2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 17

Today is a Two for Tuesday prompt day. Here they are:

  1. Write a science fiction poem.
  2. Write a fantasy poem.

Here’s my attempt:


First, robots,
then came aliens
with ray guns,
more robots,
and “coming in peace,” though we
couldn’t believe them.



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309 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 17

  1. Jolanta.Stephens

    As the ticking clock
    Stood finally still
    Breath’s were held
    Watching the hills
    Over the horizon
    Dark shapes relayed
    Back and forth
    Without delay
    But the treaty was broken
    The handshake forgot
    And they changed direction
    Revenge they sought
    With wild inhibition
    We fled in fear
    Feeling their presence
    Drawing so near
    With a bolt of light
    And a cry of dismay
    One by one they harvested
    In the darkness of day

  2. AC Leming


    We want what we don’t have.
    But why stop at ripped muscles
    or perfect abs? Go whole hog
    and wish for a man who folds
    laundry and empties the dishwasher
    as well as he kisses.

    The Dispossessed

    Oh, heavenly bodies,
    your swirl in icy splendor.
    In the moon-less sky,
    you mesmerize eyes —
    lock them skyward
    awaiting the next
    dash of space debris
    across the atmosphere
    of Earth. We, bound
    to walk upon dirt,
    envy your freedom
    even as you burn
    through our gravity well.

  3. mschied

    The final frontier

    Oh captain, my captain
    our mission is complete
    we’ve fought Dominion,
    Kazon, and Borg
    brought honor to the fleet

    it’s time to journey on
    where no one’s gone before
    past galaxy and universe
    a new horizon to explore

    we’ve reached the final frontier
    more lasting than the rest
    our voyaging is finished
    our ship’s moored in the west

    and as the dawning sunrise
    breaks glorious in the east
    a new commissioned enterprise
    of final, lasting peace

  4. mschied


    Flying carpets soar through the ruffled pages
    on flights of fancy
    follow the maze of animated hedges
    slumbering unless provoked

    each twist might lead to a cupboard
    or a rabbit hole
    or an elevator to the 100th floor

    beware the rooks that attack you
    beware the sweets that trap you
    beware the secret name of power
    that others seek to gain

    turn to the light, the lion, the lord
    of all things pure and wonderful
    and let fantasy sweep you away
    on the wings of words

  5. Paoos69


    Up in the hills where cool temperatures ride
    There lies a city jokes aside
    Where people do not die
    They can live forever, never say good-bye
    If by the laws they abide

    Recently this city, NoDieCanal its name
    Has risen to unparalleled fame
    Every human is clamoring for entry
    Noblemen n commoners, even the gentry
    Religious and pious, all the same

    All of the Earthlings are being very good
    Especially off-late, entry to NoDieCanal’s prelude
    Only a certain number are admitted every year
    The rest are considered petty and mere
    The season’s vicissitudes

    Once inside this blissful community
    Amidst beauty and serenity
    Common human behavior adheres
    All ties to goodness severed
    Since to death they have immunity

    Of course this is a secret inside NoDie’s walls
    Since outwardly to eternal bliss it calls
    Every year more and more people clamor
    To experience NoDie Canal’s glamor
    And the number of real good people falls

    Hasn’t this always been the trend?
    Sunshine always round the bend
    Grass always greener on the other side
    Only on incentive humans laws abide
    And to goodness attend?

  6. Arrvada

    Silent Woods

    The woods I enter here
    Are dark and silent all the year
    I love their shadows
    Their whispers, their secrets and groves
    For in these woods so silent and still
    I came upon the greatest thrill
    Inside the deep and silent woods
    I found the dwellings of elves and toads
    Found the home of dwarf and fairy
    Watched them play, some dark, some airy
    I came into the darkest place
    Sat still and quiet in their space
    I watched the unicorn, foal and mare
    Graze and wander here and there
    I sat long hours just to see
    How fairies wore the suits of bees
    Alone I’ve seen such wonderous things
    Fairies darting with humming bird wings
    Only I have seen these lovely sights
    Unicorns, dwarves, elves and sprites
    I alone wander in these woods
    Alone beneath the canopy I’ve stood
    Watching magic in natures place
    Alone in my dark and silent space
    Into the silent woods I walk
    To sit and listen to the trees talk
    My woods are silent and all my own
    Because in them my magic is free to roam

  7. Arrvada

    Out There
    One thing I regret
    It truly makes me sad
    Is that I will never see
    The other side of the stars
    I’ll never get to swim
    Through the endless sea
    Of space and time
    Go out into the cosmos
    Race past the sun
    To the very farthest reaches
    Of the universe.
    I regret that I may never know
    Who is out there
    If their green or gray
    If they have spirited humans away
    Did they really take Elvis?
    I won’t get to find out
    I am earthbound
    And only get to write about
    The little spacemen and the worlds
    Out in the vast relief of

  8. Jamal Abboud


    I’m an apparition among the dead,
    Not at work, nor in my warm smooth bed,
    Just where waterfalls pour dreams;
    Dreams that is furnished as our solid land,
    A plateau of gemstones that glisten as sand,
    In middle of calm peaceful swamp.
    Lilies float on the dancing surface
    Willows immerse their branches joyfully in water, and
    Beavers are busy rinsing delicate soft chocolate mud
    Elks wander around in dignity and grace,
    An amazing scene, that is created by the only almighty God
    Only We, the appalled souls, are pottering around the place,
    Wondering, longing, and muttering with no sound.
    A thunder suddenly voiced,” This is Eden,
    ‘ Eden. Ah, What a joy for us the innocent dead.’
    They all hopefully cried ,”We believe in God.”
    Then I softly said,’ Oh my sweet country,
    And those I have missed,
    I wish I had never lived.’

  9. Marian O'Brien Paul

    Star Wars

    Of course the Emperor of the World
    will weigh in about that sci/fi topic.
    After all, he’s personally acquainted
    with Hans Solo and frequently meets
    up with Princess Leah; in fact she’s
    been cloned, allowing them to meet
    at the four facilities where he’s lived
    during his first year in Chicago, IL.
    (oh, excuse me, on this largest of all
    Caribbean islands); not to mention
    that he told me his newest roommate
    is Harrison Ford. I’m not sure how
    Harrison would react to that datum.

    Once, when I visited with my son,
    a gentleman with a pleasant smile
    walked across the lobby to greet me.
    He held out his hand to shake mine
    saying, “You must be Jeff’s mom;
    I’m his roommate.” I felt my eyes
    crinkling, my mouth stretching out
    in its Irish smile. My un-checkable
    tongue began speaking: “I’m glad
    to meet you. My son says you are
    Harrison Ford.” My words did not
    faze him. He kept shaking my hand
    till I took mine back and he told me
    “I’m Joe” as he continued smiling.

    My guess is that Joe’s interests do
    not include Star Wars personalities.

  10. ceeess

    Weird How We Appear to Visitors from Other Planets

    The arrive in their shiny new ships in winter, pull
    to a stop at the base of a hill. Through their ship shield
    they watch as indigenous people wrapped in layer
    after layer of cloth strap long sticks to feet encased
    in impossible boots. They watch as the people splay-
    foot awkwardly using hand-held aids to pull themselves
    over the cold white surfaces to a primitive loading
    device that carries them up the hill. At the top, they
    can see fear in some eyes, anticipation in others. Each
    person approaches the crest of the hill, then plunges
    down, some sliding wildly on the sticks, others moving
    in a controlled pattern over and down, over and down.
    A few fall, others whizz past, some trip over the fallen.

    When they finally reach the bottom of the slope,
    they do the unbelievable. They ride the machine back
    to the top of the hill. The ship’s mates look
    at each other for a long time. Wordlessly they
    restart the ship, blast off. Nothing this crazy
    on the home planet.

    Carol A. Stephen
    April 17, 2012

  11. mlcastejon


    Came from out of space
    Out of blue
    Wanted stay and get all
    From all of us
    Who will bring them down?
    In this fight I’m in
    Who will throw them out of town?
    In this hell I’m in
    Came from out of space
    We’re out of heroes
    I’m fighting them back
    Out of blue, back in town.
    Out of blue, not other hero but me.

  12. Earl Parsons

    Life Out There

    Lost in the vastness of space
    All crew dead but me
    Navigation systems failed
    Food supply gone
    Communications down
    Systems on minimum power
    Time quickly running out

    Surviving on recycled water
    Sleeping more than awake

    Proximity alarm startles me
    Instinct kicks in
    Through foggy head
    And blurred vision
    I look out into space
    But see nothing
    Nothing on the left
    Nothing on the right
    Just empty blackness
    How can this be
    No stars
    No light at all
    Have I drifted out of the universe
    Am I hallucinating
    Am I dead

    But I can still see
    I still hear the alarm
    And now I’m beginning
    To feel something I haven’t
    Felt for many months
    Or has it been years
    Slowly taking over my body
    Pushing me down into my seat
    Pushing and pushing until
    Gravity causes me to pass out


    Through the thick fog
    Of unconsciousness
    I feel I’m being grabbed
    Away from my ship
    I try to break out of my stupor
    But it is too strong
    Out once again


    Suddenly I’m awake
    Alone in a white room
    Propped up in a bed
    An oxygen tube in my nose
    A saline drip in my arm
    A blood pressure cuff
    An O2 clip on my finger
    A TV in the corner
    With a remote by my side

    Am I home
    Was I dreaming

    I muster enough energy
    To get out of bed
    And stagger to the window
    I see houses and buildings
    And levitating cars
    A green sunset
    Preceding the setting of
    The second sun in the sky

    This isn’t home
    And I wasn’t dreaming

    From behind me the door opened
    In walked my wife and children
    My mother and father
    But, father died before I left earth
    How can this be

    Behind my family stood
    An odd sort of fellow
    About 7 feet tall
    Gunmetal blue skin
    Thin in the face
    With three legs
    And four arms
    Each with two hands
    One large orange and green eye
    And a nose with no mouth
    Did I say odd

    I could hear him speak
    But not through my ears
    In my brain
    Telling me I was safe
    Telling me I was alive
    And telling me this wasn’t Heaven

    How did he know English
    How did he know about Heaven
    How did he get into my brain
    And how did my family get here

    He heard my thoughts
    And one by one
    He answered my questions
    Seems he could translate any language
    And he read my mind about Heaven
    And about my family
    All created through my memories
    And that’s why my dad was there
    It was good to see him again
    Even though he wasn’t real

    Then this very odd alien
    Told me that I would be returning
    To the place I called Earth
    As soon as I was well enough to travel
    And as soon as my ship was repaired

    In the meantime
    I was welcome to wander freely
    Without worry or cares
    Because on this planet
    Everyone was friendly
    And hospitable
    Unlike my planet Earth

    He went on to tell me
    That if I wished
    I could stay there
    As long as I wished
    My every need would
    Be taken care of

    Tempting thought
    I’d have to think about that
    In chapter two

  13. tunesmiff


    If I could travel back in time,
    I’d go back to those days where I’m
    About to do things I’ll regret,
    Things I wish I could forget.

    There aren’t that many, maybe one or two,
    Well, I might just have to add a few;
    Fire that time machine… here’s what I would do…

    I wouldn’t buy that beat up truck I bought when I was twenty;
    Folks thought my trying to keep it running was really pretty funny;
    I’d find a better use for… all that wasted money,
    Yeah, that’s one thing I would do if I could…
    Got back in time…

    I’d ask Debbie Adams if she’d like to see the show;
    The worst thing that could happen is she’d say she’d like to go.
    Why I never asked her then is something I don’t know;
    But that’s something I would do, if I could…
    Go back in time…

    Oh, sure I’ll make some new mistakes,
    I’ll find new joy, and new heartbreaks,
    But those are chances I’m willing to take,
    If I could…
    Go back in time…

    I’d take that job in Tennessee,
    I stop and drop down on one knee,
    I’d ask you if you’d marry me,
    Yeah, that’s what I would do, if I could…
    Go back in time…

    I’d stop and drop down on one knee…
    I’d ask you if you’d marry me…
    Yeah that the one thing I would do…
    If I could…
    Go back in time…

  14. Catherine Lee

    River Born

    It is time.
    She stretches each claw until her scales ripple like liquid glass.
    She lays her head down upon the mountain in final sleep
    As her body meanders with the contours of the land.
    The dam of tears pent up for a thousand years
    Rush toward the shore to find their way back home.

  15. Miss R.

    Dragon Sighting

    Shadow falls, swooping,
    Then travels on over the valley
    Towards the misty mountaintops.
    The air whistles overhead
    And I stand amazed, squinting
    Into the sun after the mass
    Of scales and wings somehow
    Airborne while I remain
    Frailly imprisoned on the ground.


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