets and find the meaning of why
    stones lodge in our shoes when we chase pavements
    or why pine ink always ruin the pages
    of our notebook. i’d always liked
    to dream that pine cones were bombs
    blowing up the clouds into snow
    since i have never felt what it’s like
    to form my hands into a porcelain bowl
    to hold such fractal purity. i am jealous
    in how people say that they had a snowflake
    landed on their tongue as if God had placed
    manna and blessed them abundantly, but not me.
    when will it be my turn to hold such greatness,
    or do i have to be one in seven billion
    to keep on making songs pretending
    that i know what i’m talking about?

    from the birdbath
    sipping a bit of dreams
    grey lizard


  77. KristiOhio

    Let’s Start a Revolution!

    Channel that angst
    into an evil criminal mastermind’s “la-ser”
    and aim it right at the capitol –
    the efficienct masterstroke
    to bring an end to our coup d’etat
    and place me – er… us at the head of state.

    Shoot down the opposition
    with aggressive missives!
    Construct constructions packed
    with fire power
    and political poetry.

    March on Washington!
    Bombard it with protests
    and pamphlets.

  78. Joseph Harker

    Let’s See What Happens

    when we open up all the doors of ourselves–
    drawbridge mouths and concealed hearts
    thrown wide to the wind

    and the water that flows beneath
    all things– when we dip our fingers in
    vials of violet lightning
    and rub it into each other’s skin,
    calling it love–

    when we spin doilies out of candlewax,
    when we root down into the earth,
    when we learn to tug sustenance
    with roughened vines– what do we learn

    about opening?
    tell me a secret and I will tell you two,
    but maybe not the ones you want to hear–

    even with one portal pressed
    deeply into another, breathing polished
    words of smoke, crossing thresholds
    we didn’t even know were there

  79. taylor graham


    Unclip the leash.
    Oh, she’ll leap for all her life –

    this puppy who’s learned her name
    but can’t remember “sit,”

    who looks you so fleeting
    in the eye. What

    do you see in hers? Your hand
    reflected upside down

    offering treats, bribes, corrections.
    “Look at me!” “Pay attention!”

    Must she ignore a world she knows
    by scent, and you can only

    gloss with words?
    Unclip the leash and follow

    her past pavement,
    into dirt, dark woods. Leap

    the log, roll in grass. Get up and
    shake. Sniff sky. Let loose.

  80. RJ Clarken

    Let’s Make a Deal

    Carlin once delivered a screed
    about some folks in costume. Greed
    was well the center of this spiel.
    “Hey Monty Hall…Let’s Make a Deal!”

    Grown human folks would dress up as
    outlandish Trick or Treaters. ‘Twas
    a show for, “Pick me! Pick me!” zeal.
    “Hey Monty Hall…Let’s Make a Deal!”

    A man dressed as a giant beet
    would, with bravado, then compete
    to win a TV set. He’d squeal,
    “Hey Monty Hall…Let’s Make a Deal!”

    A ‘cowgirl’ and a ‘kangaroo’
    would duel for Curtain Number 2.
    Wow! A brand new automobile?!
    “Hey Monty Hall…Let’s Make a Deal!”


  81. Marianv

    Let’s live in the Moment

    Sometimes the wind will play a gentle tune
    Stroking the thin branches with a touch
    So delicate we hardly see them sway.

    Spring sunshine only stretches far enough
    To waken the urge for more, and even stronger –
    Already I feel it smiling on my face

    Already the grass is green. Dandelions
    Are opening fat blossoms that reflect
    The bright sunshine, scattering sunny

    Buttons over the grass. Oh, no! the sun
    Has disappeared and now we stand
    In flakes of thick white snow!

    It will not last, we hope, an April day can
    hold all kinds of tricks up its green sleeves.
    Spring will settle soon enough, we say.

    No reason to be anxious and hurry things
    Along. Each day brings what it will and
    Sure enough, the clouds have parted and
    The sky is pouring sun.

  82. Walt Wojtanik

    LETTUCE SPRAY (A meditational moment for RJ CLarken)

    Here in produce, we’re always quipping,
    “It ain’t lettuce unless it’s dripping”
    And so with nozzle well in hand,
    we produce handler take a stand
    and avoid a faceful of surprise
    by getting spritzed between the eyes.
    It’s our mission every morning
    to hose the veggies; give our warning,
    And so we bow our heads and say,
    “Oh Dear God. Lettuce spray!”

  83. De Jackson

    O, Let’s Not
    an Ovillejo

            Before these thoughts are caught
                     let’s not
            forget beginnings end,
            these cold and quiet stones,
                     our bones.
    These vessels not our homes,
        let’s wrap in skin
        and hide within.
                     Let’s not befriend our bones.

  84. Marjory MT

    3. LET’S DANCE

    Around a fire leaping, or
    a string of frolicking kickers.
    Two toddlers in the back yard,
    Youths gyrating ‘neath flashing lights,
    four couples dosi-doing,
    One-step, two-step,
    rhumba, samba,
    tango, jitter, promenade,
    rock’n’ roll, the shimmy.
    At a sock hop, shindig or prom.
    A sweet, slow waltz in moon light.
    Wheelchair bound toe tapping,
    In a world forgotten,
    Let’s Dance.

  85. Marjory MT

    2. LET’S DANCE

    With the morning’s rising sun,
    under a blazing sky,
    in the wind and rain,
    beneath the moon and stars,
    in the darkness of the night.
    Let’s dance.

  86. Sally Jadlow

    Let’s Live

    From this day forward,
    not the ho-hum
    hum-drum of the every day.
    Let’s spread our wings,
    fly into the storm—devoid
    of fears and failures
    that hold us back.
    Venture into the unknown
    with confidence,
    knowing we have purposes
    to fulfill and plans to procure;
    for we’re not finished yet.
    The race still is on.

  87. Jane Shlensky

    Let’s Play Pretty

    Grandma was really too old
    to deal with squabbling children.
    She’d done her time with seven
    of her own, five boys as rough
    and inventive as they come,
    making her apologize daily
    for some waywardness they’d
    unleashed on the community.
    And now they had grown up,
    married, and produced their own
    trouble, each one wanting
    to bring all sizes of kids to her
    for a day or days while they
    took a break from the works
    of their own loins, tired and dazed.

    She thinks about that as she
    picks up smooth rocks and sticks
    and puts them in her tin bucket
    by the door. Was she a bad
    mother and now grandmother
    to want no more dealings with
    children unless they were
    quiet, sick, or asleep? She made
    the cookies, planned projects to
    keep them busy and out of her hair,
    but that was not the same as
    delighting in them, doting
    as her friend Joann did, her purse
    fat with pictures, her mouth
    full of their every cuteness.

    Grandma was old already
    and doubted very much if
    cute was universal. Still,
    she liked to hear them play
    at a distance, their laughing
    voices carried on the wind,
    happy. She liked them when
    they played pretty, when they
    had a peaceful plan that didn’t
    involve stoning her chickens or
    denuding her flowers, when
    they kicked at balls in
    her wide front yard and ran
    until they were spent,
    or asked to hear a story
    about what she did as a child
    or settled like lambs into
    the pillow of her arms and
    said they loved her.

  88. MiskMask


    Sour pickles from cucumbers,
    hot peppers, and spicy nights
    Red tomatoes in tumbling rain
    Lolly sticks and scribbled names
    Let’s plant seeds
    Fruity colours and flower scents
    Marigolds, lupine, and cosmos bright
    Love grows in the summer heat
    A kiss, we hug, we meet
    Let’s plant seeds
    Tender caring for all in need
    We’ve planted seeds
    And a baby grows.

  89. Mike Bayles

    Let’s Write

    Let’s pick up our pens
    and compose.
    Pen to hand
    hand to heart,
    let’s write what we imagine.
    Let truths we behold
    be told
    and come to fruition.
    Let the things we share
    draw us closer together,
    this friendship of creation.

  90. J.lynn Sheridan

    “(just once) Let’s be bad”

    He always spoke in his detective voice, So
    low and hazy I had to take off my ears and

    pin them to my eyes to hear him tell us he
    was happier before us kids. We read it more
    than than heard it, felt it more than than believed it.

    We stayed outside most that day exploring
    dangling clouds, stretching them across

    Pistakee Lake until their anger crashed, then
    we went inside and played cat’s cradle with
    the lightening while he snored thunder under
    the covers of The Raven.

    It was the cat that woke him.

    It was the cat that blamed us and sneered
    when he slammed parcels of Poe prose

    against the wall. I wanted to cry but mostly
    I just filled up with puss and poison hoping
    octopus arms would grow from my belly and

    wrap around his face. Instead, I tossed
    pebbles into his bathtub and you let the cat
    out when we ran into the rain, jumpy with

    laughter and so sweaty I thought my palms
    would slide off my hands into the puddles
    on the road.

    1. cindishipley

      Oh, this is incredible. The fabulous use of repetition. The detective voice, your ears pinned to your face….I’d have to write your whole poem out in order to tell you which lines I like.

  91. Connie Peters

    Let’s Cancel Today Due to Lack of Interest

    Due to lack of interest,
    let’s go by
    thirty items on to-do list
    Forgo all appointments
    Ignore calls
    Pass over piles of paperwork.

    Forget about housework
    Trash emails.
    Let’s not, and say we met deadlines.
    Abandon ticking clocks—
    let them tick.
    Blow off responsibilities.

    Today, let’s free ourselves
    and cast off
    chains of confining decisions.
    Let’s go straight back to bed.
    Nix today
    Let’s begin anew tomorrow.

  92. Jane Shlensky

    Let’s Dance!!

    Once a Latin beat
    moves into your cells,
    there’s no use sitting there
    pretending disinterest,
    saying you’re tired
    or need a drink first.
    Your toes know already,
    your wagging neck and spine,
    that tapping foot,
    those wiggling legs,
    and drumming fingers.
    You’re hooked, friend,
    to the tail of a sweet note
    that shoots through you
    like fireworks and when
    it hits your hips, your
    body has to move, move,
    move as it will,
    as free as it will
    ever be, made of
    joy and rhythm,
    never mind who
    is watching.
    you care
    about is

  93. Paoos69

    Let’s Find a Groove

    Unsettled minds, relentless thoughts
    Accusing, searching, bellowing, pondering
    No direction, a confused state
    No marriage, no divorce
    Yet no legible course

    Flashes of images, pleasant and sad
    Teaching, pushing, telling, gushing
    Mind over matter, matter over mind
    Little cues of curious direction
    Yet no concrete conviction

    Wildflowers on the roadside
    Crickets’ monotony in the night
    Fireflies lighting up trees
    A fiery maple swaying in the breeze
    Unknowingly bring a smile to the lips

    Pure pleasantries, simple joys
    Pensive, passive, ponderous
    Luminous, loving, lustrous
    A sudden soothing groove
    Life is finally on the move

  94. Michelle Hed

    For some reason this prompt is giving me the giggles…hence the longer (and goofy) titles!

    Like Luke Skywalker With a Light Saber

    You slash and parry
    through life’s ups and downs
    with juvenile angst
    learning from your mistakes
    until finally
    you can thrust and block
    with Zen like finesse
    and come out feeling like
    you did your best to
    take the high road.

  95. Tracy Davidson

    Let’s Throw Caution to the Wind

    Let’s make love
    beneath the full moon
    and try hard
    to ignore
    the honks from passing traffic
    on the interstate.

  96. Dare

    Let’s Enter In

    Rushing forwar…
    Trampling each moment underfoo…
    No time to fulfill wholeness of Bein…
    Before moving to What’s Nex…

    Let us Stop!
    Let us Enter –
    Let us live the Wholeness

  97. Michelle Hed

    Let’s Wiggle and Jiggle Like a Fish Trying to Get Off the Line!

    in the grips
    of fever –
    Writing fever that is…
    You thrash
    and moan
    as you plot and twist –
    And rewrite and rewrite…
    Until finally
    you are exhausted
    but content –
    To be reeled in by the first publisher you can find.

  98. Jane Shlensky

    Loved your poem, Robert. This started out free verse and morphed into meter and rhyme, so I let it. Does that ever happen to you folks?

    Let’s Remember to Forget

    Let’s remember to forget about
    the punches and the thorns,
    all unkind words and snarling tones,
    the fists and guns and bombs.

    Let’s soften scratching memories
    that pick old scabs away
    and make old pain like new again
    so we suffer every day.

    There’s work enough for brains to do
    just naming trees and flowers,
    counting butterflies and bluebirds,
    petting nature by the hour,

    baking bread that smells of heaven,
    hanging laundry in the sun,
    letting love drop seeds in stories
    where new friendships have begun.

    It’s easier to say than do
    for carrying our scars
    becomes a sort of pride in us—
    what we believe and are,

    but sad is not our only name
    nor mad our sobriquet;
    we have to put on happiness
    and remember to forget.

    1. Paoos69

      Yes, that happens to me all the time! Nice poem Jane! When I read all these poems it just further proves how similar human feelings are and yet there is so much discord in this world! Ironical isn’t it?

  99. Bruce Niedt

    NaPoWriMo’s prompt for today is to write a travelling poem – i.e., take notes (mental or otherwise) while you travel today (by any means) and write a poem of your impressions. since it was quite foggy on my way to work today, it inspired this poem, which is in a form I created called the “pan-ku”. It’s a cross between a pantoum and haiku (I’ve posted a couple of others here before) – seven-syllable couplet with repeated lines in the following pattern: A B, C A, D C, E D, F E….Y X, B Y. IT can be any length, but the last two lines must be the second line from the first stanza and the first line from the next-to-last stanza. I like it because it has the repetition and interlocking line structure of a pantoum, and the fourteen -syllable couplets have the sound and feel of haiku:

    Let’s Be Careful in the Fog

    our morning washed of details
    we move through a gray blanket

    our cars glide more quietly
    our morning washed of details

    traffic lights come from nowhere
    our cars glide more quietly

    caution is our best defense
    traffic lights come from nowhere

    at the last minute, we see
    caution is our best defense

    on this whitewashed workday
    at the last minute, we see

    someone who wasn’t careful
    on this whitewashed workday

    police strobe lights pierce the haze
    someone who wasn’t careful

    respectfully, we slow down
    police strobe lights pierce the haze

    we move through a gray blanket
    respectfully, we slow down

  100. competitivewriter

    Have to say I love all the sentiments of freedom, being, into the sea, etc…come on poets let’s change the world indeed! here’s my contribution.


    We used to be
    Kings and queens
    Pirates and ninjas
    Cowboys and Indians

    And we’d fight against
    Evil machines
    Invading armies
    Monsters and aliens

    Our backyards were jungles
    Our playgrounds were castles
    Flashlights flickered in forts and we
    Whispered to stuffed animal friends

    But somewhere along the way something changed

    We see ourselves as
    Ugly and overweight
    Graying and decaying
    Common and plain

    And we fight to try
    To get work on time
    To pay the bills
    To tie up loose ends

    Our homes are constant struggles
    Our jobs become hassles
    And flat-screens flash in front of us
    While we text and check our Facebook friends

    I make a simple plea – let’s pretend again!

    Take on new identities
    (and not just in the bedroom, though that’s a fun place to start)
    Change your realities
    (try to see life as a working piece of art)
    It’s more than foolish fantasy
    It’s survival and freedom and the key creative spark

  101. HannaAnna

    Let’s Talk

    You’ll share your secrets with me
    and I with you
    Through every happy and sad memory
    we’ll draw closer
    It’s a woman’s language it seems
    sympathy and open words
    Why is it so hard for men?

  102. RJ Clarken

    Let’s Do Lettuce (one of those old ‘salad days’ poems)

    O let’s eat a salad! Swiss chard
    or spinach. And then let’s bombard
    some tasty, tangy vinaigrettes
    with baby field greens. Let us? Let’s!

    O let’s mangé radicchio,
    with grilled steaks and a nice Bordeaux.
    You’ll never suffer food regrets
    with mesclun or Bibb. Let us? Let’s!

    Mangia! Arugula, endive,
    and Boston, frisée with fresh chive…
    Toss! Then watch…the appetite whets.
    Watercress? Iceberg? Let us? Let’s!

    Essen! Essen, o dandelion
    with crunchy Romaine, we must dine!
    Mâché? Ahh… one never forgets…
    Escarole with it! Lettuce? Let’s!


  103. Mystical-Poet

    Let’s Sing The Blues

    down by river east of old Missouri
    lost my baby writing bad poetry
    drinking down her troubles in a cadillac
    wonder if I really want her back

    gonna find a new way can’t take it anymore
    don’t have to live on peanuts no more
    gonna find a new way won’t live here no more
    my bags is packed and I’m out the door

    soft and easy go with the flow
    lay back and listen to the radio
    the more I learn the less I know
    searching’ for the music high & low
    don’t know where I’m headed
    can’t say where I’ve been
    got to crawl out of this bottle of gin
    places to go but nowhere to stay
    gonna have to go out and find a new way !

    ~ Randy Bell ~

  104. dextrousdigits

    Let’s Howl at the Moon

    It’s time for our Moon Fest
    Next full Moon is Friday
    bring your picnic baskets,
    family, friends and pets.
    Surefire way to laugh, sing and play
    your stress, worries and cares
    will melt away.
    Join us for a howling time.

  105. JRSimmang

    Let’s Misbehave

    It’s an old adage,
    Let’s Misbehave.
    Paint the town red (though we have no paint),
    and make a fool of ourselves.
    We have the right to dance and sing,
    the obligation to do so,
    and fill our souls with the
    flashing bright lights of rhythm in time.
    Let’s misbehave,
    that old phrase again,
    and run from our day to day.
    Let’s forget the reasons that kick us out of bed,
    pile on the dishes,
    keep us against the grindstone,
    gently wearing away at all our hard edges.
    Let’s misbehave
    and never look back.

  106. PKP

    Let’s Remember Pal

    There once was a dog name of Pal
    A boy though given first as a gal
    Small barrel chested, with bad biting temper infested
    Especialy enjoyed sweet transsexual Sal

  107. Katrin

    Let’s Say We

    … kissed and didn’t
    Let’s say we didn’t kiss
    and did

    … saw a leprechaun and didn’t
    Let’s say we didn’t see a leprechaun
    and did

    … caught a fourteen-incher and didn’t
    Let’s say we didn’t catch one
    and did

    … didn’t mind at all and didn’t
    Let’s say we didn’t mind at all
    and did

    … wrote a poem and didn’t
    Let’s say we didn’t write a poem
    and did,
    standing with confidence on
    the balance point of the SeeSaw
    where Relative Truth and Truth’s Relative
    tried to outweigh each other

  108. PKP

    Let’s Play Nice

    Let us sit cross legged on the
    shining floor
    and share our colored
    perfect pointed crayons
    as sunlight
    shafts our shoulders
    and soft music
    spills across the
    dreams we draw

  109. PKP


    the desolation chilling
    the swollen babies bellies
    the bloodied severed limb
    that will never dance again

    the allergy that plagues
    the itching coughed
    discomfort the hands
    That cannot know the
    joy of kitten down or rosied bloom

    The ones whose breath stopped
    unthinkable against our lips
    leaving floating ever far
    as we implored them “stay”

    All the creepy crawly imagined ifs
    The real tsunamied catastrophied
    building leveling cauldron spilling venom

    Disease, infirmity, denigration,
    all of it …
    Let’s shake it off
    For just a time
    Not in calloused indifference
    Sipping on champagne
    But in foot stomping
    Insistence of all that can be
    borne, all that must be stopped
    Let’s shake it off
    And dance
    The light of life
    For a remembered moment
    a way through

  110. De Jackson

    Let’s Just Forget This Whole Thing Ever Happened, Shall We?

                easy, see?)

                            go back

                         And I’ll
                  go back


  111. cindishipley

    Let me close the places
    where the air still penetrates,
    where God can enter as a man
    diseased with flesh.

    Let my prison
    find love there and
    ache like a monkey
    too long swinging
    from the same branch.

    My heart rears things
    bolder and bolder
    outside hard crystals
    inside soft meat.

    The door slams behind me
    once again I face
    my prison walls
    from which I never really escape.

    I whisper to the velvet snow and
    it melts from my hot breath.

    That’s what God could be.

  112. De Jackson

    Let’s Hold Our Breath Until Fall

    Let’s tumble into this salty sea and
    see if we can be the sandy bottom.

    Let’s hold court with jasmine,
    daisy, wisteria and sugar pine.

    Let’s breathe in blue, just me and
    you, until the world blurs, bends.

    Let’s make friends with our own sum
    -mer skins; plunge in, begin to shine.

      1. Jane Shlensky

        I am too, Cindi. De, you’ve got so many nice ones here today, every one a new eye on an old thing. I like that.

        Cindi, yours was wonderful too, the last line pulling at me. Oh, ladies…

  113. laurie kolp

    Let’s Start the Day Over

    Had a bad morning?
    Meet me for lunch
    in room 309.
    Dessert will be first
    strawberries and kiwi
    dipped in ooey-gooey
    cream oozing
    oh so slowly
    from the corners
    of desire
    like a rabid dog
    stress release
    topped with
    the afternoon
    a dream.

  114. PKP

    Haha…while writing the former this vanished poem from day before reappeared so…..


    Grandmother Blintzes

    Today you can buy them frozen in a box ready for your pleasure
    A variety of flavors added insouciantly for good measure
    “Blintzes” cousin to crepes ready in a relative modern flash
    An acceptable treat , yet having nothing to do with halycon  memoried vaulted stash 
    The kitchen counter was cleared, scrubbed clean readied as a would be surgical site
    My grandmother short and no nonsense entered raven haired tipped with white
    Sleeves on arms pushed up leaving soft powdered flesh unaccustomed free
    Pulled from “Fridge” and cupboards shelves and once something left in the car all that would need she
    Potatoes first were peeled then grated on a shining stainless washboard looking thing
    Then one single perfect onion picked, picked, grated to the nub, all was only finished when watching eyes with tears did sing 
    And then, only then, this potato onion mixture in a crockery bowl pushed to the side
    Did she fling open kitchen windows wipe the counters, pull flour and flush faced ready for the ride
    As she mixed flour, water, maybe eggs,
    could not see the ingredients just her barefooted shifting one side to the other legs
    She sang in clear contralto  mixing with the rising scents her one into an other song
    Of “Pretty Bubbles In The Air” of “gals” and “fellows” waiting for each so very  long
    Finally came the time a noticeable shift of excitement in the air…
    The counter was wax paper floured and she sung “I Found A Peanut…” there
    Pounded with her fist a rhythmic determined classical on countered tattoo 
    And in sudden silence lifted a round doughed circle so thin it shimmered translucent
    Laid back down gently as a newborn babe she spooned in  that potato mixture meant
    And with fingers deft and sure as neurosurgery 
    swaddled dough into first blintze, each end tucked seamless edged perfectly
    Repeated the process at least two dozen times or more
    Then in the event of outsiders added sweetened cottage cheese precisely to their taste for
    Lined into two baking pans sparkling and butter greased with cheesecloth precision
    Into the oven to wait an hour to pass, we moved stealthily and watched purloined television

  115. zevd2001

    I have no idea of what this poem is doing here. Something like Jackson Pollock throwing pigments on a canvas. These are the words that came out, okay, rearranged a little so they would make sense, but . . .

    I am at a loss for words on this one

    The alarm clock rang, early for me
    I’m a late sleeper, sitting at the computer
    most of the night. Half the morning . . .
    I stare at the four walls. Yesterday

    I did the chores all morning,
    lunch in the afternoon, after that
    I processed words onto a monitor . . .
    navigating them, in a sea of coffee and biscuits
    in between telephone calls, one after the other,
    a knock at the door, “Sorry wrong address”,
    Back at the desk, a sip of coffee,
    the telephone rings, again, the door
    knocks . . .

    What did I do to deserve this. Forgive me,
    as I would forgive those who
    trespass, perhaps that might help. What
    I need is a tea lady to offer me

    a sugar wafer that melts in my mouth, to save
    my immortal soul, to think about the direction
    where I’m going. I cross my legs,
    hold my hands out to you,
    wherever you are, “Let’s find our way back home.”

    Zev Davis

  116. PKP

    Okay… Read titles … No one has gone there soooo….


    As music dips us
    in sweet velvet
    lips licking
    In hip sashaying
    hands clasped
    hard around each
    other’s waists
    heat rising

  117. uneven steven

    Let’s manipulate

    a joint – hand
    rolled with a few smooth
    keep it tight or lose it,
    a weakness
    to be exploited
    at the limit of its range
    of motion,
    take advantage
    of the break,
    or use the pain
    as a means
    of control
    and know we humans
    really are
    such fragile,

  118. uneven steven

    Let’s go then you and I

    when the evening is spread eagle
    against the sky like
    Jesus Christ-
    read the original,
    ha, made you think,
    bible or love song,
    the delicate stepping of a cats paw
    or the inevitable, circling of dogs
    right before they go
    to sleep.

  119. Walt Wojtanik


    If you think we should,
    then that’d be good. Let’s.

          1. Hannah

            Well, that AND the soup is a bonus! I LOVE some good soup!! Smiles, Walt!

            By the way…What kind of a car do chicken’s drive?

  120. K. McGee

    Let’s Walk Away

    I’ve wrestled with you long enough
    I’ve lost sleep
    and thrown fits
    even cried

    But I can’t change the way you are
    the result
    of many
    bad choices

    Time to turn the page – start anew
    with new words
    an image
    and some ink

    Because sometimes poems will not work
    they’re not good
    and clearly
    they just stink

  121. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Let’s Not!

    Let’s not bother
    with all that fuss
    let’s pretend
    we did enough
    when we were young
    it’s their turn now
    let’s not get yoked
    to a worn out plough

    Let’s not march
    along the streets
    let’s stay here
    out of reach
    of prying souls
    who’ll rope us in
    to fight their goals

    Let’s not care
    let’s crouch low
    upon the floor
    and whisper words
    be heard no more
    by the secret police

    Let’s not fight
    this good fight
    let’s go to bed and
    say goodnight
    to hopes of a better world
    Hush now dear
    keep the banners furled

    Let’s not rail
    against all wrongs
    let’s not sing
    protest songs
    just be quiet
    and know our place
    like good little slaves


  122. Arike

    Let’s Run Errands

    Just arrange this. Deliver something
    Until three hours have gone
    Half a dozen emails for one chore
    You don’t quite know what
    You’ve been doing. Necessary

  123. Walt Wojtanik


    Memories flood like the torrent of thought
    that ought to erode away everything
    that had once passed for the past.
    It’s easy to fall victim of the sad
    melancholia; it’s like watching
    “Steel Magnolias”. It will tug at
    heart strings and drag you down
    if you let it. But, forget it. You know
    I carry bits of you with me; a collection
    of unprotected slivers piercing my skin
    reaching deeply into the center of my soul.
    I wish I could let you go, but no –
    you remain my background music,
    the soundtrack I hum, sometimes
    forgetting your words; forced to make you up
    as I go along through this life.
    Somewhere out there, futures beackon.
    There is a reckoning that reminds us,
    we’ll be best to let’s leave the past behind us.

    1. JanetRuth

      ‘But, forget it. You know
      I carry bits of you with me; a collection
      of unprotected slivers piercing my skin
      reaching deeply into the center of my soul.
      I wish I could let you go, but no –
      you remain my background music,
      the soundtrack I hum, …but one of may favorite parts.

      This poem is sadly evocative…but comforting and stunning. Walt, I am utterly astounded at your inspiration thus far!

  124. Marie Elena


    We did not choose this path.
    No, passion found its way to us,
    and we cannot get enough.
    We spend every waking moment
    together, or pining.
    I cannot sleep,
    for you call to me
    with impassioned plea
    and answer, I must.
    I must,
    before you slip from my grasp.
    May it never be!
    Surely there is a way
    (let us search tirelessly)
    to earn a lousy buck at this!

    *a poet’s lament

    1. Hannah

      Oh, you’ve nabbed it precisely, Marie!!

      I love this!

      “We did not choose this path.
      No, passion found its way to us,
      and we cannot get enough.”

      and this!

      “for you call to me
      with impassioned plea
      and answer, I must.”

      A great poet’s lament! :)

  125. Sharon

    Let’s Grow Old Gratefully

    You dither and fret
    about how old you get
    worry and stew
    about hairs that are few
    and I just smile
    knowing all the while
    I’m grateful we’re here
    alive and well ready to cheer.

  126. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Dear Moosehead,
    Well, at the least our boys
    tied the series and in style at that!
    Let’s get on the road my friend.
    The Twins can skulk back to where
    they came from. We have three days
    of fun in Bean Town to look forward
    to. Let’s hope the Yanks spoil Fenway
    Park’s 100th birthday party good and proper.
    let’s try and forget that your mother
    and sister return on Monday!
    Pick ya up at 9 – bring money for gas.

    Yours ready to Sox it to ‘em,

    Ringo the Howler

  127. Walt Wojtanik


    We’ll be together, if love lets us.
    Life can play jokes; wicked games
    made to break hearts and make losers
    out of unsuspecting players.
    But love grows in layers.
    Every level goes deeper.

    Look at a tree.
    It can grow tall and wide
    and inside it is solid, providing
    all that is needed to grow strong.
    But under the surface, its root
    stretches wider and longer
    and deeper than what shows above.

    And such is love.
    What shows itself is nothing
    compared to what the heart holds deep inside.
    Love rooted grows stronger,
    lasts longer because it provides
    all that is needed. Its root
    stretches wider and longer
    and deeper than what shows above

    We’ll be together, if love lets us grow.
    Our fingers will entwine just as branches
    interact and welcomes the sun,
    offering comfort and encouragement.
    We’ll provide each other nourishment
    for our longing and loving hearts.
    Our root will be deep, giving us
    the foundation for a long and lasting
    life. We’ll be together, if love lets us.

  128. ely the eel

    Let’s Not

    Let’s not and say we did.
    Write that e-mail but not hit send,
    forgo the mail, go to a friend.
    Let’s not and say we did.
    Stop resisting, choose to bend,
    say you’re sorry, make amends.
    Let’s not and say we did,
    forgiveness the mark of thoughtful men.

  129. PSC in CT

    Oh dear! Always a mistake to read before writing, but sometimes you just have to give in to temptation. Robert: loved your “Let’s Poem”, and Walt, yours too — though totally different, still wonderful! Off to try to catch up on prior days … and this one too. Let’s poem! :-)

  130. Margot Suydam

    Let’s Give Thanks

    For honest work:
    elephants rustling trunks
    in odorous piles of straw
    sailboats of strangers
    paddling upstream, silent
    clinking of railroad
    tracks, rusty, unused.

    For honest food:
    with cats rumbling
    the apartment upstairs;
    in ovens baked in grime
    and cheese, burnt brisket
    and casseroles only
    the starving could eat.

    For honest words:
    letters left to brown,
    shelved in slots of ancient
    drawers; books bound
    to their owners, yet
    untouched a crack
    for ages, the penciled-in
    name already fading.
    For honest gazes:
    the fat softness
    of warmth, the small
    hands you grasp;
    the words I hold,
    but leave unspoken;
    the urge to stay,
    when going seems
    far safer.

  131. Mystical-Poet

    Let’s Go To Vermont

    pack up the truck throw in the hound
    it’s time to go we’re Vermont bound
    weekend tourists storm the towns
    wild turkeys make the rounds
    maple syrup colored leaves
    can’t believe how grandma weaves
    unpaved roads need a four-wheel truck
    ain’t got no spare and you’re outta luck
    got to get me some green mountain moonshine
    take that trip to Boston some other time
    winding trails to the top, get that Mad River view
    a quick stop to see Curtis for smoked ribs barbecue
    Vermont Vermont life doesn’t seem that hard
    a third world country in our own backyard

    ~ Randy Bell ~

  132. Imaginalchemy


    We can so totally do it!
    You’ve got the moxie and the savvy,
    I’ve got the brains and the determination
    (and thirty satellites circling the earth
    armed with city-destroying laser beams
    Oh, and that thermos with the air-born virus
    That can wipe out half the country in four days…
    No, not that thermos. That’s my lunch)
    So let’s do it! Start making phone calls,
    Start broadcasting videos!
    And let’s get some really cool outfits–
    I’m thinking something in black and neon green–
    And start practicing our evil laugh,
    And don’t forget that list of demands
    (always should have a list of demands on hand)

    I’m ready! I’m pumped! Let’s do this!
    Should we split the world by hemisphere,
    or by countries alphabetically?
    Time to take names and numbers and start kicking some…

    …oh, you bought us some chili dogs and cheese fries?


    Cool, that’s all I really wanted anyway.

  133. Ber

    Let’s Begin

    How and where to begin
    Know where to go in case I sin
    Say prayers for those who are sick and old
    And miracles for those who are brazen and bold

    Let’s share laughter and smiles in the day
    And enjoy the here and now
    Not wonder of come what may
    Dance in the sunlight
    Dance in the rain

    Do not get stressed over the silly things
    As life will still remain the same
    Do the best you can for yourself and family
    Wonder, travel and educate yourself
    To as far as the eye can see

    Embrace the environment
    Take time to talk to the new
    A simple smile can change some ones mood
    From blue into a whole feeling of warmth too

    There is always some one in difficulty
    It is nice to help them out
    It does not need to be financial
    It can be word of mouth

    As people are losing their jobs
    Their homes and property
    Think of what can be done
    For better prosperity

    Flooding money in to systems that just do not work
    Really drives the nations mad
    It drives the tax payer berserk
    Looking around things have changed some for the better
    But the pressure on families is like bad stormy weather
    Except in this case no one knows when the tide is going to turn

    How much we have to go through for governments to run
    We all do our best to provide for our society
    But what will it take for us to get back to the normal or as normal as can be
    We all want the best for ourselves and our family

    Reach out and help those that need your help
    A listening ear can mean so much
    When that person has lost everything
    You maybe their only crutch

  134. just Lynne

    Let’s Forgive Our Trespasses

    Officer, yes
    but I didn’t notice that
    “No Trespassing” sign
    I’m just a small artist
    visiting the trees
    Have you no appreciation for fine art?
    You can come to my show
    And are you a God-fearing man?
    I quote: “Forgive us our trespasses
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.”
    From the Lord’s holy prayer

    Stop quoting the law!
    Just give me the ticket
    and I’ll get out of here

  135. Jerry Walraven

    “Let’s have a funeral for a flower”
    — For De Jackson

    Yesterday she stood,
    giving grace to the eyes,
    have mere moments
    under the sun
    before time calls.
    So we pick up
    her fallen petals
    and set them afloat,
    then sit on the banks
    of the pond
    and let her know.
    She was noticed.

    1. De Jackson

      Oh, my. Did I die? (And go to Heaven?)
      “Chev” (for such you will always be, since I first fell in love with your lean, lingering words, in 2009), this is just…there are no adjectives. I am speechless.

      1. Jerry Walraven

        Your work yesterday was just incredible. I loved everything but “passages” really hit me so I took a bit from it and made this.

        By the way, “Chev” might make a comeback of sorts. I’ve been working on something of a fairie story and I might stick it out on Amazon “by Chev Shire”

        Who know. :)

      2. PKP

        Exquisite poem… and I must say … De .. I am delighted that you did raise the question of whether this was a eulogy. When I read this this morning .. (it is exquisite and I am a major fan of “Chev” as nom de plume) at any rate.. when I read this I must say I did get chills… and actually was fearful of checking Facebook…
        Whew!!! Lovely that you are still with us De and Chev/Raven/Jerry an incredible poet by any name! :)

  136. Hannah


    Let’s dip our toes in the ocean,
    linger on the edge of reason,
    waiting for the tide to touch,
    for the sound to lull and hush,
    inner noise within one’s head.
    Silenced by the surge of surf,
    tumultuous tumble,
    this poignant pull,
    purposeful challenge,
    sea hungrily seeking sand;
    it disappears from beneath
    feet forcing one to search
    for silent strength,
    to lean lingeringly,
    long, against gravity.
    Relinquishing oneself to the current,
    balance is found buoyant, freeing
    and we become floating ocean things
    nodding buoys in the sunlit, pink horizon.

    © H.G. @ P.A. 4/20/12

    1. JanetRuth

      ‘nodding buoys in the sunlit, pink horizon.’ Love it…suddenly you have relaxed me! Is there any way better than to be ‘silenced’ than ‘by the surge of surf’.? Hannah, another BEAUT!

  137. Billie

    Let’s go find ourselves

    Beneath the stars
    We will watch
    The fallen ones
    And wonder where they have been

    Have they ever seen
    The wonder of the grand canyon
    As they fly through the sky

    Will they pass by new york city
    And the other places we wish to see
    Will they sail across the ocean
    And Pass by the ruins of anceint castless

    Do you think they will see
    The lights of paris or dance on by bollywood

    Let’s not wonder
    lets not dream
    Lets go find ourselves
    Under the night sky.

  138. Walt Wojtanik


    Bring out your words,
    bring out your muse.
    Take out your rhymes
    if that’s what you choose.
    Let’s poem.

    Iam a poet.
    Uam too.
    Count your syllables,
    and your meter too!
    Let’s poem.

    Haiku and shadorma
    and the evil sestina,
    Limericks, pantoums,
    don’t let them demean ya,
    let’s poem.

    Cry me a river,
    write me one well.
    Make my heart shiver,
    come give me hell,
    let’s poem.

    So, I’ll write me a rhyme,
    and you’ll write a rhyme,
    and we’ll have us a chapbook
    in a matter of time.
    Let’s poem.

    Give it a go,
    for that’s what it takes,
    pick up you pen
    (ignore the page breaks)
    Let’s poem.

  139. Imaginalchemy


    They expect us to go to that party
    …but I really don’t feel like getting dressed up.

    They asked us to meet them at the theater
    …but there’s a really good movie on TV tonight.

    They said we should join them for cocktails
    …but cocktails just make me sleepy, and them boring.

    So of course they ask us why we cannot come.
    “Oh, we wish we could,” we’ll say, “but…

    We have so many things to get done.

    So, you see, there’s simply too much to do.”

    But you and I both know (and they probably do too)
    That it’s all a sham (much to their agitation)
    But we will think and stare, that much is true,
    For really, the only think we’re good at is procrastination.

  140. Jerry Walraven

    “Let’s just be”

    There is no why.
    and torturing
    your logic
    to come up
    with a reason
    where reason
    chooses not to play
    is the path
    to bitterness.
    Sit next to me
    and enjoy
    the simple beauty
    of another sunrise
    the Pointer Sisters
    serenade us
    with visions
    of Fire.

    1. Imaginalchemy

      Pointer Sisters…I got a chuckle out of that, especially after such a serious opening (now I’ve got “I’m So Excited” stuck in my head, thanks a lot :D) But I like that, “let’s just be”…very nice.

  141. Linda Rhinehart Neas

    Let’s Sing!

    Let’s throw our heads back, howling at the moon
    like two wolves content to praise the unseen.
    Let’s hum a tune as we work through the day –
    so what if its a bit off or repeats endlessly.
    Let’s play spoons, washboards, combs –
    music can be made simply by clapping hands.
    Let’s dance! Don’t be shy – no one is looking –
    look in my eyes and feel the beat.
    Let’s sing!

    1. Imaginalchemy

      How fun! I love the line “content to praise the unseen”…sometimes you just have to sing and dance for no particular ritual or reason. wish more people did this more often.

  142. Billie

    Lets just say

    I haven’t been so good poem-ing this April
    But April hasn’t been so good to me
    It’s cold, and chilly,
    And I am sick of the wind
    And the cold
    Its making me feel old
    Older than the stars
    And let’s just say
    The flowers died before they bloomed
    And now lay on the ground shivered
    In fetal position

  143. PowerUnit

    Let’s Pardon John’s Zealousness

    You’re old and ratty
    and smell like old leftovers
    running down the back of the fridge.
    Your grains are faded and warped,
    no longer saying “I’m new. What shall we do?”
    You need replacing, your time has come.
    Even the hungry rodents won’t gnaw on your fibrous temper.
    A replacement, a new version, an upgrade,
    not as attractive, not as classy as the old,
    as she once was in her youth,
    but she’ll do.

    The price is right
    her hue looks new.
    Let’s cover up the voyeur eyes,
    the Victorian adornments
    unwilling to expose their bodies, their dog-like feet
    to a raunchy upheaval.

    Let’s get it on, let’s rip it up,
    dress her up with painted lace,
    slap some makeup on her face.
    Let’s charge up our vibrating tool,
    let’s plug her in, let’s use a stool,
    come on baby, let’s screw!

  144. Walt Wojtanik


    A crowd converges and I feel trapped,
    Claustrophobia has gotten the best of me.
    My nerves of steel are making me reel,
    this place is getting the best of me.
    You seem to thrive in such ordeals
    but I start to feel things close in.
    You don’t understand the way it feels,
    I need out and we just got in.
    I don’t propose that my mind is close,
    but I’m starting to shake and panic.
    Let’s go up deck side, I’ll feel better outside,
    here on the HMS Titanic!

  145. Walt Wojtanik


    Why shouldn’t we?
    We share a vision,
    hold the same dreams,
    made the same plans,
    devised the same schemes.
    It would save on the rent,
    and the gas and lighting,
    and of course that’d be fine
    until we start fighting.
    I’ll leave up the seat,
    you’ll squeeze the tube
    from the bottom,
    I’ve had all my shots
    but I’m not sure that you’ve got’ em.
    I’m not very sure if we really should,
    but let’s fall in love (if you think that we should!)

    1. Imaginalchemy

      How romantic…”it would save on the rent” LOL. At least the narrator knows what he’s getting into but willing to fall in love nonetheless…guess we’ll put up with whatever we must for the sake of love. As always, wonderful poeming!