2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 12

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Something (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Example titles might include: “Something New,” “Something Strange,” “Something at the End of This Book,” or “Something Something.”

Here’s my attempt:

“Something Exceptional”

the kite or the string holding
the kite or the person holding
the kite by a string? holding
the kite like the wind, holding
the kite as if leaving, holding
the kite is a kid who holding
the kite feels he’s no longer held…


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406 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 12

  1. mschied

    Something heart-stopping

    softly floating on cushions of
    rose petals
    stuffed with lilac blossoms

    translucent murmuring
    water caresses your mind
    soothing whispering
    thoughts of sunshine and harmony

    basking in the drowsy warmth
    of spun fantasies and rainbow reveries
    head gently cushioned
    upon downy dreams


    The alarm goes off

  2. Jamal Abboud

    something of regret.

    I will always remember,
    to persuade myself to forget,
    something of random regret,
    for ancient images still linger.

    Distilled from dreams of days,
    When I was silent and younger,
    creeping dearly to be a stranger,
    Thinking I decided novel ways,

    Images those meddle duly in vain,
    To bring me back my innocence,
    My fancies and sighs of indolence.
    But what passed, brings more pain.

    When perception tends to be late,
    Manipulated by unclouded choice,
    with a sound taken for a voice.
    Far drifted, I loaf on paths to fate.

    Thus feeble, I float on a logic flood,
    Lost among places like paradise,
    With acrid tales of open blind eyes,
    Reciting words those swiftly scud.

  3. Marian O'Brien Paul

    “Something Tells Me . . .”

    Something tells me I should give up.
    No amount of logic will help me win
    this argument if the Emperor doesn’t
    follow how I reason. Armageddon,
    he insists, not only occurred in 2003
    but also World War III. How else
    would he now be World Emperor?
    According to his Imperial Word,
    for three days, world wrath raged –
    well, he amended, three nights and
    two whole days. A pall of darkness
    covered the world and made it hard
    to tell if day began or night ended.

    “But Jeff, “I say, “if that’s true, why
    don’t I remember it? Wouldn’t I have
    noticed?” Unfazed, he says, “It was
    dark, Mom. Of course, you couldn’t
    see it.” My tongue quick, I say, “But
    afterward there’d be demolished cities,
    rubble, battlefields littered with dead.”
    “Mom,” he says, “where’s your faith?
    Don’t you know God can do anything?
    He cleaned up the mess and replaced
    everything. The Bible says at the end
    of the world, God will resurrect us all
    from the dead. That’s what happened.”

    As I said above, something tells me
    to just give up. I won’t convince him.

  4. Pat Carroll Marcantel

    Something Luminous

    There is a line that marches on

    it seems into infinity, if only I could

    tell you what infinity is. Even if I

    don’t know, it doesn’t matter.

    The line goes on and some people even

    try to count, add up the numbers, but

    the numbers never match. Does that

    matter either? I don’t know. Neither do I

    know if in that line, they are separated

    into categories. You know how we folk like

    to categorize–we major on it. I’ve not asked

    that question. Has the line reached the number

    of the German camps? Another unanswered

    question. Or perhaps I just missed the answer?

    One thing only I know for certain: I see the line

    because there is luminosity emanating from each

    tiny body. Wave upon wave of velvet light, caresses

    my face as I reach out. Dream upon dream

    I see them. And then I wake. My children fuss at me

    because they’ve given up trying to understand:

    “Mom, you ought to wear a veil across your face.

    Some of that sparkly dust is going



    into the

    pancake batter.

  5. Caren

    Something…in the Water.

    Two notes, like a single heart beat, a glimpse,
    A shadow, that uneasy feeling creeps
    Into your stomach, the beat increases
    Something brushes past bare legs and startles,
    Too far from shore; just try to keep afloat.
    The beat again, a tug, a gasp, shock, fear
    Screaming will do no good, it’s too late now.
    No real comprehension of the nightmare
    Unfolding beneath the surface, gasp, splash!
    Then silence. Relax, it’s just a movie.

    Caren E. Salas

  6. tunesmiff


    You know I never,
    Thought I’d see this day,
    And that I always,
    Hoped you’d feel this way,
    But only for me,
    Not somebody new,
    I guess that makes me,
    Your something blue.

    I saw you
    Walk the aisle,
    I saw your pretty smile,
    I heard you say, “I do,”
    How can it be true?
    You used to
    Care for me,
    Now I’m what
    Used to be,
    You found your borrowed and new,
    And I’m your something blue.

    I know you never,
    Wanted a diamond ring,
    And I thought you always,
    Told me everything,
    It seems on this, I never had a clue,
    I guess that makes me,
    Your something blue.

    I saw you
    Walk the aisle,
    I saw your
    Pretty smile,
    I heard you say, “I do,”
    How can that be true?
    You used to
    Care for me,
    Now I’m what
    Used to be;
    You found your borrowed and new,
    and I’m your something blue.

    You borrowed my heart a while,
    Until that got old,
    You found a new love,
    When you thought ours had grown cold,
    I’ll try to be happy,
    Even though I’ll miss you,
    I guess that makes me,
    Your something blue;

    I guess that makes me,
    Your something blue.

  7. stop_stopping

    an orange peeled and
    porous– vapors
    fill the back seat of the car.

    We sit, engine stalled in a lot
    where Macy’s used to be. we get out
    to throw rocks at the windows, put values
    on each level–

    tired we sit, back to back
    legs stretched out on the
    lifting concrete beneath us

    our breathing deep and arrhythmic,
    shadows stretching east–
    we close our eyes, thankful we are here
    and not where they expect us to be

  8. Jane Beal - sanctuarypoet.net

    Something Beautiful

    I step outside the door and see
    the bright red hearts
    of two Northern Cardinals
    are flirting in the green trees
    of Shady Lane

    and I remember our spirits
    are alive and speaking to one another
    across the vast distances
    of space and time
    and spring, opening.

    Jane Beal

  9. Katrin

    Something Riveting

    It wasn’t really a journey
    nor a circus act,
    but the day’s happenings
    were beginning to circle
    like musk oxen,
    gathering and protecting,
    the youngest in the middle
    perplexed but excited by
    all pressing and breathing,
    as future moments began to
    appear on ragged horizon,
    mounted on conceptual horses
    reigned with prophecy,
    and the edicts of preparation
    were issued
    through a megaphone
    of hoarse and sing-songy

  10. PSC in CT

    Running behind and trying to catch up. This needs more work, but no time, so…

    Something You Don’t See Every Day

    Have you ever seen butterflies spread upon bread?
    or sat through a Hippo Ballet?
    Do you think a skunk might — if the price was just right –
    scent her drawers with skunk cabbage sachet?

    Would rainbow trout swim in a blue summer sky?
    Could wingtip boots possibly learn how to fly?
    Might a blue whale wear pink, do you think, to amuse?
    Or a mermaid, wear fishnets and salt water shoes?

    Would a chorus of hummingbirds hum a whole song?
    Could an inchworm grow up to be twelve inches long?
    While I’ve never seen any of these up ‘til now
    it’s true that I really would like to — and how!

    And, if I ever saw one, I know just what I’d say:
    “There’s something, by gosh, you don’t see every day!”

  11. Joseph Harker

    I really thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently was unsuccessful. D’oh.


    Some thing
    is always dying, somewhere.
    The rabbit breaking into a gentle lope
    when surprised among the lamb’s ear bouquets;
    pear flowers showing their skeletons of twigs
    and young leaves; the light, lost behind the roofs.
    Dying slowly or quickly, in ways
    of the body, or not of the body: some things we
    can comprehend.

    Others, we
    cannot: some thing is always
    undying, somewhere. A miraculous blue-green
    when the spotted storms vanish;
    long filaments of genetics constantly changing;
    the canvas everything is scrawled on.
    Time looms like a solid frown of rock,
    and the world, the waterfall tumbling down,
    always new and always ancient.

    To be balanced between the two: that is
    us. We are cursed with
    paired eyes and paired hands
    for giving and receiving at once.
    Some things
    are too much for us to bear: knowledge of death,
    miracle of life. But we manage to keep going,
    somehow. All things pulled taut will come,
    eventually, full circle.

  12. Arrvada

    Something Recycled

    My soul it seems had done this before
    Lived, breathed, cried, died
    Am I living again?
    Recycled back into this world
    Did I make a mistake so I have to live again?
    Or was it my choice to tread once more
    On the mortal realm?
    Did I leave things undone
    Leave lessons unlearned?
    Have I failed or did I succeed and simply choose
    To walk again in mortal shoes?
    Have I lived before
    And if I did
    What did I know that I have forgotten now
    Have I forgotten
    Or do I still know?
    Was I recycled on purpose
    Or was it a cosmic mistake?
    Next time perhaps
    I’ll get to come back as a snake


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