2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

For today’s prompt, write an “only one in the world” poem. This only one in the world might be a person, an animal, a place, or an object. Think of someone or something unique and write.

Here’s my attempt:

“Good Friday”

This pen is the only pen
in my hand at six o’clock
on Earth Day during the year
two-thousand eleven, but
eventually I will
move on to another pen
and another until this
pen–the only pen of this
moment–will no longer spark
fire in the dark spots of my
mind, though my fingers may still
reach out, not knowing for what.


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284 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

  1. Dennis Wright

    The Only Option

    It was the only option
    I could have chosen
    On that day, the last day,
    Of summer when I was young,

    To find new future choices
    I then could garner
    On some day, not the next,
    When winter was cold, snow fallen:

    Then leave the safe of haven
    There near the nest home
    We made in our brightest dreams.

    Then years carved deeply
    In the cheeks of my face.
    Dreams seasoned semi-sweetly
    In choices I had made.

  2. Diane

    Only One of Many

    Only one oldest son
    Only one oldest daughter
    Only one middle daughter
    Only one middle son
    Only one youngest daughter
    Only one youngest son
    No matter how many children
    Each is the ONLY one!

  3. Mr. Walker

    the only one in the world
    is the world itself
    there is no other like mother Earth

    I know I’m unique
    that genetically speaking I am
    the only one in the world

    just like me, but I am small
    and what sustains me
    is the world itself

    we neglect her at our peril
    there is no escape if we kill her
    there is no other like mother Earth

  4. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    holographic daughter
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    and as they lay her to rest
    beneath a quiet canopy of trees,
    her family and friends
    gathered in gentle mourning,
    it suddenly occurred to me
    this secret life she kept
    would soon till the ground beside her,
    –the lies, the deceit
    the multiple marriages
    the long decades spent digging for gold
    with little more than a drawer full of
    spare jewelry to show for her troubles,
    and an lost child,
    a one and only daughter
    she gave away as easily as a counterfeit bill,
    her sole existence forever snagged
    in the stitching of purple eyes and lips.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  5. Yoly

    Bread Should be Judged by Every Mouth

    I reflect upon Your grace and sense
    the desires of my heart pool in Your heart.
    Only You allow me to step in unmerited favor.
    The coil of air where Your spirit enters
    releases love more extraordinary than laid
    up treasures on earth. The kind of hope
    that branches out to make companies of
    new creatures comes only from You.

    Please remove my insensitivity. Release
    Your light. Let ravenous places glean
    from it. Giver of life, let determination
    fall on me like rain, that I would be Your
    vessel to feed the dry cruelty of hunger.

    Let me be moved by needs not my own.
    Please gather the undergrowth of my
    ignorance, ignite it like a campfire.
    Let the smoke give a sign to consciousness.

    Shake the bed of dust where gifts lie
    dormant . Let Your love rush through
    my hands, Your faith through my doubts
    that they would aid this double sided hunger.

  6. Mariel Dumas


    Grips on to steel handlebars
    Dark hair flying beneath a Flemish sun
    Soft-spoken, sharp-mouthed
    Quick to pick at scabs on his thigh
    Calls me up half way around the world
    To here me speak of how bark turns cold
    In the dead of Spring;
    We sleep together in phantom dens
    Two angels half split; bleeding limbs
    We take a pill that makes us fly
    We see kites in the sky
    A Russian painter back to life
    Stealing apples just for fun
    I knew him once!
    Long long long ago…I knew his face
    When I used to think of stars taking me as their prisoner
    To never feel lonely again

  7. Autumn N. Hall

    Belatedly posting for 4/22 prompt:

    Only One in the World

    He said, “There is only one moment which counts in this life.” Then she said, “Yes, and that moment is now.” Then he said, “Yes, and there is only one choice to be made in this moment.” Then she said, “Yes, and that choice is the one which you are making.” Then he said, “Yes, and there is only one thing to be done with this choice.” Then she said, “Yes, and that one is the thing which you are doing.” And he said, “Yes, and there is only one person who can do that thing.” And she said, “Yes, and that person is you.”

  8. shann palmer

    Dancer in the Dark

    On the side of the Rincon Mountains
    the glass-fronted house sits in solitude
    well-lit by lights from the valley below
    where Tucson stretches out its colors.

    After the children have gone to sleep,
    alone with the radio on Saturday nights,
    she sings quietly to Broadway musicals,
    dances in the front lines, takes her bows.

    She has hours before the Wolfson’s return,
    the announcer plays two full cast albums,
    a few other selections, she adores this room,
    this babysitting job, her private theater.

    Every gesture is grand, each step perfect,
    this will be her future, her time must come.
    At the finale she stands against the glass,
    arms out, receiving all the applause she can

    until headlights wind their way up the drive
    she has been transported to New York, a stage,
    she is filled with magic that drizzles away
    as she walks to small rental house down below.

  9. K Kerns

    22 April Only One in the World

    People have flocked to her
    For hundreds of years
    She has given to millions
    New reasons to hope
    Freedom to dream and plan
    And the means to bring those
    Dreams to fruition
    America, there’s only one !

  10. JSP

    The One and Only – The Only One

    Enoch walked with God
    And was no more

    Elijah went up to heaven
    In a whirlwind

    Jesus our Savior had authority
    To lay his life down
    And authority to pick it
    Back up again

    No one else has ever had
    Or ever will have
    That kind of power

  11. Caren E. Salas

    Perfect Day

    A perfect August day
    Everything went wrong
    The limousine broke down
    I panicked at the song.

    The flowers weren’t quite right
    Your pants had to be hemmed
    The time was running late
    Would everyone attend?

    But when the music started
    I saw your face and knew
    That what made this day perfect
    Was that I was marrying you.

  12. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)
    One in a million’s too many by far,
    You might as well try counting up every star.
    They tell me there’s more than one fish in the sea…
    But you’re the one and the only in this world for me.

    I knew when I saw you that you would be mine,
    I’d never seen anyone so sweet and so fine.
    It won’t be too long till I’m down on one knee…
    ‘Cause you’re the one and only in this world for me.

    You’re the one and the only in this world for me,
    Love at first sight, it was just meant to be.
    Romeo and Juliet, though you may not know it yet,
    You’re the one and the only in this world for me.

    Can we go on like this, pretending it’s not so?
    You can’t tell me it’s not something you don’t already know.
    If I were to ask you, would you heed my plea?
    ‘Cause you’re the one and the only in this world for me.

    You’re the one and the only…
    In this world…
    For me…

  13. PSC in CT

    Jay Sizemore and Penny Henderson — two perceptive poems — love them both! (Bet you though no one was likely to come backwards to read them!) 😉

  14. Khadija Anderson

    My Husband is a Fish

    He has told me before
    but I didn’t believe him
    Now I know it’s true

    I found out in aptly named Fish Canyon
    on a hike through steep rocks and oaks
    he kept his eye on the stream near the trail

    When we reached the waterfall with
    it’s hoards of perfumed littering gawkers
    I started to turn back while he kept going

    Look there’s a spot across the water
    he said I see only more people
    with hats and trekking poles
    milling around like lazy schools of fish

    I just want to be near the waterfall he said
    I should have known when he
    packed us a picnic of fish sandwiches

  15. Penny Henderson


    There’s only one cup
    from which the savior drank
    at that upper room meal.
    It briefly held the DNA
    of thirteen people.
    Treasure seekers have sought it
    through two millennia.
    It can’t have been gold-
    no fables jewels crusted it.
    When they left for Gethsemane
    it was cleared by the
    landlord’s wife or daughter,
    washed and placed among
    the other catering dishes.
    They’ve missed the point.
    We all keep missing the point:
    wasn’t the cup that was holy.

  16. John Pupo

    Paula –

    I don’t have a blog, but if you are on twitter, you can follow me @JohnPupo… whenever I have something published I drop a link there. I’ve had a few things published at different venues, and hopefully this will help kickstart me into writing and submitting on a more regular basis. It’s feedback like yours that makes me continue!


  17. Joseph Beckman

    2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 22
    For today’s prompt, write an "only one in the world" poem. This only one in the world might be a person, an animal, a place, or an object. Think of someone or something unique and write.
    Only one in the world
    The moment, a second away,
    Years in the longing;
    Nine months in the making,
    My love, you gave me our son.
    Our eyes catch and minds latch ,
    In this moment of love,
    “Only one in the world”,
    In our brand new day.
    No one quite like him,
    Only #237,453rd of
    In our world’s day.

    © April 22, 2011 by Joseph Beckman

  18. Jay Sizemore


    What if originality is a myth,
    by sheer lack of ingredients,
    duplication is eminent. Small
    minds focused on knowledge
    only a single lifespan can contain,
    unable to fathom the larger picture.
    You’ve been here before.
    You will be again. Might be right now,
    growing in another’s womb,
    waiting for that head-on collision
    to wipe the slate clean.

  19. Sam Nielson

    Haze of Creation

    Something wrought
    In a creative fit
    By the machinations
    Of hand, mind or eye
    Turns out unique
    Of quiet necessity,
    An Old Master painting
    In its haze of moodiness,
    A blue glazed ceramic pot,
    in roughened smooth grit,
    A poem, whose death begins
    As the end of writing it.
    In the creation there
    Can exist only one.
    Copies are not it, a stand
    In, only surrogates
    To a thing, a reputation
    And we buy into those things.

  20. PSC in CT

    de jackson – “Research” – heart wrenching.
    Jane Shlensky – “Sisters” – it’s a puzzle, isn’t it? – but true. “Singular” – perfect. “Last Word” – poignant.
    Karen H. Phillips – Enjoyed taking a hike with you all! :- )

    Kit Cooley – “One White Raven” – beautiful!
    Rose Anna Hines – “Gracie” – a lovely tribute to an amazing lady.
    Willy – simple, beautiful haiku.

    Lori Thatcher – Thanks! For now, I’ll take that warm blanket – and head off to bed with a smile on my face. 🙂

  21. Daniel Ari

    “Dawn on Neptune”

    In a dismal knot of our confusion,
    I play with the solar system online,
    spinning the planets through the grid of time.
    When you go without a word to our room,
    I simulate dawn breaking on Neptune,
    a distant blue balloon, eons frozen.
    I come to bed when I hear you dreaming.
    Our impasse feels cosmic, my only one.
    We must have faith the sun’s behind the storm.
    We’ll save ourselves by zooming out, and in.


  22. MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick

    Museum Piece

    only one, that’s true, of him
    rising and setting like the
    sun, brilliant as the hilt
    beyond the glass they both saw
    that rainy November afternoon.

    changing her feathers, fair to
    fowl, to suit his naturalist’s
    eye, never-quite-achieving
    the correct plumage so that
    she, too, could be stuffed

    and held for all time behind
    glass, pretty picture-postcard,
    buy it, for a pittance, before hitting the stones
    of the street, rain slicked so,
    so fast, fast, he drove, the

    glove box thick-ticketed, pumpkin-orange, lean-jawed,
    blue-eyed, whittling her down to size,

    the ivory figure, ancient, knotty
    talisman reclining in perpetuity on
    the brocaded floral plains of historical
    furnishings, neatly tagged,
    catalogued in black and white

  23. Katie Dixon

    Thanks Melissa! Many of my friends and family attended Chapel Hill, and we often compare what makes CH and Athens fit the moniker of "college town" They are certainly neat and fascinating places!

  24. Margot Suydam

    The Only

    Scarf tightened
    around my neck
    The knot crafted
    to withstand beauty
    I remain attached
    to the only straw
    Lost in haystack
    Heartened by loss
    I warble to sky
    Blue swallows sailing

  25. ChapLynn

    You the man

    Who wears a hat like that
    rim too small
    head to fat
    knees wobbly
    legs bow
    arms too long
    hair won’t grow
    palms sweaty
    fingers too short
    "chip off the old block"
    "put-her there sport"
    Argyle socks
    plaid pants
    Izod shirt
    Golfer’s stance
    Nobody but you, Jerrod
    Nobody but you
    God made you
    and broke the mold
    an interesting character
    many stories untold
    nothing ever goes the way you plan
    Yet, you are the man, Jerrod
    You are the man


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