2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 12

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Something (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Example titles might include: “Something New,” “Something Strange,” “Something at the End of This Book,” or “Something Something.”

Here’s my attempt:

“Something Exceptional”

the kite or the string holding
the kite or the person holding
the kite by a string? holding
the kite like the wind, holding
the kite as if leaving, holding
the kite is a kid who holding
the kite feels he’s no longer held…


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406 thoughts on “2012 April PAD Challenge: Day 12

  1. Annette Mickelson

    Something Brown

    Something brown from a bright foil wrapper
    melts into velvet dark richness.
    Something brown lies across my legs
    fleecy, thick and warm.
    Something brown burns bright
    hot amber dancing orange.
    Something brown and grey and red
    hops on the patio rail
    dodging drops of rain on a dark day.

  2. ceeess

    Something Old, Something Borrowed

    It doesn’t feel borrowed and so too easily spent,
    the three years since I somehow cheated the dark
    already closing the door between us when they told me
    how close I’d come to passing to the other side.

    It’s an old story now, one to move beyond
    into simple pleasures, how the world is now
    how light touches the face, how sun is warm
    tomorrow when I wake another year will pass

    it too will become old, the new year yet one more
    borrowed thing. And still, I wish for new feathers.
    Sweep them lightly across the sky to kiss them softly blue.

    Carol A. Stephen
    April 12, 2012

  3. dextrousdigits

    Something Some thing

    Some thing happened today
    I want to talk about
    I need help with
    it made my day
    I can’t find words to describe it
    I can’t stop thinking about

    Some thing
    needs to be cleaned up
    is getting old and needs to be replaced
    is dirty and needs to be cleaned
    is on sale, I just have to get it
    just can’t wait

    Some thing came up
    now I have to go take care of it.

  4. Bruce Niedt

    I wasn’t happy with my poem yesterday so I wrote two more. One also follows the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a “translitic” poem, but the other is just for Robert’s prompt. The first one is based on “Maxe 2” by Michele Metail.

    Something Coming Down

    You arrive on a convoy of importance,
    crossing streets, as luminaries line
    the entire course through the town
    that repeats your name, the proper term
    for a voyager who advances our imagination.
    At the premiere, you plan an entry dance for two.
    You pass strangers, produce indecision
    in your advance with your retinue of franchise,
    yet you are hesitant in the long run,
    where the definite looms disheveled,
    and that precise inventor, the soul,
    announces your income as a ruse,
    and a litany of memories is caught astray.

    Something to Talk About

    It was one of your biggest hits, Bonnie,
    but long before that you’d paid your dues.
    When most of your peers formed garage bands,
    you hung out with old blues men and women,
    and learned your chops on bottleneck guitar.
    You played dinky clubs and coffee houses
    and formed a following, but mainstream fame
    eluded you, and you endured rough patches.
    Then one night you brought home
    an armful of Grammys, and really gave them
    something to talk about. Who is this chick?
    most of the world wondered, but those of us
    who already knew were proud of you.

    Life is more comfortable now, but you’re still
    out there recording and touring with your band,
    leading them with your whiskey-honey voice,
    your sharp, slim features,
    your red mane with the shock of white,
    and the sexy glissando of your slide guitar.

  5. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Something Intense

    My horoscope said, ‘Today
    there will be an intense
    conversation. You must
    express your views.’

    I waited all day. Only
    the bland and average,
    the practical, necessary,
    everyday exchanges.

    Then, that night, on TV,
    the documentary — Australia
    and the war in Vietnam. ‘Oh look,
    I’m there!’ I said, pointing.

    But it was only a glimpse, just a few
    of the women from Save Our Sons.
    ‘They didn’t show me,’ I said,
    ‘But I was there that day.’

    ‘What were you doing there?’
    I stared at him. ‘I was holding up
    a placard. I was standing
    with the others. I was protesting.

    ‘I remember, I was about
    eight months pregnant.’ ‘Oh, you silly
    thing,’ he said indulgently. Then
    our conversation became intense.

  6. HannaAnna

    Something Dreaded

    Creating the idea
    and writing it down
    Will it be good enough this time?

    Characters… conflict… description
    Will it be enough?

    The endless possibilities
    It could be here or there
    It could be great or terrible

    Excitement… greater dread

  7. Margot Suydam

    Something You Already Know

    We tiptoe on flowers, the accidents
    small children shouldering the clouds

    careening you heavy as we witness
    your disarray untouchable yet placed

    with blind courtesy among the weeds
    you made us pluck to neaten hedgerows

    as you made us curtsy knobby knees
    before the demons scratching your brain

    the deposit made, you loosened us
    to sail into grand domiciles of air

    where we still float avoiding storm
    tucked in tricky with new bedfellows

  8. shann

    something in the way

    she moves into my line of sight
    & takes the air out of the room,
    the piccolo part out of my Souza.

    It’s hardly enough razzamatazz
    to make it worth anyone’s while,
    least of all 1st trumpet, 2nd chair.

    What’s a flourish without a high
    scattershot melody hung out
    over the brass-by-golly bravado?

    An unfinished chord progression,
    that’s what, Sherlock, parse the parts
    get the blow going, toot sweet!

    Stars and Stripes have been known
    to choke even the most cynical heart
    we like to tear up at the rallentando.

    So keep your hands to yourself, sister!
    Music may not be as tough as poetry,
    but it’s what I’ve been doing, a long time.

  9. David Yockel Jr.

    Something Else I Forgot

    There will always be
    something I forget.
    There are just not enough
    lines to hold
    the swarms of singing
    swallows, the colors
    of the summer sun,
    or all of our questions
    about God.

  10. Janet Rice Carnahan


    With a busy head,
    Endless dread,
    It is hard to stop,
    For fear we’ll drop,
    Too much to do,
    Seek all things new,
    Faster tech,
    What the heck,
    Family demands,
    Not enough hands,
    Easy defeat,
    Totally beat feet,
    Who can remember?
    From now ‘til December,
    Time to breathe,
    Not just grieve,
    Just sit down,
    Clear the frown,
    Pull up a seat,
    Let the moment complete,
    End the chatter,
    Let no thing matter,
    Calm the mind,
    Gentle peace to find,
    Drop the shoulders,
    Let go the boulders,
    Feel a gentle breeze,
    Release all fear and mental doubt,
    (Cease any deep need to shout),
    Use your breath to go in and out!
    Consciously breathing the steady breath . . .

    None of us can live without!

  11. TezfromOz


    Five notes from a guitar
    “Something …”
    “… in the way she moves”

    Five notes
    And the crowd went wild

    What a feeling … to have created something so beloved and wonderful

  12. Christod

    Something Blue

    There was something that she
    couldn’t quite poke a finger at
    so she slipped it under and felt
    for the guts that pulled the knot
    tighter than her head could catch
    up to

    until she felt something slip among
    the mess and pulled it out,
    not expecting to see the gold loop
    resting on her palm.

  13. seingraham

    Something About Missing You Is Different This Time

    The house is a stranger to my bones and the dog
    Is out of sorts; I would say he is depressed
    If I didn’t know better, the way he’s been moping
    Round the living room, couch to floor and back to couch

    In the morning he doesn’t even raise his head when
    I come down the stairs; it’s as if he’s mooning after you
    More than I am; my feelings would be hurt but I understand
    We both keep listening for your key in the door …

    And last night, I had the baby boys for awhile and their aunt
    Came to help me; the youngest was in a bad way – he must have
    Missed you terribly, he was just howling down the house
    Worse than ever before; I think our daughter was surprised

    By the ferocity of the baby’s pain and anger… that maybe we
    Had exaggerated this wee lad’s aversion to grandma
    Not true … he is a man’s child, except for his mama of course …
    Needless to say though – something’s different this time
    The hole in our lives is ragged and distinct and we need you back


  14. cam45237

    Something Uninspired

    Hmmm, something…
    Something, something, something…
    Maybe some one?
    No, definitely some thing.
    Pencil tapping on paper,
    Fingers tapping on keys,
    Neither action accomplishing anything.
    I’ve written the word something in some 16 permutations
    With varying words in varying orders.
    I got nothing.
    Wait, wait! How about
    Something Bit Me
    What bites?
    Mosquitos? Dogs? Sharks? Some other unknown yet vicious aquatic animal
    Like the one that feasted on my ankle the last time I dared set foot in the ocean?
    Love bites!
    But I promised my mother I’d avoid clichés so I’m staying away from love on general principle.
    Wit is biting!
    But clearly not mine, not now.
    Next? Next in line? You there, step up and show me something.
    Something like
    Something made me turn my head
    Or else I’d not have seen you,
    Face half-hidden behind the corner of the building,
    Fingers digging into brick…
    Heavy sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.
    You may see me, but I’m just not seeing you.
    Can I talk you into coming out from behind that building?
    I won’t hurt you, you know.
    I just want to understand who you are, why you’re here.
    No? Too shy? Not fully developed?
    Ok… let’s try…
    Something white
    Fluttered in the corner of my mind.
    This one could be about surrender, or Lawrence of Arabia’s burnoose
    Not taking me any further.
    Well, look at that!
    It IS about surrender
    Pencils down.

  15. claudsy

    I’m going to have to repost. I can’t remember if I posted my poem this afternoon or not. I know, senior moments are a bear. So I’m reposting it. Duplicate peom titles notwithstanding, my isn’t like the other one at all.

    Something Borrowed

    Dawn brought its light,
    Moon brought darkness,
    We brought ourselves,
    Grasping, clinging to life.

    Our days began when
    Dawn brought its light,
    Showing us the work
    Awaiting our hands, minds.

    We rested at day’s end when
    Moon brought darkness.
    We labored throughout
    An off-chance of success.

    Time flowed as time does.
    We brought ourselves
    To this, our future,
    Where alarms sound loud.

    Our future now seems stark,
    Grasping, clinging to life,
    Watching our destruction
    Return to show its legacy.

    © Claudette J. Young 2012

  16. Marcia Gaye

    Something Missing

    Something is not everything.
    Sometimes it has to do.
    Something is better than nothing.
    It’s somewhat often true.

    I offer you something.
    You want something more.
    Something is better than nothing.
    Something’s missing …

  17. LCaramanna

    Something Smells

    When gym class
    English class,
    physical students come crashing across the threshold,
    scrambling to be seated before the bell,
    looking disheveled,
    sporting red-faces,
    tempers flaring,
    exposing competitive edges,
    gasping for oxygen,
    thirsting for liquid,
    deodorant deficient, perspiring profusely.
    When gym class precedes English class,
    open wide the windows
    something smells!

  18. Paoos69

    Something worth at least a Thought

    Often I think of the then
    The would have been
    The could have been
    Often I think of the yet to be
    The will and the may
    The then and the yonder
    Often I think of the past
    Fondling it, caressing it
    Devouring it, reminiscing it
    Often I think of the future
    Wondering, pondering
    Hoping, Kindling
    And yet there is always the doubt
    That the past recurring in the future
    Might only disappoint
    The future in retrospect
    Might only torment
    Then is it only wise
    To live the moment
    To enjoy THAT time with no lament
    Will the mind ever move away
    From memory and speculation
    Free of wishes, goals and expectations?

  19. Melissa Hager

    Something Borrowed

    She wears the same ring
    Her grandmother wore,
    To greet her betrothed
    At the edge of the shore.
    A ring that bound grands
    For fifty-two years,
    From heaven they watch
    With joy and cheers.

  20. Mike Bayles

    Something Red

    Something red
    night’s delight
    calls in darkness
    something red
    morning’s warning
    something blue
    in daytime is true
    something blue
    is an eternal view
    something clear
    both far and near
    something clear
    allows visions
    of the sky I see
    something dear to me.

  21. Sally Jadlow

    Something Special

    Is what you are.
    Unique in the eyes of your Creator.
    Set apart for special tasks
    written before the world began.

    A special mix of talents
    gifts, and experience,
    crafted for His good pleasure.
    Be about His business
    and so bring Him joy.

    1. JanetRuth

      Thank-you…simply stunning. It should grace a wall in every home! (I was going to say, ‘every child’s room, but I don’t think we ever reach an age where we don’t need to be reminded, as you have beautifully done:)

  22. hurtin-heart

    Something bothering me
    What has become of this generation?
    How do we stop the teasing and bullying?
    Is you’re jelousness and insecurities,
    Worth the price of anothers life when you’re teasing and taunting
    them pushes them to the point
    of suicide…..
    Why so much hate in the world today?
    Why can’t everyone accept each other’s diffrences,
    and be at peace….
    And if you can’t do that, keep you’re nose amd mouth
    out of others business…
    The elderly are being abused, children going hungry,
     because so many have become
    addicted to drugs and will get their fix anyway they can.
     What will it take for all to see.
    That this generation is not what it should be.
    And stop the bullying, killing, abuse and drugs
    And bring back what we have lost which is

  23. hurtin-heart

            Something for you
    I picked your favorite color rose today
    And brought it straight to you.
    How it makes me smile 
    When i see you smile too.
    Looking around in the store today,saw a picture 
    and bought it just for you.
    Though it didn’t cost me much
    Knew it would bring a smile to your face
    And a smile to mine too.
    Took you to your favorite restaurant
    We ordered your favorite food.
    Saw you smiling sitting there
    And i started smiling too.
    Always little things that light your face,that i do for you.
    And when i see you smile
    I can’t help but smile too.
    Samantha Tinney

  24. deedeekm

    Something Blooms

    no shy violet
    salmon shaded velvet
    framed in soft green
    jutting out to
    taste the bluest
    sky you ever saw
    delicate stamen
    pollen strewn by
    spring breezes
    promise of future
    springs as eternal
    as sunrise

  25. cstewart

    Something Black

    The coal that I put in the furnace,
    As my Uncle Kenneth helped me
    Wrangle the heavy, lumpy bits.
    “Not too much now”, he said.

    And the room became warmer
    The cream on the top of the
    Milk tasted a little sweeter
    And the morning light peeked up.

    Then Aunt Bea took the cakes
    Out of the oven and put them
    On racks to cool down,
    And steam rose on the window.

  26. lionmother

    Something Is Missing

    Days follow days in
    lockstep progression
    hours slip effortlessly
    through and between
    moments filter
    excitement and despair
    and lives continue
    with the regularity of
    monotonous marching
    and I search each
    morning in the mirror
    those eyes so familiar
    saddened from the loss
    coping, yet continually
    searching for the thread
    that used to hold me
    together as if somehow
    a stitch might be caught
    and held and the garment
    kept together, though old
    and tattered and full of
    holes. Somehow the
    whole might reappear
    transformed into the
    something we both
    wore together
    instead of the rag
    I keep close to
    my heart now
    reminding me of
    times when life
    danced us both
    and our fine threads
    covered us creating
    a screen where we
    shared the feeling
    romping in endless

  27. carolynmallory

    Something Old

    Up in the back
    of the cupboard
    barely reachable
    never used
    sit my Mémère’s
    egg cups, thick glass
    that flip and double
    as juice glasses.

    They remind me of my Mémère,
    a no frills, practical woman —
    Never a complaint
    as she aged.

    Oh to be so steadfast and strong.

  28. Bruce Niedt

    OK, I’ve labored over this all day, and It’s still not really done. The prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write a “translitic” poem; that is, take a poem in a foreign language that you don’t know, and “translate” its words and sounds phonetically into English words. It’s harder than it sounds, especially to try to get it to make sense. I tried this with a French poem a few years ago and had some success with it. But this one, taken from a Swedish poem by Tomas Transtromer, is still the weirdest poem I’ve written this month.

    Something from the Swedish

    Jagged lands take in the night,
    eat the sky’s light, and man’s kin
    huddles in dark grass. Blooms turn
    to gray and men often groan.

    Jangled up for slutting in a den,
    fair Belinda, a natural maiden,
    invites tenor signals,
    red till the men come in.

    In tea-dreamed
    Niagara, minutes long,
    feminine totems are bred.

    O, becoming boredom,
    the Bly skimmers and devoted fans,
    they rake us then.
    O, the solemn horse-god.

    Man, I scored meds from Ted,
    I stalled for Anne Sexton.

  29. Rosangela

    Something Beyond

    Beyond understanding
    Beyond time
    Beyond space.

    You are something
    beyond my mind
    mind of lace.

    Lace of grace
    and flirting.
    Flirting for years
    years of absence.

    Beyond chasing
    Beyond the line
    Beyond presence.

    You are something
    beyond decision
    distant fusion.
    Here and there
    and nowhere.

    Something beyond
    our bodies’ bond.
    Intrinsic: pearl in the shell
    Loosely belonging: pendulum in the bell.

    Something beyond platonic.
    energy synergy,
    mental orgy.

    Mind connection
    Sensual affection


  30. Andrea B

    Something Made Me Mad
    (for Justine)

    Something made me mad for you.
    It may have been your cocky grin,
    your brilliant brain,
    your so fine behind,
    but I don’t think so.

    It may have been your rad ride,
    your beachy man-tan,
    your well-composed clothes,
    but I don’t think so.

    It was true that I was mad for you
    when you didn’t accept my Luv-o-gram,
    when I dropped $20 in front of you and you kept it,
    when you forgot to thank me after I windexed
    your locker every day for a month.

    But the moment that I knew that I was
    mad for you
    was the last semester when
    your girlfriend looked at me wrong.

  31. claudsy

    Something Borrowed

    Dawn brought its light,
    Moon brought darkness,
    We brought ourselves,
    Grasping, clinging to life.

    Our days began when
    Dawn brought its light,
    Showing us the work
    Awaiting our hands, minds.

    We rested at day’s end when
    Moon brought darkness.
    We labored throughout
    An off-chance of success.

    Time flowed as time does.
    We brought ourselves
    To this, our future,
    Where alarms sound loud.

    Our future now seems stark,
    Grasping, clinging to life,
    Watching our destruction
    Return to show its legacy.

    ©Claudette J. Young 2012

  32. deringer1

    (made up my mind to try rhyming today.)

    Something Amazing

    What a coincidence! some people say,
    but I refuse to see it that way.

    Events in my life work out so neatly,
    and friends arrive to help so sweetly,

    My every need has been supplied
    and harmful threats have been denied.

    That’s not to say I have not grieved,
    not hurt, not doubted what I believe.

    I’ve had my share of pain and sorrow;
    sometimes I’ve hoped for no tomorrow.

    But whether I cry or whether I sing
    I tell you true—-it’s a God Thing !

  33. Imaginalchemy

    “Something was my Grandmother’s Dog (A True Story)”

    They didn’t know what to name him.
    He didn’t like the options, and who could blame him?
    Perhaps Spot? Goodness, no.
    Definitely not an Oreo.
    Rover? God forbid it.
    He turned his nose up at “Benji” and “Kit.”
    So, exasperated, my five aunts and Mother
    Said to Granny, “Don’t make this such a bother,
    You have to name him something!”

    …and my Grandmother Dee,
    Deciding this remark was destiny,
    And it was a name he would not dread,
    She patted Something on the head.

  34. Kendall A. Bell

    Something peaceful

    In the way the light hits her face
    as it pours through the windows
    of the bedroom, how it highlights
    the curve of her jaw, how it makes
    her skin look less taut and filled
    with worry. There is something
    almost relieving to touch the chill
    on her arms, to see the blue darken
    her pale legs, to see her mouth frozen
    in a slightly upward path, to know
    that she knew it was coming, yet
    she would feel the sun’s warmth one
    last time before she left me. I can’t
    possibly be angry when I see how
    brightly she shines, and will always.

  35. Lana Walker

    Something Good

    Oh yeah
    Tell me
    something good!

    Don’t know what it is
    But it is
    gonna be great!

    Year blimp?

    It’s all good.

  36. posmic

    Something Springs

    Something rattles
    something hums
    something buzzes
    something thrums

    Something whistles
    something whizzes
    something thistles
    something fizzes

    something scurries
    something sings
    something hurries
    something … springs!

  37. whatevertheyaint

    Something in My Ear

    Something to make me sing aloud
    curve my lips into a smile
    cause my hips to gyrate
    Something to enlighten
    my current state of mind
    Something in my ear
    urging me forward
    taking me back in time
    something called music

  38. Sara McNulty

    April 12, 2012 – Day 12
    Something ______ – Make this the title of your poem

    Something Temporary

    A sensation of imagery
    Pink cloud puffs,
    expands, extending
    tall, pointed ears,
    swirling a vaporous circle of tail
    If you focus, unwavering,
    you will see a rabbit hop across the sky.

    A sensation of embrace
    summer sweeps across
    you bare shoulders,
    warm wind, jot of sun
    slipping like soft silk–
    a romance wrapped
    around your senses.

    A sensation of scent
    pumpkin pie cools
    on a windowsill,
    aroma wafts by as you pass.
    The cinnamon and nutmeg
    drift through your nostrils;
    imagined taste teases your tongue.

    Some things are temporary,
    but if you are lucky
    you will be revisited
    time, and again.


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