2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

For today’s prompt, write an excess poem. In today’s culture, there seems to be an excess of excess–even with the state of economy. From an excess of advertisements and political posturing to an excess of electronic gadgets and debt, there’s an excessive number of ways to attack today’s prompt.

Here’s my attempt:

“There are too many poems to write”

                              –for Hannah

They’re hidden in closets
& sock drawers, under
couch cushions, behind
the couch. In the lies
children tell each other
on the playground. In your
eyes shaped by heaven
that smile like angels
descend to whisper
sweet things in your sleep.


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256 thoughts on “2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

  1. whatevertheyaint

    Too Much of Enough

    He did things impulsively–quick and fast
    left a relationship strained, a wonder
    it lasted
    operated in terms of excess,
    turned her world all around,
    left her nearly deranged
    And she obsessed about ways
    to make it work, then plans
    to get out
    He thought in excess, destroying
    all around
    while she strived to keep all four feet
    on solid ground

  2. Lovely Annie

    Been sick…again…so I’m a bit behind, figured why not write a bit about worry!

    crumpled thoughts
    found scattered across
    the frayed edge
    of my mind
    take root to fertilize an
    excess of worry.

  3. Joseph Harker


    When acid tabs no longer charm the spine,
    but merely tingle in the sodden brain;
    when opium can’t erase the scrawl of time,
    its grail of emptiness poured down the drain;
    the absinthe bottle with nothing left to bleed,
    no verdant visions, no ecstatic fits;
    the joint smoked down to blackened roach and seed,
    with no release in spite of all the hits;
    that is exhausted love: the soul gone pale,
    devoid of throb and flow, not knowing yet
    what has gone wrong; the soul will wilt and fail,
    not from starvation, but the toil and sweat
    to draw from wells run dry: it hauls up mud
    but craves it, pining still for poisoned blood.

  4. Nikolas Varek

    Too Timing

    I know too well this too-familiar
    smell, of clouds too full with
    raindrops too heavy to remain
    in the too-fluffy mesh that
    envelops them too weakly.
    It’s been too long since the
    too-wet atmosphere has
    deigned to discharge its
    too-delayed deluge on the
    too-parched terrain.
    I’m too excited to care that
    too many people will take
    too little caution when
    driving in these too-unusual,
    as of late, conditions;
    rather, I’m too preoccupied
    with too-intense emotions
    regarding the too-extended
    drought we deserved
    far too little
    finally coming to an
    all-too-timely end.
    It’s almost too much excitement
    for one man to handle, too.

  5. realityspace

    The Hipsters

    In their skinny jeans
    with ‘tudes
    hipsters flock the streets
    stretched ears and ink
    they play with their Imacs
    Ipads and I wonder
    how long does it take
    to look so utterly disheveled
    to blend into the city
    strutting with indifference
    waiting for watchers

  6. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    a girl can never have too much chocolate
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    a girl can never have
    too much chocolate,
    white, dark, milk, mint
    nut or fruit flavored,
    dipped, swirled, shaved,
    powdered, syrup, sugar-free
    or chocked full of holes.
    when my time is up
    i want a lethal cocoa drip
    in my left arm with a
    willy wonka movie on the
    flat screen above my bed,
    and a celebrity type roast
    funeral with mourners
    gathered around campfires
    toasting me with a
    smore in each hand,
    for you see
    a girl can never have
    too much chocolate!

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  7. Mariya Koleva

    strange, I thought I posted this already. Anyway, here it is, even though a bit late.

    In the park
    Leaves have covered all
    In the dark
    Even then
    See them burning red and gold
    Melting you dizzy.

    © 2011 Mariya Koleva


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