2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

For today’s prompt, write a postcard poem. Make it brief and communicate what it is like where you are. Also, make it personal. My poem is on the way, but I am having trouble producing line breaks with my smart phone. In the meantime, get poeming.

“From Blue Ridge With Love”

When we arrived, I worried
over the FOR SALE sign
in the adjacent lot. But
once the sun broke across
those mountain tops, I knew
we’d found somewhere special.


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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

  1. G. Smith

    (A Cinquain)
    (c) 2011 G. Smith

    What a great place!
    (That’s what I should say, right?)
    Wish you were here (more than you know).
    Love; me

  2. Rose Anna Hines

    This morning the sun is beginning to warm the moist loamy earth
    I stand inches away from a pineapple sage
    its delicate red horn-like flowers hanging down to momma earth
    a green iridescent humming bird flitters from horn to horn
    then turns and hovers for seconds
    before my eyes looking right at me
    Time stands still in this garden

  3. ChapLynn

    Platonic Romance

    No candlelight.
    A quiet moonlit night
    cheese, crackers and a cozy place to dine.
    You with your handsome smile; held my hand for a country mile.
    Not one minute of wasted time.
    Me? I’m feeling fine
    I had a wonderful time.

  4. Scott Mesrobian

    Sanibel Island

    The warm air and blue waters welcomed us
    To a beach built with seashells.
    The dolphins and rays and gulls
    Shared their home with the bright airy place
    Where we stretched out under the sun
    And felt our bodies relax out from under the weight
    Of the world.
    And there was baseball and hope and beauty.

  5. Holly Matison

    Wish you were here

    At sunset the pale colors of blue
    Mix with a pastel hint of purple
    And the softest shade of pink
    As they reflect with the branches
    Of budding trees
    Over the pond at Grandpa Ron’s
    I miss you.


  6. S.E.Ingraham

    Rail Riders

    Steel wheels
    Sing lullabies
    Rock drowsy travellers
    Pull away from Penn Station
    Cars darken as they pass through
    Pre-dawn Manhattan
    We are content to mosy
    And fool ourselves
    Into believing we are
    Taking things slower
    Hearkening back
    To a saner age
    We take the train

  7. Lynne

    Postcard poem

    Thoughts on Depression

    I want to stay in touch but
    I don’t wish you were here.
    Here is a confusing place with
    fog in an instant, then incredible
    sunshine moments in between
    lots of tomfoolery. Just when
    you think you’re okay, you’re not.
    Don’t come here, stay where you are,

    Lynne Nelsen

  8. Linda Simoni-Wastila

    greetings from motel 6

    I want to write wish you were here
    but mama told me never lie so instead
    I scribble with the cheap Bic the remote
    feels good in my hand, the highway
    traffic screams a lullabye, the sugar
    glazeds at the front desk set my teeth
    to ache, the drunk trunker banging
    the walls next door reminds me of home,
    and I don’t have to wear make-up anymore.


    Peace, Linda

  9. Joseph Beckman

    2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 2
    postcard poem where you are write now
    Home now.
    I am here now, finally
    resting, home now, the
    final testing.
    The run’s been good.
    Its now understood,
    love is the reason,
    its my family,
    the Season of my
    Most Content.
    © April 2, 2011  Joseph Beckman

  10. Rob Halpin


    one garden gnome-sized
    eight and a half year old daughter
    for three slightly larger
    nine year old girls
    for the night.
    Net gain of two larger girls
    equals larger amounts of food
    consumed which results in a
    need for more pizza and wings.
    It’s now 6:23PM. Gotta go.

    The pizza waits for no man.

  11. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    Post card to my past

    Sitting in my dark raincloud
    Torrential rain
    Beating unmercifully
    At my back
    This is not what
    I imagined it to be like

    But here, the clouds have lifted
    The warmth of life
    Surrounds my wanting
    I wish I could say
    That I wish you were here
    But I don’t want you
    To rain on my parade

  12. Jane Shlensky

    Whoa,I posted on the wrong day! Sorry.


    Lift and Swell

    The salty water buoys me up, even half a mile from the shore,
    where I swim through pockets of warm and cool
    and then float and rest, watching the sun rise
    on schools of little painted fishes flickering below me
    and groups of tiny people collecting on the beach
    under red and blue umbrellas.
    Each day is warm and clear,
    blue and green,
    light and new,
    thinking of you.

  13. Deb Brunell

    1 ~ Wish you were here
    Made it safe and sound
    Saw some sights and grabbed a bite
    The girls are having a blast

    Going to sleep now
    Busy day tomorrow
    Glad this trip wont last

    I miss you too much

    2 ~ With love,

    I’ve only just arrived
    And though it’s not for long
    My heart is already aching
    Being away from you is wrong

    3 ~ Jersey Shore

    The is sun is bright
    as I relax on the sand
    I won’t stay long,
    I’ll burn instead of tan

    I’m addicted to skee-ball
    and funnel cake
    And the sky ride down the boardwalk
    is great

    There’s something missing here
    There a certain "glam" on TV
    Well if "reality" cant be trusted
    I’ll have to start watching Glee

  14. Lexi Flint

    Is it spring yet?

    Cold, rainy, and gray today
    I look out my bedroom window
    and see the earth
    is slowly trying to awaken
    pushing up through
    the still frozen soil
    its green gifts
    of renewed life.

  15. Salvatore Buttaci


    so much for postcards everyday
    so much for love words
    those old trite promises again

    you’re in Wyoming with him
    you and the children are safe

    you said Trust me
    What do you suppose
    years from now

    we will remember
    what the words meant?



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