2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

For today’s prompt, write a prayer poem.  Your prayer poem could be religious, but it doesn’t have to be.  People can pray to make it to work on time.  Or to be rich.  Or even for the rain.  It’s completely up to you what you’re poem is about.  (I pray that everyone is respectful of each other’s prayer poems today.) 


Here’s my attempt:

“Please Lord”

Let the day begin with children happy
and the birds singing outside my window.
Give me peace, and let my heart be open.
Let my heart be open. Let my mind not
worry over who said what while I slept
through the night. Please help me fight all the words
that would want to pour out. Let my sins fall
from me like leaves, and — like leaves — let the wind
sweep them out the open door of my heart.

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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 24

  1. A~Lotus

    4/25/2011 (edited 5/02/2011)
    ACTS Prayer
    Easter Sunday
    Alleluia! Alleluia!
    my heart too rises
    with Him like the seagulls
    breaking holes in the clouds


    the smell of honey
    pouring from the bamboo…
    so many good intentions
    hurtful to Your eyes
    as they nail You to the cross


    Easter Sunday
    a burst of song
    from the warbler to my lips
    of how the Lord blesses me
    in many subtle ways


    before You kneeling
    and trimming the garden
    as each rose sips every drop
    of sunlight, I wait for you to lead me
    to a less thornier path

  2. Susan M. Bell

    "Prayed Out"

    "You have to keep praying," she tells me.
    I assure her I have prayed and prayed.
    Daily for over a year I’ve talked to God.
    I’ve shed many tears with my hands clasped,
    And still nothing seems to get better.

    "Pray if you want to," I say to her.
    "I’m all prayed out."
    I hang up the phone.

  3. mbschied

    Prayer for a prince

    Please God
    send one my way
    I’m not looking for a title
    just a man who’ll come and say
    "Hi, won’t you join me?
    You look lovely today"

    I’m not picky about looks
    just a solid manly type
    movie star styles are overrated
    I don’t play into the hype
    but I would kindly ask for
    one who doesn’t smell too ripe

    A sense of humor is a must
    I’d like a jolly, happy soul
    one who teases and banters
    but keeps it under control
    who knows when to charm
    and when to console

    I want an artist, a genius
    a master of the mind
    a lover of music, of culture
    with cultivation refined
    but most especially for me
    a muse I can call mine

    A man who will listen
    who will understand but not judge
    who will acknowledge my shortcomings
    but never hold a grudge
    who will know when I am hurting
    and will kindly bring me fudge

    Is it to much to ask for these simple qualities?
    Does a paragon of this class simply not exist?
    Have I spent so much time on the ideal
    that I may have truly missed
    the one that will complete me?
    My knight in armor forever hidden in the mist?

    I pray it’s not too late
    I pray that there’s still time
    for me to find the man
    so tender and so kind
    who will consent to be my soulmate
    Please God, help me find

    Please God
    for my peace of mind

  4. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Brigid of Thrice
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    Oh Celtic Goddess
    of Sisters Thrice
    assist me this endeavor,
    of mother’s prayers
    on scraps torn from aprons
    lain desperately upon your altar.
    Unlike the Greek Goddess of War, Athena
    Brigid the Just is a Avatar of Peace
    a Seer that weeps for the fallen,
    for every warrior is someone’s child
    thrust into an global arena
    not of their making.

    Oh Solar Blacksmith,
    Keeper of Fire,
    transform this volatile earth
    into prophecies of iron and steel,
    Smote and mold Legends
    with your wisdom
    and Divineness,
    in the sacred language of Ogham.
    Make your arrows forever flame
    a soldier’s shadow-cross
    upon the scarred window panes
    that peek into a man’s soul.

    Oh Patroness of Prose and Muse,
    slip the realm ‘tween mortal and deity
    and foster peace amongst these
    warring volcanic factions.
    Take care to temper your cauldron
    with words of comfrey & honey,
    to heal and midwife
    pilot and quiet
    the bully that is rage
    lying in wait, decoyed
    in this no-man’s land
    of rabbits & barbed wire.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  5. ChapLynn

    Lord when I run out of money
    and can’t find a honey
    and can no longer figure out
    who or where I be
    Lord, please let me keep my memory
    when my knee hi’s are too low
    and my scooter is too slow
    and the only person I can keep up with is me
    Lord, please let me keep my memory
    when my beak looks like a snot
    when I no longer brush them, but take them out
    and my eyes can hardly see
    Lord, please let me keep my memory

    Now, where did I put that pen?
    I’m supposed to be writing something
    Oh, Lord

  6. ideurmyer

    Thanks For the Memories

    Thanks for the joy she brought
    Thanks for the values she taught
    Thank you for the giving smile
    As she walked the fastest mile

    I’m thankful for the girls she raised
    For their integrity I give you praise
    Teacher, pianist, mother, and friend
    We remember its not the end

    Thanks she is abiding with your son
    No more papers to grade, all is fun
    No more tears, no more pain
    Thanks for we’ll see Janice again.

  7. Diane

    Little children fight on the playground;
    they argue, ridicule, push and shove.
    They use playground rules against each other
    to get their own selfish ways.
    But having their own ways
    does not make them happy.

    Father, please make us–
    your naughty children–

  8. Dennis Wright

    With Apology to Wallace Stevens

    In a dwelling filled with evening air
    a single room held a single man,
    a single man with a single prayer.

    For who is it we would meet in there
    a moment alone and at moment one,
    a moment alone with a single care.

    Like the listener with eyes made of cole
    who hears the song and sings the poem,
    a single man has a single soul.

  9. shann palmer

    Look to the Lilies

    They’re everywhere
    this time of year
    relentlessly white
    when they want to
    calendar defiant
    disregarding Easter.

    I would be a lily
    to better myself
    without spin,
    fall into the bell
    of my own beauty
    to rest without work.

    If this is a prayer
    I am supplicant
    for resurrection

  10. G. Smith

    (A Kouta)
    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)

    Oh, how I sing Your praises!
    I stumble; I fall;
    Yet Your grace brings forth singing!
    Please, do so again.

  11. Melissa Rossetti Folini

    "A Little Help?"

    Strip away my old ingraines
    and help me see there are other ways.
    It’s hard to veer from what you’ve known
    it takes courage and strength to go down that road.
    Because it’s my way doesn’t mean it’s right
    help me bend before it causes a fight.

  12. Claudia Coutu radmore

    the entrpreneur

    life is like a dogsled team; if you aren’t
    the lead dog scenery is always the rear

    end of the dog ahead. we all create based
    on what has been made and left by those

    who came before us but though i know
    i’m frivolous and frivolity doesn’t mix

    with serious poems about leading and/or
    following, please sir put money in my hat

  13. Lynn Burton

    My Prayer (for my youngest son)

    I pray that your blue eyes
    always have that sparkle
    and shine.
    That you never give up
    and your dreams align.
    I pray you know how special
    you are, no matter where
    life takes you, no matter
    how far.

  14. ACD

    walking in sanctum of hopes.
    candles listen to wants.
    and dreams pour out of ears.
    Do we pray for more or less?
    Do we know truth?
    Can we feel pain and love?

    walking in a blossom covered sideway
    strangers see faith
    and wishes drip from subways.
    What if we already have it all?

    You and I ask each other
    for more.
    But you are me.
    and this is an illusion–
    a simple textbook of thoughts.

  15. Sam Nielson

    Life of Fire

    Rising in the bright burn April morning, the
    End of night writes upon tablets of the heart,
    Deep eternal care at Thy hand. Let me always
    Eat at the table of friends, and not forget the
    Enemies who wander near my door. May sweet comfort
    Meet them, whisper in the fleshy fibers of their heart,
    Every good manna that is mine to give. For by my
    Redeemer’s hand is stilled the raging of the storm.

  16. Sam Nielson

    An attempt at chiasmus.

    Faith in Easter

    I follow you in the days of my life.
    I ask that my feet walk as Thine would
    Among those needing care and comfort.
    Though I fall short in the careful walk
    May the attempt of my soul’s action
    Help green the Gospel in my heart.
    As the Gospel greens my heart’s wishes,
    May the action of my soul give peace,
    In the gravelly shortcomings of my walk,
    To those who care and needy comfort ask.
    If Thou wouldst, guide my feet to paths
    Wherein the days of my life I follow Thee.

  17. Mariel Dumas


    Bless me with white diamonds;
    Blue macaroons and violet clouds
    Pink ice cream and Apollo-esque men to ravish me in the Spring
    Bless me with jasmine and tiger Lillies and the fine tone of a viola’s strings
    As I awake;
    Forget the tragedies, the soliloquies, the poems even;
    Begin hedonism and lust
    Pray, stay out too late
    Watch the pitfalls of our decadence from the Brooklyn Bridge
    While drinking brandy; offering chalices to strangers
    And make black panthers friends; make the lion our bedkeeper
    The bees, our messengers to bring honey to those who sleep

    Open the halls to lust;
    To decadence let us resign
    So, Maupassant had glitter-colored turtles?
    We shall paint the town a black candied hue
    Allow it to sink into your teeth
    God is in our veins;… rises with the desert sun
    Stop splitting hairs over ordinary sins
    Bring us the humble and prosperous
    The naïve and foolish; the preposterously rich
    So that we might teach them to give
    To their lovers
    Whine less; eat more
    Entice me with your cake
    Put it in your mouth
    There is only today

  18. Shweta

    The mind is restless, it doesn’t let me be
    I turn to you, my God, so you can make me see
    That the troubles plaguing me are but a drop in an ocean
    They come and go at will, there’s no magic solution
    to take them away. They only exist in the mind
    I must look at the bigger picture, and leave them behind
    I look for the life’s purpose, oh, make me see
    My God, so peace can finally come to me.

  19. Shweta

    The mind is restless, it doesn’t let me be
    I turn to you, my God, so you can make me see
    That the troubles plaguing me are but a drop in an ocean
    They come and go at will, there’s no magic solution
    to take them away. They only exist in the mind
    I must look at the bigger picture, and leave them behind
    I look for the life’s purpose, oh, make me see
    My God, so peace can finally come to me.

  20. S.E.Ingraham

    If a God Should Be Listening

    In between the lines of the music
    And the breaths the choir staggers
    As they sing each note, forming
    A perfect, cohesive whole

    Every time an icicle drips one flawless
    Tear-shaped drop upon ground
    Thirsting for springtime

    When the laughter of children
    Shatters the solemnity of tragic
    Circumstances and lightens darkness

    If God should be listening, surely
    He will approve and approving
    Bless us with his benevolence

    And in this way, we will all begin
    To believe again …

  21. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Didn’t see all the back and forth about Anon’s post. I am so pleased to see that every post I read (although I did not read them all) was mature, accepting of opinions. I also agree with Marie that Robert asking for a post on prayer is as valid as any secular prompt. Post on why you don’t pray, for example; why you think prayer is a waste of time. I’d rather read a good poem about that than "prayer" poems that put people down or exclude people from the love of God!

    Hope folks had a happy Easter, Passover, Solstice… and if this time of year is not yours for a holiday, just that you had a happy day in general.

    Me, I’m praying for peace… Amy

  22. K Kerns

    Just a thought; I’ve appreciated both types of posts. You all are champions in your own life. This has been the most wonderful page of posting. It makes me want to stick around and then, to catch up… if I may.

  23. K Kerns

    24 April Prayer Poem

    A Child’s Gratitude

    Thank you for the sky so blue
    And for my friends who are so true
    Thank you for the bike I drive
    And for the chance to be alive
    Thank you for my kitty cat
    And for a God who died like that
    Thank you for the words we speak
    And for our earthen mountain’s peak
    Thank you for the way to pray
    And help me pray You every day
    Thank you for this happy smile
    And keep me safe from worldly guile
    Thank You Lord for these and more
    For here I knock upon your door ~

    Amen and amen

  24. MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick

    Pared-down Prayer

    to keep calm, carrying on, in spite

    no matter–herewith
    some small supplication for the
    barest of necessaries–clean
    food, drink, shelter, safety from harm,
    freedom from want and fear

    peace in sleep, satisfaction in
    our various labors and
    all else will follow,
    sure as night trails after

  25. PSC in CT

    OK… Finally getting back to read, and here are some of my favorites for this day:

    Walt – “Poet’s Prayer” – sweet & honest. But you can always make me laugh – so help me Bob!

    Genevieve Fitzgerald – made me smile. Love the ending. 🙂
    Jerry – “A Simple Thought” – simply beautiful.
    Michele Brenton/banana – “Then and Now” – so simple & true.
    Dare Gaither – “… before the darkness wins.” – perfectly said.

    Zeb – I love your beautiful “prayer”. It says it all.
    annie mcwilliams & RJ Clarken (A Prayer for the Preantepenultimate – :-))
    Daniel Ari – Your two poems – both simple & sweet – and Mira’s too. (Guess we know where she gets it from!) 😉

    Domino – a sweet wedding prayer.
    Miskmask – “Remind Me” – we could all use such reminders.
    Pearl – I love “An Agnostic’s Prayer” – it says it just right! And “The Inclusive Child’s Prayer” – covers it all – truly! :-))

    Jay Sizemore – “If I Prayed” – lovely!
    Kit Cooley – Love “For Bona Dea”!
    Rose Anna Hines – A lovely thought.
    Daniel Paicopulos – hear hear! (… she said with both elbows on the bar) 😉

    Gil Gallagher – Thanks for sharing: “…writing poetry is the closest I ever come to prayer” – a lovely & perceptive sentiment!
    Janet Rice Carnahan & Connie Peters – Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 And, Janet, your Easter Parade? Quite Seussical! 😉

    Sue Fagalde Lick – you have taken my breath away with your announcement. Love & sympathy & well wishes to you. So sorry for your loss.

    That’s all I can take for tonight. Back later, I hope, to read & comment again.

  26. Yoly

    Oh Lord

    There’re no utterances in me
    to rightfully give You due praise. But all
    that I am honors You because You exist
    beyond the margins of humanity.
    Though I can’t reach all the points
    of your existence, and I cannot make it happen
    with my finite appraisal, I magnify Your name.
    You knew me before I was aware of myself.
    You ordered my steps and sent me on my way
    to the blueprints of my life. Thank you being
    a God of wholehearted love, grace and mercy,
    a God who pardons just as the heart asks
    to be forgiven, before words and sound gather.
    I love you.

  27. JSP


    J ust as I am without one plea
    E xcept I covet your love for me
    S alvation offered complete and free
    U nless someone turns his back on Thee
    S avior, Lord, you hold the key

    My life I give most willingly

  28. Connie L. Peters

    Since I’m very interested in prayer I want to read all of these but came nowhere close. I just got back from a trip so I’m playing catch up. Here are my favorites so far: Walt’s Poet’s Prayer, Mike Maher’s Wile E. Coyote, Kyhaara’s prayer, Jerry Walraven’s Simple Thought, Joseph Harker’s Song of Unblinding, Lori Thatcher’s My Dear Lord, Banana’s Then and Now, Zeb’s Die Today, PSC’s Prayer for Today, Domino’s Creator, Miskmask’s Remind Me, Catherine Lee’s God’s Confessional, MiskMask’s Following the Path

    And here’s mine.

    Dear Lord

    D ear Lord, You are precious, lovely, and good. You are
    E ternal, all powerful and everywhere at once. You are
    A ttentive to our prayers and You have
    R evealed Yourself in Your Son. You are
    L ove. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for watching
    O ver me and protecting me. Thank You that You even sing over me and
    R each into my troubled heart and comfort me. Yes, You are very
    D ear to me, Lord, and wonder of wonders, I am dear to You.

  29. Mike Bayles

    For Another Mile

    Warm breezes of spring call,
    and I’m walking this path
    of greenery and wanderlust.
    The sun rises, and I leave
    darkness of night behind me.
    After a struggle to awaken,
    starting the journey is easy
    as anticipation and dreams
    stir inside me.
    It’s in the distance
    where I find my strife.
    All this beauty
    I want to see,
    the trees and tapestry,
    a poet’s dream.
    All I pray for,
    is another mile
    and another day
    to see a bounty of beauty
    along nature’s way.


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