2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

For today’s prompt, write a quit doing what you’re doing poem.  This could be about something you need to quit doing or that someone or something else should quit doing. 


Here’s my attempt:

“Instead of Hating”

Erase the evening
and delete the day.
Forget the little knives
stuck in your back,
the lost promises.
Make the morning
a kite of forgiveness.

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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

  1. S.E.Ingraham

    23.“I Wish I Could Quit You”

    It has become a part of the North American—
    Maybe even most of the English-speaking
    World’s vernacular—
    That anguished, yearning, not-to-be disbelieved
    Voice of an actor, playing a cowboy;
    A gay, very much in the closet
    Very much head-over-heels in love
    With another cowboy, buckaroo …

    A tragic, break-your-heart character;
    An Oscar-worthy performance
    That nonetheless spawned more “Brokeback”
    Fag/queer/homo so-called jokes and innuendo
    Then one might have believed possible –
    Unless, of course, one is gay today; then one
    Is all too aware that while much has changed
    Unfortunately, all too much has stayed the same

    And it’s sadly also true that still too many opt
    To do the final “quitting”, ending their lives
    Prematurely, rather than choosing to live in a world
    That still clearly considers them “less than” simply
    Because their sexual orientation does not conform
    To some preconceived societal norms …

    What is it about two people of the same gender
    Being in love, being lovers – what about this
    Is so threatening to so many people? So frightening?
    So terrifying in fact, that folks ordinarily considered
    Sane, normal and right-thinking – might well appear
    Irrational, bigoted and hate-filled, at least on this topic

    It is a puzzle for the ages and one that doesn’t promise
    An early or an easy resolution, but one that makes
    My heart ache with a disease profound; it is an enigma
    That I truly wish I could quit.

  2. Mr. Walker

    You know

    it’s not true what you said
    gay teachers are not
    converting your children

    and Muslims are not our enemies

    they’re not true, so
    quit saying those things

    yeah, yeah, it’s still a free country,
    but it wouldn’t be
    if we put you in charge

    yeah, well, free speech
    applies to me, too,
    and I’m tired of exercising it
    fighting your bigotry
    and narrowmindedness

    oh, yeah, that’s good
    resort to name-calling
    you know what
    you can call me
    faggot commie liberal
    but it doesn’t change what I said

    yeah, well, I’m done
    with you too

    (you’re probably racist too)

  3. A~Lotus

    Quitting Someday
    the cracks
    in his voice
    grows deeper and deeper

    like the sandpaper earth scorched
    by the sun and all the grass

    and when he is sick,
    his vomitus blackens
    the pain

    between us.
    I can only count
    the leftover molecules

    of air that hold us
    in the same room,
    if not the same distance

    of silence between us
    as I see him die every day
    slowly, ever so slowly before me.

  4. ChapLynn

    Stop that, Please

    It is not about your face or your name
    It isn’t about whether you’ve changed or stayed the same
    It isn’t about the color of your skin
    your snarl or your grin
    whether you’re lovely without or within
    Stop making me fall for you over and over again
    stop talking to me with that sweet, sweet voice
    stop making that annoying noise
    stop hanging with the boys
    stop coming to work with that five o’clock shadow
    and those dimples and that smile’
    stop making me go wild
    stop calling me just to check in
    stop telling everyone I’m your best friend
    stop it, stop it, stop it
    stop drawing me in
    Stop making me fall for you over and over again
    Nope, you may not be the greatest catch
    but I am certain you’re my one and only match
    that’s why it’s so darn hard not to get attached
    I can’t wait til the next time we chat
    Ohhhhh, nooooooooo
    we probably need to stop that.

  5. Diane

    To Myself

    Stop asserting your opinion
    or another point of view.
    Hold back your "sage" advice;
    it probably isn’t new.

    Instead of blurting out your mind,
    validate your friend.
    Listen close to his opinion;
    later, yours he might attend.

  6. Dennis Wright

    I Said Stop Watcha Doin’

    You better stop watcha doin’
    cause whatcha doin’
    is drivin’ me to the edge.

    Now I know I bin to the edge
    cause I seen it befo’
    and it looks just like rite here.

    And when I bin here once befo’
    you was drivin’ the Ford
    right down de alley like this one.

    You better stop watcha doin’
    cause watcha doin’
    Make me wanna put you on floor.

  7. Yoly

    What We’re Doing

    Like abandoned socks on the wet bathroom floor,
    she picks up memories of when they would drive
    to Clearwater Beach and stay the weekend at the little
    blue house near the surf shop. Cricket chirps, and
    the ebb/flow of waves gave them sacred balance while
    rivers sweetened within them. She loved that he got
    old-school with his bended knee proposal under
    a big white umbrella. All that sand in the shower..

    Now the stench and shadows of dust altered the once
    bright pair. She flings the socks in the trashcan,
    walks in the room where little living is done to ask
    if he found work, but instead she locks her question
    in her mouth. The air is salty; the ocean is far far away.
    The tv light flashes, and orchestrated laughter gains
    access to their double-door silence.
    “I quit my job” she says.

  8. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    forest for the trees
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    quit fighting
    everyone else’s demons,
    not like you don’t have your own
    fire-breathing dragons to slay.

    quit climbing
    everyone else’s hills for them,
    or they’ll always piggyback your ass.
    you’ve got your own switchbacks
    and washouts to look out for.

    quit trying
    to win the war,
    concentrate instead on each battle.
    snipers in place of regiments
    yield much better results.

    quit jotting down
    goals and promises,
    it’s trite and getting so tiresome.
    either do or don’t, and just move on.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  9. Rose Anna Hines

    Let’s see what do I need quit doing:

    Caring too much about what others think
    Doing trivial, unimportant things before the important ones
    Getting side tract
    Leaving 10 minutes late and wondering why I’m not going to be on time
    Having clutter here and there
    Reconciling my accounts months after I receive the statement, when it is to late to fix it.
    Waiting until I’m down to one gallon of gas to go to the gas station
    Forgetting friends birthdays
    Reading 3 or 4 books at the same time
    Making excuses
    Not calling my _________ as often as I should
    Wondering if I will have job tomorrow
    Working too much, playing toooo little
    Trying to be perfect
    Trying, trying, trying
    Making lists
    By the way, would this poem be considered a list?

  10. shann palmer

    Chasing Rainbows

    You live as if the coupon of your promise
    has no expiration date,
    putting off your poems, losing focus,
    wandering into distractions
    when you should be holding a pen
    over lined paper.

    There are crumbs all over
    the blouse you wear
    yet you crave something else.

    You bloat like a teenage girl
    full of blood and pain

    There is no relief.
    Even laughing babies mock you.

    Go for a walk in the garden
    to clear your head, then sit, wait.


  11. Melissa Rossetti Folini


    If you don’t quit what you’re doing then nothing will change.
    You’re entire life will remain the same
    everyday consisting of the same ol’ same
    from morning ‘til dusk nothing will change.
    If what you have done up to this point so far
    has gotten you nothing but boredom or pain,
    then quit what you’re doing that’s keeping you this way.
    It is your life and you must have a say
    but if you don’t quit what you’re doing then this way it will stay.

  12. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)

    I do too many things that I know I shouldn’t,
    I’ve tried to kick ’em but found that I couldn’t,
    And I don’t do enough of the things I ought to…
    All of my vices are simply now habit,
    I failed with cold turkey, dropped out of rehab, it
    Don’t seem to matter, no matter what I do…

    So pour me a cold one, light up my smokes,
    Deal the next hand and then laugh at my jokes;
    It’s gonna get rowdy, it may end in a fight…
    But it’s quitting time and I’m quitting quitting tonight…
    It’s quitting time and I’m quitting quitting tonight.

    I can’t hack the hunger, I can’t take the shakes,
    There’s no pill for the chills and how my head aches;
    Don’t seem like it’s worth half the effort to me…
    Playing cards get my heart beating fast,
    If I don’t stop quitting, how long will I last?
    Frankly I don’t wanna hang ’round to see…

    So pour me a cold one, light up my smokes,
    I’ll deal the next hand, you laugh at my jokes;
    It’s gonna get rowdy, it may end in a fight…
    But it’s quitting time and I’m quitting quitting tonight…
    Yes, it’s quitting time and I’m quitting quitting tonight.

    There are a few things, though, that I will not try;
    Look me in the eye…
    And I’ll tell you why…

    (But first…)

    Pour me a cold one, light up my smokes,
    Deal the next hand and laugh at my jokes;
    It’s gonna get rowdy, it may end in a fight…
    But it’s quitting time and I’m quitting quitting tonight…
    Yeah, it’s quitting time!
    …and I’m quitting quitting tonight.

  13. Lynn Burton

    Get Out of My Head

    I left the door wide open without much
    thought as to what I was getting into.
    You blew in and knocked the hinges right off
    my heart. A whirlwind of emotion stirred,
    drenching me in an unconscious pool of
    mindless games, and wounds that flow deep within.

    I wish you’d get out of my head.

    Clouds formed, and there was never a reason
    for us to continue on this damned path
    of hopeless wonder and abandonment.
    It’s hard to fathom what we were thinking.
    Shadows crawl out of hearts filled with deceit
    and leave an ominous black mark that winds
    itself around your soul. Seek shelter from
    the storm brewing. The storm in me and you.

    I wish you’d get out of my head.

    Alone, a quiet stillness claims the dark,
    shatters the fog that once surrounded me
    and the tight grip that held my heart captive.
    I open my eyes to the light and see
    a new day, a new tomorrow, a breath
    away from you. I shut the door and say…

    I wish you’d get out of my head.


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